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Autumn Summers

Friday A.M., September 21st, 2019

It was not a good morning for Autumn Summers. Who the Hell woke up in a different city - no, different country - and thought ĎI'm having a fabulous day!í? No one. Unless they were off their goddamn rocker. Add to that the fact she wasn't her anymore. There's the real kicker. She wore a stranger's body like a meat suit. If a body swap was done intentionally, it could be great fun for the person. This? This was not intentional at all, except by whoever decided to get their jollies off at her expense.

All encompassing anger didn't even begin to cover it. No small amount of fear mixed into the anger as well. In turn, the fear fed the anger and vice versa in a vicious cycle, and Autumn was a walking, talking time bomb of feminine rage.

After she got enough of a grip on herself, the first order of business was to port her number over into a new phone, compliments of whoever's body she now inhabited. The locator on her phone and her keys gave nothing, as if they both disappeared. Lucky, thanks to the wonders of technology, all the numbers and important information transferred onto the new device, enabling her to contact Idris and Blaize.

That's when Gray with his impeccable timing started texting her, and she sharpened her claws on him. Maybe once this crisis was over with, she'd apologize for that. Again. He always seemed to catch the brunt of her temper. It was a talent. But the apology would have to wait.

Why? Because Jameson decided to harass her and it turned out to be a perfect opportunity. She wanted to find her body if possible, and needled him to search for it in a roundabout way, because her senses were much dulled now. Fine, she would use his. He didnít need to know the details. The trick was locating him, and since they were in the Holy City, Autumn figured it was appropriate to send up a silent prayer for luck.

So, out she went to track down her pseudo bloodhound. In a city boasting a population upward of eight hundred and fifty thousand. No problem. Right?
September 24, 2018 03:50 pm

Jameson Orlav

It was an offhanded game of hide and seek. Jameson wasn't naive, or easily fooled, though to someone who didn't know him very well, it'd be hard to tell the difference. What had changed in him were unrelenting levels of uncertainty, and the dissipation of fear that used to come equipped as a side with his decisions. He didn't care much about what Autumn was doing in Jerusalem, but she was there, he was sure of it. The fact that she'd called his ability to find her into question was the only thing fueling his hunt.

It's not as if he had anything better to be doing, anyway. It had been a long time since any friction between Autumn, her husband, and the Orlav's had cause any trouble in his life (or otherwise). Maybe, after all of these changes, now was as good of a time as ever to catch up. She had been at this undead thing for a lot longer than he had. Perhaps some sliver of fellowship was what he'd been missing.

Or maybe this black hole that lived dead center in the middle of his chest was some perpetual sense of dread that would never go away. That could be the kicker to this whole curse, eh?

Now wasn't the time to entertain such a thought.

The 'man' skulked around the city, and was in no way describable as not-suspicious. He slinked through every shadow glazed alley that he came across. Dipped through cooled tunnels that were starved for any form of attention from the sun. The light from the sky had started to recede, and he'd managed to stray from any remaining UV rays that might threaten his body. Earlier he'd mosied on by a social establishment that reached out to him with little bits of Autumn. Familiarities that could be considered coincidental on their own, but unmistakable together.

The building was abandoned (for now). Evening still early. No interest in loud music and fruity drinks until well after dinner time. Jameson muscled his way through the back door (literally), and truly was not expecting what he had found when he got inside. The smell was like a wall, and it absolutely insulted his senses in every sense of the world. Only it wasn't Autumn that had caused him to recoil in repugnance, but the decaying scent of damnation set on fire. Familiar and distressing all at once.


Jameson reached for his phone then, pulling the smooth instrument from his pocket and tapping away against the screen.

Is this some kind of joke?
What the fvck kind of game are you playing?
September 24, 2018 04:13 pm

Autumn Summers

Mental. Thinking that she might be able to find a single person in the middle of a small city in a short amount of time was laughable. Here? Aye, mental. But Autumn refused to give up the game despite the hours spent searching.

It became a process of methodical elimination. She had to think like Jameson while Jameson thought like her. More complicated than it sounds. However, anyone who knew Autumn was well aware of her fondness for drinks and dancing. She also preferred a certain type of club, and she gambled on the face Jameson knew this in addition to the rest. That narrowed down the list of locations considerably, though it remained a daunting task when she could no longer rely on those supernatural senses.

Seeing, hearing and smelling the world through mortal eyes, ears and nose again frustrated her. How did people live like this? How had she lived like this?

Time ticked by.

Autumnís patience wore thinner and thinner.

Blaizeís lack of reply added fuel to the fire. He had good reason for not answering immediately, of course, but logical explanations meant little at the moment. She needed him and he-

Mid-mental-rant, movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Her head swiveled around and she eased closer while the man strolled into an alley. Intuition and curiosity had Autumn tiptoeing across the street in time to catch his assault on the back door of a club that had been next on her list to check. HuhÖ the man looked an awfully lot like Jameson.


No ****ing way. That only happened in movies.

Today, ladies and gents, Autumn decided her life was a movie. Waking up in a random city, in a random body, and wildly good luck in finding this one person. It was the only way to look at the situation, grasping at any sort of perspective. Either that or drop to her knees and scream.

She counted to ten and continued to twenty for good measure, and slipped into the door left ajar by a thoughtless Jameson into total and utter darkness. It stole what little sight her pitiful human eyes possessed and her muscles stiffened in response. The extra several inches of height this body had, coupled with the loss of senses made her clumsy. The phone in her back pocket chimed its notification for Jamesonís text message at the same moment she tripped and lurched straight toward his broad back with an indignant yelp.
September 24, 2018 05:11 pm

Jameson Orlav

It wasn't as if Jameson hadn't been keen on the fact that he was being followed. Let's not misinterperet the situation here, either. The vampire isn't omniscient. Doens't know everything. But you see, the moment that the body had followed him in to a club that was (nearly) deserted, he'd both heard and smelled that change in the atmosphere. Besides the fact that they were female, and of normal build, he couldn't deduce much else about her.

He'd had to fight the urge to turn on his heel and attack whomever it was who'd entered behind him. But.

As soon as Jameson had whipped out his phone to send Autumn the text, a plethora of things happened all at once. The chime of the text notification sounded off, the noise of a scuffle echoed around them, and a very distinctive yelping accompanied all of these things. He can feel the push of air against his back as she fell into his personal space, and instead of turning around to help cushion the fall, Jameson simply stepped aside. He darts out of the way quickly, with plenty of time to rush back to the persons side.

Albeit, aggressively.

The irises of his normally chestnut orbs darken even further, blackening as they swallow the whites of his eyes completely. Fangs spurred forth from his gums, razor sharp and blindingly white; even though he'd spent many nights tearing through the flesh and blood of innocents that he'd made in to his meals. He lunged at the female, a blonde streak in his vision though he'd paid almost zero mind to any familiarity that he may have felt to this person. It most certainly was not Autumn or Camille, and that's all that had mattered.

Following him had been a mistake. Jameson was always hungry.
September 27, 2018 10:52 am

Autumn Summers

Jamesonís back was there. And then it wasnít.


Autumn had just enough time to register the floor coming up awfully fast and began to curl her body into a ball. That way when her body hit, she would be able to roll over a shoulder and spring back onto her feet, sustaining minimal damage. Far preferable to straight up kissing the floor. Who knew what sort of nasties lurked there.

But before it happened, an iron grip clamped around her bicep and straight up manhandled her backward. The shoulder joint would feel that later, but now it became necessary to defend herself from a man whom once she considered a cautious friend. She understood how it felt to be on both sides of the table. Human, vampire, human again. Jameson likely didn't know any better. Or care.

Instinct to survive kicked in. They didn't call it fight or flight for no reason. Adrenaline flowed through her veins and gave her more strength, speed and precision than she would have otherwise.

Planting her foot, Autumn used the momentum of Jamesonís yank and his grip as an anchor to spin around. The forearm of her free arm came up and shoved toward his throat, fist rotated to use the bones of her wrist and lower arm as a painful shield when pressed against. The leg on the same side swung around in tandem with the arm. She shifted her weight onto the foot she used to pivot on, adding pressure against his neck, c*cked the mobile leg, and pistoned her knee straight toward his family jewels using every ounce of strength she possessed. She meant to knee them up into his throat.

Succeed or fail in this endeavor, she would yell at the top of her lungs, ďJesus f*cking Christ, Jameson! ITíS AUTUMN!Ē
September 27, 2018 11:44 am

Jameson Orlav

The woman fought back with as much ferocity as Jameson had attacked her with. Her forearm came at him, connecting with his windpipe. At the same time that her body had rotated, he lunged forward once moreó forgiving the pain at his throat, though he was met with resistance as she retaliated in defense. As most any woman would do, her knee came up to smash un-forgivingly against his groin. He managed to save his jewels, but she'd kneed him hard enough in the thigh to create a compound fracture. It would heal, but in the moment it only worked to enrage him further.

The unfamiliar voice called out to him. Jameson ignored it at first, the noise rattling around against his ear drums in vain. But...


The name pulled him away from the edge of his trance, and the vampire finally paused. Stepping back, he kept his hands close to his chest, ready to pounce on the strange blonde at any moment.

"What about her?" He growled, and even though it wasn't necessary, he chest still heaved with every heavy breath he took, "Who are you? How do you know me?"
October 03, 2018 09:38 pm
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