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Chase Cooper

The music is too loud. The house is too crowded, though there's only a dozen people present. They are trickling in slowly, and Chase is doing his best to have a good time. This place reminds him of home.

It's posh, here. Fiona's family is well-to-do, and their big house in the Scottish countryside might as well be a castle. It isn't far from the city. Walking distance, really. But there is that nagging feeling that he'd made the wrong choice. He'd brought Maya here with him with comfort in mind, and yet there is none to truly be had.

She hates him for it.

In reality, he should have known better. She'd hated his family home, opulent though not quite like this. She'd hated his family, especially his mum. And yet, his fondest memories are of those in which they spread mayhem around the place. There is none of that, here.

Sober, it's easy to see what is going on. A bunch of teens drinking piss from a keg, swallowing pills, and putting everything and anything up their noses. He hasn't had more than a single beer, which is held in hand like a trophy. Chase likes to start slow. He always has.

The open floor plan allows him to keep tabs on things, and it is no surprise that he witnesses her come in through the front door. Fiona is talking, but f-ck if he's listening. "Yea.. yea.. be right back, Fi." A hasty kiss is pressed to her head before he is off and away, making a beeline for Maya.

Just a little snack, guys

The closer he gets, the more nervous he becomes. Their encounters of late have been nothing short of a nightmare, and Chase finds himself feeling as though she is slipping away from him.

Rip him open, take it back, guys

He misses her.

Before he can reach her, Fiona does. The girl, his girlfriend, is all smiles and warmth and for that he is grateful. She's always been kind to Maya, even though they haven't ever truly been very close. Still, his disappointment is palpable.

I can take a hint, gotta face the facts

Deep breath, Chase. You got this.

Shining smile plastered on his face, he closes in, mumbling a quiet hello as he glances at Fiona.

He doesn't waste any time as he excuses them, waiting for Fiona to back off before he pulls Maya into a tight hug. Ducking his head down, he whispers his heartfelt apology for being a complete dunce.

"You're my only friend, Abu."
January 05, 2019 09:54 am

Maya Hall

“Have a light?”

“Yea- Christ, Maya, what...”

She cuts him off with a hand as her heart sinks. Flicking the lighter to life with an annoyed gesture, she hands it back to Sean with a pleading look. He’s a good, sweet guy, and would give life and limb, surely, to have a chance with her. But she’s turned him down, not because he isn’t worth it... but because she isn’t.

“Just a catfight, swear. Don’t look at me like that.” But she’s already got her makeup out - for what has to be the seventh time tonight - and frets over her face. Cigarette perched expertly between her lips, she dabs at the shiner, grateful at least that he didn’t swell her eye shut, then, suddenly, extremely sad that she feels thankful.

The compact mirror snaps shut, and she tosses the end of the square away and marches inside. What does she have to hide?

When her eyes meet Chase’s from across the room, however, she wants to crawl inside herself and away from everything. He makes his move, notably toward her, and she inconspicuously but frantically searches for an out.

Unfortunately, Fi finds her first. With a mumbled f*ck me, she doesn’t even hide her disdain.

“Lovely party...”

“Thought you left.” Fiona is, of course, all smiles but Maya can see beyond the facade. Dreams of her in a white orderly uniform plague her rattled mind, but she knows her consciousness is just pinning Fi as one of the most evil people she’s encountered.

“Well, Fiona, it’s such a lovely party...” Sarcasm poisons every word.

“Your makeup doesn’t help, love, someone should tell you. Everyone knows your new beau beats you.”

This is a blow, as well as the fact that she can’t keep it off her face. It twists uncomfortably just as Chase joins them, ruining any chance at retort. Just as quickly, it melts into an expression of indifference, and she allows herself to be steered away and, even, embraced.

’You’re my only friend, Abu.’

Maya squeezes him lightly before disentangling entirely, dull eyes meeting his apologetic gaze. “No, I’m not,” she whispers, a sad smile touching her lips. Afraid to be in his presence for too long for fear of his looking at her too hard, she turns from him, locates Sean, and makes a beeline for him instead.
January 05, 2019 11:13 am

Chase Cooper

The moment Maya meets his eyes, Chase is on edge. His gaze narrows as he looks over her face, makeup caked on but a dark shadow easily shining through. Her words sting, and for a brief moment he is staring into the very face of his friend in the one place they had worked so hard to escape. But this is different.

"Maya..." she's turning away, looking around and immediately moving away from him. A glance at Fiona, helpless and borderline lost, is passed. But she shrugs, feigning a lack of knowledge.

He watches her walk away with his heart in his throat.

She's still upset.

Swallowing, he watches her retreat to Sean, meeting his eyes for barely a second before turning to make his own getaway. Once there, his drink is downed and another tapped and poured.

Chase tries, desperately, to get into it. More arrive, and he finds himself barely present. Where he would normally be running around, daringly climbing anything he could and practically swinging from the chandelier, he is calm and withdrawn.

More than once, he is found within Fiona's clutches but hardly in the mood for it. He wanders away repeatedly. Yet four beers later, he finds his courage, and seeks her out once more.

"Maya," he comes up behind her, inserting himself into the coupling of her and Sean. He's jealous, and it shows in the way he looks at the guy. As if he has stepped in between them, divided them. She chose Sean, and he's not prepared to accept that.

"Listen," he begins, glancing at Sean again, annoyed. "Man, c'mon. Let us have'a minute."

Hand running through his hair, he watches as he retreats away with some form of an apologetic look that is not meant for him. He knows it. Turning to her once more, he finds himself incapable of looking at her.

"I'm sorry, okay? I know you're angry with me and I deserve it, but..." He trails off. Swallowing, he lifts his sights to her face. She's different, and that demands his attention.

"Maya," once more he says her name, trepidation clear in his voice. "Maya, what the fvck."

The dark marking. The heavy makeup. The look in her eyes, and the way she ran. His frustration is mounting, and a quiet growl escapes him. "Who."
January 05, 2019 11:47 am

Maya Hall

Sean, while still blatantly alarmed by her face, does his best to take her mind off it. They take shots and lines and some sort of pill that she doesn’t care to know the name of just then. Generally having a good time despite the atmosphere, Maya is laughing when Chase approaches. Instantly, her face falls, and she becomes even more self-conscious. Wordlessly, she begs Sean to get her out, but he only gifts her an apologetic glance as Chase dismisses him. She glares after him, knowing all too well that he’s only abandoning her because he’s an advocate for her and Chase to make up.

When she finally turns to him, Maya still can’t bring herself to meet his eye. A hand comes up, dutifully guarding her face as best as she’s able without making it obvious what she’s trying to hide.

His apology pushes it thoroughly from her mind.

Honeyed hues snap up, a look of sheer incredulity shocking her face. “Deserve it?” A hollow, maniacal laugh follows, drawing some unwanted attention their way. She doesn’t care. “Yes, Chase, you deserve it. F*ck you for being happy, really.” She clicks her tongue in annoyance, a small flare of her once fiery temper showing through the ash.

Then he looks at her. He really looks at her.

She casts her gaze downward, ashamed, and brushes off his concern. It isn’t as if they hadn’t arrived together with this very same bruise on her face. Everyone else had noticed; why hadn’t he. Chase is supposed to care more than anyone else, nevermind her unrequited feelings for him. They are family.

But some things, it seems, are more important.

Including her own damnable pride, dying as it is.

“Don’t worry about it, Chase.” Maya’s voice is strained and weak. “I just got into a fight. She looks much worse than I do, trust me.”

When had lying become so easy?
January 05, 2019 12:31 pm

Chase Cooper

"No, don't fvckin' lie to me."

Shaking his head, Chase is only getting more and more annoyed. Fvck the rest. Fvck if she is mad at him for being happy(?), or if she'd rather be anywhere else but here. He is seething, and on the brink of completely losing his sh!t.

No girl throws a hook. Not like that. He has never in his life seen a girl come out of a fight with a black eye.

Taking her hands, perhaps a little too forcefully, he turns them over in his own to look at them. Nothing. There is nothing out of the ordinary. A dark look rises to her face, jaw set as a huff of air escapes him.


And then, Fiona. Again, Fiona. Walking right up to them, drink in hand, smile on her face. It is as if the tension doesn't even exist as she sidles up behind him, hugging him from behind and placing her chin on his shoulder. "Chasey, come play pong with me."

"Not now, Fi," he would mutter, doing his very best to keep from taking his frustrations out on her.

"What's wrong, Chase?"

A shudder passes through him, and he finds himself incapable of controlling himself as he physically removes her arms from around him. But his attention is on Maya, and his mind is working a mile a minute.

"It was Sean, wasn't it?" Teeth grit, he is already looking for him. "Why didn't you tell me?"
January 05, 2019 02:42 pm

Maya Hall

He calls out her lie, and she sends a dark glare upward, as if to say Not here. Not now. But it’s too late; they’ve already made a spectacle of themselves, and Maya feels more and more like a caged animal, cornered and starving.

Her hands are taken, and she forcibly rips them away from him after he’s made his assessment. She’d thought it a comforting gesture, but upon realizing his real motive, she’s left reeling and even more convinced of her own stupidity. How it mirrored her current predicament all too well.

It’s not Chase’s fault, not really. He just cares, and Maya knows that; it just seems too little, too late. But when he questions her again, she can feel the tears pricking at her eyelids, threatening to give her away. “I—“

As if waiting for the perfect opportunity, Fiona approaches, watching her face with a greedy interest and an animalistic claim over territory. Maya grinds her teeth. They have their exchange and the diminutive girl turns to go.

’It was Sean, wasn’t it? Why didn’t you tell me?


Her hand cracks across his cheek, leaving an angry, red irritation in its wake. The vicinity is silenced but for the music that played on just as loud and obnoxious as before. Fiona makes a move to go at her, but Maya hisses as she takes her first step. “Touch me and I will kill you.” Something in her eyes halted the girl in her steps, though her eyes narrowed maliciously.

“You do not get to act like you care now. Did you expect to come to my rescue, like some knight in shining f*ckin’ armor? Our life isn’t a f*ckin’ fairytale, Chase, get it through your head. Where the f*ck have you been? Because according to your sweet, perfect, angel girlfriend, everyone’s known for weeks.”

She wipes angrily at the tears that flow freely, fully aware of all eyes on her but indifferent towards that fact. “And don’t you dare look at him,” she adds when everyone passes glances between Sean and her. “Sean has been nothing but a good friend to me, and the only good thing out of this f*ckin’ place. We weren’t supposed to stay here.” The last is screamed accusingly at Chase, voice cracking defiantly.

Defeatedly, she waves a hand in the air, making her way adamantly toward the door. “I’m leaving. There’s nothing for me here, and I can’t stay any longer.” She sets her sights on him, eyes brimming with the fought-off sadness that will surely overtake her on the other side.

“Not even for you.”

The door slams behind her as she sets off for the train station, intent on anywhere but here.
January 05, 2019 03:34 pm

Chase Cooper

When all is said a done, Chase is left behind. His cheek smarts, the small crowd is whispering, and Fiona is fussing over him. She’s crazy, she would declare. After all they’ve done for her. How could she. So ungrateful. So cruel. She’s been picking up the needle again, and this is just how it goes when someone is too far gone. And Chase, staring at the door, is silent. More than once, he bats her away, searching for the words he must surely possess.

“You. You knew, and you didn’t tell me.”

Fiona would try to shush him, making excuses for his upset, but he simply won’t have it. Grabbing her wrists, he holds them away from him as if making his stance known. Chase can tell his grip is too tight, but has little control over himself.

“You knew someone was hurting her and you fvcking kept it from me, Fi.”

“I tried to tell you, Chase.”

“Horse sh!t!” His voice cracks, and he releases her only to push by her. Chase would follow her.

There is no way he could allow for Maya to go off alone. They need to leave. This place is wrong. She’s right, and he would make it up to her. Take her to America, and start over. But just as he makes it to the door, two sets of strong hands grab at him, pulling him back into the house and wrestling him to the ground.

The whole way down, he’s fighting and screaming for his only friend.

“Going to have to sedate him.”

“You hold him down. I got this.”

Twisting, a sting hits his shoulder as if he might be getting stabbed. His booming pleas to not be left here, for her to return, for help, grow quiet. And for just a moment the big, pretty house isn’t a house at all.
January 05, 2019 04:02 pm

Maya Hall

She doesn’t know how long she walks, but when she looks up, she’s no longer outside. Instead, surrounding her are pristine white walls and the smell of sanitation. Her heart thumps in her chest, and she turns to head back.

Swinging around, she’s brought face to face with none other than Keith, in all his looming glory. Instantly, she shrinks, pressing herself against the wall just as his fist comes up to meet her face. She feels her lip split, the blood gushing down her chin, but again, she’s only grateful that he doesn’t break her jaw. “I told you to quit hangin’ around him...” Sliding down the wall, she lets out a strangled cry, calling the attention of voices growing louder just down the hall.

The man kneels before her, casting daggers down the hallway and taking her face forcefully to press his mouth to hers. It’s a painful claim, and one she can never forget soon enough. “You tell anyone about this,” he hisses in an oddly American accent, “and I’ll kill that pretty little boyfriend o’ yours.”

When she opens her eyes again, two different people are in front of her, dressed in those white, devilish outfits. She whimpers but doesn’t fight when they drag her upward and over one of their shoulders. “Back to solitary with you, Princess.”

The unwelcome news brings the fight back to her, and she kicks and screams out until she’s sure her throat will bleed with the strain. She yells for Chase, crying and belligerent, all apologies and regrets. She meant none of it, all she wants to do is go back to him and forget everything else. There would be no more secrets, she’d tell him everything even if it meant his rejection.

But the needle sinks into her neck and while she continues to fight, her limbs grow heavy and her shouts turn to whispers. The last thing she sees is two orderlies down the hall, dragging someone very familiar in the opposite direction.

She reaches out to him, but her hand soon falls flat.
January 05, 2019 04:35 pm

Chase Cooper

He wakes up in bed. In the house. Beside Fiona. His head is pounding, and Chase lets out a quiet groan as he rolls over and tumbles out of the bed. He hits the shower, and already he is remembering the night before.


Standing there under the heavy beating the water lays upon his back and shoulders, a depression the likes of which he's never experienced takes hold. His heart twists, his stomach churns, and Chase feels utterly alone. He barely even cares to think on things as Fiona joins him. He is utterly helpless.

Days go by, and she's not to be seen. Sean avoids him, rightfully so. Everyone else acts as if Maya never existed. But he does. He doesn't eat. He doesn't drink. He doesn't partake in a single thing. More than once, Fiona expresses her concern.

More than once, Chase pretends. Faking a sip of water, shoving his food off into the trash after pushing it around on his plate. He smokes, but doesn't inhale. He takes pills, but doesn't swallow, instead pocketing them to later flush down the toilet.

And, slowly, the house begins to dissolve until he is left in the facility with it's white walls and white uniforms and gray sweat suits.

Chase assumes a nightmare, and merely keeps on.

But then, one day as he sits in his room and stares out the door, he sees her. He watches as Maya passes by his room without a glance, and Chase is quick to his feet despite the emaciated feel of his body.

He creeps, peering out into the hall before moving up behind her and grabbing at her hand, desperately holding a finger to his lips and begging her to keep quiet.

Please, please don't scream.

This all feels so familiar, and Chase can recall easily the night they escaped. They'd found each other, a happy accident, and they'd made it out. She'd yelled at him for leaving her behind, and he took it just as much as he gave.

They need somewhere private. He has to talk to her. He has to see her.

"C'mon," he whispers, paranoia lacing each syllable.
January 05, 2019 05:14 pm

Maya Hall

A week is her punishment.

It drags by slowly and coherently. Twice in that span, Fiona shows up only to allow Keith to ravage her in whatever way he deems fit. Maya hardly pays any mind; her eyes remain glued to the wall for the entirety of her sentence. Only twice is she forced to eat, with the white-clothed demons literally prying her mouth open and forcing food in. All other meals are left on the plate.

Maya has no interest anymore, not even if she lives or dies.

The facade is broken. Even when they force medication on her between lapses of withdrawal, and the mirage that was Scotland blurs into view around her, she knows it’s fake. She feels it in her bones, along with the deep unsettling of losing Chase.

Because that’s what this feels like.


They eventually return her to her room, but Maya remains locked into bed for days after, simply lacking motivation. She doesn’t want to mingle, she doesn’t want to make small talk. They all saw what happened, and they surely know it still continues. There’s a large scab on her lip to prove it.

On this day in particular, she’d dragged herself up to shower. Not for any hygienic reason, really, but because she really wants to feel the sharp, hot pain of the cruel water pressure they’re left with, merely for the sake of feeling itself.

It’s on her way back that he stops her.

Her eyes widen in complete horror, as if she’s seen a ghost. It’s most likely due to her fractured mind, but she truly had just written Chase off as dead. Looking back, she’s not sure why; a defense mechanism, probably.

Her lips clamp tight per his request, and she stumbles after him, still hardly daring to believe her eyes. When they are alone, she can only stare, falling into a fit of the shakes.

“I’m sorry I hit you.” Its the first thing she’s said in two weeks. Collapsing into him, she sobs silently, halfway praying that she could die here, in this quiet moment with the only person that matters.
January 05, 2019 08:25 pm

Chase Cooper

Thank fvck. Chase is pulling her along, dodging them into a closed utility room. Softly, so very softly, he shuts the door behind them and turns to her. He is on edge, and it shows. Gaunt compared to his usual exuberant youth, Chase is practically a ghost.

She's shaking, her eyes like saucers as she takes him in, and apologizes. The only thing he can do is welcome her with open arms, hugging her tightly to him and shushing her gently.

Backing away from the door, he hopes none hear them. This would surely land them in deeper trouble than they have ever been in before, though he doesn't understand why.

There's something. He just can't remember it.

"Sh, sh... Maya," he whispers, ducking his head down to press his lips to her ear if only to keep their position secret. He cradles her fiercely, unsure of whether he is relieved or beside himself. He'd thought she was gone. That she had escaped, and he'd never see her again.

But here she is. He doesn't want her to be here. He'd never wish this on her.

"Listen to me, this is important. Got it?" He doesn't wait for her to answer. "They got us. Okay? We're.. we never left. I don't think we ever left. Fiona works here." Swallowing, he pushes the knowledge of what this means back in his mind. He's weak. He can't do this for much longer, and hope to survive.

"I know it sounds crazy, M. But you have'ta believe me."

Desperate, he pulls back, hands moving to her arms as he brings himself to her level. Looking over her face, he frowns, an echo of that fury raging behind his eyes as he takes in the sight of her.

"You have to tell me who is doing this to you.."
January 05, 2019 09:35 pm

Maya Hall

She nods in affirmation, afraid that if she tells him she believes him, that she knows, her voice would crack too loudly and give them away. Fiona has broken through the mirage, and Maya had seen her in her orderly uniform. Up until two weeks ago, she’d believed it a figment of her own doing, borne of a shaken psyche. But no, she’s seen everything, and there’s no denying the dire situation they still reside in.

He backs away, and she almost cries out at the movement. This is her lifeline, this being before her, and just the idea of putting distance between them utterly shatters her. Still, Maya cringes when he brings his face to hers, wondering what he must think of her weakness. A promise she made to him, that seems forever ago now, comes to mind, bouncing off the walls of her brain and echoing in her ears.

I’ll be strong, Chase... you and me, forever...’

But she hadn’t been strong... and this place had nearly ripped them apart.

She shakes her head vigorously, all the same, fear shining through her eyes. “I can’t, he’ll kill you... he told me, and I believe him... I don’t care what he does to me, but you...” The girl swallows painfully, hands finding his to anchor herself.

“Fiona...” Her expression hardens, a habit it had taken on to protect her. “She brought him, while I was in solitary... I think she was punishing me...”

Suddenly, she’s struck with the desire to hurt them. They had taken advantage of them, had used them for their whims and left them discarded and lost and broken. She wants them to pay, and while she’s unsure of how they’ll manage...

She’ll happily die trying.

“It was Keith...”
January 05, 2019 09:48 pm

Chase Cooper

His mouth becomes a grim line as her story tumbles from her mouth like a horror. Chase isn’t afraid, and that may perhaps be his greatest character flaw. Even as she denies him, he is quietly insisting she tell him, whispers hissed in the wake of his growing upset. And then, finally, she states a name.


He blanches, staring at her as he lets the information sink in. How stupid he is; how fvcking blind. Keith, Fiona’s best friend. Chase had spent a consistent amount of time with him, if only because of that. He is personable, and fun. Consistently, at least until their false arrival, he had been the sheer life of the party. And he threatened the only person that matters.

“Listen, they can’t do sh-t. This is a hospital.” Chase would make himself, and her, believe that truth as he squeezes her hands. As if that might just help, and force it to be their reality. How would they explain away the abuse they have suffered at the hands of those who are meant to care for them? How would they spin a death? They can’t. And they won’t.

Glancing toward the door, he swallows, listening as the shuffle of feet pass by the door. What a hopeless situation they are in. It is fvcking impossible, and Chase would rather face anything else in the world than this. Gently, he pulls her in, ducking his head down and pressing his face into her wild hair.

“You have to eat, M. Okay? You eat. You rest. You do whatever you have to do to get ready. Take the fvcking drugs. We are going to get out of this together.” He voice is hoarse, a new wave of emotion hitting him like a ton of bricks. “And you ignore me. I want you to be mean. Got it?”

Thinking she hated him, believing he had lost her, had nearly broken him. Knowing the truth doesn’t make it any better, yet there is little that can be done now. Chase has no idea what might happen in the coming days. Would their dosages go up? Would they forget this ever happened? He doesn’t even know if they will make it out in one piece, or how they might determine if they are in reality or some hallucinated fallacy.

At least they have this.

“I love you.”
January 06, 2019 02:13 pm

Maya Hall

"They already have, Chase. They can do whatever they want." Her voice is shaky, but something in her rises in defense. It hardens inside her, forcing the weak thoughts from her mind. She's tired of being used and beaten, only to be tossed to the side once more. This has never been who she is, and while she knows what broke her, she refuses to let it bring her, to bring them, down.

They would get through this, just like everything else.

Maya characteristically burrows into him, basking in the feeling of having him before he's ripped from her once more. He doesn't see it, but her face crumples when he tells her what she must do. Being mean to Chase had never come easy for Maya, despite what people might think or say. No, in reality, her combative interactions with him had been a way to put distance between them, if only so she could heal. She thought he'd been happy with Fiona; she should've known better. Monsters reside in all corners of this hospital, and they surely hadn't seen even the worst of them. Hopefully they won't have to.

At his profession of love, she lets out a strangled, muffled sob. Pulling away, she takes his face in her hands, smiling through the freely flowing tears. This is the face she would always remember, the one that would always guide her through her darkest moments. She had earned that right, and all of the memories that his laughter filled. Chase Cooper belongs to Maya, if not romantically, then in every other capacity.

And she would protect him with her life.

A kiss is pressed to each cheek, then lightly to his lips. It's a gesture of hope, and of her promise to give her all. "I love you, too, Chase. Just remember that when I'm screaming at you in a few minutes, yeah?" For the first time in much too long, she lets out a true belly laugh, quiet as it is.
January 07, 2019 11:16 am

Chase Cooper

He can see the change in her. Maya is internally rebuilding herself, and she has never been more perfect and beautiful than she is right this second. The sob that chokes her brings him to tighten his arms around her, his heart skipping a beat. Chase's hopes fly sky high. He did it. He told her.

His face in her hands, he closes his eyes as she presses her lips to his left cheek and then the right. And then, far too quickly to allow him to react, to his own. It is soft and quick, and he quickly realizes she hadn't understood at all.

"Do your worst," he mumbles, full of dread at the idea of reentering the world. Still, she is happy, and so is he. At least they have this. "Shhhh," he encourages her silence through a tired grin, pulling her into him and cradling her against his chest if only to muffle her laughter.

His hunger gets the better of him now, and he can truly feel just how weak he really is. His stomach makes it's silent demands, the pounding in his head making clear just how starved he is. No food, no water, and no drugs. The drugs are the worst, and likely causing him the most pain in their absence.

But maybe he can push through this. Maybe he can let himself become clean. To attempt that now would be selfish, and he knows that. Maya needs him to be strong, and Chase understands what that means.

Gently, he disentangles from her, hollow gaze apologetic as he looks upon her face. She's so broken. They'd hurt her in such a terrible way, and Chase isn't sure he can stand it now that he knows. There is a moment of true silence that rings through him, and he shakes his head gentle. No. He can't.

Taking her face, he presses a kiss upon her that lingers for just a moment.

"I can't fvckin' do this.."

Just like that, Chase Cooper takes her hand, intent on pulling her out of their hiding spot with him. There is no way he could sit back and allow her to continue suffering.

She's his only friend.
January 11, 2019 10:04 am
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