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Seventh Circle is recruiting.
Shoot me a message for more information.
No Irish need apply.
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Gray Taylor


Elisa Stratten


Last five threads posted in:
Gray Taylor 05/20/19 V. Lockheed
No promises. Youíre slow.
Gray Taylor 05/16/19 V. Lockheed
There's another item added to the agenda for our meeting.

V. Lockheed
Honestly, I'm not sure there will be time for you to do anything other than listen.
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 V. Lockheed
I knew you were good for something.
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 V. Lockheed
Are you attempting to guilt trip me?
That doesnít work.
Gray Taylor 05/06/19 V. Lockheed
Did you get a flight?
You realize chartering private jets is an option.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Read 11:47 PM
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Youíre easy. Canít be helped.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Thereís plenty I havenít told you.
Hurry home, Lockheed.
We have a date.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Extenuating circumstances.
He caught the plague.
And sheís been living with me for months.
But yes. Quite the story.
You will have to come to mine when you return to London.
We will be returning tomorrow.
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Of course you will.
You have my every faith.
Goodnight, Tan.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 FEB
That woman gets bitter over everything.
You do not know Claire.
Sheís an adoptive sister.
Specifically, Jasperís.
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Get your man in check.
Let him know it better not be off key.
I expect him to be a songbird.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Diplomacy suits you.
Donít listen to a word she says. Sheís just bitter.
And theyíre not. Theyíre for Claire.
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Tan, you know how I feel about him.
I don't remember extending my promises to you, to him.
But, since I've a soft spot for you.
He can live. But only if he sings Yankee Doodle.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
You hired me for a reason.
Details are dependent upon the party you hear from.
I had to make a snap decision.
I'll be returning to London shortly, as it is.

V. Lockheed
Also, I'll be needing some help acquiring sedatives.
Gray Taylor 05/04/19 V. Lockheed
Technically, I ordered him to get shot.
She got in the way.
Is that a problem?
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Honestly, when we're both back in the same city, we're closing a dozen bars.
Your flattery is accepted and appreciated.

How about a light murder?
I'll even make it quick.
As a favor to you, of course.
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Of course, I'm serious.
He sent the b-stard in to shoot Jasper.
Or so, he says.
In the back, too. It hurts so much.


Can I?
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
Good. At least you're safe. That's what matters. I'm holed up in Siberia. It's been a sh-tshow.
Gray's here too.

That f-cker got me shot.
Mackenzie 05/04/19 FEB
You alright?
Mackenzie 03/30/19 "Mmm," she would hum out her understanding. Mackenzie won't press this. His business is his own, and she no longer has a place in that.

There is a small smile that graces her features at his question, fleeting as it is. With a sigh, she answers the best way possible. "A drink."

They aren't ready for much more. At least, she isn't.

"Get that business tied up, Tan. We got a bar to put out of business." They need to talk. "Don't be a stranger, Vic."
Mackenzie 03/29/19 She is beside herself, wanting nothing more than to fight him on the subject of the bottle. In reality, any gift is too much. Mackenzie doesn't feel as if she deserves such a thing. He turns the conversation, and she is grateful.

How does she answer that? London is fine. It's London. But she is on high alert, as is Jasper, and there is no way she would be caught dead discussing it over the phone. "Grand. When are you coming back?"

The heel of her free hand is pressed to her forehead, and Mackenzie raises a brow. "I think we'll be here for a while, this time. We should get a drink."
Mackenzie 03/29/19 He's so amicable. She doesn't deserve this. "I'm sure," she mutters, her gut telling her where this all must have come from.

"I'm sorry," she whispers. As if those words could ever make it right. "Tan, this gift is too much.."
Mackenzie 03/29/19 He picked up. She hadn't expected it. Temporarily, Mackenzie feels as if she is having a stroke. One deep breath, and she pushes herself forward despite the anxiety. "Tan," but what does she even say. The guilt is heavy. "This isn't... I wanted to tell you myself, Tan. It's- I wasn't trying to hide it from you."
Mackenzie 03/29/19 Mackenzie had barely wasted a moment upon opening the package before making her way to Seventh Circle. The trip takes what feels like an eternity, but she wastes no time upon her arrival. She would let herself in, pausing to ask for directions only to find he isn't there. Hasn't been, as she understands it.

Swallowing her anxiety, she ducks into a room and closes the door behind her before dialing. Each ring is torture.
Gray Taylor 03/29/19 V. Lockheed
Don't call me that.
Gray Taylor 03/29/19 V. Lockheed
Neither. Youíre just the easiest solution.
Gray Taylor 03/28/19 V. Lockheed
Maybe you should just date my sister.
Gray Taylor 03/20/19 V. Lockheed
What? You aren't thrilled?
The prospect of making others as miserable as we are?
Gray Taylor 03/15/19 V. Lockheed
It would seem Jasper's sister and mine have taken to each other.

V. Lockheed
Don't ask f-cking questions. I can't answer.
But this cannot happen.
Gray Taylor 03/15/19 V. Lockheed
I need to know how to keep two women from dating.
Without dying in the process.
Gray Taylor 03/15/19 V. Lockheed
I need advice. On women.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
Bourbon Orleans Hotel.
717 Orleans St.
Governorís Suite.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
I do mind, yes.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
You're humbly invited to my posh hotel.
There's a full bar, and I'm in need of help.
Nor am I in the mood to deal with drunk college students.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
Explains everything.
Don't get too excited.
You're not my type.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
New Orleans.
F-cking depraved city.
They're all heathens.
Gray Taylor 03/01/19 V. Lockheed
Remind me later never to travel to find work again.
Mackenzie 02/13/19 FEB
It's nothing like that.
It's just a thing. Harmless, really.
Mackenzie 02/13/19 FEB
Some things never change.

Don't read into this.
You may need to put me in my place, at some point.
When the time comes, do it.
And don't be nice about it.
Mackenzie 02/13/19 FEB
Can you do me a favor?
Livia Vlcek 02/07/19 Do it again, daddy.. *slow, scarred smile*

Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
Well, you and Weasley have fun.
Iíve got some bloodstains to work out.
And please, no more normal food.
Itís like feeding chocolate to a dog.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
How drunk are you?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
Says who?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
You dream so big.
First of all, it'd be crumpets. Not croissants.
Secondly, there's be no eating.
Finally, you're not cute.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
Could have been Macron, for all I care.
Lizzie is dead. We talked about this.
What's blond and eats human food.
Caught the Tan's attention.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
Grand. He's a lucky man.
And what is her name.
Asking for a macaroon.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
He does compliment you.
I cannot wait for it to be Facebook official.
Is he as sh-t as people think?

Did he bleach his hair blond?
I wonder if he knows croissants are Austrian.
Do you like blonds?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
I did not.
Are you smitten?
Are you dating?
Is it Gray?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
You always have a choice.
You're the most selfish b-stard I know.

Holy f-ck.
Who were you trying to impress?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
There you go, changing the subject again.
F-ck Gray. He's a f-cking *******.
Though we have something in common.

But why a croissant?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
That's even worse.
Please note, I see you evading my questions.
It's not cute.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
Why the f-ck would you eat that?
Did it taste good?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
F-ck if I know. I don't eat cookies.
You're eating a croissant?
They're French?
What is the fascination with the French?

Details, please.
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
What cookie jar have you broken into?
Mackenzie 02/06/19 FEB
London is boring tonight. Your fault.
Gray Taylor 01/29/19 V. Lockheed
You're an idiot.
Gray Taylor 01/29/19 V. Lockheed
I wanted you to say blond so I could roast the **** out of you.
Gray Taylor 01/29/19 V. Lockheed
One of us is naturally evasive, and it's not you.
Seems we have something in common.
Gray Taylor 01/29/19 V. Lockheed
I feel you definitely understood the actual question.
And did not answer it.
Gray Taylor 01/28/19 V. Lockheed
Do you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
Mackenzie 01/21/19 FEB
You are so damn expensive.
Fine. But you're coming to New York for them.
F-ck if I'm paying for airfare, too.
God save the Queen.
Mackenzie 01/21/19 FEB
Iíve a bottle of rum with your name on it.
Mackenzie 01/19/19 FEB
Saw a tabloid that the Queen died.
Sorry for your loss.
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 V. Lockheed
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Gray Taylor 01/02/19 V. Lockheed
I can hear you crying from the other side of the building.
Mackenzie 12/24/18 FEB
I'm going to shove a suit of armor up your ass if you don't get to the door right now.

Upon opening it, Victor would find two things. The first, a pretty young thing looking for all the world nervous. It is clear that she isn't sure she should be here, particularly dressed as a skimpy elf. It is also particularly clear that she isn't a fan of what she brings with her.

A really ugly, yippy little mutt with shaggy auburn fur and yellow eyes. A collar black as Victor's wardrobe dons it's neck, tags dangling from it that declare this particular monstrosity his.

Merry Christmas, you F-cking English B-stard.
Mackenzie 12/24/18 FEB
B-stard. Go accept the delivery at your front f-cking door.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
There are no words. No words at all.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
Oh, I'm sure he has a warm, gooey middle.

Did you just call me crazy?
Mackenzie 12/22/18 Mackenzie smirks.

Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
Please. Heís not gay.
Iíd put 50 quid on him turning down your advances.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
And yet, look at your con.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
We both know Iím faster.
Sheís an angel. You monster.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
Iím going to trip you.
Iíve a blind thing on my roster.
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
Had to??
Mackenzie 12/22/18 FEB
I see you.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
Oh, sure. Itís in Nonyaville.
Off of highway Business.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
Say it to my face.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
You covetous b-stard.
Iím going shopping.
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
What did you steal?
Mackenzie 12/21/18 FEB
Right. My shirt.
You stole it, didnít you?
Mackenzie 12/20/18 FEB
Where is my black t-shirt? The oversized one?
It was hanging in your closet.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
I bet.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Get your sh-t together.
10pm. Mayflower.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
What the f-ck. F-ck you.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Read 9:29 PM
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Thatís fine. Weíll join you.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Please. You miss me.
See you soon.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Thatís sweet. Thank you.
How does ten sound?
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Igor has been kidnapped.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
I plead the fifth.
Keep the mystery alive.
Mackenzie 12/07/18 FEB
Free tonight?
Meet at The Mayflower.
Bring Igor.
Jewel 12/04/18 Smirks, watching the man as he toyed with her. "Oh, really?" Her words were spoken softly, just above even a mock whisper. "Are we hiding from someone in particular?"

If she hadn't known any better..

Jewel 12/04/18 My, oh my..
Do my eyes deceive?
Gray Taylor 12/01/18 Gray had been placed in a position that left him feeling less than comfortable. Letters. He has sealed letters, and the man knows that each one contains Spring's last words. He knows she has bequeathed items to these people, and the only way to find out what goes where is to read them. But he can't.

Slowly, he would begin to send them out, his own personal notes tucked into the FedEx envelopes with Springs sealed last words. He can only imagine what might be inside, but he makes it clear that each recipient could reach out to him at the number provided to collect whatever was left to them. Never mind, how he managed to find contact information.

No one would be allowed on the property in Moscow again.


Well. Here we are. I'm dead and you're still...a hobo trashman. It's fine. I, Spring Weed, leave you this block of ****ing cheese with my ****ing ciggy ashes over it. Cheers.

Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
Great talk.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
Please, as if I am the only guilty party.
This is the problem.
Take some responsibility for yourself, Tan.
I'm not a f-cking puzzle. It wasn't hard.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
I had no idea you were capable.
I'd hate to step on your toes, though.
Lord knows, you deserve each other.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
And you know yourself so well.
That's adorable.
The feeling is mutual.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
You are such a child.
Mackenzie 10/13/18 Tan
That was fast, but again.
I thought you had more stamina.
Not the way to a girl's heart.
Even with your drone delivery.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Out of the question. I don't do that.
I'll let her deal with it.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Where would you like to be buried?
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
I like my privacy.
And maybe. Yes.
It is very ornate, after all.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Your olive branch was insulting.
I'm happy with what I have.
And an urn. Naturally.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
You sent yourself strippers and you know it.
I'm not trying to die. She's crazy, not stupid.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
F-ck no. I'm giving her full access.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
You threatened an unhinged woman?
The f-ck were you planning to do?
Boop her goddamn nose?
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
What reason would she have not to?
Women love gifts.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Well, there's a card in it.
From you.
So I guess we will find out.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Too late. Already ordered and sent.
Hopefully Amazon can find the right sewer.
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Fine. I'll find out myself.

V. Lockheed
How about silver?
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
Fine. I f-cking will. And f-ck off with that.
I am going to kill that woman.
What's her favorite game?
Couples? Children? The elderly and infirm?
Gray Taylor 10/13/18 V. Lockheed
I don't need a f-cking stripper.
LillyEmperium 10/13/18 *with a sly grin, Lilly winked*

ah that it does darling, that it does
Jewel 10/13/18 "Nice robes. Who'd you steal them from? Did you go rummaging through Mackenzie's closet again?"
LillyEmperium 10/13/18 Congratulations Victor,the color kinda brings yours eyes out.
Jewel 10/12/18 "The poster did, literally."

Watches as he admired his own mug. One slender brow would raise as he'd suggest her to enter Mackenzie's office. "Don't let the face fool you. I'm not as naive as I look." Took the poster back. "I'm sure I could make it in her office.." Smirked. "..but I enjoy my head where it is."

Jewel 10/09/18 Admired the poster resting between her slender digits. WANTED: Victor Lockheed (Dead or Dead) Smirked as she read it, it was actually quite delightful. Ironic even.

"Looks like you're the troublesome one.." She'd hand over the entertaining poster to the man.

[Congrats on POTD]

Gray Taylor 10/05/18 V. Lockheed
Of course.
Moscow. The office is fine.
Mackenzie 09/28/18 Feb
Meet me in Moscow. 911.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Feb
Jasper says he misses you.
But I miss you more.
Mackenzie 09/06/18 Feb
Mackenzie 09/06/18 Feb
So many choices. Only one want. 💋
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
You just want to see a girl fight. I get a treat after?
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
So what youíre saying is that I need to murder him.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
This is his first time with a man.
I thought you were just teasing him.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
If you say a word, you get nothing for a year.

Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
You canít say a word. Got it?
Top secret.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
Did I mention itís a straight man?
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
No? Nothing? No curiosity?
Honestly. Itís like you donít even love me anymore.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
What? No.
Jasper has a boyfriend.
If you tell anyone, Iíll be in trouble. So. Donít.
Mackenzie 09/05/18 Feb
Tan. Guess fvcking what.
Gray Taylor 09/03/18 V. Lockheed
Don't tempt me, and we won't have any issues.
Gray Taylor 09/02/18 V. Lockheed
Who do you hate more? Me, or Jasper?
Jewel 08/27/18 That's a shame.
You not having the time, that is.
I suppose so.
Otherwise, I don't believe it'd be fair.
Jewel 08/27/18 Quite welcome.
I guess there was no hiding.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
Mackenzie 08/27/18 Tan
Jewel 08/27/18 Hello.
I do?
Well, you look lovely.
Mackenzie 08/27/18 Tan
Iíll do my best, handsome.
By best, I mean I will f-cking cut a b-tch.
Gray Taylor 08/24/18 V. Lockheed
It's been so nice without your face in Moscow.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 Tan
How do you feel about visiting Moscow?
Orient sounds delicious, doesn't it?
Mackenzie 08/18/18 Tan
I mean, that window wasn't cheap.

It's as if you think I don't know you.
I even got a backup set.

He is very excited to meet you.
I am so happy to have this arsehole back.
I told him how f-cking handsome you are.
Don't think he believes me.
Mackenzie 08/18/18 Tan
I realize you're probably still upset, but I ordered a new window.
On me.

Plus, new lace.
Mackenzie 08/16/18 Tan
First off, it was an accident.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Tan
Huh. Well. You should also know that a window was broken.
The bathroom also got flooded.
But, at least I remembered to put pants on.
When will you be getting home?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Tan
I've never seen you brawl. Might like that.
Must I brawl for your affections?
How badly do you want to know?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Tan
My Jasper is back.
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Hello, Handsome.
Mackenzie 07/15/18 What Mackenzie walks in on is a sight. Not nearly as hungry as Victor, for she would be damned if she let something like a fake serial killer dampen a good time, she is still insatiable. What gets her is the fact that they are blissfully alone to their own devices, and without the little lost puppy of a b-tch for once.

"You greedy b-stard."

Licking her bottom lip, she steps forward, barely pulling off her tiny dress before climbing into the water and placing herself precariously between Victor and dessert.
Mackenzie 07/14/18 "Vic," Mackenzie mumbles for attention from where she stands, the limp body that had been her dinner at her feet. She says his name again, this time clear. After a moment's wait, she gives it one last shot. This time, she is on the move, looking for the man. "F-ck sake. Victor!"
Gray Taylor 07/13/18 V. Lockheed
Yes. I pine away day and night.
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Feb
Good news! I've hired a male stripper.

Bad news! There is a religious something or other that apparently has been watching me and knows my whole everything.

What a f-ckin' night.
Gray Taylor 07/10/18 V. Lockheed
At least when I propose to a woman, they say yes.
Mackenzie 07/07/18 Flatterer. You may carry on.
Mackenzie 07/07/18 You listen.
But yes. I f-ckiní mean it.
Look at this face? Does this face say Ďcautioní, to you?
Mackenzie 07/07/18 Listen, Iím just waiting for you to take that knee.
Mackenzie 07/03/18 So, like, am I going to be a Lockheed, oooorrrrre...?
Gray Taylor 06/28/18 V. Lockheed
You're still here.
What a shame.
Mackenzie 06/25/18 Feb
So. Now that youíre the Realmís most wanted, I feel we are obligated to get hitched because you just had to go get that handsome face plastered all over. Thanks, arsehole.
Mackenzie 06/16/18 He acts. She watches. She glares.

He's so lucky she likes him. More than likes him. She word-that-shouldn't-be-easily-used him. Still. Now she's been called on the carpet, and called out. "Grand. But. I'm hungry. So, can we go ruin someones life? We'll call it a stag party."

One more smirk up at the man, one more kiss, and she is tucking her phone into her back pocket and sauntering toward the door.
Mackenzie 06/16/18 He laughs. She stares. A cool gaze is set upon him, unwavering, that sh-tty little smirk ever present on her face. And, as he begins to sling his own sh-t, she lets out a laugh of her own. "Hysterics? That's an exaggeration, Tan."

Still, this isn't what she had expected while conducting her little experiment. Mackenzie expected Victor to have reasons to not go through with it. She did believe that it had been a bluff, meant to appease her youthful desires. Narrowing her eyes, she glances him over.

Now she is the one in the sh-tty situation. Not him. Or, maybe he is bluffing. Maybe Victor Lockheed is bluffing her bluff. There would be no chances taken, and no prisoners taken. Not this time. They say you can't bullsh-t a bullsh-tter, and yet. Here she is. "You're right. You're absolutely right, Tan."

And, with a low breath of defeat, she makes her final bluff. "I lied. The Priest will come to us. Not the other way around."
Mackenzie 06/16/18 "Mhmm. Severe. Lethal, almost. So many consonants. It just rolls off the tongue." A grin, pressing her to his shoulder before pulling away. She paces across the room with a sure gait, fingers wrapping around the cellular that rests upon a table before bringing it up.

She is determined to get a rise out of him. Bound to do so. His phone would go off, only after she is done fussing with her own.

Group Message
Be at Saint Patrick's Cathedral tomorrow at 10pm.
The shrews have been tamed.
Mackenzie 06/16/18 "Essentially?" He clearly is in a state of denial, as it is fairly obvious that he is just that. Still, she would let him have it, letting out a soft laugh of amused reflection. A tilt of her head, blue eyes shut away from the world, and a full smile are present as she enjoys her position of powerless power. "You probably should have just led with that, Tan."

Leaning back into him, she tilts her head back. "Right. Well. I suppose we should send our Save the Dates, then. How does tomorrow sound?"

She might be playing him. She might not. Mackenzie does her best to keep from giving away her position. Spinning around within his grasp, she briefly presses her lips to his before raising a brow. "Obviously, it'll need to be a Catholic ceremony. You understand, of course."
Mackenzie 06/16/18 "Interesting," she muses, staring at him with a wicked smirk. "But... emotional baggage and legal stuff is hardly what my client might think to be worth it. Especially when they are already filthy f-cking rich in all of the above."

Leaning forward, she swipes the zippo, procuring a flame and lighting up one of his cigarettes. A sideways glance is given, and she pretends to mull his question over. "That is privileged information. Though you may need to drink more anyway."
Mackenzie 05/11/18 "So," Mackenzie squints, pausing to take a poignant pull from her cigarette. "What are the benefits of being a Lockheed? Asking for a friend."
Mackenzie 04/28/18 Feb
It grew legs and walked away.
Your curls are criminal, though. That's the truth.
Mackenzie 04/28/18 Feb
I'm confused. Did you, or did you not, use my hairbrush?
I promise to only be mildly annoyed.
Mackenzie 04/28/18 Feb
When the f-ck did Spring come over?
Is that.. oh god.. did we?
Mackenzie 04/28/18 Feb
You used my hairbrush?
Mackenzie 04/20/18 Cheap arse.
You were successful in stealing $819.00 from Victor Lockheed.
Mackenzie 04/04/18 Tan
Look behind you, and you'll find that missing 6k.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Tan
Would you rather him have Daddy issues?
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Tan
Is he? No wonder he has my picture as his phone background...
Mackenzie 03/17/18 Today is her day, and there is no wasting it. Mackenzie requires a certain amount of just about anything to get any sort of feeling, but the feat is astronomical and near impossible... just for a minute's buzz. Even still, the feeling of warm liquor coating her throat and temporarily heating her from the inside, out would never get old.

"Tan," Mackenzie chirps, her uplifted mood rare. The woman sidles up to the man, the neck of her bottle of whiskey firmly within her grasp, and leans up to him with a wicked little grin. "Is there an English B-stard's day?"
Mackenzie 03/09/18 Mackenzie glances sideways at Victor, phone in hand. She knows full well he very well may have been reading over her shoulder as she poked the bear... but still, she offers the screen officially. "...Can't we just kill him and be done with it?"
Mackenzie 02/24/18 They lacked substance.
Mackenzie 02/23/18 Consider this a late Valentineís gift to me.
You were successful in stealing $789.00 from Victor Lockheed.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Feb
I have an idea.
Meet me at the cabin. We're going for a hunt.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Feb
[Screenshot Attachment]
Not if I kill him first.
You're not leaving my sight.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Feb
[Screenshot Attachment]
Gray Taylor 02/11/18 V. Lockheed
I love it when you overstate your masculinity.
Gray Taylor 02/11/18 V. Lockheed
Wish I had a new phone.
Iím sure heís lovely.
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
She's a brat.
About this hotel.
Tell me more.
Katherine Murray 02/03/18 -blinks- This... is not how that was supposed to go. I am not equipped to handle this. I have to find an adult. An adultier... adult. S'cuse me.

-probably runs-
Katherine Murray 02/03/18 Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!

Ima eat chur fingies.
With fava beans.
And a nice chianti.

-shifty eyes-
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
You left me in the sticks?!
The f-ck. She doesn't need a f-cking Jew.
I need a f-cking English b-stard.
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
Right. Well I made this rule. Which is the same rule as yours.
I win.
I'm at the bar. I'm Irish. What do you expect?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
They have a fireplace. Upgrade.
Your flat in London has anti-vampire rules.
Can we move the f-ck out of that, too?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
Are you kidding? The Den just opened back up.
BAR, Tan. A bunch of drunk crazy people.
What could possibly me more entertaining?
Mackenzie 02/03/18 Feb
You know... I kind of don't care.
Don't make it a habit.
Solomon will get pissy.
Don't know where they are. I never clean.
Mackenzie 01/28/18 "Get dressed. You're taking me out."
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Nope. That just makes you a creep.
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Wow. It's not like I'm under the legal age of consent. Christ.
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
Going to break up with me?
You scared, Tan?
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
My death day age is not important.
Mackenzie 01/27/18 Feb
F-ck. You're old.
Cradle robber.
Mackenzie 01/25/18 Feb
How old were you when you biffed it?
Asking for a friend.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Feb
I have just made friends with a man that goes by Butcher. In Russian. And you said the woods are boring.
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *arches brow* Of course it would not be because of your looks, why, you do not even have a beard. But this face of mine, it could launch a thousand ships. And my bite, suffice to say, could enjoy all the throats on said crafts.

Legendary? Darling, I prefer monstrously immortal. I will leave the legends and fairytales to the children. *toothy grin*
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *stares back* Well, I s'pose she likes pretty things that bite, is that why she tolerates you? *bats lashes*
Mackenzie 12/27/17 "Uh huh. And I suppose that is just your form of a victory dance, yea?" With that, she glances over her shoulder at the slumped form not far from them. And, once his crime is clearly known, she slips a hand into his back pocket with a gentle tap as she claims her real estate.

You witnessed Victor Lockheed attack Drep Doden!
Mackenzie 12/27/17 "Hands." Mackenzie hisses, despite a gaze that flickers without shame over the tall, dark form of Victor.

Victor Lockheed just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 11/11/17 Feb
Not me. We donít talk to each other like that.
Want to join? Iím in the kitchen at the takeout place in town.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Christ. She hates me.
Kill them. Iím in the mood for Chinese.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
[Screenshot Attached]
Where the f-ck are you?
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
So long as you're unscathed, I'm happy.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
I didn't realize she feels anything other than anger... bless.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Yes. But don't change the subject.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
Because...? She declared war on me.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Feb
What the f-ck is she doing?
Mackenzie 10/14/17 Feb
Read 7:11 P.M.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
I saw a tan thong in your top left drawer.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 ďWhipped...Ē

Your reaction is all I needed. Thank you.
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
Are we going to have to get domestic over this?
Mackenzie 10/07/17 Feb
Black is not a neutral color, Tan.
Mackenzie 10/06/17 Feb
I have decided you may never wear neutral colors.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Feb
I'm going to Central Park tonight. Some concert.
Maybe I'll find a good meal or two.
Doubt it will be very exciting.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Feb
I'm mad at you for going to London.
Just decided.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
This is completely unfair.
F-cking London.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Love it when you talk dirty to me.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Redhead.. I like it.
Get some grub and think of me.
I'm stuck here until tomorrow night.
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Too high of a code of ethics.
I'm purchasing him a bride.
What color hair, do you think?
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
As if he could take me.
No. It's far worse than celibate.
He doesn't f-ck around. At all. Ever.
Can't you lose functionality without sex?
Mackenzie 09/17/17 Feb
Cat's out of the bag. You're my Brit, I'm a danger to society, and we're getting closer to an understanding.
One problem: He's not gotten laid in at least two years. How the f-ck is he alive?
Mackenzie 09/10/17 FEB
Cute. Whats for dinner tonight?
I want details.
Mackenzie 09/10/17 FEB
Tan, am I easy?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Adorable. Make sure to dress for the occasion. You can consider this a proper date.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Les Mis? Your age is showing. Which showing?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
Such a gentleman. How do you feel about Broadway? Those private balconies often have rich meals.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 FEB
I'm heading into the city.
Care for dinner?
Mackenzie 08/17/17 FEB
Oh? Miss me already?
Mackenzie 08/16/17 Mackenzie smirks at the message, glancing up from where she sits on the couch. Burrowing herself deeper into the corner, she begins her reply and attaches to it a picture of a body wrapped in trash bags, secured by duct tape. Evidence of a steady drip of blood is evident.

I tried to be discreet. Truly.
Mackenzie 08/12/17 Favorite English *******
Picked up a hitch hiker.
Poor f-cking idjit.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Feb
He's passed out, currently. Food poisoning.
Sure you understand.
See you soon, Tan.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Well, f-ck. She stares down at the mess of a girl held hostage by Victor, obviously terrorized and likely soon dead. She knows it, too. Mackenzie can see it written all over her blotchy face. It makes her miss doing these things with him. Torturing, killing for the sheer thrill of it, and all that ever came after it.

"Looks like Vic might be visiting," she muses aloud, sure that Jameson would hear here even through the pain.

Right where you left me.
Didn't realize you had a type.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 She reads the text, blinking before a slightly sinister grin takes residence upon her face. Glancing down at Jameson, Kenz lets out a quiet laugh followed by a huff of frustration. God damn him.

F-cking English B-stard
I disagree with your agreement to disagree.
Show me yours, Tan.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 Victor
I'm not the one who changed their mind.
This one is going to suffer for a very long time.
Mackenzie 07/22/17 She rolls her eyes. Mackenzie knows he's being honest, and she also knows it is meant to be a dig considering their current state (hint: there is no state). She snaps a picture. Jameson Orlav, on the ground howling in pain as he claws at his stomach. There is a distinct change to his usual appearance, agony aside, and the bloodstained, near white hair splayed on the edge of the picture might be a good indication.

Funny. I have a similar situation, Tan.
[IMG Attachment Received]
Mackenzie 07/20/17 Victor
Where are you?
Elisa Stratten 05/30/17 "Well good luck with whatever endeavors brought you back here. Quite a bit has changed in the past few months....well years really."

Elisa swept loose hairs away from her face, and offered a soft smile. Not one to hide emotions, it was clear in her eyes that she had something more to say. Curiosity generally led the poor girl to stick her foot in her mouth...and often places equally unappealing.
EtaineNightBreed 05/29/17 "Welcome back....please stay this time, Mr. Lockheed and if you need a few bucks for plane fare. I am good for the return flight as well. Remember Cancun if you can't log in.. Or I will make sure your bum is packed off in style." Etaine smiled at the new not so new comer and disappears into the night.
LillyEmperium 05/29/17 *As she strolled threw the realm, Lilly noticed a familiar face once again returning. Shaking her head she chuckled * welcome back ...again Victor.
Elisa Stratten 05/29/17 The confusion was distinct in his facial expression, and the regret was clear in her eyes. This wasn't going to be an easy explanation, and it certainly wasn't a short one. It had been well over a year and a half since Elisa's death and only a couple weeks since her return. There had been many faces he had surely met in his time here, but hers was not one of them.

"No, I'm afraid not. You may not have known her either, but I feel like you might have at least known of her. My sister's name was Brenna. She was in After Dark. I'm an old friend of Mackenzie's. I haven't been around in a while."
Elisa Stratten 05/28/17 Elisa had been gone for quite some time. And in that time she had missed much. This man would not know her name, but he might know her sister. Even so, she felt the need to reach out. "Welcome back, Mr. Lockheed."
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