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Born: June 27, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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*Temporary profile. Looking for someone good at them. Approach at your own risk, Bishop is prickly.*
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Jameson Orlav



Elowen Jocosta

Last five threads posted in:
Jewel Valari 07/23/19
Jewel Valari 07/23/19 D'aw.
Come on!
You act like I smell.
Odette 07/23/19 “Cheryl wasn’t made for life in a cage.”
-deep breath-
“Don’t make me wile your face.”
Odette 07/22/19 -gasps-
-reaches more-
Jewel Valari 07/22/19 I'll take that as a 'thank you'.
It's not fun to stalk you when you're all caged up, doll.
Odette 07/22/19 “I do, thank you very much.”
-waves, flips bird in all directions-
“Please don’t tell me you are trying to be the next Andy Dufresne.”
Odette 07/22/19 “Excuse me? Are you insinuating I don’t have wiles?”
-lowers voice-
“Do you want to stay in the tower?” -sticks hand out through bars-
Odette 07/22/19 “Distracted. You had one job.”
“I suppose I might use my womanly wiles.”
Odette 07/22/19 -moment of silence-
“Are you f-cking with me?”
Odette 07/22/19 -Squints-
"...are you going to use it?"
Odette 07/22/19 -Pauses-
"Don't you have some weird tool or something, for these situations?"
Odette 07/22/19 "Bishop!"
-Might be yelling-
-Perhaps a bit feral-
"Are you in heRE!?"
Jewel Valari 07/22/19 -twirls keys about index-
Even though I enjoy you all caged up..

You managed to break out Bishop.

Odette 07/20/19 “Mm. You’re not very much into the thrill of the chase, are you? Ugh. You know what?”
-licks lips-
“We should get the fixings for burgers. I bet he will grind up beautifully.”
“Please, Bishop? We can have shakes, too.”
Jewel Valari 07/19/19
Elowen Jocosta 07/19/19 Elowen Jocosta. But you dont need to remember me.
-tilts head-
So what makes you stalk worthy? No offense but you dont look particularly interesting from my stand point.
Elowen Jocosta 07/18/19 -purses lips-
-tilts head-
Why the feck would I stalk you? That's far too much work. No. No. No stalking.
Wait? You have one stalker already?
Kai Tsuzuki 07/17/19 "You put your hands in pocket again and I'll break every bone in it, got it pretty boy?"
Bishop just failed at stealing money from you!
Elowen Jocosta 07/17/19 -peers at-
Aye, aye Coven Matey
-does bad pirate imperession-
-is high-
Jewel Valari 07/17/19


Katherine Murray 07/17/19 Katherine. -toddles off-
WildKat 07/16/19 "Ahh but you can be another 'pretty' face."*nods*
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 Nope.
-smiles brightly-
See you around.
WildKat 07/15/19 *gasps*"Take that back! It's not disgusting..."
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 -again, closes space-
You keep saying that..
It's just that I'm not confident you truly mean that.
Odette 07/15/19 "Oh, oh no. He mustn't."
-Takes, tucks, covers-
"God, I love a fresh blade."
-Gingerly takes a few steps-
"So, you wanted to talk about a plan?"
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 That reminds me of my Saturday night.
-keeps close-
-never moves-
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -just keeps staring-
-will not be out stared-
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 -pokes-
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 -stalks harder-
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 -stalks-
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -stares-
-is probably working on making strangers uncomfortable-
WildKat 07/15/19 "Pretty...?"
Jewel Valari 07/15/19 But..but..
I already put in my application!
You know what? I'm just going to take that as you would love me around in rude frenchmen talk.
WildKat 07/14/19 "Princess?"
Jewel Valari 07/13/19 "Oh. Ooohhh.. nothing, really. You're just entertaining. You're like one of those rude slash hateful typical frenchmen you see on t.v. I'm impressed. I could watch you talk to people aaalllllll day."
Odette 07/13/19 -Gives look, shakes head-
"What do you take me for?"
-Hikes up skirt enough to show a band-
"Safety first, naturally."
Odette 07/13/19 "Name's Cheryl."
-Does a spin-
"I'm here to talk about a bull."
Odette 07/12/19 "I'm really going to need to read that whole conversation sometime. It all sounds wildly entertaining."
"I think I will borrow one, if you don't mind. I do love a joint effort."
-Stretches neck-
"Right. It's a date. Just let me know a time."
-Smiles, winks, and meanders away muttering about farmers-
Odette 07/12/19 "I don't have super strength, Bishop. If he's that big.."
-Stares at, clearly unimpressed-
"That bull is f-cking mad. Do men really think that works? Do they believe themselves to be sly? That is not how you charm a woman, for f-ck sake. We like to be seen. Not seen."
-Deep breath-
"Sorry. Okay. Alright. So. Go to his barn. Get drunk. And you will be there. Dinner is served."
Odette 07/12/19 "You... well, yes. But..."
-Having some feelings-
-Trying to make words-
"This may be the nicest, most thoughtful thing.. um. Wow. So.. are you just going to be in another room? Obviously, this is our meal. Where are you going to be?"
Odette 07/12/19 "Adorable. That's normal. These sort only ever want one thing."
-Raises a brow-
"Wait. Let me see Cheryl's picture."
Odette 07/12/19 "Bishop, how many weird flirty emojis did you use in this conversation? Were you reeling him in, or getting his resume?"
-Purses lips-
"I have to say, Bishop.. I'm impressed. When is our date with this stud?"
Odette 07/12/19 -Blinks, stares, swallows dryly-
"Is that a mom tattoo?"
Odette 07/12/19 "There is literally no one worthy of being our breakfast? Honestly? Listen, I need a little meat on their bones. Farm fresh bacon sounds marvelous."
Odette 07/10/19 "You noticed! What a rare species of man you are."
"...How is Cheryl?"
Odette 07/10/19 "Why? Tired of seeing me?"
-Tilts head-
Odette 07/08/19 "Baaaad boy."
"This is going to be fun. Text me when you get a bite."
-Wanders off to prepare-
Odette 07/08/19 "Oh, that is disgusting."
-Shakes head-
"Post that ****. We need to prep a murder spot. I'm thinking Texas Chainsaw meets psycho thriller."
Melinoe 07/08/19 "Technicalities." She shrugs gently. "Nonetheless, death is a lovely scent on you, mister."
Melinoe 07/08/19 The petite girl playfully rolls her eyes. "Decay is rotting flesh, silly."
Odette 07/08/19 "You're forgiven."
-Waves, squints, considers-
"I think so. Shouldn't we throw some biblical passage? Did the bible have anything alpaca related?"
Melinoe 07/08/19 Scrunching her nose, she shakes her head. "I don't want you to share, mister. I just enjoy the scent of death and decay, like any other girl."
Odette 07/08/19 "Minus points for not wearing a mime costume."
"Shear bliss. Don't forget that. Farmers love that sh-t."
Odette 07/08/19 "And you are much less French than I thought.. hm."
-Peers at the screen-
"Cheryl definitely is an alpaca farmer."
-Purses lips-
"That practices taxidermy."
Odette 07/08/19 "Awww.. look at you. Is that amusement?"
-Stares dead in the eye-
"I love the scream of a man fresh off the tractor."
-Snaps picture with finger gun, sends-
"Maybe we could get breakfast sometime."
Melinoe 07/08/19 Sniffing the air, Mel grins at the man. "Mister? You reek of blood. It's absolutely wonderful."
Jameson Orlav 07/08/19
Jameson Orlav 07/08/19 -Mariah Carey's Obsessed plays somewhere in the background-
Odette 07/08/19 "Well for starters, we're both d-ckheads."
"Oh. Well, first, I texted myself.
"And then I downloaded the Farmers Only app."
Odette 07/08/19 "You know, sweetcheeks.."
-Plops phone into waiting hand-
"You're going to learn to appreciate me."
Odette 07/08/19 "Would you rather me not ask?"
-Takes phone, begins to tap away-
"Of course I have a phone. Who doesn't?"
-Tap tap tap-
Odette 07/08/19 "Wow. You don't shy away from personal questions, do you?"
Guillaume Duvalier 07/08/19 Gui grinned. "No tricks," and tapped his back pocket lightly, "just me and the cards."
Odette 07/08/19 ...May I borrow your phone?
Odette 07/07/19 ...
Odette 07/07/19 -touches stuff-
-touches all all the stuff-
Jameson Orlav 07/06/19 -paints obscene illustrations on Bishop's door in fresh blood-
-toddles off-
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "Honestly, I've been around the block a time or ten, and I've seen it all. It'd honestly be nice for something to phase me once in a while."
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "Oh, you're a stabber? You should have said. I've known plenty of stabbers in my time. What's your weapon of choice?"
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "You advise against you touching my butt? Why? What would happen if you did?"
Hector Olivier 07/06/19 "You want to touch my butt to even things out? Would that make you feel better?"
Hector Olivier 07/05/19 "I can't help it. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to your butt."
Mackenzie 07/05/19 "Oh, you sweet thing," Mackenzie practically coos as she steps forward and just past him, counting on him to follow. "Buying is a strong word."

Grinning, she beckons with a single finger her invitation. Mackenzie isn't precisely concerned about whether or not he does join her. This Bishop will do as he pleases. "I take what I want. And I'm f-cking starved."
WildKat 07/04/19 *waves creepily*
WildKat 07/04/19 *thinks about different things and nods*
WildKat 07/04/19 *wants to take away sharp objects*
WildKat 07/03/19 *wants to see you a song*
Jameson Orlav 07/02/19
WildKat 07/02/19 *snickers*
WildKat 07/02/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 07/02/19 "I don't know, what does it mean?"
WildKat 07/02/19 "That's a loaded question. Are you sure you wanna hear the answer?"*grins*
WildKat 07/02/19 *wonders what song I can sing*
WildKat 07/02/19 *stops**wonders what you're staring at**crosses eyes* *goes back to business*
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 Hector remained silent, staring at the talking fortune cookie. In his head, he 'mmhmmm'd'. Outwardly, he blinked.
Hector Olivier 07/02/19 "Aye, and never piss into the wind. Any other words of wisdom?" Hector enquired, raising an eyebrow at the newcomer. This city was getting weirder by the minute, and he was starting to wonder if he should just call it a nice and head home. "You"
Mackenzie 06/30/19 "Your home sounds... boring," She would frown, tilting her head as she waits and watches. What a process. This guy is about as dramatic as a high cat. Finally, he speaks, and she is about to withdraw when she gets a handful of.. gross. Luckily, she isn't easily put off. As if proving her point, she gives a firm shake. "THE Bishop? Wants to drink my wine?

"Color me charmed." Wrinkling her nose, she withdraws, wiping her hand at the fabric of her jeans. "Tell you what. No wine, but.. plenty of fresh snacks."
Ahmalie 06/30/19 Looking at his stature i looked away. "I hope you are finding your way with ease. If you need anything you can find me at Sirens Bay."
Ahmalie 06/30/19 Walking up to the stranger with my hands burried in my pockets i looked at him. "I know its a tad late but welcome to the realm."
Shadwyn Drake 06/30/19 Welcome to the coven! The house of cranky pants!
Jewel Valari 06/29/19 He was the embodiment of the 'typical' frenchmen that she has ever imagined. Standing there in awe as she gawked at him. "Wow." Was all she could manage. "I only saw one of you in the movies before.." Just couldn't wait a second longer for him to respond in some way that would typically would turn a stranger the other way. It was amusing.
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 Cranky is my middle name.
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -passive eyeroll-
Listen. I don't care about whatever toys you have in your knappy-sack.
But I might get a little cranky if you never share your midnight snacks.
WildKat 06/28/19 *points*"You rock!"
WildKat 06/28/19 *gasps*"You did it!!"
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 Inquisitive.
-waves a hand-
Name's Jameson.
-raises a brow-
You've the impertinence to complain about it, so... I certainly hope you're going to do something to remedy this boring place.
And I fully expect an invitation.
WildKat 06/28/19 "He means weird. We're a weird bunch. I need to convince him..."
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -mimics head tilt-
Pray tell— what word would you use?
-tiny smirk-
Enlighten me, moudrý.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 "Keep them away?" Mackenzie can't help but grin, taking a step closer as she watches him go about attempting to rid himself of his camouflage. "I'm sure you understand that such a thing attracts certain.. individuals." With that, she places a hand over her heart. "Such as myself."

That same hand is extended, an offering of introduction, mess included. "Mackenzie. Don't worry, I'm not here to woo you. Though I do wonder how you feel about kidnapping."
Dessa Chambers 06/28/19 Dessa smiled and bowed her head slightly, "No need to apologize, my dear. Je m'appel Dessa." Her New York accent probably butchering the beautiful language, but considering she lived in Paris, she had been trying to learn the native language.

She out stretched a gloved hand. It may have been summer, but her skin was quite cool and to some it caused them pain so she tried to be considerate. "If you're ever in search of a home, I have a beautiful Manse in the 12th arrondissement of Paris." Dessa held out a card that had The Menagerie embossed on it, along with the address. "If you would like to see the place, show that to the guards. They'll contact me and I can show you around."
Jameson Orlav 06/28/19 -clears throat-
We are an interesting bunch.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 Mackenzie squints, and then squints harder, but only for a split second. "Messy, aren't you?"

She likes messy.
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
Jameson Orlav 06/27/19 Well, well.
Don't you smell...
Geoffrey Drake 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Jewel Valari 06/27/19 It just so happened that the Realm was over stocked in the female sex. There was no ulterior motive behind her welcome. Jewel was not hunting for a new beau.. or a tasty treat. She preferred those with untainted souls and it seemed he was all out.

"Good. Perhaps you'll even enjoy it here. Don't let all the ladies get to your head. We like to eat, too."

Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 The small woman's already good posture straighted further as she drew herself up in a way one of old noble birth might. Then, in direct contrast to the casual summer attire, she offered a formal curtsy in return, and managed to make it appear elegant instead of silly.

Gold flecked green eyes sparkled with mischief. "Bonne chance à toi. Ce n'est pas un endroit pour les faibles de cœur. Je suis Kyla, au fait."
Jewel Valari 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm. Stay awhile.
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 *laughs softly*
De rien.
Dessa Chambers 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Kyla Brollachan 06/27/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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