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Born: December 04, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Andrea Ostergaard's Biography
First things firstÖ let's get a few things straight. For all intent and purposes, I am human, with a couple notable exceptions. Meaning, I don't drink blood, the sun is my friend, I love garlic, silver doesn't bother me but I do prefer gold. It looks better with my skin tone.

Okay, those exceptions I mentioned earlier? My aging is slowed down significantly. Olay got nothing on me. I'm stronger and faster, yes, but still squishy. Paper cuts are the worst, am I right?

The downside of all the awesomeness is I feed off people's emotions. Real food is great but it doesn't sustain me completely. I won't get into the details, suffice to say it isn't fun.

Be careful who you piss off, kids. It wasn't me but I drew the genetic short straw anyway.
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Godric Rhys

Gray Taylor
Headless Journalist

Bloodletting Herald

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LondonCards and Secrets
Created by Gray Taylor
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
You are far easier than most women.
In a person way.
Gray Taylor 12/26/19 Andrea
I donít feel safe in this exchange anymore.
Gray Taylor 12/25/19 Andrea
Got experience there, have you?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Iím sure it will be fine.
As it stands, I have nothing but inappropriate jokes to make at this point.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
I suppose I can attempt to gather that information.
Perhaps even a letter of reference.

They still make sundaes?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
I've heard things.
Do you require a resume?
Your leather likely tastes better than mine.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
The brisket is more for my benefit.
Throw him in the yes pile.
I hear he's quite good.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Damn. Okay.

Shall we put that on your dance card, or...?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
He's single.
Difficult to nail down.
Wounded, as all men are.
Enjoys brisket.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Victor is an inconvenience.

That's not fair.
He is just a magnet for trouble.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
That could literally describe them both.
Honestly, woman.
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Which? The hobo or the ginger?
Gray Taylor 12/23/19 Andrea
Not in my possession?
Gray Taylor 12/22/19 Andrea
Have you seen my wallet?
Victor Lockheed 12/13/19 While some in Mercy were just getting ready to start their day, Victor's was coming to a close. The sun wasn't quite up yet, and he was milling about listlessly, trying to find the cap to the bottle of whiskey he'd been nursing.

Just as he'd decided 'fuck it' and brought the bottle back to his lips to simply finish off the last third remaining, the door to his room was unceremoniously kicked in by a woman with an impressive cotton candy mane. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity, but he hardly noticed.

Victor stared at her with dark, booze-glassed eyes for a long moment before he spoke.

"Is it already Halloween again?" he asked, slurring ever so slightly.
Godric Rhys 12/11/19 Or did you join cuz ya can't live without me? No need t'reply, I know the answer.
Godric Rhys 12/11/19 I was here first, go get your own club!
Godric Rhys 12/11/19 Stop copying me.
Godric Rhys 12/10/19 The Wee One
And still I have a booty that refuses to quit.
Sundaes? Really? Are you five?
I suppose we all got our vices.
Godric Rhys 12/10/19 The Wee One
I still have the original VHS set.
I know I'm old, shut up.
I'm gonna grab some ice cream for the movie.
Want anythin' specific?
Godric Rhys 12/09/19 The Wee One
Much agreed.
Case and point: Lupita Nyong'o.
That woman is too good for this world.
And Kate Winslet.
You know, she makes it hard to regret sinking the Titanic.
Godric Rhys 12/09/19 The Wee One
Back in the day, maybe. Now he just sounds tired.
Idris Elba now that's a voice.
He needs to narrate more audio books.
Godric Rhys 12/09/19 The Wee One
Don't you dare withhold the sugar delights!
You have both for now.
Turn on your GPS in case I have to go all 'Taken' on'em.
I've been wantin' to beat someone with my staff again.
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
An opportunist. I can appreciate that.
It will be around at 8pm.
Godric Rhys 12/09/19 The Wee One
You are a pretty lab rat! Make all the boy lab rats :O
A charming fellow?
In this society?
He's either trying to sleep with you or wants your kidney.
Godric Rhys 12/09/19 The Wee One
You are my guinea pig.
If it works on you then I can figure out how to make it work on everyone.
I cannot just come up with some miracle cure that will cure everything!
Oh, wait, I am.
Ronan Boru 12/09/19 No problem.My pleasure.
Ronan Boru 12/09/19 "Welcome to t he realm lass. sorry for the delay in it. I was busy with some family issues to sort. Im Ronan if ya should need anything dont be afraid to ask ."* Ronan smiles at the new comer*
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
Alright. And are you a modern woman who needs no man, or would you like the car to be sent to collect you? 😏
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
Is that the social norm, now? Making people wait, so as not to seem desperate?
I might have just the place in mind. How are you with a deck of cards and secrets?
Gray Taylor 12/09/19 Andrea
What is this three day rule?
Drinks are a yes. Are you the picky sort?
Godric Rhys 12/08/19 The Wee One
Things go fine with the fixing. Just something else goes wrong somewhere else.
Details, details.
You are fine with it, I am not.
My brother caused this mess, I will fix it, I gave my word.
Godric Rhys 12/08/19 The Wee One
You are lucky it was I instead.
Life as a snail doesn't sound appealing, hm?
Speaking of which I have a lead on something to remedy your affliction.
Tis not concrete, but it's something I suppose.
Godric Rhys 12/08/19 The Wee One
Not much intimidates me, if ye haven't noticed.
Besides, it's not like ye gave me much choice.
Shadwyn Drake 12/08/19 A Belated Welcome to the Realm.
Godric Rhys 12/08/19 The Wee One
Don't be so sensitive!
You're a gorgeous lass, just a bit strong willed.
Passionate, even.
Maybe people are intimidated by you.
Godric Rhys 12/08/19 The Wee One
Plenty have looked upon me.
Have you seen me? I am hard to notice.
Maybe you smell funny?
Naberius Reum 12/06/19 Naberius glanced over at the cell to his left. A brow raised at the woman. A small smirk playing on his lips. "Oh, you know, the typical stealing and getting caught. You?"
Godric Rhys 12/05/19 I know you are, but what am I?
Godric Rhys 12/05/19 What's up, pretty lady? Come here often?
*waggles eyebrows*
Liam Dromeo 12/04/19 "If you need any help figuring your way around, my door is always open."
Liam Dromeo 12/04/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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