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Raven Dragoon

Last five threads posted in:
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Merry X-Mas and happy holidays!
December-Rose 11/23/17 Her nose wrinkled slightly as she approached the door, a small box in her hands. She looked down at the simple white box, the black ribbon standing out shockingly. She bit her lip and tucked the note beneath the bow. In bright red letters it read: I give you this heart, I would have offered mine.. but I don't have one (she cringed inwardly at her dry and unfunny humor) I would love to have another date sometime. At the bottom she had signed only the letter D. She set the box down and wandered off.
December-Rose 11/22/17 Her lips turn up at the corners as she smiles softly, light coming to her usually stoic face. Her fingers touch the petals of the flowers softly as she scoops them into her arms. Her eyes read over the note and she sighs, now she had to do something in return.
W_Kat 11/08/17 Congrats on PotD!
Autumn Dalca 11/08/17 You're quite welcome.
Poppy 11/08/17 She quirked a smile at the male, "Congratulations on being the Realm's Most Wanted."
Autumn Dalca 11/08/17 Welcome to the realm.
Seraphina 11/08/17 "Anytime *she smiled softly*
Seraphina 11/08/17 "Welcome to the Realm and congratulations on POD!"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 Smiling softly she nodded. "You're welcome darling. I'm around if you ever want to get coffee and talk?"
Taylor Ainsworth 11/08/17 With a soft grin she approached the male, offering a wrapped cookie with his face on it. "Well congratulations on profile of the pay, handsome. You deserve it." Her soft pink lips curling up into a smile.
Poppy 11/07/17 Thank you so much
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