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Aleister Carlyle
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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See, the thing about real magic is it's a whole lot like crack.
People do surprising things once they get a taste of it.
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Mackenzie 09/09/18 Blue
Ah. Wrong one, then.
But I see it. It's f-cking huge.
Actually, it's quite impressive.
Here we go.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Blue
As if I go anywhere without it.
I'll be paying that lap dance forward, mind you.
My dearest friend in the world needs to get back at their man.

Text if your heard your tombstone break.
Jesus, they move fast in this graveyard.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Blue
Buried alive? That simply won't do.
You're much too pretty for that.
Let me grab my shovel. Be right there.
Mackenzie 09/09/18 Blue
Goddamn. It's a f-cking holiday. What's up, handsome?
Mackenzie 08/14/18 Transparency is key, and the moment Mackenzie is instructed to leave a message, a stubborn little grin appears. The phone is pulled from her ear, and with the press of a button, terminated. "Can't leave a message. Might seem needy."

The pocket is stuffed into her pocket, and she squints slightly as she gives her own instruction. "Just call back later. Pretend not to know who it is.."

And, with that, she takes her steps back to make her retreat.
Autumn Summers 08/14/18 As Aleister turns, Autumn flashes a wicked, self satisfied grin and makes no attempt to hide the transgression despite the fact he scowls at first. Honestly, it can be much more fun when one gets caught, although she may receive a tongue lashing for it this time. Worth it.

But then a smirk and Autumn knows she's off the hook. More than that, he gives her encouragement. How delightful!

"You make a tempting offer." The same little grin remains on her lips. "I do believe I'll take you up on it, if for no other reason than to keep myself entertained..." Nevermind it's the the perfect excuse to do more admiring. "Be seeing you around, you can bet on it," the redhead promises, turning on her heel and stuffing the bills into her pocket all in one smooth movement.

The next day Autumn is at it again. He invited her to, and far be it from her to disappoint him. Once again, she stalks her target. If it wasn't a game before, it is now.

Behind Aleister's firm back, slender digits dip into a pocket... and come up empty.

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Aleister Carlyle.

"Now, that's just not playing fair," she accuses over his shoulder, stretching up onto her toes to do so. The tone of her voice indicates the comment is in jest. "If you wanted me to have a feel, you could said as much."
Autumn Summers 08/13/18 Despite her short stature, familiar faces aren't difficult to pick out. Of course, the supernatural edge of cataloguing scents helps greatly. So, when she spots the thatch of dark hair and striking blue eyes, Autumn knows exactly who it is, and she's always in the mood for a bit of mischief.

She moves through the other bodies, her daintiness an asset in this case. Before she's close enough to pick Aleister's pocket, she takes advantage of the situation and has a gander at the man's derričre. Sue her. She's a woman. She likes men. And he has a fantastic ass.

But sadly, the show must go on.

The last bit of distance disappears and Autumn reaches deft fingers into a back pocket. Aha! Out between thumb and middle finger slides a small collection of bills. Will he notice or will she get away clean?

You were successful in stealing $23.00 from Aleister Carlyle.
AdonisOMaera 08/12/18
Pinching his lips into a flat line and looking over his shoulder, he doesn't meet Al's eye-line as he speaks "Eh, In all honesty? This is the last place I expected to find myself. I just...had to leave. Picked this place because I liked the music they played on the bus here." Now he looks back at Al with a slightly disappointed expression. "You know me, Always on the move. New Orleans isn't so bad though, it's turning out to be a great little adventure." It's now that his warm smile returns.

When Al finds himself to be speechless, Adonis wiggles and plays into the suspense of it all. When he gets a maybe, Adonis claps his hands together and looks far too pleased with himself. "A maybe! I'll take it!" Doing a small jig of fancy footwork to truly explain his excitement, he sobers quickly but keeps his grin.

Adonis ponders a moment and then tilts his head to the side, raising his finely groomed brows. "Wait. What're you doing in New Orleans? How'd you find yourself here? What do you do now? Got a woman or man yet? What happened to you man? You were there and then you weren't..." the questions are asked slowly, he remembers how private Al could be and always tried to be respectful of that, however he really wants to catch with him.
Winter Summers 08/11/18 Winter waited for the hostilities or at least a compliment on his popping booty. Really these things went one way or the other. However he was truly not expecting the male to shove his hands into his front pockets. Icy blue eyes widened slightly and looked down at his pockets that were now being pilfered.

Though they only remained looking at his pockets for mer moments. His brow would arch as his eyes returned to looking at the handsome stranger and realizing just how close he had got to him. He obviously didn't need to be this close to Winter but he wouldn't complain, he wasn't sure there would be a person who would complain about such things.

Winter could have stopped the male from taking his wallet, or at least attempted to but truly there was no fun in that! Winter couldn't stop the smirk that came to his face as the man's hands left his pockets but not before giving his decently muscular thigh a squeeze. This one was just asking for trouble.

"You know what's gonna be really disappointing." Winter's eyes went to his own wallet. "When you open that wallet and realize that there is only some odd change, a coupon for some frozen yogurt, maybe one or two of my old escort cards. All that hard work for nothing truly worth it."

He held his hand out for his wallet the smirk still remained on his face. "Should have stuck to the back pockets, not only do you get to feel up my marvelous behind but the phones there. At least you could have sold that for some funds."
Mackenzie 08/08/18 "What's the fun in a simple phone call?" With a wink, Mackenzie pulls her phone from her pocket, finds the contact, presses that lovely button, and presses the phone to her ear as she watches the man. Naturally, she is calling him.
Winter Summers 08/08/18 Winter's icy eyes locked onto the person's face that had the sticky fingers. He was silent for a mer moment this one was by no means hard to look at. He had to take moment, he was the best looking one he had seen since his return! Winter would have taken his picture if he was his old self but turning over a new leaf and whatnot.

"Handsome the wallet isn't in the back pocket, unless you were merely just trying to feel up my ass? Not that I could blame you I do my squats. You could bounce a quarter off of it!" Well he was attempting to turn over a new leaf anyway.

"Wallet's in the front pocket, but fear not I wont tell you which so you still have a bit of a challenge."

Aleister Carlyle just failed at stealing money from you!
AdonisOMaera 08/08/18 Adonis tucks his hands into his pockets and tilts his head to the side, his nose scrunches up when he pins his eyes onto Aleister's- who looks as if he is having a Vietnam flashback. No sooner does he retell the tale of cougar night and the exciting fun they had. Adonis breaks into a bright grin- cackling slightly.
"Oh Sh*t, KEN? It's good to see you." Adonis practically beams while pressing his hands against his own chest, Adonis would proudly exclaim "It's me. Pretty!" and then open his muscular arms for a hug; though friendship outside of the club was almost unheard, Adonis will hug just about anyone for any reason at all, especially if they look like Aleister.

"why the frown? I don't recall you being totally against the whipped cream fun and dancing the nights away. huh? Not all of it warrants such a look." he gently teases, attempting to make light of it. Nonetheless it was good to see someone from when he started in the business.

Adonis is still working the clubs here and there, he enjoys it and Aleister seems to be having a negative reaction to the world Adonis has called home since he was 18.

"It's been so long since I objectified myself for money."

Adonis visibly perks up at that, a mischievous gleam in his eyes as a slow charming smile toys along his lips. Since Aleister briefly knew him prior, he hopefully remembers this look- and hopefully remembers that nothing good ever followed.

"WELL! Ken. Is that your way of saying you'd like to give it another go sometime? we could show these 'bois' how it's done. Show'em how they're supposed to look.
AdonisOMaera 08/07/18 Upon being stared at, Adonis stiffens as he stalks by. 'That was weird.' he thinks to himself until he is being addressed. Halting his stride, Adonis slowly turns on his heels; though his form is obscenely cumbersome, he manages to do this dance-like spin with utmost elegance.
"Hmm? OH! you are speaking to me. Well. Hmm."

Processing what he said, Adonis takes a step back to truly look at the other male, even narrowing his eyes to try and place him. Alas, he chuckles.

"Hey man, no hard feelings. Just because i'm a little foggy doesn't mean we haven't met. Maybe you've been to one of my shows?"

Adonis puts his hand up in the air as if holding a pole and then sways his hips a little. Giving a hint to what his shows actually are. After finishing his little jig, Adonis warmly smiles at him- wondering if that jogged a memory of some sort.
Autumn Summers 08/07/18 Aleister
A knife but no firearms, hmm?
Curiouser and curiouser.
I will be there shortly.
Mackenzie 08/04/18 "Blue." Mackenzie eyes the man, grinning slightly despite the judgy look upon her face. "Miss your face."
Autumn Summers 07/31/18 Aleister
Then it's a good thing liquor stores carry all sorts of whiskey, I like to drink, and one should never drink alone.
Oh, aye, no doubt you can.
I'm intrigued. Good timing, given my boredom.
Where should I meet you?
Autumn Summers 07/31/18 Aleister
There's a conversation for another day, it sounds like.
You have my attention.
Autumn Summers 07/31/18 Aleister
This is Autumn, the redhead you chatted with a while back.
No, I'm not in need of your professional services, but I am bloody bored. Entertain me?
Dessa Chambers 07/23/18 Dessa feels a presence behind her and turns around to see, who she thought, was Willam. "Gaaawd. William, I thought I told you to stop"

Realization sets in. She sees it's not actually William. Just someone who looks incredibly like him. How embarassing. "Crap. Sorry. God. You just..look like someone I know."
She shakes her head, "We can just pretend this never happened..."

(Aleister Carlyle,Dessa Chambers,)
Autumn Summers 07/15/18 Ah, but I didn't say family, did I? I said loved ones.
*offers a sharp smile*
Forthcoming is good, and the truth is difficult to find. I could start a philosophical conversation on 'the truth' but maybe we'll save that for next time. I don't want to keep you too long. Well met, Aleister.
*tips her head slightly*
Something tells me you can find me if you want to. Farewell.
Autumn Summers 07/13/18 She is one of the few things that does these days. *quirks an odd smile*
Cross lines and sacrifices... I'll consider myself warned. As long as it doesn't involve me or my loved ones, it will probably be fine. Thank you for your willingness.
Athena Maximus 07/12/18 She eyed the man curiously as he flashed the fake smile. When he continued on to the meaning of her name... She couldn't help but smirk. She looked up at him with her gray eyes. When their gaze met her eyes turned a brilliant bright blue, and the tips of her red hair began to burn like fire. She couldn't help but laugh as she spoke. "Al, you have no idea!" After a few moments her hair turned back to normal, and her eyes kept the bright blue hues. "It's a pleasure to meet you Al. If you ever need any assistance, I work at the hospital down the street. Stop by any time!"
Autumn Summers 07/12/18 You make an enticing offer. Although I can't imagine a need for such things... which is not a reflection on you at all. Me and Maddie-
*smiles a bit-
She's my cat, have everything we need. That being said, would you be adverse to letting me see what you do for educational purposes? I will pay you for your time, of course.
Athena Maximus 07/12/18 She had gotten off her shift working at the hospital for the day. Despite her having magic powers she had a deep love for science. She loved learning how everything was connected. Starting all of the way from atoms, and elements. Then going all the way up to the universe and all of f the people in it.

So whenever someone new came to the realm. She knew! She could feel their presence, and her curiosity made her instantly want to meet them. She kept her eyes open in case she came across them. When she finally found a face she didn’t recognize she walked up to them and smiled softly. “Sir?” She asked softly before continuing on. “I’m sorry to bug you, but I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Pandora! Are you new here to the realm?”
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Base of operations, sure, but that doesn't mean you can't be a vendor as well. It doesn't suit everyone, however.
*bounces a brow*
*looks curious*
Things, or people? Admittedly, your line of work as it were, is not unfamiliar to me. Though your niche sounds different than what I'm more used to dealing with. I won't lie, you've piqued my curiosity.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Insightful, too. Color me impressed.
*gives the extended hand a firm shake*
Aleister it is. More flare and that seems to suit you better than 'Al', in my humble opinion. Pleasure to meet you.
*accepts the card*
*tucks it into a back pocket*
Thank you. I can't readily think of any need for charms or hexes but no doubt something will come up eventually. Do you have a storefront, or by demand only?
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 Shame more people don't share your outlook.
*smiles slightly*
I'm Autumn, by the way. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm not difficult to find.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 *actually snorts*
*can't help it*
You're a cheerful sort. Not much of that around here. What a delightful breath of fresh air.
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 *laughs*
One of those, hmm? I'm assuming you don't mean spirit fingers or jazz hands...
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 I hope its luck magic is strong. You're going to need it.
Camille 07/11/18 I do my best. Sometimes. Even if it means being the best at being the worst.
Camille 07/11/18 I see a 'welcome' is in order. So there it is, I guess... Welcome, or whatever. Don't get killed and stuff.
*waves a hand*
*looks around suspiciously*
Autumn Summers 07/11/18 I would say welcome but I'll bet you've gotten quite enough of that, so instead I'll say... good luck.
Jameson Orlav 07/10/18 *squints*
.. Whats the average preference? What is it, anyway? Is it roofies? I feel like it’s roofies.
Jameson Orlav 07/10/18 Cool completely before serving, or is this cold-pressed?
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Impressive. But... with those eyes, I doubt I'll be disappointed.
-Plucks card gingerly, pockets-
Talk soon, Blue.
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Just... just allow me to check real fast...
-Pulls out phone, does a thing-
So, we are talking stag. That means more of that.
-Presses lips together, looks over, studies-
Ten grand. But I expect some Bowie f-cking magic.
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Right price? What's the right price?
Mackenzie 07/10/18 Hi. Yea. Listen. Do you do ladies stag parties?
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