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Feel free to use our contact form to contact us about game issues, game ideas, or questions.
We will respond back as soon as we can. If you are a registered member,
you can also contact one of our admin characters for assistance.


Why can't I login?
If you do not see a message about invalid username or password, let's assume you have the correct username & password.

If the page goes straight back to the Guest page allowing you to login again, it means one of two things.
  • Your browser did not create a cookie
  • An invalid cookie was created.

At this point you see the username/password boxes and try again, but now it says 'This member is already logged in' which you think is crazy because you clearly are not. This is because you have already logged into the server, but your browser doesn't think you are logged in because of a cookie issue.

First thing to try is removing the cookie and waiting two minutes and trying to login again. To remove your cookies you can either clear out the cookies in your browser or use the signout link (/signout.php) which tells the server you have logged out and resets your cookie.

If this doesn't work it is most likely a browser issue that is failing (or not allowing you) to store cookies, please check with your browser help to enable storing cookies.

If you are still having problems please send us a message, please include your username and character name.
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