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Elessar, Hipster Jesus, Dexters Skin Suit, Daryl Dixon, Negan, Starchy Potato, Mike Hannigan, Livias Lip Gloss, Spencer Monroe, Chocolate Bunny, Carina Smyth, Michonne, Snuggle Lord, Trigger Orlav, Carl Grimes, Gregory, Scott Lang, Jacobs Squeaky Toy, Aaron, Lizzie Boredom, Teresa, Morgan Jones, Unifyer, Josh, Darius Lotion, Paul Rovia, Jack Skellington: The Gre, T-shirt Vendor, Bob Stookey  Rune Carriere
Alex Dalton
Cassidy Cross
Claire Cross 
Shane Walsh
Carol Peletier
Hershel Greene
Jessie Anderson
Deanna Monroe 
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