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The Prodigal Son Returns


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Dante Kaspar

Liverpool, Merseyside, England - April 26, 2020

A startled gasp left my lips as I was jarred awake from my slumber. Looking around, I quickly realized that I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. A deep, well-rested yawn left my lips as I glanced over at the driver with a kind smile. "Thought I told you to wake me in an hour, babe?" The accent that graced my voice would tell anyone that I was a Liverpool native, and it was one of the reasons my driver loved me. "Feels like I been asleep for an hour."

The drive was a long one and as such, I had chosen to get some shut eye. But now I was wide awake as I looked out the window, and saw the sign we were passing just now. Welcome to Liverpool. I felt something stir within me. Something that brought thoughts of a time long since passed, that I had wanted to keep buried. If it wasn't for the phone call from some lawyer dork, and my companion, I would never have come back here. And to be honest, after what seemed like an eternity, it felt good to be home.

April 26, 2020 10:49 pm

Alyssa St Patrick

Hearing his voice I glanced over and smiled. "You did tell me to wake you, but you were sleeping peaceful."  I went to shift the gear up before resting my hand on his knee and squeezed it. "It has been a long drive but so beautiful out here. I remember pictures looking them up online. But nothing compares to actually being here." It was already differnt then being back home. His accent got her every time and he knew it. 

"Since you know where we are headed want to finish up the drive? " I never minded doing the driving it always made things a lot easier for him when needing to hop in and out of the car. "We should also find a place to eat I am starved." The snacks had been alright but she needed a fresh drink and something else besides chips. "We passed a couple spots I would love to go back to for pictures."

April 27, 2020 01:21 am

Dante Kaspar

Chuckling when she spoke about me being peaceful while sleeping. Shaking my head when she squeezed my knee, I knew what she was doing. "Let's stop and get something to eat first." She was right that this place was beautiful. The drive out here along with the surrounding areas made this place a little slice of heaven. As our journey continued, I realized we were in the downtown area of the city.

"Oh man, old man Finnley's is still open? Pull in over here, they had the best Scouse in all of Merseyside." I was eager to see if the old man was still running this little slice of my childhood. If not then I at least expected whoever had taken over to know the recipe by heart. "We can check into the Beech Mountwhen we're done. It's on the way to the estate."

April 27, 2020 01:46 am

Alyssa St Patrick

Making sure no one was coming I  pulled into an empty spot at least it would be good to get out and stretch. "I can't wait to try it, I read up on a lot of stuff the other night after you fell asleep." I had been nervous about the trip, leaving home the way we had too. It had taken him falling asleep and a little bit of research to make me sleep too. The mention of getting to the hotel also sounded perfect I needed a hot shower and a fresh change of clothes. 

"Will we be going to the estate today or wait for morning?" Asking while I turned off the car and pulled the keys out. Turning my head I kissed him and smiled. "It's your turn for a back rub tonight too." 

April 27, 2020 02:02 am

Dante Kaspar

"You know you really need to stop doing that." If there was one bad habit Alyssa had that got on my nerves, it was her lack of sleeping. Though, I kinda understood why she didn't sleep as much. But I hoped that once we were done and out of this place, I could get her the help she needed. Deepening the kiss I smiled at her when she mentioned the back rub. "We can go tomorrow morning. Besides, I wanna have a night out with you in my home town."

Getting out of the car, I looked around as I closed the door. Man, this place sure hadn't changed. Walking around to the driver side of the car, I opened the door for her and helped her out. Once the door was closed and she turned to face me, I hugged her. "You know, if it wasn't for you, I'd never have come back here. You know that right?"

April 27, 2020 02:14 am

Alyssa St Patrick

"A night out sounds fun it feels like forever since we we're able to." So much had been going on. "I promise to work just a little harder on my sleeping to."

"We all need to come home sometimes. This just happened quick is all. And if it wouldn't have been for you. Well you know.." Squeezing his hand i could smell the aroma coming from the building. "It smells pretty good."
April 27, 2020 02:28 am

Donte Kaspar

A beast of a motorcycle roared down the road as the owner was doing his best not to be late. Taking the corners like a man on a mission. He hadn't been home since forever but that phone call saw him hauling some serious ass. Finnley's was coming up into view and he was contemplating between getting a bite and heading towards the estate. What to do, what to do April 27, 2020 10:52 am

Dante Kaspar

"Nah, no need to do that." Kissing her forehead, I gently took her hand and led the way towards the restaurant. "I know why you don't sleep as much anymore. And honestly, I don't blame you..." My voice trailed off as I heard the sound of a bike coming into range. The rumble of the engine, the smell of its exhaust. Shaking my love for bikes away, I smiled at Alyssa and led her inside the only place in this godforsaken town that served a decent meal.

Upoin entering, there was a loud outburst from the counter causing my eyes to dart towards it. It was an old Irish man, he loooked spry in his old age as he rushed over to us. The barrage of questions saw me chuckle at him. "Yeah, yeah Finnley it's me bruv. Dante." The mention of my name saw a silence fall over the establishment, as the murmurs of the patrons rose. Some even walking over to shake my hand as they left.

Leading Alyssa to a booth in the back I slipped in with my back to the door, while as per her norm, she sat facing it. The old man was still with us as he asked about our order. "Two piping hot servings of Scouse, a pint of Guiness for meself, and a bottle of water for the lady." And there it was, me slipping back into old habits as I started feeling relaxed.

April 27, 2020 11:43 am

Alyssa St Patrick

Watching his reaction to the sound of the bike I grinned. I knew how much he loved those things. It was a little overwhelming walking inside the resturant only because of the people coming up. After sitting down though it felt much more relaxing.  

Looking past him I watched the door it was just normal for me. I knew that really nothing would happen here. It was just a habit. Just a typical day of making sure they were safe. I smiled when he ordered for them. When the man had walked away I grinned. 

"Somethings never change huh?" Then I remembered the bike they had heard. "Do you have one of them here at your old place?" I loved he was relaxed and hoped it could stay that way. We never really just got to let our guard down.

April 27, 2020 01:22 pm

Dante Kaspar

Shrugging off my jacket I got comfortable in the booth. Hearing her joke about things never changing, I chuckled. "Why would they? You know I love taking care of you." Taking her hand I kissed it gently as she mentioned the bike. "Nah, the old man would never let me have one. Thought they were too dangerous. But if all is as I left it, I've got a matte black 1968 Camaro Z28, in the garage."

As we sat there I heard someone yelling in shock. Looking by the counter I chuckled spotting an old friend from high school. Getting up I walked over and gave the guy a hug before walking back to the booth and introducing him to Alyssa as Duncan Carragher. After primissing to meet up with Duncan later, I sat back down and smiled. "Maybe coming home was a good idea."

April 27, 2020 01:35 pm

Alyssa St Patrick

Before I could say anything I leaned back and watched him go talk to someone. The drinks had been the first to arrive and I opened up the bottle of water. First sip was always the best in my opinion. Each movement he made it was easy to follow I had memorized everything about him. It was easy when one had found the love of her life. The car though I really wanted to see because since being with Dante I had caught the love of cars fever. If there was such a thing that is. 

When Duncan walked off I grinned hearing Dante. "Does that mean we might be staying for awhile? I want to see everything and get to know your family while we are here. You got to spend time with Dad before..." I broke that off not wanting to go down that lane of thought. "Besides that if your car is still there I want a ride."

April 27, 2020 03:42 pm

Dante Kaspar

Her question about sticking around made me smile softly. "Maybe. If you behave like a good little girl." Chuckling softly I sipped my Guiness as I started relaxing even more. The food was soon to arrive as I sat up and began eating. The Scouse was the same as expected, and I really was starting to feel like I was home.

April 27, 2020 04:54 pm

Davina Kaspar

The drinks at the tavern Vina was at saw her drinking a little more than she probably should have been. But it was fun being out and forgetting everything and right now she just needed that distraction. "Hey Davina, don't you think you've probably had enough?" This came from the bartender that had gotten to know her pretty well. "who cares right now I am having fun. But yeah I guess your right I should be grabbing something to eat and heading home."  All of her friends were busy and it was not much fun partying on your own. 

Paying off her tab she stumbled a little out the door and headed to grab a coffee. If she was going to face Donnie and David she really didn't want to be to messed up. Wondering yet if anyone had gotten ahold of Dante. Hoping like crazy he would come home to she missed him like crazy the years hadn't changed how she felt about her brother and never would. 

April 27, 2020 05:03 pm

Alyssa St Patrick

"When am I not good?' For him I was always the good one but others weren't so lucky. When the food came I put down the water and started eating. After a few bites I looked at him. "Wow! This isn't half bad I could get use to this." I wondered if we could figure out the recipe and I could make it home. Maybe not this good though I hadn't had it ever like this. 

Eating a little more I looked out the window and traffic just kept going by. This felt normal just going out in public and no worrying about anything. Before I knew it the bowl was empty and I laughed trying to take a bite of nothing but the spoon. "I must have been starving I never eat this much."

April 27, 2020 05:21 pm

Dante Kaspar

"When you're trying to punished." I replied with a knowing smirk. "Cause you and I both know you love to get spanked." The last part was hushed so only she could hear it. But she knew I was right. Every since the first time we made love, I found out she like to be spanked and dominated. Something I was more than happy to oblige. Her reaction to the meal made me smile as I finished mine as well. "Told you, best Scouse in Merseyside. And I don't blame you, those snacks on the road weren't enough for both of us."

Pulling out a small box from my pocket, I took a cigarette like item from the box and lit one. The smell that rose was not that of a cigarette, but instead that of a cannabis strain known as Aurora Indica. The only thing I actually smoked.

April 27, 2020 05:41 pm
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