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Call my name, and I'll be gone


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Quinn Harper

Quinn hadn't moved from where she stood, her petite frame practically crumbled as she stared at the door. Her heart raced, bile becoming more and more threatening with each minute. If she had known he stood out there, she would have gone outside. She would have run out the door and right into his arms. She would have cried, apologized, and begged his forgiveness.

Quinn would have loved him better.

Instead, after just minutes, she backs up slowly and finds her way to bed, falling into that familiar scent that is theirs. But it isn't the same. Nothing is. As as the young woman stares ahead from where she lies, she can only think of him.

A bird outside chirped her to attention, and immediately turns to reach out for him only to remember what had happened. Broken, she pushes herself up, reaching for her phone and calling. She goes straight to voicemail. She isn't sure how long it takes her to come out of it, but then sun has begun to set.

Quinn had broken her promise, and she knows there is only one thing she can do.

Living without Gideon is not an option.

Grabbing her keys, she slips on her shoes and hurries out the door, only realizing and grabbing the suitcase after taking several steps toward the truck. Within seconds, the thing is dumped into the bed with a loud thunk, and Quinn is behind the wheel for the longest drive of her life.

She parks beside the car at the commune, in the space she can only guess is designated for any vehicle. The last thing she would do is set them off further. Glancing toward the Abernathy household, she shivers. It is dark, and the lights are on. Quinn sees a curtain move out of the corner of her eye, and she knows her presence is known.

This would be her first venture this late at night here, and her only fuel against her trepidation is Gideon. Thankfully, it is too late for the rest of the sleepy village to be awake. It only makes everything more eerie in the dead silence.

Stepping up to the tiny little house he'd secured for them, she swallows. Lifting a hand, she prepares to knock, only to stop herself and press her palm against the door silently. Any attempt to steady herself is a failure, and she wraps her fingers around the handle, twisting it and pushing the door open. Stepping inside, she turns and closes it behind her as quietly as she can.

Quinn takes a trembling breath before facing the man where he sits at the table, and takes two steps forward before stopping herself, unsure. Already, she's near tears again.

September 04, 2017 06:25 pm

Gideon Abernathy

Time passes slowly.

It feels like days, when in reality, it’s more like twenty-four hours. Maybe.

His arrival didn’t go unnoticed. Nor did the fact that he was alone. Many people asked about Quinn, worry wrought in their pleading gazes. He’d done what was expected; put on his best face, smiled, and simply stated that she was away continuing their work. She’d return when she felt it was right.

He can’t be honest. Telling them that she’d left would mean accepting it, and he isn’t ready to do that. When he’s not being bombarded by questions - mostly concerning the books that he’d stopped and grabbed, knowing it’s what Quinn would have wanted - he is staring blankly at the wall. Feelings are gone, and he knows it must be a coping mechanism. Normally, he’d solve this sort of thing with a few meaningless deaths but he’s too prominent on his father’s radar. That would be the reason his father needed to get rid of him, just have the FBI take care of him.

Gideon should have stayed.

He knows that now, but hindsight is twenty/twenty. She was more than right to be angry with him. She followed him into hell and back, and he couldn’t set aside his own pride to do the same. Blinded by his own fear, he ran, like he’s wont to do. Her bravery now plagues him, and he’d give anything to have her there by his side.

The door opens, and he doesn’t bother looking up from studying the wall. He readies himself to answer whatever questions need answered, but the resounding voice that permeates the silence snaps him from his own mind.

Eyes find her, though he remains glued to the chair. “Quinn,” he breathes, almost disbelieving. He has a million things he wants to say to her, top of the list being I’m sorry, I love you being a close second. Instead, something else comes out, without him realizing.

“What are you doing here?”
September 04, 2017 06:47 pm

Quinn Harper

She fidgets, hands wringing before she forces them together before her. Quinn doesn't know what to expect, and she honestly did not expect anything to be easy, either. The moment he says her name, her gaze lowers in shame. She cannot bear to look at him, let alone look him in the eye after hurting him like that. She'd been selfish, prideful, and purposely difficult. And then she walked away.

His question is expected.

Quinn hadn't thought about what to say.

"There's no excuse..." she mumbles, rooted to the spot. Guilt holds her back, and the distress is clear in her voice. "I was horrible to you."

Even the silence surrounding them is deafening. There was not, and still is nothing, that can break through to her. Quinn hadn't paid attention as she walked across the campus by herself. She had barely been in her right mind while driving here by memory. There is no way of telling how long she'd been on the road, if she had been followed to the house, if someone is outside listening at this very moment. She has no idea. All she sees, hears, and feels is Gideon Abernathy.

The world is empty without him in it.

"I broke my promise, Gideon," even still, she refuses to lift her gaze. There is no way she could ever make it up to him, and Quinn understands that. Even now, in his presence, the sheer inability to find that confidence is enough to leave her heart and mind torn to bits. He kept his place, and she knows why.

That trust is fractured.

"Please forgive me..."
September 04, 2017 07:08 pm

Gideon Abernathy

“Quinn... “

This time, it’s defeated, and he deflates into the chair. Rising from the table, he crosses the distance between them and embraces her, gently but firmly.

“There’s nothing to forgive.”

He presses a kiss to her hair, shaking from the second chance he’s been given. This time, he refuses to screw it up. “You just wanted validation, you wanted me to trust you like you trust me.” His voice cracks at the prospect of the state he left her in. “I should have stayed. I do trust you, Quinn. And if you trust that situation, well… You’re right, we’d been safe thus far. I was a fool to run, to give them that power. I was a coward.”

He holds her at arm’s length to find her gaze with his own. His expression is one of regret, remorse even. “I let you down, and I’m so sorry for that.” He drops his hold on her, clearly ashamed as his gaze falls as well.

“I just wanted to protect you. I wanted to ensure your safety, and in that case, I can’t. I can never be sure. But… I should’ve trusted you. I should always trust you.”

She had never steered him wrong before, nor had she given him any reason to doubt her. Even now, here she is, refusing to give up on him when he can’t even give her the same respect she shows him. To admit that he was willing to write her off and move on… It’s sickening.

Had that been the course of action, Gideon would never have been the same. He knows that without having to go into too much detail. Driven off the rails, it’s hard to say what would’ve come of him. More than likely killed by his father, or detained by the state for reckless abandon in his killings. WIthout any sort of drive to survive, it wouldn’t have been long for him to be erased from the world.

Maybe that would have been better.

But that’s no longer an option. This time around, he will give her the respect she deserves. He has to remember that she’s not a helpless damsel; she had survived so much without him, before he’d even come into her life. Hell, she’d even survived the sh-t that he’d thrown her way. Truth be told, she’d saved him perhaps more time than the reverse.

“I love you. Please forgive me.”
September 04, 2017 07:36 pm

Quinn Harper

There is no hesitation as Quinn reaches up to take his face in her hands, finding herself scrambling onto her tiptoes to press a fervently loving kiss upon him. Her hands move, arms finding their way around his neck and resting upon strong shoulders. There are no words to express herself.

She loves him, and there is nothing he could do that would not be forgiven. Here, and now, she does not even see the need for forgiveness. He was trying to protect her from something he does not quite understand. His frustrations were inflamed, and she had pushed him to the very limit. She broke him, and he broke her.

Cause, and effect.

The two are so different, and so much the same. Breaking free, she kisses his cheek, his nose, his forehead. Kisses are placed everywhere she can reach as she murmurs her love for him repeatedly. As if making up for lost time, she finds his lips once more.

The door opens, and Quinn does not fail to notice.
She doesn't care.

No one would interfere with them, no one would end this moment before they are ready. Even as a cleared throat crosses the space to them, she ignores it, wrapped up entirely in Gideon.

Out of breath, she breaks from the kiss, not moving from him. Her forehead presses against his, and chocolate hues search for perfect, black depths. Whispering, she affirms, "You and me, baby.."

There is a shuffle of feet behind her, and despite the words that come next, she stubbornly stays in Gideon's space.

"It's late," John Abernathy's voice carries to them. A slight smile crosses her features, and she responds, "I took a wrong turn."
September 04, 2017 08:04 pm

Gideon Abernathy

A sigh of relief wholly racks his body at her affirmed forgiveness. He accepts her affection, returning it where he can. He doesn’t deserve her grace, but he’s not a martyr; he will accept her light hungrily, and for as long as she’d give it.

The door opens, and while he does glance up, he won’t pull away. Instead, he watches from his peripheries as John grows more irritated that he hasn’t been acknowledged. But that’s her goal. He isn’t stupid; if anyone hated John Abernathy more than Gideon himself, it was Quinn. She will jump at any chance to make it known that he’s not her first priority.

He can’t say he’s not proud.

You and me, baby…

Smirking at her gutsiness, he finally turns to John, not bothering to hide the expression. “Yeah, we separated, the plan was to meet here today. I was actually a little worried that she’d gotten lost.”

John smiles that sickening smile, though the tension in his body isn’t missed. “Why, Gideon, that’s just not true.”

“As far as you’re concerned, it is.” There is no hesitation in the statement, and his gaze doesn’t falter. The narrowing of John’s eyes eludes to his distaste in the situation, but there’s nothing he can really do about it yet, and Gideon knows that. As long as they are always one step ahead, if not more.

“Be that as it may, I’d love to hear about your… trials and tribulations while away. Why don’t you invite me to sit down?”

“It’s kind of late, why don’t we reconvene--”

“You two obviously aren’t bothered by the hour, so please. I’m dying to hear what you two came up with.”

Glancing at Quinn, Gideon motions toward the table for them all to be seated. There’s a heavy tension that hangs in the air, and it’s almost suffocating.
September 04, 2017 09:34 pm

Quinn Harper

Gideon takes the lead, and Quinn is all smiles. Not once does she look at John. Instead, she leans into Gideon, tucking her head against his shoulder. John Abernathy is not worth her time, or his, but he is someone that must be dealt with. And while her sweet counterpart tries to bow them out, it backfires.

He leads, she sits. But even still, that little smile never leaves her face as she takes her place between the two. Under the small, circular table, she finds Gideon's hand. Rested upon his thigh, she tangles her fingers together with his.

"So much has happened, Mr. Abernathy. God has really brought us together." There is this smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth as she glances at Gideon before looking at John outright. "Much needed meditation and praying guided us further still into His light."

If anyone were to read between the lines, and she is sure they both would, Quinn's sass is insufferable. She is calling him out, and none too gently. He is always watching, and he made that known. The reaction is everything.

John stares at her, that same sick smile twisted upon his features that he always has when in their presence. But she can see the changes. His lips are tighter, eyes just a little more narrow. And then, menacing in his low voice, he finally speaks. "Miss Harper, I thought you far too clever to mock the Flock."

But Quinn won't have it. Beneath the table, she squeezes Gideon's hand, reassuring him. Leaning toward John, she reaches across the table to lay a dainty hand atop his. "I'd never mock our people, Mr. Abernathy."

September 04, 2017 10:14 pm

Gideon Abernathy

It’s all Gideon can do to keep from laughing. She’s antagonizing him purposely, and everyone in the room knows it. His father voices knowledge of that fact, and he stiffens, preparing for the worst. Needlessly, of course, as Quinn is already taking care of it. Her hand takes his before the other reaches out for John, and he tenses, knowing what’s coming…

The scene around them dissipates, giving way to something new. Gideon recognizes it as a memory that belongs to someone else, but he wonders what John is thinking. Quinn’s abilities had caught him off guard the first time he’d experienced it, and his father has never encountered anything that was supernatural before. For him, it’s probably petrifying.

The new scene comes into focus, and he finds himself seated at a table in the home he grew up in. However, when he sees a young child with dark curls and even darker eyes seated next to him, he recognizes that it’s not his memory, but one of his mother’s, Emely Abernathy. As if to reaffirm it, he suddenly notices John seated at the head of the table, chastising young Gideon for not paying attention.

“You have to learn this, son, this is going to be yours one day.”

“No!” The child is protesting, and a feeling of quiet joy pulses through his mind. His mother had been happy to see his defiance. “I don’t want to learn it, daddy, I hate it, and I hate you!” Jumping down from the chair, he runs off, and the happiness intensifies. Seeing through his mother’s eyes as she turns her gaze up to John’s angry hues, he feels the woman’s delighted smile, though she won’t let it break the surface.

“Don’t worry, John, he’ll come around eventually…”

A blink later, and the three of them are back in their own minds. John practically falls backward out of the chair as he scrambles to get up, breathing heavily. “Father,” he questions, keeping a straight face so as not to give anything away, “is something wrong? You lost all the color in your face, as if you saw a ghost.”

He rises, feigning concern, but John is stumbling backwards toward the door. “I’m fine,” he rasps, running a hand through his hair and trying to catch his breath. “I just… Something came over me. I need to go lie down.” With that, he stumbled out the door, not even bothering to close it behind him.
September 05, 2017 05:42 pm

Quinn Harper

"Giddy, you are bad."

She is staring at the open door with a smile on her face and a laugh in her voice. Still feeling the effects, she finds herself incredibly proud of Gideon. This is normal. The woman is always proud of him. But this is different. Quinn knows now that he has never wanted this life, and while there is some guilt in having gotten them stuck with this, she feels far more secure than she ever had.

Gathering her better senses, she lets out a content sigh. "He'll be fine."

Turning her head, she looks at Gideon. It is as if nothing ever happened between them. There had never been a fight, as far as they are concerned. If anything they are stronger now, and a force to be reckoned with. Standing, she releases his hand, she moves to look outside and see John continuing his stumbling away from the house.

He got farther than she would have expected him to.

Without concern, she closes the door securely before walking back to Gideon.

A grin takes place as she leans against the table gently, and raising her right hand she shows him his mother's ring upon her finger. She can only hope that John hadn't noticed it when she reached for him, but even now she doubts he would remember after what he has been put through.

"I really like your mom."
September 05, 2017 06:06 pm

Gideon Abernathy

I’m bad?” His tone is incredulous, though he can’t hide the satisfaction from his face. “Look at Miss Goody Two Shoes over here, acting like she didn’t do anything to cause that.”

His eyes follow her as she goes to the door and looks out. There is a certain lack of concern that festers, and he itches for her to close the door and turn away from it. She obliges, without him even asking, and returns to the table once more. A smirk pulls at Gideon’s lips at the sight of his mother’s wedding band. Of course, he suspected as much, but the pride he feels emanates from him as he pulls her into him and wraps his arms around her waist loosely.

“What have I done to you?” The smirk never falters, and it’s clear he sees it as a good development.

Her mentioning his mother unfortunately does procure a slight frown from him, but it’s not necessarily an expression of sadness. He just can’t help but wonder what would have been different, had she survived.

“She was great. You two would’ve loved each other, I’m sure. Then again, we never would’ve met.” He smiles down at her, pressing his lips into her forehead gently. “Thank you for finding me again.”
September 05, 2017 07:09 pm

Quinn Harper

"Thank you, Gideon."

The sentiment is easily returned, and Quinn kisses his chin before slipping out of his grasp to take his hand and lead him toward their room. She is exhausted, and sure that soon she will come down from her high and feel it. Her sleep that night would be dreamless and restful within his grasp, and when she wakes, she finds herself in a tangle of sheets and no Gideon.

Reaching out, she places a hand to the bed where he had been. The warmth has been lifted from the space. Turning onto her back, Quinn looks toward the door before rubbing her eyes. An easy, slow stretch is had before she disengages from that safe place.

"Good morning, Giddy," she calls out, his name caught in a yawn. She feels rested, and peaceful, and only then does she remember.


Suddenly awake, she makes her way to the bathroom, throwing herself into the shower and stubbing her toe along the way. The groan that escapes her is dramatic, but fair. Quinn's hair is lathered heavily with shampoo when she realizes one very important detail.

"Gideon! Giddy!" She is almost frantic, and definitely embarrassed. Quinn's worst nightmare could be true. "I forgot my suitcase in the truck!"

What if John Abernathy hijacked her belongings?

Forcing herself to move faster, Quinn rinses her hair and begins to make quick work of herself before jumping out of the shower and wrapping her soaked self in a towel. Seconds later, she walks out into the living room, leaving a trail behind her. "Giddy, will you please get it? I'm sorry."

She really, actually does feel incredibly bad.
September 05, 2017 07:56 pm

Gideon Abernathy

“Morning, Quinn.”

It’s much more quiet, as the smile pulls at the corner of his mouth. When he woke up an hour prior, he chose not to wake Quinn from her peaceful slumber. Instead, he opted to place a sweet kiss on her forehead and slip quietly out of bed. Making his way into the kitchen, he stopped to offer some affection to the tiny kitten that was waiting for him at the door.

After she was fed, he made Quinn some tea, himself some coffee. Lord knows they’d need a pick-me-up for the day they were in for. He even went as far as to prepare them some eggs, toast, and bacon. Not anywhere near as good as his counterparts, but it would suffice.

He’s finishing up the breakfast when he hears her calling from the shower. Smirking, he shakes his head. “I got it last night, Quinn,” he calls back, noticing how frantic she is. After she had drifted off to sleep, his restless mind recalled that she hadn’t arrived with any belongings. Unable to stop focusing on it, he decided to check her truck to see if it had slipped her mind to bring them in, or if she’d just gotten in her truck with the clothes on her back. Either way, it wouldn’t surprise him.

Breathing a sigh of relief once he’d found it, he would drag it in and leave it by the front door for her in the morning. For the life of him, he can’t fathom why he wouldn’t have taken it into the bedroom, but he was tired too. At least he’d made into the house with it.

“You should really consider a better cleaning regimen for your ears,” he answers with another shake of his head as she comes careening out in nothing but a towel. There is obvious amusement in his tone as he continues. “It’s right there, Quinn. Hurry and get dressed so we can eat before we go.”
September 07, 2017 12:02 pm

Quinn Harper

There is obvious relief on her face when he tells her, yet again, that it is right there. Her gaze shifts to the suitcase by the door, and without hesitation she goes for it, pulling it toward the bedroom with one hand while securing her towel with the other. "When did you tell me? You know what? It's fine. It smells delicious out here. Two seconds."

Quinn disappears, shutting herself into the bedroom out of habit. Case open, she looks into it's depths. Dresses. Jeans. Leather pants. She takes a moment to stare at them, reflecting on her declaration.

'I'm not going anywhere until they see us this happy. We're going. One night. We will have dinner with him, and the next morning we are going to church. And I will wear that leather.'

She'd done it, so far. They'd come to the commune, though separately. John had seen them very happy. They've stayed a night. And while they have yet to break bread with the man, this would be her only opportunity to completely disrespect him by dressing inappropriately for church.

The goal. Quinn is so close from her goal of driving John Abernathy insane.

Against her better judgment, Quinn dresses to keep her promise. The leather pants hug tightly to her legs, and she opts for a nicer, white blouse that hangs loose from her body. Stepping into the bathroom, she looks at herself and immediately regrets her tempered declaration before loosely braiding her hair back behind her head.

Stepping out into the living area again, she steps up to Gideon and meets his gaze. "...He's going to kill me, isn't he?" While her question is probably spot on, she doesn't really mean literally. Quinn is expressing her expectation of John's outrage at her behavior.

Wasting little time, she sits down with Gideon, their breakfast, and sips her tea. Quinn is starving.
September 07, 2017 12:20 pm

Gideon Abernathy

It’s a suspicious amount of time that she spends in the bedroom, and he’s getting a bit antsy. “Your food is getting cold,” he calls softly, sipping the black coffee as his stomach growls loudly. He stares down at his plate longingly, fingers twitching as he considers starting without her. But it’s a heavily ingrained need to wait for her, so he does.

When she appears, he looks up from his coffee with a grumpy slight on his tongue, but the words fall dead before he can even give them life. “Or we can just skip church,” he offers weakly, unable to tear his gaze away from her form.

...He’s going to kill me, isn’t he?

“He’s not going to come anywhere near you…” It’s an almost carnal growl, and he clears his throat, finally forcing his eyes off her. “Not that I don’t… absolutely love you… in that outfit… But maybe you should change.” Truthfully, it drives him crazy, perhaps a little too much. And, in this viper’s pit, they need to keep their wits about them. Nothing about that get-up would allow him to keep a level-head. Absolutely nothing.

Leaning back in his chair, he seizes the opportunity to take her in, over and over again. “Maybe when we get back, though…”
September 07, 2017 12:42 pm

Quinn Harper

'He's not going to come anywhere near you...'

She nods. Right now, the best thing to do is agree with him. It always is, really. But here, yes. Never mind that she has completely disrupted his life this morning.

Quinn can't even cross her legs without making a noise, and it honestly bothers her. The only soothing thing about this is Gideon, and she fully understands the way he speaks simply by taking in his gaze. It is with a bite of toast that he tells her to change, and the relief is even more real than before.

'Maybe when we get back, though...'

Smirking slightly, she leans to give his arm a gentle, playful shove. Swallowing, she answers him. "Giddy, your food is getting cold."

A quiet laugh escapes her, incapable of containing herself. Gideon is amusing. More than that, she is desperately in love with man. With a bright smile, she glances at him before proceeding to finish her breakfast in silence.

When all is said and done, she disappears again to change into that same yellow sundress that stole his attention in the garden the day they explored their new domain at the old plantation. Slipping on her flats, steps out and spins for him.

"All better," she proclaims. Quinn is church-ready, and looking every bit the part. With a gentle kiss to his cheek, she ensures the ring is on her finger before slipping her hand into his.

"Take me to church, Giddy."
September 07, 2017 12:57 pm
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