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Born: September 19, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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LillyEmperium 09/30/17 As you wish lil one
LillyEmperium 09/22/17 *kneeling down, Lilly gently accepted the flower* yes I know darling.....not all appear the same though. Some of us are only part attached...*closing her hand she nodded,softly she whispered before opening her hand to offer the girl a necklace* should you need anything, feel free to ask.. names Lilly
Miryam 09/20/17 White glazed over eyes studied the demon girl for s few moments before the viral undead women took a knee in front of her, meeting the young demonic girl at her level.

"Oh I wish it was that easy sweet pea. See you have to be infected by me and how contagious I am depends on the luck of the Elders."
Miryam 09/19/17 The voice of the little demon girl was sweet yet deceiving and the viral undead turned around to face her clad in leather pants paired with a leather vest. with a wicked gory smile and a confident tone she spoke.

"I'm afraid not little one. See our race does not match. You're a demon and I'm a Viral Undead."
LillyEmperium 09/19/17 Welcome to the realm, should you find yourself needing help.....come ask for help. My name is Lilly
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