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Thou shall not try me.
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Jameson Orlav

Bishop Orlav

Last five threads posted in:
Bishop Orlav 08/16/19 It had been so long since Bishop had actually gotten drunk. However, listening to Noura, he had to drink with her. Keep at her pace. A complicated tapestry of relationships was explained and only alcohol could help him understand. With it he was able to shed the hard outer shell the world had come to know to reveal a more sympathetic Bishop. With inebriation came feelings. Jameson received the brunt of his cheesy assault but Odette was also victim to his overly loving self.

Seeing the woman he knew what was coming. With a sigh of defeat he held his arms out for the inevitable hug. Bishop was a man of his word, and Odette was one of the only people he didn't mind having physical contact with. The kiss on the cheek was a bit much making his features wrinkle in disgust. "Yes, yes, hug zone, got it."
Bishop Orlav 08/14/19 Cheryl
I swear Ilove you mst!
I am ur fake husband fforlife!
Hugs and licks whnever!
Bishop Orlav 08/13/19 Cheryl
If Iliked women you would b my wyfe.
We wouldrule the world.
Let'srule the world.
Fck im drunk.
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 Cheryl
Hey. You.
I'd killfor you.
Cole Ward 08/12/19
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -lets out a groan of disapproval-
"Now, now, you'll ruin your dinner."
-wipes cheeks-
"If you were any other person, Jameson would have disemboweled you."
Cole Ward 08/12/19
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 "You know I get that a lot."
-watches her-
"Happy now?"
Cole Ward 08/12/19
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -baps hand-
"None of that! She's just a child."
-crosses arms-
"Would licking me make you feel better?"
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -flatly-
"Odette, there is no other woman who can handle a knife like you."
"Do you mean, Wen? She assaulted my ear with her tongue. It quite grotesque."
Cole Ward 08/12/19 Ne.
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -scoffs-
"Cheated on you? With whom?"
"You're being silly."
Cole Ward 08/12/19 Ne.
No English me.
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -taps foot-
-tries to hold out-
-checks his ear-
Bishop Orlav 08/12/19 -deadpans-
-sniffs self-
-narrows eyes-
"What are you on about?"
Cole Ward 08/12/19 Ne. Mine.
-pets gun-
Cole Ward 08/12/19 -death glares-
Ne. Střílej mě jako první
Cole Ward 08/12/19 -stares, shrugs-
Ne. I shoot you. Some time.
Cole Ward 08/09/19 -deadpans shoving bullets into pocket-
Bishop Orlav 08/08/19 Cheryl
Yes I do.
He looks very lonely.
Not very good with English, though.
Go give him the Cheryl charm.
Bishop Orlav 08/08/19 Cheryl
He is a friend of Jameson's. We aren't allowed to kill eachother.
His muscles looked real tender.
Bet he'd make a great filet.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Not drunk. Dodging bullets.
There's some blond freak who punched me and is now shooting at me.
It's great exercise.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Definitely Bodhi.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
You know, I wouldn't put it past him.
I feel he is the type for everything.
What is Mark? An electrician?
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Maybe he is Mark, as you are Cheryl?
The man you described sounds a lot like Bodhi.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 #1 Adopted Child
Ugh. Disgusting.
Jameson Orlav 08/07/19 #1 Adopted Child
Who the f-ck is Cheryl?
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Did you give him a pet name already?
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Who the f-ck is Mark?
Are we talking about the same man?
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
Jeepers Creepers, do not touch his peepers.
At least for now.
I need him alive. And able to see.
Bishop Orlav 08/07/19 Cheryl
That he does.
But they stay in his skull.
If a recruit gets eaten shortly after joining how can we hope to grow our ranks?
Bishop Orlav 08/05/19 Cheryl
Don't eat the pretty boy.
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Cheryl
Much too sweet.
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Cheryl
Grab me some chapstick?
Cherry. It's the only flavor that doesn't sicken me.
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Cheryl
That's what I told her. Adds a few inches to your height and can be used as an impromptu weapon.
I'm sure she's fine.
It's what she may do that concerns me.
If you hear screams, be sure to get to her before the police do.
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Cheryl
You lost a blood thirsty girl with zero social skills and plenty of trust issues in the mall?
Sounds like murder waiting to happen.
She had taken a fascination in heels. Try a shoe store?
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Cheryl
What does that even mean?
Where are you?
And where is Seven?
Bishop Orlav 08/04/19 Bishop stared at the text with confusion in his glance. For a moment, he didn't understand what she meant; until it finally clicked. Blue eyes went wide.

Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
That's my girl.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
Tis a figure of speech.
Have fun, now.
I will bring tea by later.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
You know I don't lie.
I just have duties I must attend to.
Maybe take her shopping. Poor girl has only rags.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
I appreciate you.
I had to see a many about a horse.
Play with Seven I will be available momentarily.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
Ask first.
If she agrees, be gentle.
She only just joined us. We cannot scare her off so soon!
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
Depends on your definition of eat.
For now, keep your mouth to yourself.
Make her feel welcomed.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
Whiskey is not my liquor of choice.
Tea sounds delightful, however. Put a splash in there and I will hardly notice.
As far as I'm concerned she is one of us. As for her dietary choices I haven't a clue.
We can certainly find out.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
She's a killer, I tell you what.
The stench of death perfumes her every movement. My favorite scent.
By the way, I have a bottle of whiskey for you.
I decided to give everyone in the coven a bottle on behalf of Jameson.
His stock was looking a bit full.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 Cheryl
I brought home a stray.
She's peculiar.
If she does anything of interest let me know.
She intrigues me.
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "Claude Frollo and Cruella de Vil deserved everything that came to them."
-opens door-
-two pitbulls lay sleeping-
"Had them since they were pups. The only things, aside from my knives, I brought from my old life."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -glances over shoulder-
-continues walking-
"Ursula was misunderstood and deserved better."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "There is much you do not know of me dear Odette."
-realizes his error-
"Because they feast on...poor unfortunate souls."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -flatly-
"Yes. Definitely. How did you know?"
-rolls eyes-
"Of course game. I find those who deserve to be torn apart by my beasts and let them loose. Flatsom and Jetsom love the chase."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "Keep talking liek that and Cheryl will be on the menu."
-grumble grumble-
-adjusts ring-
"They are ferocious when needed. Otherwise, they are obedient and, unfortunately, lovable."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -looks left-
-then right-
"Come on..."
-starts to walk away-
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "...No."
-drops arms-
'Don't make me take the body builder back. The dogs are hungry."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "I make it a point not to lie, especially for the sake of others."
"Shy? Me? Preposterous."
-crosses arms-
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -stares pointedly-
"It was either you or the dogs. I simply ran into you first."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -throws bag at-
"My leftovers. You said you wanted to make burgers, right?"
-wrinkles nose-
"I have an all liquid diet so, it is as they say, waste not want not."
Jasper Thompson 07/25/19 Just as he's about to win it all... His eyes go nearly as black as the screen. It's all he can do to hold his reflection's gaze, working to calm himself, if only to keep the building from ruin. A bottle is thrust into his hand and before he can retort, she is already turning away, waving a flippant hand behind her in a dismissive fashion. He doesn't even think; the bottle practically shatters itself over her head, but she doesn't have time to even hit the floor before her limp form is secured in his arms. To any and all observers that they pass, it might look like a fun night gone a little too awry, but then, those aren't close enough to see the murderous intent in his eye as he carries her off to a dark alley. Maybe he'll feed, maybe he'll torture her... It has been a bad few weeks, after all.
Bishop Orlav 07/23/19 -contemplates-
"It is true, Cheryl is such a dainty thing. Why, she wouldn't last a day behind bars. Odette, however..."
-clicks tongue-
"I suppose I could oblige this one time."
-clink clink click!-
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 -adjusts cuffs-
-side eyes-
"What happened to those wiles of yours? Working out for you?"
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 -clink clank-
"Never was a fan of Shawshank. Overrated really."
"Ah, there we go."
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 "Of course not. I am sure you have plenty of wiles."
-sees the hand-
"How very strategic of you."-clink clink clink-
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 "Oui, distracted. Mistakes were made."
"Womanly wiles, you say? Now this should be interesting."
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 "I am not f-cking with you. I was distracted before departure."
-clears throat-
"I will figure this out."
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 -shameful silence-
"I left it back in Moscow."
-heavy sigh-
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 -another moment of silence-
"Oui. I do."
Bishop Orlav 07/22/19 -a moment of silence-
Jasper Thompson 07/17/19 Jasper's one-eyed gaze then finds the ceiling, coming to watch her lose a ball in a negative space, like an amateur. "A clever word coined by feeble-minded women who really just don't have anything interesting to add to a conversation. Fret not," he continues, smirking as she fails, again, "I'm not interested in your lacking skills. I just want you to move." With the last of her balls spent, Jasper shoves her unceremoniously to the side, depositing his quarters with the accompanying gesture. A splash of her beer finds its way down his throat before being deposited into her waiting hand, and he dismisses her with a shooing wave of his hand, already spending his attention elsewhere.
Jasper Thompson 07/17/19 Jasper is already leaning against the wall as she whirls around to meet him, and their eyes lock levelly. Holding that gaze, a hand comes up, winding a quarter deftly through his fingers. "Yes, actually. You suck at pinball, and I want a turn."
Bishop Orlav 07/16/19 -thinks-
"Getting him into the barn will be easy enough. Lure him somewhere with limited access or obstacles in case of a hasty retreat. A stall, upper levels."
-twirls knife while contemplating-
"If he becomes aggressive or tries to run try to slow him. Severed Achille's tendon should do the trick. A frightened bull is a dangerous bull."
Bishop Orlav 07/15/19 -tilts head-
"Let us hope he is not a leg man."
-offers switchblade-
"Freshly sharpened."
Jameson Orlav 07/14/19 That is so sweet.
Love you too.
Bishop Orlav 07/13/19 -gives a lookover-
-puts finger to lips-
"An innocent aesthetic. Good choice."
"Might be difficult to hide a weapon..."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 "Sent you the sign in. Feel free to do as you please. It's your face, might as well keep the account, hm?"-gives a lazy salute-
"I will bring an assortment. You can pick what tickles your fancy."
"Speak of the devil. Tomorrow, dusk. Oh, and he is going to make you fried okra. What a treat."
-wrinkles nose-
-calls after-
"We will discuss plan of action tomorrow beforehand."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 "He is big. However, he is arrogant. He underestimates you."
-shuts down the app-
-pulls out a karambit out of nowhere-
-gives a twirl-
"I can lend you one of my toys, if you like. If you'd prefer I take the bull down, I suppose I could."-stops twirling-
"Either way, we shall wine and dine."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 -puts finger to his lips-
"You need not worry. Stealth is a specialty of mine. I'll be nearby. If something goes awry, I will be the trap that snares the bull."
-tap tap tap-
"And he wants Cheryl to come see his barn. He wants to go straight for the hay, it seems."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 -shows-
-is obviously Odette-
"I imagined you the type who likes to play with her food. Ease them into a sense of comfort, then instill fear."
"If you ever want a farmer for non-dietary needs, you would do well on here."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 "Plenty. I went with the timid approach. Used the blushing one mostly. This bull says he wants a mate, but I believe he simply wants a romp."
-starts typing-
"The way he's warming up to Cheryl, I think we will have him within 24 hours. I hope you like wine, I instilled in him Cheryl gets 'wild' after a few drinks."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 -nods-
"She passed away two years ago. Father, ten. No siblings. And he enjoys going on lengthy trips to the West."
-clicks tongue-
"Easy to make men talk when they think they have the upper hand in the exchange. Almost too easy."
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 -shows phone-
"William, goes by Billy. When he isn't working the farm he is-"
-checks phone-
"Working the bars at the gym. A young bull looking for his mate. His words, not mine."
"I think he shall suffice, hm?"
Bishop Orlav 07/12/19 "I am well aware."
-checks phone-
"She's popular, but I'm picky. I like my meals lean, high protein. I have my eye on some prey but it's in the early stages."
Bishop Orlav 07/10/19 "Oui. Your eyes, they follow me everywhere I go."
Bishop Orlav 07/10/19 "Your face is everywhere."
"Might want to look into that."
Shadwyn Drake 07/10/19 Welcome to the coven!
Andy Codin 07/09/19 You're welcome
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -gives a lazy salute-
"I will bring sharp toys."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -posts it-
-stares at her-
"That will create quite a mess."
-cracks a bit of a grin-
"I love a good mess."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -does quick google search-
"Nothing on alpacas. However, this is voted as a favorite among farmers."
-adds Deuteronomy 8:10-
-gags a bit-
"Christianity. Blek."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 "Drat. Well, I suppose my national identity is a sham."
-tap tap tap-
"Farmer boys do enjoy puns. Oh, my headline will be 'Live, Laugh, and Love.' And a photo of a pitcher of iced tea. They like that, yeah?"
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 "Is it because I forgot my baguette and pointy mustache back home?"
-starts the catfishing-
"Nice touch, the taxidermy. And she knows how to work a hoe."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -contemplates-
"You aren't nearly as annoying as I had thought."-nods to self-
"I like them with overalls. I suppose I will get to work."
-turns on the app-
"I think my name will be...Cheryl."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -stifles the desire to grin-
"Well, I do like the taste of a farmboy in the morning so I suppose that works out."
-sends a picture of himself flipping the bird-
"And now a contact photo."
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -squints-
"How's that?"
-looks at phone-
"What did you do?"
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 -barely uses it so doesn't care-
-keeps hand out waiting for it back-
-looks bored-
Elowen Jocosta 07/08/19 "Yikes. Touchy. Well carry on being cranky. Don't let me stand in your way."

Bishop Orlav 07/08/19 "And you don't shy away from asking for others belongings, it seems."
-holds up phone-
"Do you not own one? I thought all the kids nowadays had one of these?"
Bishop Orlav 07/08/19
Elowen Jocosta 07/08/19 -awkward smile-
"I've been forced to say this so here it goes. Welcome to the coven."
-leans in-
"I'd run if I were you.I missed my chance to."

Andy Codin 07/08/19 Welcome to our coven. I hope you enjoy being here
Bishop Orlav 07/07/19 -stares back-
"Since you are new and I respect the persistence, you get this one time."
-walks off-
Bishop Orlav 07/07/19 -whips out knife-
"Don't make me shank a new member. I have been on my best behavior."
Bishop Orlav 07/07/19 -stares-
"Don't touch my stuff."
-walks past-
"Welcome to the terror dome."
Jameson Orlav 07/07/19 Wait, wait.
You offer to stab me, and I'm supposed to ante up?
Da fuq!
Jameson Orlav 07/07/19 ...Are you flirting with me?
Jameson Orlav 06/30/19 -flicks-
LillyEmperium 06/29/19 Welcome to the realm
Mackenzie 06/28/19 I'd love to boop your nose.
But will settle for a lock of hair.
Flahme 06/28/19 Welcome to the realm!
Geoffrey Drake 06/28/19 Welcome!
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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