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Phantom Wraith
Killed: May 09, 2018 at 12:27 pm EDT
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Boredom is the poor man's method of deciding to find a job. It is also a rich man's way to decide what to waste more of his wealth on that will make him even more filthy rich. Also word to the wise, every rich person alive got their wealth in some manner that exploited or abused someone else, usually a crap load of people all at once.

OOC: My irl brother had his firs kid and made me an uncle on May 23, 2017! So freaking happy!!!

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Phantom Wraith's Biography
Ancient and deadly, from a time so long into the past he himself refuses to speak of it except to those he trusts completely. A creature who's power is so massive he sealed it in fires around the many streams of existence so he could walk among the mortals without destroying them just by being near. A monster who slaughtered so many in his wake that his scent is not of brimstone and sulfur as is with most of his Kin, but of blood, death, and something that makes any able to scent it instinctively either fight or flee.

This is the lie he has told for eons, but the truth of Phantom, is that he was not born, he was created by the first beings to exist. Created for the sole purpose of saving the world from his chaos loving siblings known by the mortal realm as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He was the original balance to his father Razel, the Chaos, and his mother Therisa, the Order. He alone was granted the power to destroy all that was, is, and ever could be, but he knew to keep his power in check and simply watched the universe unfold. Waging war to keep his little brother in check and to keep his remaining family balanced, until he met the woman who changed that all, the woman who gave him the ability to no longer judge without objectiveness. She changed him and when his enemies framed his family for her death he lost control and ruptured existence in his quest for vengeance. This rage is what allowed him to follow a path that caused him to see just how dangerous he was, allowing him to take that power and splinter it into flames that he tossed into the multiverse before he took residence in the Realm, all while still traveling to his home realm from time to time.
At the lost of his daughter Beth, Phabtom has flown into a rage, reducing an entire city to a gaping hole within the Earth. He has destroyed his many businesses and properties within the human world and left the human world, his oath to only return to destroy the human race the only thing he leaves behind for the others as he has faded from the human world once more.



Styxx (Deceased)
Phantom Jr. (Deceased)


Terisa (Walking other Realms)
Claire (Walking other Realms)
Beth (Killed by human)

Statistics: Covered in a black cloak that seems to move even when he isn't, his only feature that can be seen is his glowing eyes that shift colors to show his mood.
Eye Color:

Ever shifting and changing to show his moods or emotions, he usually has either bright blue or green as his base eye color.

Rough Height: Has been seen ranging from sizes between 2 inches and 200 feet in height, his weight is unknown.

Status: Taken!

Abilities: Flight, Shifting (Shape and form), Growth, Strength, Able to turn insubstantial, immune to all elements, immune to most magics, and other powers that shift and change as he gains power.
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Mystic-husky 05/05/18 "I am Mystic Husky, your wife asked for these supplies for her pregnancy. I am known for carrying supplies for midwifery and such." She smirked and then smiled. "Its never very hard to find someone if you search hard enough."
Mystic-husky 05/04/18 The small witch steps up to the man with her basket in hand."Excuse me, Mr Wraith." She gives a slight bow then straightened back up. "before your wedding I was speaking to your wife and she had me gather some items for her. would you be able to take them as I keep missing her it seems. There is peppermint leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf ,Slippery Elm Bark as she requested." She hands him the basket.
mist 12/25/17
Amari Preston 12/25/17 MERRY CHRISTMAS
Lucia Mitzi Dragon 12/12/17 As the days went by, she then came across of phantom once again, this time when she had Rend. She was a cursed black blade, now as Lucia held Rend in her hand the blade was still of pure black. But now on the blade was a detailing of dragon scales covering the blade. That and the temperament of the edge was as hard as dragon scales and has sharp as a dragon’s claws. And a dragon’s head on the hilt that in its eyes were two gold glowing gemstones. “Well phantom it seems Rend has become quite better since she was healed and also it seems she’s taken a morphing that she looks just like me.” She smiled, then held up the sword. “For tol shol, time to come out little one.” As she smiled as Rend, formed into her human form though this time her eyes and her hair held a golden shine to them. Plus she had started a pair of baby dragon fangs.
EirieNightBreed 06/06/17 It's good to be wanted even this way brother :) lol.
LillyEmperium 05/15/17 Hmmm curiosity is going to strike old friend
WildKat 05/13/17 Thank You.
LillyEmperium 04/16/17 *Drops a bag of chocolate at his door. Then vanishes*
EirieNightBreed 03/31/17 A belated Thank you Phantom :)
Kenny R 02/06/17 Congratulations Phantom on PotD
LillyEmperium 02/06/17 Congrats on POD
MysticRose 01/01/17 Newyears picture from
WildKat 09/16/16 *fist pump* You managed to break out Phantom Wraith.
Shadwyn Drake 06/07/16 "Welcome to the Realm!" Drake spoke. As a representative of After Dark. Please contact me if you have questions or need a friend to help you! Contact Mack or Jack if interested in joining the realm's best coven!"
WildKat 06/05/16 Welcome Back!
Ronan Boru 06/04/16 Welcome back dear friend.
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