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Xander James

|After getting the deed to the place out on the edge of town, I had set about getting it fixed up. Surprisingly enough, it was still in fairly good condition for something unused for almost thirty years.  Arriving at the Clubhouse I hopped off my bike and looked up at the building before me and was happy. Happy that I was apart of this. Just my dad would have wanted.|

|The cabin was three storeys and offered awe-inspiring views, casual elegance and fun, well thought-out amenities.The recreational amenities include a thirty-five seat Home Theater with a twenty foot screen featuring H, 1080P and surround sound. There is also a games room which comes complete with eighteen forty-two inch gaming monitors connected to computers, PS4s and XBox 1's. The other features of the games room include three pool tables, two foosball tables, one air hockey table, seven classic full sized arcade games and a fully stocked bar.|

|The rest of the house had eighteen elegantly decorated bedroom suites which boasted king sized beds, fully his and hers bathrooms, walking closets, fireplaces with a Jacuzzi tub in all rooms. The living room had a panoramic view of the mountains and lake along with a eighty inch flat screen HDTV and fireplace. The balcony/deck area surrounded the whole building with a large gas and charcoal grill closest to the lake with two hot tubs and a swimming pool as well. Since this place was gonna be the MC's clubhouse, it featured an expansive dinning room area that had a large dining table that could seat forty-two people comfortably. It also hosted a bar and double sided gas fireplace. The kitchen that was adjacent to the dining room had two double ovens, two industrial refrigerators, two dishwashers, upscale cookware and enough dishes, glasses and silverware to serve a small army.|

|Heading inside I set about sending out the invites and started getting things ready for everyones arrival to this little shindig I planned. I knew that Peri and Artie were on the road for the MC, but I hoped they'd make it back to enjoy the festivities.|

July 26, 2018 02:55 pm


The place looked like something off one of the shows she binge-watched on HGTV. That is to say, it was fvckin’ amazing. Parking Mankiller- her Vintage Chief near Xander’s, she looked around as she pulled her helmet off (safety first, kids!). Tucking it on the luggage bars, she shook her head and fluffed out her cropped, bleached blonde hair. Dark roots were coming in, something the normally naturally blonde woman found a bit unsettling. Ah, the hazards of being zapped into a different body by the devil. What’s a girl to do! Find a good stylist and keep it moving, that’s what.

A soft breeze kicked up around her black flare skirt. She wore a white tank top with the kutte over top, complete with brand new ‘member’ patch that made Summer beam every time she looked at it. Her scruffy black cons allowed her footsteps to be quite as she walked to the main entrance. It looked like she was one of the first to arrive. Fine by her- as the bartender at the Drunkard, she considered it her duty while at other venues as well. She wanted to be available should Xander have any errands that needed running prior to the party starting.

Walking in, she let out a loud, “Hello! Anyone home?”
July 28, 2018 06:22 pm

Xander James

|I had just been seasoning the meats and putting them in the rolling industrial storage cooler I had gotten for the day at hand. Hearing the voice I smirked and loaded the last of the meats in.| Back here Summer, to the kitchen. Follow the light.

|Just then a ball of light appeared in front of her and lead the way to me.| Punctual as usual.

|Offering a chuckle I looked at her and took her appearance including how she wore the kutte with pride.| Members' patch look good on ya. But today, we ain't flying colors. Today we just chilling, so lose the kutte and come help me set up outside.

|Since today was a chill day I had chosen a pair of black and grey basketball shorts, a grey sleeveless hooded t-shirt and was currently going bare footed as I rolled the cooler out onto the deck and headed for the pool area.| So what you think about the Clubhouse?

July 30, 2018 02:26 pm

Conner Kent

Conner hadn't gotten a bike yet, well not that he hadn't gotten it yet. More like he hadn't gotten around to trying it out yet. He was able to clear the distance between wherever he wanted to go in the blink of an eye if he needed to, so why would he need a motorcycle? Although, back when he was younger he was known to occasionally cruise around on a Honda CBR 600RR with ******, Wally, Kalder and the rest of the boys. But nowadays, he kept his feet planted on the ground.

Arriving at the address where he was told to come today, he was stunnded by what he saw. This mansion before him was going to be the MC Clubhouse? Doing a quick lap around the property he checked out everything was to see from the outside and soon spotted Alex coming out onto the deck wheeling a large silver refridgerator with him. Smirking Conner decided to leap the distance and landed with a soft thud on the deck as he looked up and saw that Alex wasn't alone.

July 30, 2018 02:31 pm


**You look beautiful, Lover.** 

V had been particularly talkative today, and had kept Noire in good spirits with his quick wit and sense of humor. Having gone away for a few days, due to her own business, she had taken time to try and get along with the Voice in her head. After all, he wasn't leaving any time soon, that they knew of. Looking in the mirror, she continued to smile. She had chosen to wear a pair of high wasted black shorts and a cropped, form hugging tank that displayed the words 'Devil's Own' up front, just across her breasts. She hadn't felt this good in eons. 

Something about today was telling her she might actually be okay. Looking down, she examined her exposed legs and belly, the markings of her clan and ink flowing everywhere. It was rare that she allowed so much skin to be shown, but she was tired of hiding herself.

** You shouldn't have to're as strong as you've ever been, and you'll do just fine. I keep telling you...Love yourself, woman. Do for You. And you'll be okay.** Her left hand twitched a bit and she grimaced into the mirror. **Alright, so you'll still be insane...but you'll be fine.** V laughed and pulled back into the recesses of Noire's mind for a bit. Time to head out.

The ride itself hadn't been a long one, but Noire had gotten lost in thought on her way to the address she had been given. Arriving at the time she had expected, she hopped off of her Breakout, aptly named 'Rex', and noted the other motorcycles that were around hers. Xander, of course, and Summer. God, was that woman punctual as sh!t. Noire smiled to herself. As she made her way to the front door of the Mansion deemed Clubhouse, she had seen a body leap to the back porch. Connor. Xander and Summer must have been there as well. Noire took her time and walked to the porch, smiling as she saw her Crew before her. 

She had chosen to wear a pair of black on black converse, used and showing character, so her foot steps were unheard when she had approached. Seeing Summer, she smiled. To connor, she nodded and spoke a quick " Ello." Xander had caused a sudden change in eye color, they became bright yellow, as he had been wearing a very informal outfit. That man knew how to hang.

" I don't believe I will ever get the image of you in basketball shorts out of my head, Xan." Her laugh was light hearted. When she did laugh, some of her Clan markings had started to glow a deep red. Rare again, but such was the day. With her hair pulled up and exposing her shaven head beneath, the ink on her skull became more evident in the sunlight. There were stories in those words and markings. Today, she proudly showed them off. Intricate tattoos led down to her finger tips, where long black nails glistened like water. 

" What can I help with?"

July 30, 2018 10:13 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

A creature about a foot long shot through the air. It's black wings spread out as it for closer to the clubhouse. A small blast of fire **** from it's scaly lips as it descended on the building. Spotting the group the creature which was a pitch black dragon. Landed on Conner's shoulder before releaving him of his glasses. Flying off the small dragon rested on Noire then Summer before settling on Alex's head. Still holding Conner's glasses in his claws. July 31, 2018 07:59 pm

Xander James

|Seeing the arrival of Conner, Noire and a familiar little dragon steal Conner's glasses and land on my head, I smirked as I hooked up the cooler and began loading charcoal into the grill.| Everybody can just grab the rest of the stuff in the kitchen. Everything on the counters and the five other coolers inside.

August 01, 2018 12:22 pm

Conner Kent

The dragon taking his glasses almost made Conner angry but when he realized that it was friendly and landed on Alex's head. +I take it that little thing is Alrick?+

Chuckling as he looked at the creature and headed inside to help wheel out the coolers.

August 02, 2018 09:03 pm

Yuri De Pont

Yuri as usual was fashionably late. She arrived in time to hear Alex state there was more to be brought out from the kitchen and to watch Alrick in his playful mood. Some things didn't change even after death, she thought to herself quietly. Grabbing some of the items from the counters in the kitchen she stepped outside where the rest seemed to be. August 03, 2018 11:56 pm


Another member showed up, giving Noire the impression she was part of the group. ** Yuri....she's a slick one. Good to have on the team, I feel.** V spoke up as if he had been the one to choose the people, and Noire shook her head as she headed into the kitchen to help grab a few things. As she did, she felt her shoulder brush against Xander's. For a moment, she stopped and stared at both Him and Alrick in his more playful form. Smiling, her eyes became bright yellow.  " Alrick, can I steal you for a sec? I've got a few things I need you to help me with inside, and when we're done with that, I'm going to need you to help me grab the party favors from out front." 

She hadn't mentioned the party favors earlier because she had wanted everyone to show. A few were still away, but she didn't forget about them. The party favors had been transported via the Shadowlings she controlled, but she felt it would be best if someone from the group helped her carry them around to the back when it was time.  Looking to Xander, she smiled again. 

" I'll bring him back in one piece, sweetness. I promise." 

**Sweetness?....Ick. Is there a reason you've taken to the men in this group? More so, the ones that seem to be...well...alone.** V never did leave her alone when she spoke frankly to the men in her crew. He was a jealous little creature, but she knew he didn't mean it badly. He was just protective of her well being. Noire chuckled to herself and to V, letting him know she was simply being playful. The thought of explaining him to the others popped up in her head yet again. 

Perhaps tonight, if it came up. IF. Continuing on into the kitchen, she waited for Alrick to join her there. 

August 05, 2018 01:33 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

A small puff of smoke billowed from it's nostrils as it leaped off Alex. Landing on Conner he returned the glasses before jumping on Yuri before flying off towards the kitchen. Once inside he transformed into the towering figure that he was. Dressed completely different in a black basketball shorts. Matching tank top that stretched across his muscular frame. A dragon tattoo circling his right bicep. While a certain insignia decorated his upper left arm. His hair as always hung freely past his shoulders while a pair of black and white converse finished up the look. August 05, 2018 04:35 pm


As Alrick morphed into his more recognizable form, Noire smirked at him. " I don't think I've ever known a dragon hybrid before." She had meant to mention that a while ago, but hadn't quite settled in to the group yet, though she was deigned one of the higher ups. 

As she grabbed armfuls of things for the setting outside, she handed them off to him, making sure they grabbed enough to lessen the work for anyone else who wandered into the kitchen. " Once we've got all of this done here, I need your...muscle, for the things outside. They're all a bit heavy." She nodded to him and chuckled. " I'd carry them myself, but they're a bit touchy sometimes." Being vague is what she did best in situations like these. She was excited to see the reactions of her Crew's faces when it came down to it. Carrying things outside to the table, Noire looked at Connor as he had come into possession of his bi-focals once more. She wondered if he actually needed them. That man was full of tricks. V had never stopped keeping an eye on him.

** You know I don't like cameras...** The comment was said with a laugh. Noire dropped things off on the porch, and headed back to Alrick. She realized she had damn near piled things up on him and left him there. "...Sorry about that." Dragon, NOT table...damn girl. She sighed to herself. Alrick was generally pretty chill, but she wouldn't be too happy if someone turned her into a table either. 

" Let me take some of that from you, Dear..." Reaching out to him, she waited for him to hand some things back for her to carry. Her eyes became deep grey, and the arm she held out twitched violently. V was out and about, slithering around again. But why? She would have to check on things later. He never did it without a reason. Usually. 

August 05, 2018 09:59 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

He shrugged as it was a topic he wasn't fond off. "Last of kind." He said as she soon began piling stuff on him. "Just let know what else." He added as they went outside. "What you mean touchy?" He asked as he backed up shaking his head at her attempt at relieving the weight. Weight that was lighter than she. August 06, 2018 10:16 am


The sudden twitch of his ear and him taking off faster than anyone could see, had Conner standing behind the reason for his twitch ear. It was was a big bruiser of an African-American teen with a large muscular frame clad in a grey thigh length leather jacket over a black t-shirt with grey army fatigues and black combat boots on his lower half. Watching him silently, Conner soon realized he was taking pics, something he was normally doing. And that was when sh-t really hit the fan.

An explosion rang out as what could only be described as a grenade hit Conner in the back sending him crashing to the ground just below the others on the deck. Normally a grenade wouldn't have hurt, but this one... Seemed different. Rolling over as he could try to get up Conner soon realized why he was actually hurt. There a few feet from him were several shards of a glowing green gem. +K...kryptonite... How?+

August 07, 2018 04:59 pm


It was no secret that Summer was completely clueless to the ways of a Motorcycle Club. As such, she blushed a little and shrugged off the kutte. She was proud of it! But...if it was time to chill, she could get down with that. Folding it and putting it on a table, she did feel markedly cooler in just her tank top. Plus, now the thin black suspenders attached to her skirt could be seen. Grabbing a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa, Summer made her way outside. It was pretty amazing how natural and easy it felt around these people. Veritable strangers not that long ago, now they were a family of sorts. A giggle erupted past her lips as the little dragon hopped on her and off to Xander. Fishing around in a cooler, she dug out a can of beer and flopped down on a chaise lounge. Crossing her legs at her ankles, she basked in the sunshine as she cracked open the can. This was the life. Relaxing in the sun, a cold one in her hand, friends around, guard down. That was until she heard the explosion. August 07, 2018 11:45 pm
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