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Bete Noire

"Do you remember how we met, Noire?"

Throughout the tattered, worn down and burned rafters of an abandoned Cathedral, V, the voice in Noire's head, spoke in solid, stoic tones. For the last 4 hours, he had been speaking aloud, hoping for an answer from his companion. He would receive none. "....Noire..." There would be no answer, again. Noire had been laying across a broken pugh, her mind racing. Where had the time gone? How long had she been gone? Weeks now. From the middle of a battle, to the bowels if Hell in 2.5. New burn marks and scars adorned her frame, limbs and all, as if she had been tortured in her time Below. Everything had been taken...torn assunder in the blink of an eye. 

"Noire...speak to me, Love." With every moment she continued to remain silent, V became more concerned for her mental health, as well as her physical health. She had come back, broken and beaten. V had followed yet again, More than dissembodied. His physicality had changed, just as hers had, and he took full advantage of it. As there had been no one around, he chose to take the form of a 7 foot tall man, black hair flowing down to his waist, a muscular frame, and hard set jaw line. Eyes as black as coal looked down to Noire, her head placed gently upon his lap. She lay there still, unmoving. For a moment, he thought she had been crying, but shook it off when she yelled out of nowhere, agonized. 

Looking up at him from his lap, as she had been on her side and facing his body, Noire spoke in a dead tone, her voice cracking from the yell. " They took everything from me...It's all gone..." As she spoke, V placed a large hand upon her head and stroked her hair. She knew he was feeling the exact pain she was...he was just better at hiding it. "Not everything...I'm here. I would hope that counts for something." And it did. More than he knew. Noire wouldn't have come back alone, nor would she have been okay if he hadn't followed her. 

As she continue to stay where she was, Noire felt the hair on the back of her neck rise. " V...someone's coming." And with that, she was up, eyes ablaze as if nothing had happened. As if she had been perfectly fine, and not just moping on the pugh of a run down, glorified Church. V, unwavering in his support of Noire, did not move. "If you intend on entering the Cathedral, at least announce yourself."

Noire would wait, crouched beside her companion, ready to kill. Again, and again, and again...until they were all dead. Every. Single. One of them. 

August 26, 2018 04:25 pm


The late summer weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was exactly why she’d relocated for the time being to California. Summer coasted her neon orange fixed gear bike down a quiet street, overlooking the rolling hills. The wind slipped through her cropped hair, the quiet hum of the tires on the asphalt, the occasional cry of a seagull in the near distance. It was a perfect soundtrack for a bike ride. She hadn’t been out for the simple joy of riding in some time. It was her sole means of transport, but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment factor. Sure, she did have the motorcycle that had been conjured up by magical coin (she still wasn’t entirely sure she hadn’t smoked something laced, because that was some weird sh-t) but the fear of driving persisted. Even with only two wheels, it was still a motor vehicle. And for that, Summer kept to her Vilano fixie. Even with no brakes, she’d still felt safer on the thing.

Slowing her pedaling, she spotted something rarely seen in America- an old, abandoned cathedral. Biting her lower lip, she stood on her pedals and churned them hard, a thrill running up her spine. She used to love to sneak off to old castles and cathedrals in England growing up. The delicious thrill of smoking stolen cigarettes under God's roof was addictive to Summer. As she approached, a few pigeons waddled away from the entry but other than that, it looked completely desolate. Hopping off the bike and letting it drop to the unkempt lawn, the blonde bounded up the cracked cement stairs. Oh, how she hoped the doors were unlocked. You know, for the passing confessor or someone needs to light a candle. People did that sh-t, right? Like she was an angel or something and she’d know about such divine and pious practices. Oh wait, she thought to herself, chuckling audibly at her inane inner dialogue.

The soles of her Adidas sneakers squeaked on the marble floor. Skin dewy from the ride, the cool air of the cathedral chilled her skin, exposed save for what was covered under her tank top and short jean cutoffs. Hearing hushed voices, she stopped. Damn. So someone was confessing. Maybe she ought to let her wings out and give them a real show? Nah. It was likely teenagers making out or smoking a J or some crap. As she entered the vestibule, she paused at the demand. Dark brows shot up. Oh. So they had heard her too. Cool. Surprises sucked anyway. Walking into the sanctuary, she plastered on a cheery smile and turned up the ole Aussie charm. “G’day, mates! Just takin’ a ride and had to stop by. These old places stand out like a dog's balls. Had to stop in and have a look.” Her face looked wide and innocent, like a tourist out on a ride. Her eyes took in the two. The man, quite tall. The woman...familiar in a way, but the light was dim in the abandoned church.
August 28, 2018 11:52 pm

Bete Noire

From beyond the light of the Cathedral, Noire's sneaky grin would go unnoticed. Something in her yelled at her to run straight towards the unwanted guest, even as torn as her body was. Since her return, she had become frightfully aggressive. V, noticing the sudden perk up in his companion, placed a hand against her chest to keep her in place. For now. "Hm....Tell me something, kin...your name." As he spoke for the two, V stood to his full height and began to make his way into what light was left, hoping all the while that Noire wouldn't react out of an unnecessary anger towards someone who did not deserve it. As he made his way forward, his features could be seen. Strikingly handsome, and dark, features on such a tall beast. Eyes of bright evergreen pierced the shadow, and stared directly into the strangers soul. He had ignored her banter of the church. There were other things he had been focused on at the time, like Noire's feral reaction.

"V..." Noire's voice was strong, considering. She took the silence in, and noted that V understood her call out. His head had turned back a bit, saying he acknowledged her. " know her?" Noire hadn't caught a name at all, but the voice had been so familiar to her as it spoke out, echoing all the way back to her post on the pugh. Without waiting for V to respond, she stood, a bit wobbly from the bruising she had received down below, and made her way to stand beside her protector's towering frame. The lack of footfalls were unnerving, even to her. It was rare that she  kept so silent. Her time below had put her into a constant state of survival. A constant state of aggression against being taken again. Being bound and made to do things she fought so hard to keep from doing ever again. 

"Noire...don't over do it, now. You need the rest, Love. Please....stay back." At his sudden demand, Noire stopped and took the opportunity to breathe. Broken ribs were not pertinent to a healthy walk down the aisle. V, sighing to himself, turned back to the stranger and studied her carefully. His lack of movement would generally be considered disturbing, but he felt that this person knew better than that. "Again...your name, please..." His temper was not to be toyed with, not for long. The air in the room seemed to change a bit, as if he were exuding heat with his frustrations. He would be patient though. For now.

August 29, 2018 02:23 am


Summer remained where she was, steadfast in her posture. The man seemed to have some control over the woman. She couldn’t tell if it was the tenderness of a lover or something more sinister. That is until she caught his eyes in a glint of sunlight. A chill went down her spine. Lifting her chin, she tilted her head to the side with the same sunny smile lifting her lips. A loose blonde curl flopped over her eye. “I’m Summer. And who might you lot be?” Her voice was lilting, friendly.

Her posture stiffened as the woman ambled to his side. She looked badly beaten. Worse. Dark eyes narrowing, she shifted her gaze back to the gargantuan man. Hot or not, if he did this to her...Summer’s eyes bounced back and narrowed once more. Her voice was hushed, in disbelief. “...Noire? Is that really yo..” She took a few purposeful strides forward, her aura flaring out in a flash of heat and light. Voice raising several octaves, she called out, eyes bright with celestial rage on the tall man. Fast assumptions were made, thinking this was a sh-tty lover who got too rough with Noire. “Did you do this to her?” The acoustics in the old cathedral designed for carrying voices, Summer’s words seemed to swirl around them. Sure he was nearly twice her height and looked dangerous as hell. The joke would be on him if he tried her. It was only when she got closer did she stop abruptly, jaw slack and eyes wide with terror and understanding.

It was like she’d sucked on a dirty penny. The hair on her arms stood on end and her lungs tightened, taking away her breath. F-ck. The energy that lingered around them- it was all too familiar to Summer. A cold sweat broke out down her spine and at the nape of her neck. F-ck, f-ck, f-ck. Just like the perfume would linger on a cheater's clothes when returning home, the crackling, hideous energy of Below swirled around. One foot slid backward, her body wanting to force her to run. She wasn’t going back there. No way. Not right now, not like this.

Panic was gripping Summer like a vise. Logic struggled to maintain, reminding her that she needed to stay in control of her emotions, that this made no sense. None of it. This wasn’t about her. A hysterical laugh nearly bubbled out of her lips. Reality sinking in, that perhaps Noire was still in trouble. Perhaps? This time Summer did bark out a laugh. The girl looked like she’d been used as a punching bag and had Andre the effing Giant playing bodyguard. His words though, they’d been tender. He’d called her love. Licking her lips, she realized that made no difference. Old Scratch himself had been quite chummy with Summer before.

Clearing her throat, her eyes locked on her friend, now certain that it was the headstrong lass she knew from the MC. “’s me, Summer. From the Grim Riders.” Her voice was hushed, but the quiet of the cathedral allowed for the sound to carry easily.
August 30, 2018 10:30 pm
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