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Nyx Photine's Biography
Nyx is a Hedge witch practicing in the Cornish tradition. She dabbles in tea magic and fails spectacularly at spells. Exhibit A: Barking Gigi. To best describe the Cornish tradition, think 'spiritual' over 'spells'. Lucid dreaming, astral travel, and healing are a few practices included in this magic. Age: ……... Height: 5’1” Current Residence: Bramerton Street, Chelsea, London. Married to her beloved Elessar on January 17, 2017 --------
Always open to RP. Send a starter, because I'm sh-t at that!
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The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2016~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Kat Steel 05/04/18 Congrats on PotD!
Elessar 11/09/17 "I am doing well" Elessar replies with a smile.
Elessar 11/06/17 "I am doing okay. How about you, my love?" Elessar says quietly as he kisses Nyx on the lips.
Elessar 11/06/17 Wraps his arms around Nyx, Elessar asks quietly, "I love you."
Elessar 11/06/17 "Hey, beautiful. I love you." Elessar says as he walks to his wife and kisses her deeply.
Elessar 08/11/17 "That is a good thing, my love." Elessar says just before kissing Nyx.
Elessar 08/09/17 "Better now that are with me." Elessar replies with a smile.
Elessar 08/08/17 Smiling warmly, Elessar kisses Nyx on the cheek as he says quietly, "How are you?"
Elessar 08/06/17 Sneaks up behind Nyx, Elessar wraps his arms around her and whispers into her ear, "I love you."
Kat Steel 07/07/17 Congrats on PotD!! :D
Lucius Dalca 06/14/17 "He clearly does but to be honest I did find it funny too just don't expect me to actually wear the cape" Lucius laughed then paused to listen to Nyx about her history with Requiem. "Good to know you and your husband have been with them for a long time." He nodded and smiled when she mentioned Autumn, "Well... She makes more money than me so..." He laughed hard, "I ain't too worried."
Lucius Dalca 06/13/17 Lucius looked at the cape with a raised eyebrow but took it from her hands nevertheless. It was an odd gift but it is still a gift. He chuckled when she mentioned the announcement and responded with, "Well thank you for the gift, although, I am very different than the Flash. I don't know where Atom got his story but I was born this way." He slung the cape over his shoulder, "My name is Lucius Dalca and it is a pleasure to meet you too, Nyx. How long have you been in Requiem?"
Lucius Dalca 06/12/17 Lucius looked down at the woman greeting him and offered a smile in return, "Thank you! I am glad to be here and happy to have the amazing woman I have now as my wife. We do have two cats as well although they are fairly calm and relaxed... and spoiled..." He chuckled, "Anyhow, it is good to see more of my kind around. We will be seeing each other more often I am sure."
Elessar 06/12/17 Rubbing the side of Nyx's face, Elessar says quietly, "Well, hello , my beloved."
Elessar 05/04/17 Sneaks up to Nyx, Elessar wraps his arms around her and whispers in her ear, "I love you."
Idris Mowbry 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Kat Steel 03/17/17 Congrats on PotD!!
Elessar 03/08/17 Sneaking up behind Nyx, Elessar wraps his arms around her as he says warmly into her ear, "I love you."
Elessar 02/15/17 Happy Valentine's Day, my love.
Elessar 12/28/16 Pulling Nyx close, Elessar says quietly, "I love you."
Elessar 12/27/16 Walking up behind Nyx, Elessar says quietly in her ear, "Hey, beautiful."
Elessar 12/25/16 Merry Christmas, Nyx.
Elessar 12/08/16 Walking up behind Nyx, Elessar whispers, "I love you."
Dr Van Helsing 11/16/16 I couldn't resist!
Elessar 11/01/16 "One I mixed and someone took after I warned them about the effects and they stated they no longer care, and within minutes of them walking out, they exploded with their guts splattered all over the place." Elessar replies.
Elessar 10/31/16 "The stuff can be used by anyone, but it must be attuned to the user for it to work." Elessar says quietly, then continues, "And the effects can be quite...nasty."
Elessar 10/29/16 "Like poisoning one's enemies. Or maybe combining effects to achieve desired effects as well, as in the case of combining the use chemicals with hypnosis to achieve a goal." Elessar replies with a grin.
Elessar 10/28/16 "More often than you'd think Most people think that alchemy is a lost art and one that is no longer necessary." Elessar says quietly, then continues quietly, "It does have many uses that are not publically spoke."
Elessar 10/27/16 "It works on anything that needs to be worked on. Does it work instantly? No, just that it helps the body heal itself." Elessar replies with a warm smile.
Elessar 10/27/16 Pointing at the first, Elessar says quietly, "This one is for calming," pointing at the second, he continues, "This one is to help the healing of the person."
Elessar 10/26/16 "Before you shown up, my love, I was mixing up some herbal stuff that helps to heal others." Elessar says warmly as he sets several tinctures onto the table.
Kat Steel 10/25/16 Kat was completely mesmerized with the kitty until it...barked? Canting her head to the side, her steps slowed as she thought for sure she was hallucinating. It was then, she heard it again..the bark. "Do what?" Now close enough, bending over, a puzzled expression washed over her features. Her eyes looked at the Kat and then to up to Nxy. "Eh, I think your cat is broken...what's..what's wrong with it?"
Elessar 10/25/16 Smiling warmly, Elessar says quietly, "I am enjoying a relaxing day with someone"
Elessar 10/23/16 Opening a cupboard, Elessar says quietly, "You need not worry. As long as you are welcome, which will be for a very long time, you can rummage all you want." Pulling out two glasses, he turns back to the table she has placed the thermoses on and pours himself and her a bit of one of the teas.
Elessar 10/22/16 Smiling gently, Elessar says as he asks, "May I pour a glass for myself to try?"
Elessar 10/22/16 Watching her open up the thermoses, Elessar sniffs each one. Speaking softly, Elessar says, "Interesting. Would you allow me to taste each one?"
Elessar 10/21/16 Hearing the knock on the door, Elessar goes to it and opens. Seeing that it was Nyx, he wraps his arms around her then says quietly, "You need not knock on my door, hun. Come on in, please."
Elessar 10/16/16 Kissing her again, Elessar then says warmly, "Of course we can take this slowly if you wish."
Elessar 10/15/16 Feeling her move into the kiss, he slightly deepens the kiss.
Elessar 10/15/16 "I have never been one to allow fate to control our future, but to take it by the horns and go." Elessar says as he kisses her lightly on the lips.
Elessar 10/15/16 "Why not take it in hand and hold onto it as we unfold it ourselves?" Elessar replies with a smile on his face.
Elessar 10/15/16 "That being said, you are always welcome around me...and maybe we become more than what we are now..." Elessar replies with a smile.
Elessar 10/15/16 "I think I will find comfort sooner with someone like you around." Elessar replies with a smile as he places his hand on hers.
Elessar 10/15/16 "Yes. She is the one who passed. It hurt, and stll does, but, I will overcome it in time." Elessar replies with a smile.
Elessar 10/15/16 "Pretty much the same, unless it is with a few close friends or fellow coven members." Elessar replies as he takes a sip of his orange juice, then continues gently, "Have you been concerned about having a spouse?"
Elessar 10/15/16 "How is everyone treating you, my dear?" Elessar asks gently trying to help her enjoy the time together.
Elessar 10/14/16 Raising hs glass, Elessar says quietly, "To long life and ever closer relationship."
Elessar 10/14/16 Opening the bottle, Elessar proceeds to pull out two glasses and fills them up. Offering one to her, Elessar says quietly, "Here yougo, my dear."
Elessar 10/14/16 "I always seem to have more than I drink on hand." Elessar says with a warm smile, then continues, "Want me to open t now or later?"
Elessar 10/14/16 "One time, a very long time ago. But, it doesn't stop me from having it in stock." Elessar says with a smile as gently puts hs arm around her.
Elessar 10/14/16 "About as well as can be expected, especially with a beautiful one like you around. " Elessar replies as he kisses her on the cheek as well.
Elessar 10/14/16 Opening the door, Elessar smiles warmly as he sees Nyx and says quietly, "Come on in, dear. I hope I keep you watng for long. And thank you or the juice."
Elessar 09/30/16 Filling her glass again, Elessar replies as he takes a sip, "It is one of the standard versions with a pinch of sugar into it."
Elessar 09/29/16 "Actually, it wasn't the one who I fell for. It was one by the name of Caitlyn. She is one of my closest friends from before I fell." Elessar replies with a small smile, then continues, "I became addicted to it, and soon, I started collecting the stuff, and started mixing them to make a better tasting and easier to enjoy."
Elessar 09/28/16 "Orange juice is made differently across brands, which does a minor, but noticeable, difference in taste." Elessar replies with a smile, then continues, "One brand may add sugar, but another may add sweetness from another source, or even leave sweetener out."
Elessar 09/26/16 "Hoarder? No. Just a lover of orange juice. The same way that someone enjoys wine and has a wine cellar." Elessar says with a smile, then continues, "I sometimes bring out several brands of oj and mix them just to see if there is a different taste."
Elessar 09/26/16 "And if you happen to show up at my house, you will find that I have stocked it thoroughly with it." Elessar replies with a wry grin.
Elessar 09/25/16 "I go around with enough for two people to drink several glasses of it. I have become kind of addicted to it when I was an Angel." Elessar says with a smile.
Elessar 09/25/16 "I am also glad we are friends as well." Elessar replies as he offers more orange juice as he smiles.
Elessar 09/24/16 "To lives remembered and cherished," Elessar replies as he raises his own glass, then continues, "I am grateful for those willing to help me through this."
Elessar 09/24/16 Finishing pouring drink, Elessar offers her the glass as he says quietly, "I still mourn her death, but it does happen that I will release a tear or two over it."
Elessar 09/24/16 "Yes, I am now a fallen isn't that personal of a subject," Elessar replies with a smile, then continues, "I fell for someone who is now passed."
Elessar 09/23/16 "Yes. I was at one time an angel." Elessar replies with a warm smile, then continues as he pours her a glass, "One order of orange juice coming up."
Elessar 09/22/16 Nodding his head, Elessar replies with smile, "Thank you, young lady...I am glad you welcome me." Raising an eyebrow, Elessar says quietly as he brings out a large bottle of orange looking liquid, "Want some? I have become addicted to this orange looking juice from a friend when I was an Angel."
Sarah Noire 07/07/16 Flashlight in hand, she had started the search for Teddy Jace. It felt like time paused as she heard her own steps echo down the more vacant parts of the castle. On her way back she paused by what she assumed was a cat statue in time to hear a bark down the hallway.

"I thought I was the only one who botched up spells around here!"

Sarah blinked and called out,"It's science! Did you find my---"

Green irises with dark blue specks cast down to the statue as it howled at her and skidded down the hallway.The normal intimidating minx tossed down her flashlight letting out the world's most feminine shriek. Arms flailing around as she chased after Gigi.

Estelle Kingston 06/20/16 Jace rounded a corner in the compound and, lo and behold!, spied a most shapely backside making its way (thank you, booty gods) away from him. Far be it from him to waste an opportunity when presented with one so he shamelessly admired the view. To be fair, the front side deserved admiration as well, which he did to the fullest extent during her approach.

He didn’t leer at the woman, no; he simply let his appreciation show in his eyes. Humor at the rump smackage quickly followed. “Well met, Nyx. Please call me Jace,” he chuckled and then knelt down to the feline. “Hello to you, Miss Gigi.” Jace quite literally purred at his new furry friend, offering a gentle scratch under her chin before standing, his attention going back to Nyx.

“As the resident Booty Expert, I give yours two thumbs way up. Care for company on your adventure?”

John Doe 06/09/16 John Doe Fact #726: John Doe can drown a glass of water.
Idris Mowbry 06/07/16 "Welcome to the mad house."
Dr Van Helsing 12/28/14 That's a kick a$$ profile!
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