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Livia Vlcek 03/22/19 *tickle attacks*
Livia Vlcek 02/22/19 Happy Birthday gawjuss. *nuzzles*
Mackenzie 01/24/19 Mackenzie isn't picky. She's practically an alcoholic, for f-ck sake. So when the double wrapped, partially drank bottle makes it into her grasp, she is quick to unpackage it so that she can share in the liquid sunshine. "Thaaaaaaaank you."
Livia Vlcek 01/24/19 She had, for once, slept like the dead. Maybe it was the subtle changes in her life as of late, maybe it was something else. Regardless, Livia had awoken late, later than usual.

Gathering downy comforter around bared flesh, Livia turned to grab the smartphone from bedside table when something.. unusual.. caught her eye. Had someone been stealthy enough to slip into her bedroom and leave this strange bouquet? Lissome fingers took the note attached from the pot.

Laying in bed, blanched irises moved quickly over the written words as a smile drew across scarred visage. Now Livia realised why she hadn't awoken and what Malek was doing with the pool. This was what happened when hollow points were fired into a body of water.. and they were absolutely beautiful.
Livia Vlcek 01/20/19 *stops*
*stands next to*
*says nothing*
Livia Vlcek 01/19/19 I NEED MOAR RED BULL! *vibrates*
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 Malek always did have a way of expressing himself without words, didn't he? Maybe he just understood Livia was tired, in pain or frustrated and she simply needed to be distracted or comforted or to simply feel safe. And maybe this is what she loved most about him.. for as brusque as Malek could be, he was equally protective and loving. In his own way. As tattered lips crashed into her own scarred ones, Livia relented, let the thoughts that plagued damaged psyche slip away while lithe arms enveloped the strong column that was his neck. There was no other place that she'd rather be, truth be told.
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 "Stupid question hm?" Livia gives a nod of understanding and simply wanders off. She'll go talk to a wall instead. Because that is sort of how she feels at this moment anyway.
Livia Vlcek 01/18/19 *stops on her nightly stroll* You ever just get the urge to punch a person in the fvcking face?
Mackenzie 01/14/19 She can feel it. The hair on the back of her neck, the way her skin crawls. It is that sensation you get when there are eyes on you, like those of Big Brother or Doctor T. J. Eckleburg. It isn't quite friendly, nor hostile. There is no way it could be described as creepy. Simply watched. Observed. Mackenzie's icy stare is already sweeping, searching for her unoffensive offender.

And there he is. So far away, and yet near. She locks eyes with him, unsmiling as a huff of disturbed amusement escapes. This is a face she could never forget. Her memory of this man may be fleeting, but she knows him. And if he remembers her, he would remember her sh-tty sense of humor.

His kind are known for many things, but most important are two key senses: smell, and hearing. If she watches closely enough, she is sure she might catch a slight twitch of his nose. That isn't what she is after. Instead, Mackenzie's voice would quietly lilt, confident of his capabilities. "You're not getting any younger."
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *picks up Squirtle and runs*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *does as he asks.. leaves the booze with him.. from midair*
*watches as the bottle crashes against the concrete, a river of whiskey flowing forth to carry Mr. Squirtle on it's waves* Don't care what I do huh? You sure?
*blows Malek a kiss*
*is dragged away by the surfing turtle*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *takes back the bottle of whiskey and the smokes*
*turns to make a quick getaway*
*stands there while the turtle attempts to catch up................*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *hands the man a bottle of Wild Turkey and a pack of smokes* How was your day?
*holds the leash to the baby turtle out towards Malek* Squirtle needs to go potty.. be a lamb?
Dita Morgenstern 01/10/19 Something glides across gaunt frame. There is pressure and then nothing. Garbled words. Dita turns to see a man, roughly her height with battered face ..but bulkier. Massive compared to most men she's ever seen. Gigantic compared to her. Laurel eyes narrow, skeletal fingers dust against her back pocket. The money she carries is gone. Limp tendrils of hair thrash suddenly as if her anger is attempting to manifest into something corporeal. Her fist balls, strikes forward at the man's throat.

"Don't touch me!"

You hit Malek for *** damage. You won the encounter!
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *makes cute sounds at the baby turtle*
*wanders off towards the pet shop*
*stops to get Malek a bottle of Wild Turkey and a pack of smokes on the way*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *thinks the man will go perfectly with she and Adara's new business of banjo making.. from the skin and entrails of humans*
*Liv's dream date? Might be a 6'3" dirty blonde male that wasn't ashamed of interacting with her.. basically a god-damn unicorn.. who only had eyes for her. Again. A god-damn unicorn.*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 *toddles off with cute turtle to look for a rando to marry*
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 "That's what happens when you think, Milacku." Before the words could register with Malek, Livia started off towards the city at a dead run, cup of tea sloshing in her hand. Distance.. it made the heart grow fonder right?
Livia Vlcek 01/10/19 "Someone thinks you should die for scarring my face." Livia shared before taking a sip of her tea, the scent of cinnamon filled still healing nose. "Thoughts?"
Khellen 01/09/19 The woman’s stoic visage is almost imperceptibly marred by a slight widening of pale eyelids. She has trained in the sacred art of combat for almost three decades, perfecting her skills whilst developing the dexterity unique to those of Ademic birth. As a female, her flexibility has naturally proven superior to those males of shared culture. Never once in her life has she borne witness to such elasticity of the body; the man’s entire integral framework should simply cleave in his efforts, and the lack of self-ruination has her mind racing. Her heart pounds as she begins to realise that this man is not simply different , that perhaps his distinction borders on the abominable.

Khellen’s grip on the stranger’s wrist tightens. Distancing herself from this encounter is no longer an option: she must subdue the creature fully, lest he harm someone else. While she intends to learn of his intent before passing judgement, she cannot now imagine a scenario in which she will let him go freely.

His forehead rushes towards her face with frightening speed. Her nose, already thrice broken and visibly crooked to one peering closely, twinges in remembrance as she understands that this must be his target. Employing her own blessings of lithe pliancy Khellen rears backwards, though not nearly to the same dangerous degree as the stranger, and uses her firm grip on his wrist to force their hands above their shifting bodies. She gives this extremity a hard tug backwards, feeling the tension stretch the muscles of her right shoulder as she begins the attempt to offset his center of gravity.

While his hopefully fractured appendage flies to their left side, Khellen uses her now free hand to perform a second, enduring strike to his open chest. With her fingers extended, ready to strain against his body to further the impact of her open palm, she intends to maintain this pressure throughout her attack. If he somehow manages to thwart her efforts, she will use this palm to keep the stranger at bay- it never hurts to have a barrier between yourself and your assailant.

As the final piece to the puzzle that is her strategy, Khellen lifts her right leg- her left foot remains planted in the original Break Lion - and thrusts upwards between the man’s legs. With this strike to his groin, her hand on his pressing into his chest, and the forcing of his forward momentum over their heads, this strike should not only painfully incapacitate, but launch the man overhead and solidly down into the ground.
Avalon Blackstone 01/09/19 A slight twinge pierces her scalp causing her to jump and rub her head. She looks over her shoulder and sees a man holding a strand of her hair. "You know it's rude to pull a ladies hair" Katarina stated before poking her tongue out at him and walking away.
Khellen 01/09/19 Fleeting disappointment strikes as the man explodes into motion. She is prepared, of course, already shifting backwards into Break Lion at the first inkling of aggressive tension about his frame. While Khellen knows neither the man nor his aim, she had in fact hoped to communicate. Truth be told, she has grown quite tired of the constant threats to her person. Ah, well. Once a barbarian…

The man’s foot slams towards the ground once occupied by her left foot, now a secure support in the Ketan’s stance. She does not draw her blade, choosing instead to put a lifetime of hand-to-hand training to use in dismantling his attacks. She sees but one weapon; it is a small, sharp instrument whose purpose remains unknown. She has seen nothing like it before, although the intricacy of its design does not bode well for her safety, she is certain. This, she believes, is the main threat.

Khellen briefly considers ignoring the first of the man’s attacks; she cannot imagine what he hopes to gain by striking at her backside. The indecision passes swiftly as, seeing no weapon servicing this attack, she performs an open-palm strike with her left, non-dominant hand. Best case scenario: the man’s empty hand will be incapacitated, broken at the wrist. Worst case: should her strike miss or be diverted somehow, it will at least force this hand harshly away from her person.

The man’s stomp towards her foot should bring their bodies closer, and she intends to make use of his momentum. With her dominant right hand she grabs for the weapon-bearing appendage, hoping to close around his wrist and pull him towards her with a powerful yank. She will decide what to do with the stranger once she manages to subdue him.
Livia Vlcek 01/09/19 So fast and hard is the impact that the sound registers before the pain. Malek had brought that sh*t from Atlanta and it HURT. Livia's face flushed crimson as synapses fired, her own hand covering the exact spot Malek's hand made contact. Her jaw visibly sets, free hand trembling until it closed into a balled fist.

"Yea.." The Slayer growled through clench teeth, took careful steps away. "You too."

Were her eyes watering? Must be all the dust..
Livia Vlcek 01/09/19 "Sounds like a great idea.. Sir." Fair enough. Even if it was icky. And she had just kissed him. Livia sighed quietly and nodded her head. Stepping past the male, a casual glance backwards over her shoulder, she smiled a polite smile. She was going to go rinse her mouth out now. Disinfect. Shoot up. Something. "Enjoy your bubble gum chewing.. I'm going to go hang at Jacks' place. There's a kegerator of Snake Venom calling my name. Toodle loo.."
Livia Vlcek 01/09/19 She's known the male for a decade. Does he really dare ask that question of her? In all the years the two have interacted, he has never once chewed a piece of gum until now. A lopsided grin tugged at scarred cheek before pale lips pressed a kiss to his.. maybe contaminated.. tattered lips. "Because Milacku.. I know you. You do not chew bubble gum."
Livia Vlcek 01/09/19 Livia watched curiously as Malek ripped a piece of bubble gum from the back of his pants for Hope and.. put it in his mouth? Seriously? Gods only knew where that had come from.. and he put it in his mouth? A dry heave. Furrowed brow. Another gag.. which was most uncommon for the Slayer.. she managed to compose herself long enough to approach the male.. her male? Not if he was chewing used bubble gum from god knows where. Maybe. "Did you.. did you just.. did you just chew gum from the back of your pants? That wasn't yours.. Originally."

Yes, she'd include the word 'originally' because Malek would claim it was his since it was stuck to the ass end of his jeans.
Khellen 01/09/19 Khellen watches the stranger approach with equal parts trepidation and curiosity. She knows there is something different about him; this Realm to which she has been banished veritably teems with such creatures. Dangerous? she inquires silently, for her demonic counterpart seems quite knowledgeable in the ways of this domain. His sneering response is quite wholly unhelpful, so with an inward shrug she steels her gaze whilst sliding her right hand towards the pommel of her blade.

The words leaving the man’s mouth are unlike anything she has heard before. She can swear that some of these terms belong within the common tongue, but the vast majority are completely unknown. Even though she knows that he will not understand, the Ademic signals are quick to her left hand. Apology. Caution. With a face devoid of emotion, she capitulates to his barbarism with a single, strangely accented word:

Genesis 01/09/19 ~squints her eyes at him. She knows what he up to. "My breath does not stink. Maybe you should eat all the gum. Lemme help." She grins, slamming the gum unto his mouth, hoping to break a tooth.
Livia Vlcek 01/03/19 N? Livia glanced over her shoulder at her erstwhile husband with a devious grin. He was obviously not impressed but why? She told him where laces were located. What was the problem? Did he want to have a longer conversation? Livia stopped and turned.

"Yes, Milacku?" Before he could answer, slender fingers were running his pockets in their search for a cigarette and found one. A lighter produced from her own pocket, the familiar scratch of metal across flint, flame found the tip of the short, unfiltered cigarette. Inhale. Exhale. A plume of smoke filled the space between. "Did you need something else?"
Genesis 01/03/19 ~strolls up to her fellow Lycan and crew-mate with a grin, shoving a bottle of Wild Turkey and some cigars into his meaty hands~
"Congrats on the rank deserve this bottle to celebrate! As for the cigars, I got them from Dexters stash. I know nothing of whether they are good or not. Enjoy though!"
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 A single brow raises as she sips on a red bull. Was he still working that bottle of tequila? Hey, it wasn't the best but it did the job didn't it? Livia got a partial night's rest (and an impromptu reminder why she avoided red meat) and Malek.. well.. did what Malek did best.

"They took your laces? Who took your laces?" The hell. "Did you get 5150'd?" Sometimes she wonders if he needs to be. "I think there is a spare set in the kitchen drawer, Milacku."

A soft smile, Livia pats the male's shoulder and wanders off looking for her smokes and maybe a bottle of good tequila.
Livia Vlcek 12/30/18 Cigarettes, whiskEy, Malek's heady scent in sensitive nose, Livia leans back against broad chest and snuggles in while pale eyes track multicolored candies on the smartphone screen. He's talking about New Year's Eve, drinking, being alone.. together.. and she's almost oblivious in her altered state. But his warmth feels wonderful. Livia feels safe.

"What time?" Her gaze doesn't falter from the game as a slender finger swipes to match colored candies. "What should I bring?" Disconnected? Slightly. BUT! Livia is aces at multitasking. "Where's your house?" An eye may have twitched having to ask THAT question. "Will I need a passport to reach it?"

It's not that she doesn't care for the Lycan. She cares deeply.. maybe too deeply.. for an 'erstwhile spouse' and 'sporadic lover'. And how does Livia deal with being another thot or friend with benefits? Not well. While she needs him, she really does, the Slayer will instead pretend she doesn't and stay high. Because feelings.. that and he made no mention of the gift she gave him for Christmas. Which she felt had been a touching and thoughtful gift. And it hurts.. like woah. No pressure Malek. Jerk.

Really she's just upset he didn't acknowledge her gift.

Livia Vlcek 12/24/18 Christmas. It had been Livia's favorite holiday so long ago.. it still might actually be. Once upon a time she would have showered her loved one in lavish gifts; now, the young woman knew the male wasn't fond of such things. So she settled on something that was actually the first gift she ever gave to Malek.. a practical gift at that.

Approaching the male quietly, Livia said nothing and instead offered the gift and a small smile. The wrapping paper was simple.. a heavy brown paper that she hand decorated with bits of holly, small pine cones.. all secured with brown twine. The label attached a heavy card stock.. gold in color.. with 'Merry Christmas, Malek' written in a flourished script.

Inside, Malek would find a single pair of black Doc Marten ten eye, steel-toed boots.
Livia Vlcek 12/24/18 His. It was strange to hear. Maybe she never really stopped being.. His. Oceans of time had come between the two but one thing was for certain, with him she had always 'belonged'. Whether it was simple friendship or more, the woman had always felt anchored by Malek. Even in tumultuous times, there was a calm in knowing he was near. Still.. she would still tease Malek with her reply. "Maybe.."
Livia Vlcek 12/23/18 She was just minding her own business really.. not trying to disturb him.. and maybe high as fvck. With a quiet laugh, pale eyes turned their attention to something.. maybe a butterfly.. just as solid frame hit willowy one. A sudden gasp, a tangle of limbs, Livia hit the ground with a solid thud. Ow. "Hi..." a soft laugh. "Fancy meeting you here.."
Livia Vlcek 12/23/18 A half-c*cked grin upon scarred visage, eyes heavy, Livia arched a single brow at Malek as she passed by. A sideways glance given, the smile deepened. He seemed to doing quite well in his training. She'd tell him later though.. when he wasn't busy.
Summer 12/20/18 “Many congrats on ranking, Malek. Hard work does indeed pay off.” She smiled brightly, lightening the intensity of her dark eyes. She brought nothing but good wishes, not knowing the enigmatic man at all. That was how Azhi did- enigmatic, slightly frightening, and loyal. “I’d have brought a bottle, but I don’t know what you prefer! Champagne? Whiskey? San Pellegrino?” She laughed lightly to herself, imagining the tall man sipping sparkling water. Hey, anything was possible.
Genesis 12/20/18 ~opened her door and nearly knocked over the bottle sitting on the floor. She knelt down and picked it up, pulling the card with it and looking it over. Wow...Malek had impeccable handwriting. She then looked over the bottle. It made her smile. However, she wondered if this was a trap. Her paranoia popping up slightly. But who was she kidding? This was a great gift and she would enjoy it, even share it with Malek if she spotted him around anywhere.~
Livia Vlcek 12/20/18 *salacious grin* Oh yes.. I'm very green. I'll use it over and over and over and over again.
Livia Vlcek 12/20/18 AWWWWW!! You're so sweet, milacku! But you know how I am after a late night of binge drinking. *grabs his red bull* You should probably just give me the whole thing.
Genesis 12/19/18 ~she smiled, it was almost heartfelt~
"Wow...that's the most I've heard you say in one sittin'...And I don't care what you think of me. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. I was testing you. Testing your limits, mentally, verbally. I guess I came at you all little ball of rage because I have seen how you treat people. It irritated me. I wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. No, not mature in the least, but oh so fun. I never do this kind of thing, like, ever, until now."
~She stood straight, her firearms shifting under her jacket uncomfortably.~
"You certainly give as good as you get. I guess you are one of those people that grows on you, if at all. I will stop harassing you and goading you. Hot damn was it fun though. Take my offer of friendship or not. Dun care. You're loss really. So, I guess at this point, if we aint having drinks, I will bid you good evening."
~She offered him a tooth, viscous grin, her pearly canines gleaming in the darkness, bits of gold flecks showing in her hazel eyes.~
Genesis 12/19/18 Congrats on the new rank big guy!
Genesis 12/19/18 The man nearly has her in stitches with every word that comes out of his mouth.
"I'm getting the feeling you are all brawn, no brains. Come on, Malek. I only wanted to make friends. We are crew, we are pack. No laws saying we cant be social, have fun, poke fun, and even challenge each other."
She inhales some of the smoke from his cancer stick. Its not unpleasant, but it was never her thing.
"If ya cant laugh every once in a while, and continue to be such a jerk about everything, no one's gonna warm up to you. And you have to admit, there is a reason we come together in a crew. Its home. Everyone wants a home. It makes us stronger. So, how bout we stop this p!ssing contest and grab a drink or 10. I'd rather get to actually know you rather than keep up with taking jabs at you. I really would prefer to not lose my temper. Wouldn't be pretty for either of us."
~She looked over the area for a moment~
"Know of a place to grab a few drinks around here? Or would you rather go skulking about on your own again?"
Dexter Gein 12/19/18 Congrats homie on the new shiny rank.
Genesis 12/19/18 ~once more Genesis burst out in near hysterical laughter at Maleks 'conclusion' of her state of being.~
"Oh, Malek, you are too funny. And so so blind. Very simple minded. Totally testosterone driven. Its the basic instinct of most males, especially of our kind, the beastly kind."
~she continued chuckling, wiping a tear from her eye. She hadn't had a full on belly laugh like that in a while.~
"When you grow up a little, you might start understanding the world as it is, past the immature and beastly nature. I know how hard being a wolf is, I went through that stage in my teens. You'll get past it in a few years."
~She finished up her laughing, though would think back on this entire conversation later and have another good laugh on it.~
"I appreciate the offer, despite your fear. Though rest assured my mate fulfills his end of the pact just fine and I am well sated. Perhaps it is you who needs to get his dip-stick a little wet. Might improve that attitude of yours."
~she snickered more, trying to keep it under her breath.~ "Come on to kick back some booze with me, or are you gonna keep up the macho man routine?"
Genesis 12/19/18 ~she chuckled, then that chuckle turned into a full out laugh, not something Genesis does often.~
"You are truly priceless, Malek. I offer no threats, only truths. As I am sure your words ring true as well."
~She is itching now, to let the wolf out, chew him up, and sh!t him out at a later date, but then, that's probably the irritation of the lack of booze. And falling behind on her training at the moment. She's spent too much time talking. Not her strong suit.~
"Well, Malek, we will have to sit down and get drunk together. I mean it. This...conversation...has been fun, and enlightening. I've got a clearer picture of you. Good things to know. Now...I need a drink."
~She offered him a quirky smile, letting the man take his leave if he so wished.~
Genesis 12/19/18 ~Genesis quirked an eyebrow~
"You can be pretty full of yourself sometimes, you know that? Someone is gonna knock you down a peg or two. Its inevitable."
~she snorted out a small laugh. The former Marine and current mercenary in her, along with the wolf within, sort of wished he'd test his limits with her. However, things would get messy. She didnt want to compromise anything within the crew, or cause discord among the ranks.~ "Just a word of your step."
She gave the statement a firm nod of her head.
"I'm out of booze now. That needs to be remedied."
Genesis 12/19/18 ~she managed to smile through his laugh. It was genuine, and she liked that.~
"Well, then hopefully we can be friends, with no complications. Liv would get a little out of sorts if we tore up the Azhi house in a brawl."
~She kept a small smile on her lips, reaching for what little was left of her tequila to finish it off. This guy might not be so bad after all. Confronting it head on was definitely the way to go. And it felt good. Letting the wolf rise to the surface a bit, for one who kept her beast in check unless needed.~
Genesis 12/19/18 ~she offered a smile, though it wasn't quite so friendly.~
"If you want to help your 'mate', you train. Right now, you are kind of low man on the totem. I mean, I could take you down with no problem."
~She said this with a matter of fact shrug. His arrogance annoyed her.~ "You may have been something back in the day, but not so much anymore. I don't see you as no Alpha, and sniffing around Livs skirts don't make you anymore important than anyone else."
~Okay, so that came out harsh. The wolf in her was annoyed with his take on things. She really usually would never get so up in arms over something like this. It was the rudeness he had shown others, and his arrogance, that irritated her. Some people were just like that, she tried telling herself. They couldn't help it, or didn't mean to come off that way. With Malek, however, she couldn't tell. So her own brute force shown through. She stood her ground, waiting to see what path he would follow in this little conversation.~
Genesis 12/19/18 ~She watches him closely for subtle things. The wolf in her catching each twitch of muscle, each movement.~
"Whiskey...not a huge fan, but you seem to have no problem taking what I offer."
~He then takes the coffee. She hadn't expected that. She offered him a choice. Her lip snarls just very slightly, but she is sure he could see it. Its a look of dissatisfaction.She withholds comment for now, offering up something more...pleasant.~
"You train as much as I do. Its good to see someone putting their back into it."
~Its a compliment, really, no matter how bland it sounded. The other voice in her head isnt so kind.~
Genesis 12/19/18 ~She came upon the male, her backpack slung over her shoulder~
"Training as always, Malek? Can I offer you some refreshment?"
~She pulled from her bag a bottle of tequila and a thermos of coffee, holding them up to the large man~
"Tequila or military grade're choice."
Livia Vlcek 12/16/18 Is he eating a creme filled doughnut? Why had she not checked for any apple filled?! Livia looks to her croissant with mild disdain. It's still delicious.. but not as delcious as a doughtnut filled with spiced apples could be. Pale pools narrow on Malek's doughnut then the bag.

"Well good morning to you too.." Her hand searches the bag for that powdered sugar and cinnamon delight that holds oh so delicious apple pie filling. It truly is Livia's favorite doughnut, more than the maple bacon kronuts she gets from the local bakery. Annnd, there isn't one. Who orders doughnuts and skips those.. seriously! Even if Malek probably wasn't the one to order them. His last words though, cause a brow to raise in question. "The real fun?"

She points to her nose, the two black eyes she has. "So this was just play pretend?" A laugh. "A friendly spar.. of course." Livia grabs the whole bag, her coffee, and starts towards the bath. "If we are really going to spar.. I'm going to need all of this then. Dekuji, Pane."

A foot kicks back, slams her bedroom door shut. Pushing buttons? Why not.. it'll make their spar all the more sweet.
Livia Vlcek 12/16/18 His eyes, they're quite telling in their gaze but not when it came to his Beast. The fact that his chest is rising and falling labouriously, though, concerns Livia. Does she run? Nah. After Malek speaks, the Slayer is fairly certain the Lycan is under control. Though, one time..

"Breakfast?" A single, dark brow raises in inquiry, pale eyes leaving the male long enough to study the coffee and the.. bloodstained bag? Now, Livia isn't weak of stomach when it comes to blood and gore. She might even be fond of the taste. But a complete stranger's blood is on that bag. And the paper is thin. But to not eat would be insulting to the kind gesture. She steels her stomach. "Yes, of course."

The case she carries finds the floor, the knapsack follows suit. Without reservation, Livia claims a cup of coffee and hands the other to Malek, genuine smile tugging at scarred lips. "So what did I miss hm?" She's cut off by a delicious bite of croissant, chewing slowly, she savours the taste of butter.. and blood. "Anything new or exciting, Milacku?"
Livia Vlcek 12/15/18 Livia is, well, not in her room. The woman had been on hiatus, 'working', away from Azhi. So imagine to her surprise, and amusement, the stocky male standing at her door, hands full and attempting to gain entrance to her room. A silent 'awww.. he brought coffee AND doughnuts' dances across damaged psyche; it softens cerulean hues and scarred visage. Curious as how this will play out, the Slayer hangs back and watches the temperamental Lycan from around the corner.

Coffee spilled.

More coffee spilled.

Even more coffee spilled.

She's trying not to laugh and doing an incredible job holding it back when a loud thud sounds out. Another thud arrives just as she snorts. Patience is waning on Malek's part, the ability to restrain any laughing outbursts is waning on Livia's part. Still she does not move or make a sound because, let's face it, this could get highly comical.. even if it does get expensive.

BOOM! The door flies inward at remarkable speed, crashes into the wall while the frame is left dangling in splinters. Yup. Sort of what she expected to be honest.

"You rang, Milacku?" Livia steps over the puddle of coffee on the hall floor.. nonchalantly of course.. and into the room, avoiding the sharp pieces of wood that hang from above. "Something smells delicious.. how is your day going, Sir."

Her lips are pressed tightly together, still trying to hold back the laugh that shakes lithe frame.
Mackenzie 12/14/18 Of all the things she had expected, it certainly was not this. Mackenzie finds herself staring down a familiarly traumatized visage, unsure of what might actually be happening. Is there something on her face? Did she not wash the bits of human flesh from her hair? Is there lipstick on her teeth? Frowning, those icy blues fail to falter.

Staring contest? It's on.

Arms crossing as she finds herself in a murky, bizarre situation, she is observant as he takes his zealous drink. And then, he points.

"Not today, tiny Satan," she mutters before the explanation is given. Dropped her pocket? So confused is Mackenzie that she would find her hands quickly moving to her backside, copping a feel if only to ensure her jeans hadn't fallen apart to give a free show to the Realm.

How f-cking embarrassing.

Head at an odd angle as she tries to observe her own behind, the lycan would be gone when she straightens up. "What the f-ck..."
Addison 12/13/18 *sniffs*
"You smell of old Realm, but new Azhi. Welcome. On the latter part. Oh, and if you need anyone or thing hexed, cursed, or generally tormented, drop me a line!"
*scampered off to do the weird things she does*
Livia Vlcek 12/11/18 Unnnnngh.. *pelvic thrusts against the male*
*laughs and staggers off*
*might have had too much to drink and over medicated*
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 She allows his hand to guide her head until she's staring deeply into those viridian depths she found herself lost in so many years previous. The green eyes that have haunted her for so long. Again her teeth press deeply into her lower lip.. this time to bite back what she wants to say and instead offers him..

"Small children? Endangered baby animals? What are we talking about here.. Milacku? How much is this adventure going to cost me?" Her last question is double in its meaning, isn't it. A laugh. She's missed him. The roughness of his hands. His scent. His face. Livia gives a subtle wink of a single cerulean hue. "Maybe you can show me, hm?"

Lissome fingers rest gently on the sharp angles of his face as scarred lips press a single, lingering kiss to the corner of his mouth. Only then does the hand that cups his cheek move to pull his hand free of her head and lithe frame is in motion towards her room. He can follow or he can go about his previous activities of ripping things apart. Or whatever it is that Malek does while she's doing her 'thing'.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Chimnies, these two. Her weight shifts noticeably from one steel toe boot to the other, the hand that holds her coffee remains before her. Malek is relaxed in posture, so Livia is. But the ever mercurial Lycan can change demeanor as quickly as channels on a television, much like Livia can.

"Ravenous hm?" A quiet chuckle escaped the woman. He always did have that swagger, didn't he. She's asked this question of herself many times since his return. And then he's moving into her space. Baby blues soften, their gaze lingers for but a moment on his bright eyes then find well striated chest. Uncomfortable? No. She's smart. To stare too long would be a challenge to the Beast that shares Malek's psyche. "For what?"

The words are simple in their sibilation yet not.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Darin? Who is Darin?

Cerulean pools narrow momentarily as Livia scrutinises Malek, her hand coming up to pull the cigarette away from damaged pout as tendrils of smoke drift lazily between the two. Maybe he meant 'darling'. Sure. Of course that's what he meant. Speech impediments.. tricky thing these.

"And if I stay?" She lingers there, polished ivories drifting across plump lower lip as she questions him. What will they discuss? The weather? The intricate flavours of coffee laced with caramel and tobacco? The corner of her mouth hitches higher, the half-c*cked grin cutting upwards in harsh manner. "Tell me, Milacku, how has your day been so far? Did you sleep well?" A sip taken of her own coffee. "Are you hungry?"

She might have five chicken nuggets to spare..
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 The corner of scarred pout hitches at her.. at Malek's grin. The simple word is telling, he's appreciative and probably very excited to have a warm cuppa in large hands. She assumes this since the male's heady scent has been laced with nothing but cigarettes, his whiskey and her.. much blood since he's arrived. The Slayer is in a transitory state and the Lycan has been assisting her through some hardships. But she's going to be just fine.

Another nod of her head, the Slayer moves gently past the busy Lycan but casts a glance back to h.. the male. "You're welcome, Sir. Figured you could use a cup." A sly smile. "Be seeing you."
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Pale eyes regard the male for many moments. She says nothing, instead a non-filter cigarette is left dangling from pale lips. He's been training hard and she is proud of him, his determination. With a short nod, an acknowledgement.. of him.. his perseverance, Livia's hand extends to offer Malek a large paper cup filled with very hot coffee. She might have been nice enough to add a touch of caramel and cream, just to give his senses a more complex experience.

Who said Livia couldn't be nice.. respectful..
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *leaves a tomato on his pillow while he sleeps*
Summer 12/03/18 She was in a foul mood, one that she’d been in for several months. It clung to her much like the smoke around her clothes from the fire she’d had out back earlier. Rolling her shoulders, she let it go. There were far more important things to do, like stop by and say hello to the newest additions to the crew. Popping her head in, she beamed a toothsome smile and wiggled her fingers. “Hello! A belated welcome to Azhi! I’m Summer and can be found in and around.”
Genesis 12/03/18 ~smiles to her fellow lycan, a devious glint in her hazel eyes~
"Yes, nothing beats taking someone, or something, apart...piece by piece. Oh, the noises they make! Fun times!"
Genesis 12/03/18 So how does it feel to be back? The bloody knuckles, the aching muscles, the unyielding desire to stab someone in the eye?
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 *thinks she's winning until she arrives home* Fvck.
*slips off to another hidey hole she has, pouting the whole way*
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 *wanders up with her +2000 cloak of invisibility on*
*socks him in the jaw*
*wanders off*
Genesis 12/01/18 Welcome to the crew Malek.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 Livia acquiesced to his words as a strong hand made contact with the sensitive scarred flesh of her face and his gaze held hers. She understood completely now. As the Lycan swaggered away, slender fingers wiggled a good bye. "Have a wonderful morning...Sir." He may not have seen it but Livia was almost positive he could hear the smile in her words. Pushing buttons? It's what she does best.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 "Interested in what...Sir?" Her head the right. To say she is confused by his words is putting it mildly. She had simply agreed that he knew where she live, lived. Like twice. Utterly perplexed, pale pools stare into virescent green for many moments. A shrug of her shoulders, her gaze finds a passerby while a smile once again flourishes as she speaks. "You are drunk again, aren't you?"
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 Memories of a scrap years ago bubbled forth from the deep eidetic memory of the Scot; the man before him starting to transform after he'd inadvertently broken the nose of his bride. His surprise at how much larger the man was becoming as he changed, and the stabbing pain as he backed away and into said bride's stiletto...
"How's it hangin', lad..."
LillyEmperium 12/01/18 *Seeing him as he reentered the realm. The woman nodded to him as she spoke gently. * welcome back, Mr. Malek.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 A loud cackle erupted from betwixt scarred lips. He most certainly did know where she lived. And he had slept in her bed. A few times. Casting a glance back at the male, a salacious smile takes over pale lips. "Ano, you do...Sir." A wink of a single cerulean hue, "Next time, give a girl some warning hm?"
Livia Vlcek 11/30/18 She tries to suppress the amusement that is dancing across scarred visage. With a nod of her head, Livia cleared her throat and started on her way to the city. " have my number. Be seeing you, Milacku."
Mackenzie 11/30/18 It's an expression... it.. Great to have you back, is the point.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Get outta town.
Livia Vlcek 11/30/18 A half-c*cked grin takes to scarred visage at the sight of the male. "Good evening...Sir." Contralto articulations escape with tendrils of smoke to fill the space between the two. "If you should require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me."
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