Current Time: 10:53 pm EST

City Life Dungeon


The dungeon is home to some of your most hardened Realm criminals.
Get used to these surroundings, chances are we'll be seeing you here in the near future.

Dungeon Population:

Actives (23) Fresh Blood (1) View All The Fallen (1) Graveyard
Vexa, Gray Taylor, Harlowe mac Lir, Strea Nightingale, Livia Vlcek, Luxa valek, Jameson Orlav, Jackson McCarthy, Bodhi Jones, The Preacher , Ronan Boru, Naberius Reum, Bishop Orlav, Godric Rhys, Jasper Thompson, Andrea Ostergaard, Cristina Scabbia, Mallory Quarters, Azhi 1, Menagerie, Azhi punchbag, Azhi 2, MenagerieToo  Strea Nightingale  Marie Saint-Juste 
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