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"Sol, listen. I know I should have said somethi-"


Mackenzie had done what she set out to do. She tore down a coven, and ensured there would be no chance of retaliation against herself or those in Sonder. It had been challenging, as a great weight had been set upon her shoulders with the task. One wrong move would have put everyone in danger, and they are not entirely out of the woods.

Victor knew everything. She had brought him back to New York with her once she had healed, and between supplying The Reverend with what was promised, and training, she talked out the finer details. While her handsome counterpart would say nothing in response, she could usually tell when she had a stupid idea. His gaze would flash dangerously at her, as if daring her to do whatever it is she came up with.

Daring her to endanger herself.

But now, when it is all said and done, she finds herself stopping mid-sentence as she tugs the scarf from around her neck. The sound of her cab can be heard rumbling out of the driveway and away from the warm cabin, and her icy blues are trained on the sight before her.

No. Nope. This isn't right.

Glancing around, she crosses the space to the stairs that would lead to the basement, otherwise known as Solomon's cave. The door creaks open easily, and she calls down for him. Nothing answers to her but silence. A 'tsk' of denial escapes her. Crossing the space to the kitchen table, she glances between the two figures sat there.

Lucy, the sweet child that was admittedly stolen from her family by herself and Solomon, and Victor. How Solomon could leave the kid here, alone, with Victor is beyond her. Surely, he had realized that she had stepped out.

It is obvious that she is tired, but she also does not know how to respond to this. Mackenzie presses her lips together before putting on a smile. Stepping up behind Lucy, she allows her fingers to comb through her hair from crown to end, before hugging the girl around her shoulders gently with an arm. "Everything okay...?"

The stress in her voice is obvious, though she works to keep her appearance calm. Quickly, she glances to Victor as she pulls out her phone, catching his eye before looking down at the device to scan through all of the notifications she has yet to be bothered with.

War declaration after war declaration, and a text from Solomon.

About going on a blind date.

"So... Lucy... you've met my..." she pauses, not knowing what to even call him, "..Victor. But what has you up so late? Or early?"

"I had a nightmare."

"Oh..." Frowning, she can feel the judgment rolling off of Victor. Mackenzie, maternal. Mackenzie, with a child she had failed to tell him about.

"And I had an accident."

Swallowing, she meets Victor's gaze before leaning down to sniff at the girl.
November 10, 2017 06:22 pm

Victor Lockheed

It hadn’t been long since he and Mackenzie had arrived in New York. They had been jetsetting quite a bit due to Mackenzie’s plans, and the duo had only just this evening arrived at the JFK airport. Mackenzie had given Victor directions to the cabin along with instructions to go on ahead without her, as she had some loose ends to tie up in town, and he’d done as she asked.

He’d rented a car to take him to the remote location, not particularly wanting to spend an hour with a cabbie who probably wouldn’t last the trip; he was starving. Mackenzie had informed him that there shouldn’t be anyone there just now, so when he arrived at the well-hidden, picturesque location and made his way into the cabin, it was certainly a surprise when he became acutely aware of a small heart beating steadily in an upstairs room.

She hadn’t said anything about a kid.

Despite the relentless predatory urge to investigate, he instead occupied himself with nosing around the downstairs area of the cabin. By the scent in the air, there were at least six people who frequented the cabin, and the smell of dog was almost nauseating.

Victor didn’t particularly enjoy being settled in one spot for any length of time, and by nature became bored easily. Victor and boredom were a catalytic mix. He almost wished her pet werewolf were around to provoke.

He was just investigating some pictures upon a side table near the couch when he heard the sound of little feet padding slowly down the hall upstairs. He turned, gaze lifted to the stairs with predatory interest. The little girl slowly made her way down, dragging a little pink blanket, and he judged her small frame to be no more than five years old. Old enough to be curious, but young enough to be an absolutely terrible judge of character.

She was brunette, pale with pinkened cheeks, and radiated an unnatural amount of heat. He could sense it from across the room. Large chocolate eyes spotted him from the foot of the stairs, and she stopped.

“Hi.” Her tiny voice piped up, croaky with sleep. It was nearing eleven pm, what was she even doing up?

“Hello.” Victor responded, deep voice guardedly bemused.

“Is Sol’min back?”

“No, just me.”

“Who’re you?”

“Who are you?”

She brought her pink blanket up, hugging it to her chest. “Lucy.”

Victor crossed his arms. “Victor. Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

“I had an accident.”

For f*ck’s sake.

He didn’t sign up for this sh*t.

Victor stared at her hard, although she didn’t seem put off by the black expression upon his face. She pulled uncomfortably at her polka dotted pajama pants, and he sighed audibly through his nose.


He uncrossed his arms and approached her, the scent of fresh urine touching his nose with the movement. He could hear the beat of her heart clearly. Children always had faster heart rates than adults, and the heat radiating off her skin was incredible.

His throat ached dryly.

Victor was a murderous b*stard. He had very little consideration for human life except for what it could do for him. However, if he slaked his thirst with this child, he was fairly certain Mackenzie would have his head.

Options weighed, he sighed and bent down to her level. If he wasn’t going to disembowel her, then he supposed he shouldn’t let her sit in her wet pants. Mackenzie would probably be upset with him for that, too.

“Alright, let’s go find you a change of clothes, kid.”


Victor ran the kid a warm, shallow bath, put a clean set of pajamas in the bathroom with her and decided to trust her to deal with that part herself. He was getting her out of soiled clothes, not playing daddy.

He haphazardly changed her wet sheets, hoping that she would just go back to bed when she was done, but it wasn’t long before he heard those little feet padding back down the stairs again. She’d put her shirt on backward. And inside out.

“I’m hungry.”

And that is how Mackenzie found the unlikely pair, sitting at the kitchen table, a half-empty tub of crunchy Jiff in front of the child with a spoon in her hand, and a decidedly moody Victor sitting across from her, hands clasped upon the table and counting the seconds it took for her to finish.

Mackenzie walked through the front door, extreme surprise and even a bit of dismay upon her features. Victor fixed her with a supremely accusing gaze, and watched as she confirmed to herself that the two of them had actually been alone for a fair length of time.

An impressively fake smile appeared on her face, and she came up behind Lucy, affectionately running her hands through her hair. Victor watched.

She caught his eye as she pulled out her phone, and he could see a slew of questions in that look. An annoyed expression briefly took hold of her face as she read a notification, but she plastered that smile right back on a moment later.

Victor’s silence during the two girls’ interchange was filled with all the snarky things he wasn’t saying, and he allowed the silence to stretch until Mackenzie leaned in to sniff at the kid.

“She’s cleaned up now. You’ve been gone a while, haven’t you.”

His accusing expression would have been more humorous if not for the fact that his already dark eyes were blackened with hunger.
November 11, 2017 05:17 pm


"I got sidetracked..." she mutters, giving him a withering look that tells tale of just what that means. Her business was extended when someone that smelled just too good walked by, practically forcing her hand into a meal. The heart wants what the heart wants, and when it is right in front of you, you should seize the moment. Victor practically preaches these things daily.

"Where's Sol'min?" The little voice demands, and Mackenzie swallows as she pushes her phone across the table toward Victor. He would be able to see the notifications clearly, and it would be obvious what is most bothersome out of all of them.

Realm Ghost
War Declaration

Realm Ghost
War Declaration on your Ally

Realm Ghost
War Declaration on your Ally


Got a date! Lucy sleeping upstairs. Thanks ahead of time.

A date. Solomon King, all of the sudden, got a date. She wonders briefly if it is because she flat out told him he needs to get laid, or if it is something else. There had to be a driving force there, because she had been sure until now that he would never actually date anyone. Ever.

He would die single, and a born-again virgin.

"Solomon is out with a friend, so it looks like we're having a sleepover. How grand. Are you tired?"


"Okay..." she sighs, giving the small girl one last little squeeze before making her way around the table to Victor. And obnoxious kiss is placed upon his cheek as she takes a seat beside him at the table and surveys the situation. Peanut butter. He fed her peanut butter. Mackenzie wasn't even aware that she had such a thing, but she decides to simply accept that it was stashed by one of Sonder's members.

"Is Victor your boyfriend?"

A this, Mackenzie smirks, giving Lucy a wink before looking at the English b-stard with a devilish glint to her eyes. "That depends, Lucy. What do you think of Victor? Is he boyfriend material?"
November 11, 2017 06:33 pm
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