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(Working on a profile. Be warned, Richard is not inclined to be courteous or nice. He's a jerk. Sorry ahead of time.)
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Dark Embracer

Liam Moore


Last five threads posted in:
Liam Moore 02/14/20 Today was the day! Valetnine's Day that is, and while Liam was a very busy man this day he made sure to drop something special off for his panda. Not that it would mean anything if someone else were to spot it or if the other male was to ask him.

Liam would simply leave a homemade card which once opened would read: Roses are red
Violets are Blue
I can't wait to disembowel you.
He was really proud of that but of course it isn't really romantic and Liam was a hopeless romantic.
So along with the card sat a small black bear holding a tombstone that said I dig you. And if someone had a good nose they could pick up a hint of Liam's cologne on the stuffed bear.
To tie it all together there was some cheap chocolates.

The gifts sat outside the mans door waiting for him to eventually find them.
Liam Moore 02/07/20 "Oh of course it's not, I'm sure you have some rather distasteful word you would use."
Stares at the male utterly confused.
"Tantrum? If you wouldn't act like the angstest teen I had ever met all the time, brooding and sulking and pushing everyone away and being an all around dick I wouldn't have had to punch you.
I even hit you with the broken hand so I wouldn't ruin the only good thing you have going for you which is your face in case you needed that cleared up."
Shakes his head.
"Working out alone he says, yet here I am right beside him."
Liam Moore 02/06/20 "Because it hurt my feelings that's why! I'm delicate you know!"
He smirked as he continued to follow the man.
"I suppose I should but it was an attack after all and you wont tell me the reason should I come up with one of my own?"
His very much amused now.
"Where are we going?"
Liam Moore 02/06/20 Liam rolled his eyes at the male.
"Oh not gonna apologize for the saying I am dead thing because that hurts you know. Cut me deep."
Stops walking as well though mildly confused as to why they stopped.
"So you just think it and it happens? Well isn't that a neat trick."
Smiles as he sees the males reaction stepping closer.
"I'm sorry darling what was that? I couldn't hear you."
Liam Moore 02/06/20 "This playing hard to get thing is only going to be cute for so long Panda Bear."
Liam gasp in feint pain.
"I will have you know I am in great shape want me to take my shirt off we can compare. And excuse me for being cursed to be dead my bad."
Follows right beside.
"Are you really human? No warlock I have encounters eyes glowed red, and while you did put me to sleep it couldn't have been a normal sleep spell. I've been hit with one before and my nightmares still occured with your spell they did not."
"A bruised face is hardly comparable to me being brain dead."
Liam Moore 02/06/20 Liam gave Richard a look the are you fucking kidding me look.
"Panda I can think of a many creative ways for me to break the bed none of them involving me throwing a tantrum but a great deal involving you.
Ah but enough of me being charming."
Liam would arch his brow.
"Somewhere to be? Without a shirt? Should I be jealous?"
Waves his hand at the male.
"Once again I am getting off topic back to the assaulting you thing, while I did punch you I am not the one who could have turned my brain to mush. Or so I was told."
Was no completely unamused.
"What the hell did you do to me?"
Kyla 02/05/20 "I doubt it," Kyla answered in such a way that suggested she was stating an accepted fact with no sarcasm or snark directed at the man, "only time will. There are ways around that, I suppose, but it'll work out on its own."

Her shoulders lifted in a small shrug and her eyes shifted over to the man, noting the telltale mark on his face. This was a man down on his luck if she'd ever seen one, and she'd seen more than her fair share. "Looks like someone beat me to it. If another knock or two helps you feel better, we can dance. If you prefer to be left alone, I can do that as well. Or we can do nothing but sit in silence. You're what drew me here, after all, so it's your decision."

Again, the tone of her voice indicated no judgment. Kyla was simply there but content to leave if he wished.
Liam Moore 02/03/20 Liam was gonna be pissed, yeah that was the power move, hold a grudge.
Maybe smack him around some more.
He opened his mouth as soon as the door opened and when his hazel eyes landed on the man who happened to be topless in front of him, his train of thought stopped.
There he stood mouth slightly ajar ogling the man in front of him.
Realizing what he's doing and clears his throat.
Gonna play it off like it didn't happen at all.

"Awe were you worried about me Panda bear?"
Peers into the mans room and arches a brow.
"Not going to invite me in? Offer me a drink?
We have so much to talk about don't we?"
Eyes the bruise on the mans face obviously disappointed in his work.
Liam Moore 02/03/20 Liam bit harshly on his lip staring at the door ahead of him.
He knew many members of Sine so figuring out when his panda's room was located was rather easy.
He had conflicted feelings standing here, he had every right to be pissed and to rip the other males head off but he did take him to Wen and didn't just leave him.
Liam held back a sigh as he knocked on the door a few times and waited.
Flahme 01/31/20 Noting his defensive stance, Flahme nodded as he got her name correct and leaned against the doorframe. She was a little surprised he remembered, they hadn’t talked much when he was here before. Regarding his statement, she simply shrugged. “Well, you’re here now, the particulars why you weren’t don’t matter.”

Taking a small item out of her jacket pocket, she began unravelling it, her concentration completely on what she was doing as she continued to talk. “Maybe people are asking because they cared about you. The community of supernatural people is so small. We need to look out for each other.” As she finished speaking and unwrapping the item she looked up and was about to put the thing in her mouth, she offered it to him instead. “Tootsie roll pop? I only have grape flavour.”
Elowen Jocosta 01/31/20 A groggy Elowen made her way to the closed door as a hollow knocking pulled her from sleep. Her figured was swallowed in a large t-shirt that just brushed her knees.  Since her return from London a majority of her time had been spent lazing about in bed, sleeping more hours then necessary. She wished she could blame it all on jetlag but truthfully it was due more to boredom and loneliness than true sleepiness. When the door  swung open her sleepy head rested against the doorframe, blinking the sleep from her brown eyes. At the sight of the man her brows furrowed and pink lips puckered in curiosity.

Side stepping,she directed the man to plop Liam on her bed. Not saying much till her friend was sleeping in the crumbled bed that she had recently been in. Light fingers danced across his forehead briefly before she turned her attention to the other man in the room. He looked vaguely familiar and although she couldnt recall his name she was positive that this was the man Liam was telling her about.

Reaching across to Richard she rested her palm lightly against the collar of his shirt, cool fingers gently caressing the skin peeking out just above. Her uninvited fingers languidly stroked the flesh of his neck as her attention turned back to his face. "You didn't kill him did you?"
Jewel 01/30/20 Great.
Don't let me stop you, doll.
-he'll have a time finding her-
Jewel 01/30/20 -stares-
-sucks at her teeth-
Yeah.. well.. keep downing Sine Metu members, keep putting down Mack's personal choice in us all, and you mi.. no, you will regret it.
Kira Garrett 01/30/20 -middle finger directly in his face-
Sit and spin, sewer rat.
You managed to break out Richard Lamonte.
Liam Moore 01/30/20 Was going to attempt to break free, and was likely to succeeded until the males eyes glowed red.
And the words sleep now were uttered.
Liam's neck tattoo seemed to light up for a split second, and then his eyes closed and he went limp in the males grasp.
Kyla 01/30/20 Dissonance.

It nagged at Kyla in the back of her mind. She felt it the moment she entered this place. Not painful or glaring but enough to draw her attention and produce a desire to find its origins, if for no other reason than to know the cause.

Allowing the feeling and her own magic to guide her, Kyla's instincts moved her through the corridors... and stopped when she came upon a man. A man from whom the dissonance clearly originated. But she came no closer, choosing instead to keep several feet between them. After a moment, she leaned her shoulders against the nearest wall and waited.
Liam Moore 01/30/20
He just had to be the bigger person, he wasn't going to break the mans face.
He was gonna make Bishop proud, actually letting him off would likely disappoint him.
Spinning on his heel he moved towards Richard.
He grabbed his arm and spun him around and not so gently slammed him into a wall.
"I do know you Richard, you wanna know why you see me everywhere? Cause you are looking for me.
You don't realize it, or maybe you do.
And you are so certain you don't feel anything for me but there is that part of you that might and it frustrates you to no end.
So you are mad, at me at yourself whatever it is."
Clenches his hand into a fist.
"And I know this because I did the same damn thing.
But unlucky for you I'm not as understanding as the first man I loved.
I am not a nice man, though I do care so I will teach you some manners."
His fist came in contact with the other males face, he held back enough not to break anything but perhaps enough to knock him down.
He took a few steps back a wicked grin on his face.
"Get up I'm not done."
Liam Moore 01/30/20 There was a very loud breaking noise as Liam's fist connected with whatever was closest to him, no doubt breaking it and his hand.
"You do realize it is nearly impossible to communicate with a toddler as a normal person?
Why is it you are so angry? Shoes to tight? Heart too small? Angry because I spout the truth and you don't wanna accept who you are?
Because trust me I've been down that route, not pleasant."
He clenched and unclenched his healing hand.
"Ah yes that's it storm off like you always do. Classic Panda."
Liam shook his head.
"Ya know something you hate me so much fine I'll leave you be.
They say absents makes the heart go fonder.
Good bye Richard."
Turns and heads in his own direction.
Jewel 01/29/20 Insults?
And here I am believing that you relish in the way you respond and treat people.
As if claiming Mackenzie's only good taste in Sine Metu was and is.. you.
Go ahead. Don't only insult me but our leader as well.
Continue. Don't let me stop you.
Jewel 01/29/20 You think I'm mad?
Over you?
And yes, you said you didn't die which anyone's next question would be 'then what happened?'. Who would stop there? What a cliffhanger.
Sure it wasn't anywhere interesting.
I mean, look at you.
Hell, listen to you.
Words to go to sleep to by this piece of shit right here so quick to walk away because he can't handle the bs he lays out.
-shoos him away-
Please, go.
Don't turn back.
No last words.
Jewel 01/29/20 Uh..
You brought it up.
If you don't want people questioning things, your best bet is to not bring it up.
Like.. just allowing me to believe you died.
You know, shut the fuck up.
-rolls eyes-
Jewel 01/29/20 Wow.. would have never guessed. Wait, where were you then? You've been gone awhile. Without a trace.
Jewel 01/29/20 Wait..
The rumor around the compound is that you croaked, bit the bullet, took one for the team.. you know, died.
Liam Moore 01/29/20 Gasps and places a hand on his heart
"You remembered my last name! I might actually cry here."
"Everyone has a thing for me, look at me. I believe I told you ever since puberty boys and girls they just can't help it."
Shrugs his shoulders.
"Leaving so soon? Such a shame."
Jewel 01/29/20 Been there.
Done that.
Kira Garrett 01/29/20
Liam Moore 01/29/20 "Oh Panda we don't wanna go down the fighting route, I mean we can but..."
Looks him over.
"I would hate to rui- actually I might be able to improve your face."
Fangs slide down.
"Wanna try it?"
Makes a tsk tsk noise and wiggles his finger.
"I brought it up therefor you are thinking of it now."
Kira Garrett 01/29/20 -huffs-
Stay the hell away from my room. I don’t want the smell of douchebag on my stuff.
Liam Moore 01/29/20 Smirks as the male looks away.
"Oh are you sure that's what I am? Annoying? Pestering you?
I think you love when I come to see you, love our little banter, I believe you think of me day and night.
Will he come see me today? Will I be graced with his presence?"
Is so very amused.
"Will I ever feel his lips on mine again, come tell me how often do you think about it. No need to be shy."
Jewel 01/29/20 Welcome back.. from death.
I heard they take returns.
Liam Moore 01/29/20
Glances down to his hand
Totally remains calm.
"You cut me deep there Panda, some of your best work.
As for your personal space where is the fun in respecting it?"
Flahme 01/29/20 Stopping by the coven to pick up a couple of books, Flahme heads past a room with a live body inside which was previously unoccupied. She peaks in, then does a double-take and steps forward.

"Richard, isn't it?" Flahme frowns. "Welcome back? Thought you were dead."
Liam Moore 01/29/20 Furrows brows closes the space between them.
"Did we?"
"I simply can't recall."
Immediately slips his hands into the males pocket and makes a disappointed tsk noise.
What a poor excuse for a steal attempt. Go try someone else.
Mackenzie 01/28/20 You little shit.
Kira Garrett 01/27/20 -with her middle finger high in the air, she turns on her heel-
You were more fun when you were dead. But my opinion doesn’t matter, of course.
Kira Garrett 01/27/20 Oh, Dick. To think that, at one point, I found you attractive. Temporary insanity.
-tight lipped smile-
Welcome back, peaches.
Briahne Christiann 01/27/20 Well then, Welcome back to the Realm :D
Liam Moore 01/27/20 Coughs
coughs again smirking.
Arches brow as he sudden and so rudely bumps into Liam and storms off.
"So I'll take that as a yes, and I'll talk to you later Panda Bear! Do hate to see you leave but love to watch you go."
May feel slightly bad, perhaps took it too far.
Nibbles on his bottom lip as he turns to leave.
Liam Moore 01/27/20 "Ah but I am your favorite pain in the ass.
And let us not act as if you wouldn't be completely and utterly devastated if I were to act any different."
Proceeds to glare at the male.
"Alright Panda let us also not act like we didn't share a moment in those tunnels, while completely sickening it was still a moment."
Shakes his finger at the man.
"And if I recall correctly it was your leader who went with you to find your wife and child no? But that's nothing right? Totally just a circus in the sewers."

"Though do allow me to dial it back slightly, how is the wife and kid?"
"Oh no they didn't want you? Finally figured they could do better?
Panda I am so sorry it's okay bring it in."
Holds arms out for a hug.
Averly Godfrey 01/27/20 Welcome to the Realm.
Ashlyn Snow 01/27/20 "Welcome to the realm!"
mist 01/27/20
Delilah Palmer 01/27/20 Welcome!
Kira Garrett 01/27/20 “Please tell me that your name is just an unfortunate coincidence, and that you aren’t good ol’ Dick.”
Daxx- 01/27/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Ordre des Damnes Swamp Corsair smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx."
Liam Moore 01/27/20
"Oh Panda you are still as insufferable as the day you left me.
Let's not talk crazy as hard as it is to believe I wouldn't miss a man who called me psychopath.
It's truly on of my biggest kinks, I do not recall missing you."
Crosses his arms over his chest.
"We were part of the same family practically is it wrong for me to worry? Or is that not what you thought we were?"
Liam Moore 01/27/20 "Oh do you wanna play games?
I am great a hide and seek, tag is a bit meh running just ruins my hair. Oh!"
Claps his hands together.
"Do you know what game I really enjoy playing? Let's run off and let everyone think we are dead! My absolute favorite!"
Liam Moore 01/27/20 "Welcome to the realm"
Katarina Black 01/27/20 Welcome to the realm
Briahne Christiann 01/27/20 Nice Profile, welcome to the Realm, should you have any questions about anything, let us know. We'll do our best to answer them.
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