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Eva James

‘Ms James, your coat!’

A slip of a young man came tumbling from the entrance of the restaurant. His off-the-shelf suit jacket’s poorly designed shoulders bunching awkwardly about his neck as he half walked, half ran in the wake of the departing woman.

The weather about them was icy cold, with the uncertain clouds above offering up a mix of chilling rain and freezing slush that puddled in the cobbled dips of pavement between them.

Eva, lost to a tune in her head and the scent of the night upon her tongue, was unaware of the elements. Never too hot, never too cold, she merely existed at a perfect ‘room temperature’, which suited her nicely, thank you very much. But it never did her well when it came to maintaining those slight, time-wasting traits of humanity that she told herself she must always remember, despite not remembering why. Remembering to pick up her coat upon exiting a building in the blustery depths of winter being a perfect example, as was paying for things, and flossing. Such simple, uninteresting chores that humanity seemed obsessed with while Eva, who was to human as a goldfish is to a Farrari, simply couldn’t spare the effort involved.

But still, as the young man approached her, his step sloshing and splashing in puddles along the way, she stopped and turned to face him, finding her coat thrust upon her person near instantaneously.

‘Your coat, Ms James.’ he repeated, as if to remind her that this was indeed her property.

“Yes.” she replied, as if acknowledging that it was indeed the very same coat she had walked out of Harrods wearing only a week past. Though she made no effort to take it from his grip, however close he held it to her person.

The young man, who I hate referring to as ‘the young man’, so lets name him David, didn’t really know what to do next. Standard protocol of returning an item to its owner dictated that the owner took it. But here they were, he the lowly waiter, she the owner of a coat, stood in the wet, stuck at a block in the road to property reclamation.

‘Here.’ he finally said, in a manner that could be taken as him either highlighting what a coat was or, more likely, reminding her it was her turn to take action.

“Yes.” she replied once more, with the creep of a corner smile edging itself across her lips.

The falling slush had stopped merely forming drops upon the hairspray layer over her head and had begun to slip between the strands themselves, causing her dark brown hair to shine beneath the streetlamp nearby. She felt a cold drip make its way down her temple and let out an exasperated gruff, reaching to wipe it away with her fingertips before grabbing at her coat and walking off.

Eva wasn’t sure what she’d expected of the young m - of David. But he obviously hadn’t performed accordingly within the given undiscussed timeframe, and her makeup had to last at least a few more hours before she could remove it. So let the poor sod live another day. The city was alive with nasty things and terrors, and she’d be damned if she’d miss a single moment.
January 21, 2018 06:40 pm

Elouise Orlav

She remembered coming to London the first time in her life, a decade ago. She was 18, hapless, ‘daddy-issues’ raging to the point that’d she spent every saved time to fly to England’s capital city to find Nigel Warrock. The man she found was charismatic, handsome, an enigmatic and charming Scotsman using the social networks of London to further his career. A career, naturally, that had driven him from her mother.

Except the Nigel she found had a lovely young wife and chipper son. So often did Elouise sit and watch Teddy play in the streets, a child well-nourished with love and finely kept in the rather bourgeois neighborhood of Fitzrovia. Nigel, in those days, hadn’t known of Elouise’s existence, and that idea was all that kept an emotionally overwrought teenager from lashing out at any of them.

All of that changed once Elouise had had her own child, and sacrificed her to Calvin’s parents. It manifested in their inevitable capture and murder, Nigel, Alice and Theodore all tossed into a communal grave in the icy remains of The Order’s former compound.

At present, she dwelled in her father’s former home, enjoying the amenities of such a fine house – as well as the respite from the more hellish ends of the city she found her prey. The denizens of Tower Hamlets had been experiencing a number of unexplained disappearances.

Elouise had been hungry, lately.

Every day she wandered like a ghost through the halls of his abandoned home, watching her freckled reflection in the frames of family photos. What a homemaker, Nigel had been. Photos of the Warrock’s on the beach of St. Croix, wearing matching corded sweaters and smiles in the Highlands, all these treasured moments now property of their assailant.

It gave Elouise a sickly satisfaction, all benefaction of a bounty she’d longed for many years to claim.

Rather than spend another night haunting Tower Hamlets, the blonde raided her late step-mother’s closet. When all was said and done, Elouise was festooned in pearl earrings and matching necklace, luxe red lipstick, and a no-doubt designer black dress, which due to her height, was a bit leggier than it might have been on Alice. That bothered Elouise little. Her mass of curls were straightened and pulled back into a tight bun, pinned to perfection. She stepped out of the door in all that and a white Burberry trench coat. The outfit to every detail was a calculated choice.

It was all precisely similar to the outfit she’d first seen Alice in – and how she’d wondered at the beauty and elegance of the woman she’d never truly know, but would always hate.

It was late by the time she reached The Ivy, lingering as she watched a striking woman be handed back her forgotten coat. Keen eyesight picked out the boy’s nametag on his ill-fitted jacket – David. Quick steps in sheer, black Louboutin’s helped her to collide with the young man who so resembled Teddy.

“So sorry,” She offered, disarming smile flashed in his direction.

‘Oh, erhm, no, Miss. My fault.’ He insisted despite himself, reaching out a hand to steady the tower of a woman in heels. ‘Were you on your way inside?’

She shook her head softly. “No. I’m afraid nothing on the menu quite…appeals to me.” She leaned towards him, and David felt perversely charmed by her – and the extra bit of leg didn’t hurt, either. “Would you give me a hand, David? I dropped an earring near the alley and can’t seem to find it.”

To her credit, a quick flash of the hands before her approach had hidden the pearl in her clutch.

David looked quickly back towards the building. ‘It would be my pleasure.’ He nodded, shuffling behind her to the alley in question.

She almost felt bad, staring into his chocolate brown eyes and shocked expression as her fangs sank into his carotid. She was neat with this meal, careful not to ruin the priceless outfit on her person. She was not normally so reckless, but something about David called to her. A reflection of Teddy in that stupid smile, practiced manners and dimpled smile.

But she was incapable of remorse any longer.
January 21, 2018 10:34 pm

Eva James

Eva had reached the next turning, aiming to find a little shelter under the awnings of the nearest theatre - shelter while she reevaluated the evening and planned her next move.

It was dark, but at this time of the year, and in this city, it was always dark, so she wasn’t overly sure of the time. Late enough for the theatres around her to be full, early enough that they were yet to spill their patrons onto the pavement. It was still evening, and not yet night. Not the sort of night that she enjoyed - the hustle of the London streets with people pushing and crowding in every direction. That’s what she lived for. She fed on it. Fed on the excitement, on the emotions. And the high of the theatre-goers, with their overpriced tickets, programmes clutched to their chests - well, there weren’t many things sweeter. At least not without another war or, well…

She stopped, looking up, catching the hint of something on the air. As cars passed, as the awful weather continued to spill down upon the street, she sensed it. A pop. The slightest of cracks and nothing more. But it was enough to grab her attention, enough to get her feet moving again as she retraced her steps, pulling on her coat in the process, back toward The Ivy.

Finding herself stood were mere moments before she’d been in the presence of the young, disappointing David, she closed her eyes briefly, and felt her head turn slowly to the right. And when her eyes opened, she found herself facing an alleyway, no more than sixty meters or so further along the road.

That single pop was now spreading, as if someone had dropped a bottle of perfume and the sickly sweet scent of its contents was finally reaching her nose. With every step it grew thicker, molasses in the air, setting every hair on end as she reached the mouth of the alley and peered in.

“Oh dear…” she said aloud, biting a smirk against her bottom lip as she took a few steps of approach toward the vampire and the deceased. Eva has no fear of the undead. In truth, she had no fear of many things, which had often landed her in the worst of situations. But here, in the dark with a bloodthirsty vampire and a corpse, any hint of fear that should have existed was smothered by the tingles the fading soul was giving her.

She continued to smile, releasing her lip as she moved ever closer, and finally stopped some ten feet or so from the scene. “Now who’ll mind the coats?”
January 21, 2018 10:54 pm

Elouise Orlav

The newcomer's voice struck Elouise like a mallet to a gong. She turned, a manicured hand wiping away a wayward droplet of blood from her cheek. She didn't reply at first. Instead; slender digits dig deep into the reserves of her practically-sized purse to retrieve her discarded pearl earring. She kept a firm eye contact as it was secured back into her left earlobe.

Cerulean eyes were speculative, deciding on what sort of reaction to offer the woman who'd approached of her own accord. Fear often left a potent stench trail in the air - humans exuded it in her presence just before the end. But this woman didn't have a hint of it, instead, an almost intoxicating confidence exuded her presence. So Elouise made no move to attack. Instead she stood as she had been, still ready to retaliate if this stranger attacked.

"I wouldn't worry, you got yours back after all, Ms. James." She tilted her head, letting the name she'd overheard slip through her lips with a familiar, warm intonation. "As for integrity of its original contents...David didn't seem an especially bright boy. The pretty ones always make it too easy."

Despite the evidence to beg Elouise's identity as a vampire, she showed no obvious sign now, fangs retracted. Her heart beat, her lungs inhaled and exhaled with ease, naturally freckled, pale skin made to gooseflesh with every gust of rainy wind. Yet there was an ethereal beauty to her that was indescribable. Her nature made her innately attractive to most mortals, causing them to foolishly aid her in whatever she requested until they ultimately met their demise.

Next, she plucked a pack of menthol cigarettes from the same pit she'd found the earring, lighter in hand. "Cigarette?" She offered, plucking one into her lips and lighting it. She'd picked up all sorts of nasty habits, when health was no longer a consequence.
January 21, 2018 11:17 pm

Eva James

“No thank you” she replied, waving a hand dismissively, though her attention remained on the lifeless body. Had the vampire taken more time, Eva was in no doubt that the hit would have been far more enjoyable an experience. But instead, and much to Eva’s disappointment, his life had been taken quickly, his blood drained too greedily, and it was only now, with that thought lingering, that she turned her attention back to the woman to study her.

“Those things’ll kill you, don’t you know.” Less of a question, more of a jovial quip as Eva offered up a wink as punctuation.

Yes, she noticed the heartbeat. The warmth that seemed to omit from the woman, the odd, lingering humanity usually void of her kind. Well, her kind bar one. One she hadn’t seen in quite some time, not since… Ninteen…eighteen…no. Seventeen? Seventeen fifty…

Her brow furrowed, lines crossing below her hairline as she counted years and decades in her head. And when she realised what she was doing in the presence of a complete, and curious stranger, she stopped and smiled.

A curious stranger who knew her name.

“Eva, please. Ms James was my father.”
January 21, 2018 11:28 pm

Elouise Orlav

"One can try." She offered a quaint, if not fabricated smile in her direction. She was hyper-focused on the woman, finding on true sign of significance. The body, at least, was as mortal as Elouise's. She huffed out a grand, gray cloud of smoke, letting it muddy up the space between them. "Is there something in particular I can do for you, Eva?"

She enunciated her name, replicating the very same tone the woman had used to pronounce it, followed by some obligatory explanation that she'd attempted to make a joke. Elouise didn't care much for humor any longer. Her interactions with mortals, as of late, was to make them into whatever meal or play-thing she so desired. But Eva James had been lucky enough to catch her after her needs had been satiated, and the vampire was not feeling especially aggressive.

Not yet, at least. As if a mind-reader, a black heel prodded David's heap of a corpse. "I don't leave leftovers, I'm afraid. Starving children in Africa, and all that..." She breathed into another crisp, minty pull of the long cigarette, holding it daintily betwixt her middle and pointer fingers.

The toe of her shoe fished with David's face a bit, turning it to look away from the two women sharing second-hand smoke in the alleyway. "But, back to my original question." Her attention was now fully back on Eva, eyes narrowed. Now aggressively - but inquisitively.

"Is there something I can do for you?"
January 21, 2018 11:37 pm

Eva James

Was there? she thought. When she’d followed that slight inkling of David’s demise on the wind, she hadn’t actually considered what would come next. There was no question, as she’d picked it up beneath the awning, that death was in the air. But death by what, or indeed, who, hadn’t come into play. And now, as she stood before the poor mans undertaker, she too found herself wondering what the vampire could do for her.

If, indeed, a vampire she was. For that breathing, that huff of breath between the exhalations of smoke, was inherently human. But bloodletting, for dinner at least, was not.

Eva slipped a hand into her coat pocket, the soft material reaching to her ankles, covering her bare legs from the freezing climate, and pulled out a mobile phone. She raised a finger toward her new acquaintance, requesting silently that she wait, while she unlocked it with a thumbprint and began to scroll.

Finding the app option she desired, Eva looked back up to the smoking vampire and closed the space between them, holding out the device to the ‘add new contact’ feature.

“I’m wondering…”

Eva’s voice was warm. Not warm like a cookie-baking grandmother, but warm in the silky tones of a well educated Oxbridge grad who knew exactly what to say, and how to say it, to get her way. Miss Honey with gumption. Cecilia Tallis with maturity. Mrs Coulter…but with less off a taste for dust. In another life, she’d have narrated audiobooks or Marks and Spencers adverts. But in this life, or this specific lifetime at least, such things were nonsense. Who in their right mind would work when they could get what they wanted for free simply by knowing how to ask?

She moved that little bit closer, noting the scent of the woman in their now mutually occupied air, and redirect her attention from he phone to the vampires face, “what it is that we may do for each other. I’m right in assuming you’re staying in the city, yes?”
January 21, 2018 11:52 pm

Elouise Orlav

She waited the length of a lengthy drag and exhale before answering. "Somewhere in the limits, yes." She replied quite casually, fingers toying with the cigarette pockmarked by lipstick stains. Her interest was piqued, enough to keep her standing there, taking in the woman as her phone was thrust in her face. She'd let it hang there long enough, allowing the woman to doubt Elouise's willingness to cooperate. In the end, she plucks the phone away, nimble fingertips tapping away her name (first only); and cell-phone number.

She still kept that same number, knowing ghosts of the past had a way of resurfacing.

She kept Eva's cell in her grip, not yet prepared to part with it. "My name's Elouise. You can call me El." She then reached out, phone tilted in offering to Eva. If Elouise was playing with fire, she didn't seem to care. Her vampirism had made her reckless, superficial and volatile.

In the past, being so forward in her private information would have been highly unlikely. Like Ron Swanson going off the grid, Elouise Warrock had no interest in being known. "So, as you were saying..." She trailed off, interest once again gained by the dying cigarette, which she ditched after a dying drag just to pull out another.

Chain-smoking? Absolutely. "You seem to think we can be mutually beneficial to one another, Eva. I'll admit, I'm interested to see just how insane you turn out to be. In other have my attention."
January 22, 2018 01:44 am

Eva James

“Insane? Oh honey, no. Not at all. And I’m so very tired of all of these women thinking that insanity is a turn on. Is something to aspire to. Insanity is not a positive trait. Insanity is not a good thing. Insanity is a darkness that, quite frankly, I have no time for.”

Eva reached at this moment and took the cigarette from Elouise’s fingers. The act was slow, her hand show every second of the movement. The same act as one would put on if slowly placing their weapon to the ground when demanded of by a policeman, or when coming down to the level of a vicious-looking dog. She took it, her eyes remaining on the vampires, dark irises with light flecks, wide and clear. And as she took the cigarette, she brought it to her lips for a slow, steady drag. Pulling the smoke into her lungs, she felt the tingle of the menthol, the slight rush of the tobacco and just as slowly, she exhaled in one long, continuous stream that filled the space between them with a thick, deliberate wisp.

She replaced the cigarette back between the woman’s fingers and smiled, red lipstick following the delicate line of her perfectly plump lips.

“If insanity is all that gains your attention, I’ll delete the number you gave me right now. But if you’re interested in something more…more…” she stopped and smiled. With the cigarette smoke clear of their space, with Elouise so close to her, she could smell the man. That beautiful and dark man who had obviously broken his own rules making this one. And that alone was enough of a reason to keep her close - to learn the secret that had turned this woman into a half-breed like he.

She plucked a word from the air and handed it over. “Appetising.”

Eva took a step backward, eyeing the woman over and offered a tut of disapproval. “I bet you were the most innocent of little birds before he did this to you. But I can make you something else entirely.”
January 22, 2018 10:38 am

Elouise Wazzock

Elouise watched in a slow-motion like scene as Eva took the cigarette, giving no fight to the action. Eyes honed in as it touched her lips, brow crinkling slightly. Something stirred in her chest, an emotion she couldn't describe. She was transfixed, not even reacting when the cigarette returned - the poor thing simply burning out, the pain of hot ash falling on her fingers not resonating with her mind.

"I never said insanity was attractive." She replied, blinking as she finally recalled the now destroyed cigarette in her hands. She dropped it to the asphalt, a shake of her hand dismissing the ash as well. She wanted to speak again, to add to that original thought, but something struck her.

She meant Elis.

She'd known, in some way, there was something off about this woman. She had trusted Elis, because he had seemed as normal and natural as Eva did. But he had betrayed her, made her into the monster she was. He had condemned her.

But what was worse than this life?

She mentally shrugged. How dangerous could this woman truly be? She welcomed death. And felt deserved.

"I was never innocent." She responded quietly. "Not delicate, nor beautiful. Nothing like a bird." She panged for another cigarette to fidget with, but let the pack remain in her clutch. "That is why he did this to me. But he never intended I'd be free."
January 22, 2018 11:16 am

Eva James

“He never follows through with his intentions, it’s true.” Eva replied, nodding in agreement as she slipped the phone back into her pocket. How nice it was to have a coat with decent pockets, she’d thought to herself when she’d taken it from the assistant in Harrods. Deep pockets one could store items in - and not the impression of a pocket, sewn in for the look.

She slipped her hands into a second pocket and produced a small packet of gum, popping a piece into her mouth. It tasted of cherries and mint, an odd combination that set a tingle across her tips and filled the air with a sweet, intoxicating smell.

“And before you begin to wonder, let me assure you that no, I am not one of you” she smiled as she said it, as if the thought of such a creature bordered on a joke. Something hilarious that she was far above.

And maybe she was.

“But I have no secrets from Mr Griffyn, nor he, I.” Well, side from Elouise, of course. But that was simply down to a few hundred years of lost contact. And now she knew he was back in town, she’d be sure to call in.

“I know exactly what you are. And, how confusing it must all be to you.” Eva reached out, softening her words as she wrapped a hand lightly about the woman’s bicep, closing the gap a little once more. There was something radiating from Elouise. Confused emotions that were flipping this way and that, as if the vampire herself wasn’t sure of her feelings. Eva felt it in her stomach, knots and butterflies, and wondered through all the possibilities. In much the same way the death of David had acted as a brief hit of ecstasy to the demon, so to was Elouise’s current state. Over the years she’d learnt to curb the effect of the world around her on her person. But tonight she was open to it and, in turn, taking everything in. And Elouise’s confusion added to the confidence she portrayed.

She squeezed her fingers about Elouise and nodded her head briefly toward the opening of the alleyway. “Am I keeping you from anything? Or can I spend the evening making introductions?”
January 22, 2018 11:30 am

Elouise warrock

“I knew that, already.” He stated with some gumption. “Elis and I are two of a kind.” She decided in favor of a third cigarette, already in her mouth. “I can sense when he’s near and when he’s far…connected by a thread he can never untether.” She smirked at Eva as she lit the next cigarette.

No secrets, mm? “You should have already known about me, then, if that’s the case.” She watched the wisps of smoke dissipate into the air, not fond of discussions regarding her sire. “He shared with me he’d never turned another before, but I, for whatever transgression, was deserving enough to violate that record.” She shrugged.

“I had never met a vampire with any humanity, and he was no different. Even tender, even as he held me, allowing me to feel cherished and safe. He was still a monster, even in those still moments. Like I am a monster now, awaiting my extermination.” Her smile was more unnerving then, finding undeath a non sequitur. She would die soon, she assumed. No doubt by Elis’s hand.

It troubled her little, as she no longer have to rely upon sleep – so there was nothing to be restless over.

And then Eva dared to reach out and touch Elouise, and then to hold her arm, to anchor her. And it made the vampire angry – but not in any way she would show or express. It had been months since she’d been touched by anyone. And it made her want to vomit, even if nothing but blood would come out.

“No, I don’t have anything to do.” She dropped the half-smoked cigarette, watching as the rain snuffed it out on the ground. “I don’t really…” Socialize. Her ability to connect with people had always been stunted, but it was an entirely different ballgame now.
January 22, 2018 01:00 pm

Eva James

Eva chuckled a disagreement, drawing her hand away. She felt that snap in the woman, the unease to the touch of another, the twist in her stomach and the lump in her throat. Best not to scare her off just yet. Though nevertheless, she still allowed her fingertips to trace down the woman’s arm as she pulled away, returning her hand to the warm depths of her pocket. “You misunderstand me.” she replied, once again increasing the space between them, this time walking back over to the body of the man on the ground.

“I don’t want to introduce you to people. We both know what you like to do to them, after all.” she jibed, squatting to examine the lifeless form, the hem of her coat bunching between her heel and thigh, somehow managing to keep from trailing in the puddles by her feet. She reached out and touched his cooling face, holding his chin between her thumb and forefinger.

“You and your sire may be two fo a kind, but you still have the same urges as the lowest of vampiric kind. The bloodlust, the departure from the humanity you once knew.” She tilted his head, inspecting the marks on his neck. Neat. But not neat enough. Amateur, as she’d fully expected them to be. Eva slid her hand, touching her fingertip to the wound, pressing until a dap of blood broke through the dried surface and wet her skin. She then stood, her attention on the crimson stain marking her finger and delicately brought it to her lips, tasting it with the tip of her tongue.

“This world has many layers, Elouise. The moment you became this, you broke the surface. But I assure you the path leads far deeper, if you have the right guide.” she reproached once more, again taking the cigarette, again placing it to her lips to inhale. And as she handed it back, the remaining blood on her fingertip had printed against the tan-coloured filter, leaving her mark.

Elouise, she decided, would be a worthy project. At least for now. Young enough to remain impressionable, and in turn, a wonderful means for Eva to ‘get her fix’ from whatever, or whoever, she chose.

As she exhaled, she took steps back toward the mouth of the alleyway, where the lack of shelter once more allowed the hellish weather to coat the London street in a wet slush of ice and rain. She pulled her coat tighter. Though the cold didn’t affect her, this was far too nice a dress to allow to be ruined by the elements.
January 22, 2018 01:16 pm

Elouise warrock

“I never cared what happened to people. Now is no different.” She cleared her throat, gaze diverted. “David wasn’t bloodlust. He reminded me of someone I’d known once.” Teddy. That blithering idiot of a younger half-brother, who never had to work to earn the love of his parents. There were more layers to Elouise than to the world Eva referenced. If Elouise were to spend the next thousand years just as reactionary as she’d spent the last twenty eight, it would only be slightly more violently now.

“I know how to keep calm, if that’s your fear.” And it was true. Elouise’s attacks were driven more by her own frustrations than by a thirst. She had spent those months in the bottom of a basement, staring at the decaying corpse of her daughter.

She’d grown used to the pang. She could endure.

“Are you suggesting yourself as some sort of guru, Eva?” Elouise couldn’t hide the condescending smirk on her lips. She shook her head. “For all I know, you’ll only deliver me to your old friend.” Teeth grifted over her bottom lip, inevitably deciding to give the woman a shot. “I suppose, really, it all ends with him and I. Whether or not you’re a conduit to that makes no difference to me. Fine.”

Eva was walking away, and just a step behind was Elouise. “How long have you known Elis?” Her voice was monotonous, quiet as they reintegrated with polite society, David’s corpse left to be found by the next poor sod who took out the trash.

Elouise was curious. She knew so little of Elis’s past, only his pure, unadulterated nature. She figured it must torture Elis, to have turned Elouise – to have proven her point all along. No vampire was a testament to humanity in any way. Not Elouise, and certainly not Elis.
January 22, 2018 02:21 pm

Eva James

“Seventeen fifty two” Eva replied as she heard the question and sensed the presence of the woman behind her. She slowed down a step, just enough to allow Elouise to meet her stride, and continued on, worrying no second glance toward The Ivy, nor toward the alley and final resting place of the young man David. “My brother was a terrible socialite. Born solely to host fabulous balls and mingle, I’ve not doubt.”

The weather was starting to abate, albeit slightly, and the slush was replaced with a lighter rain that began to fall like a heavy mist over them as they walked.

“Your sire caught my eye instantly, and I, his. I can’t say I know much of what a more modern day Elis Griffyn looks like, but I can assure you that back in those days, he was utterly transfixing. Though, by all accounts, he’s always managed to fit in, regardless of the decade. I always found myself wondering how he looked, how he held himself over the centuries. The idea of Roman Legion Elis being a favourite, of course. Well, despite the whole Eagle malarky.”

Reaching the other side of the street, Eva held up a hand and pressed it to the cold, bare brick of the building closest. She closed her eyes briefly, counted to five and then looked once more toward her new companion. “This way” she stated, heading left, her hand reaching in attempt to slip it around Elouise’s arm. “He’s possibly the most dangerous man to ever walk this earth. And I can only assume that you pissed him off beyond all measure, for him to turn you into this. He always said that his, well, yours now too, your condition was a fate no man, nor woman, should ever have to endure. Death being a far greater gift than an eternity like this. Though he would know after all. But enough of our dear Mr Griffyn, and more about you.”

She steered them through narrower alleyways, left then right, turning to watch the expression of the woman as she spoke. “What number was our dear David?”
January 22, 2018 02:36 pm
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