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Raoul Silverblade


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Born: April 11, 2014 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 7
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 6451
Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 129
In Union With: Julia Silverblade Last Login:
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08/13/20 at 3:10 pm
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 Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Raoul Silverblade's Biography
Name Raoul Silverblade
Nickname the Unknown
Race Carpathian fallen into demon
height 6.6
weight 266
looks: brown eye and black hair muscular and fit physique
Background: For aeon he had wandered around in this forsaken place.
He had been through good times and through very bad times.
Life in the realm only made bearable by his brother Goku, sister Sava and the occasional caretaker of his heart.
After having lost his last wife his heart died making him fall into the darkness all Carpathians dread.
For him this was not where it ended as a new page was turned over, bounded by one promise of returning.
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Calico 07/24/20 Cali smiled "thank ye, but I nay not know what I did" looking confused
-Savannah- 07/18/20 Sava looks up smiling "hey bro come see your nieces and newphew ." seeing the cuddly toys "they are beautiful thank you"
-Savannah- 07/17/20 Welcome to the world Tenkai Jr, jasmine and Raven born on the 18/7/2020
-Savannah- 07/17/20 Sava giggled as the sound of shifting around on the other end of the line "I tell you bro, I've never seen a man be so damn nervous"
-Savannah- 07/17/20 "She is on way bro. Tenkai needs to calm down as he is pacing back and forth the bedroom wearing out a hole in the carpet" she chuckled through the backache.
-Savannah- 07/17/20 Heavy breathing on the line "bro, I need your help my mate is running round like an crazy man panicking as the triplets are coming"
-Savannah- 07/17/20 Sava reached out to her brother upon his cell "Damnit bro answer" she cried out.
-Savannah- 07/13/20 "Very well bro" she sat back as she shifted a pillow and placed it to the small of her back "always watching out you demon," she chuckled
-Savannah- 07/13/20 She took the plate and sat it upon her lap, picking off a chunk and bit into it "tell me about it, but there all the kids I had strange cravings on" she chuckled "yes he is going to miss out see these three growing up and our middy"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 "Bro, please tell me you have banana cake. I've been craving it so much lately" she smiled as she picked up the cup and drank gently."just wish goku would get out of his bed and come to see his daughter"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 Sava smiled as she could hear the growls from the guard Rhage and linked back to him "Back down Rhage I mean it, I may be pregnant but can still beat your ass" she felt a kick to her ribs as she gently rubbed the spot.."that I will need bro, middy sent the babies their own lil blankets in our symbols this morning"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 "Bro, he will be here and I want you to meet him as well as goku when he finally shows his fat ass" she smirks and then chuckles softly " just don't tell our brother that you said a few more weeks and I can see my feet again"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 She opened the door and turns to stand up, placing a hand upon her swollen stomach "god them were the days bro. Just wish I could do that now but my belly would give me away" she said as she watched the guard growl, taking hold hold of her brothers arm to go inside for tea
-Savannah- 07/13/20 She giggled "oh I remember, hell bro you got it easier compared to me. Father grounding me if her found me escaping the house to go down to the water falls just for some quiet time"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 She chuckled "he had to do some research on something bro. Hell when we grew up you used to hide from fathers warriors too"
-Savannah- 07/13/20 "Bro, Tenkai's guards are driving me bloody crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an SUV following me right now " she chuckled as she looked back and saw Rhage and Butch watching her. Lifting her hand and wiggled her fingers at the pair "I need time out to relax before your nephews and niece come in about two weeks."
-Savannah- 07/13/20 Sava drove up to the house of her errand brother for the past few days and beeped the car horn
Midori Drake 07/13/20 "The man I spoke of is gone to visit these kung fu nuns and they have extended an invitation to me as well. I need not shave my head and Mr. Drake will be there as well. I shall talk to him and see if I will suit him. I know of him as he has visited the kitsune temple in his travels. So yes we are acquainted in a professional manner only. His letter has stated he has need of a partner for various reasons he will discuss in the presence of these sisters who are deemed unusual and very wise." Middy laid the letter before her uncle. "My father is No where to be found and indeed if he were he would be drunk and miserable in his own manner."
Midori Drake 07/13/20 "My so-called father has not graced himself to see us. He may have fallen into such a deathlike sleep in one of his hidden places. His then wife is now gone and he has been through many wives and others as well. Indeed one wife deemed me unworthy to be his daughter. So I returned to the temple before she sought to end my life. I have set before me two options. One invitation to go to Tibet and learn from the Kung fu nuns. Another is an option from a man called Shadwyn Drake who owns a shop. He has presented me with an offer. He had a brood of half grown children who require a firm but gentle hand. He has a name in only union which he says will benefit us both." Middy looked at her uncle with a slight smile on her face.
Midori Drake 07/04/20 "Times have changed, my uncle and he trained me well to defend myself. He had trained others before me when he dealt among the temple kitsune. It was a good time back then but perhaps this time things will be even better!" Micky and Mallory looked at Raoul with some interest. "They behave quite and they will not appreciate my father's neglect of them. He can be so good and yet so bad.."
Midori Drake 07/04/20 "I remember the swing and mind you. Yes I swung so high and leaped out of it and landed on him! Many stories old and new must spoken. I remember a time when my dishonorable father almost choked on his own brandy when he first saw me! A waste of good brandy too but the look so priceless!" Middy laughed at the thought of her father choking on his brandy. "You can still call me Middy."
Midori Drake 07/04/20 "He needs to stop drinking! His hyenas were at the dog pound! Poor sweethearts! They are now mine! Mallory is expecting a fine litter too." Middy looked at her uncle Raoul. "You are different somehow...what have you been up to? I had you are married too A different last name?"
Midori Drake 07/04/20 Middy bowed to her uncle Raoul. Her father's hyenas Micky and Mallory were on either side of her. They sat at strict attention. "I greet you honorable Uncle Raoul. I know where he hides his booze and it is now hidden elsewhere and his neglected pets are now mine." Middy smirked softly at her uncle. "They have a score to settle with him." Middy then hugged her uncle gently. "Where is that father of mine hiding?"
imashe 06/30/20 Imashe snuck into the dungeons and picks the lock with her dagger.

You managed to break out Raoul Silverblade. "Run Raoul! Run"
Julia Silverblade 06/25/20 Returning the kiss "I know you do not but I seen it and I thought it suited you and you know I never give you anything unless it has magical protections from me on it"
Julia Silverblade 06/25/20 She comes up behind him and slips the necklace she bought onto him "Protection my love"
imashe 06/21/20 Ima snuck quietly into the dungeons, grabbing her dagger and popped the lock on the door. "Ye better be running Raoul"

You managed to break out Raoul Silverblade.
Julia Silverblade 06/13/20 Taking his hand she ran as he lead coming out of the tunnels and took to the sky with her mate. Kissing him "Thank you"
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She took his hand in hers "Lead the way my love."
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She melted into his embrace and returned the kiss in the same manner he was kissing her.
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She reached out and touched him again. "I am real, I am her and thos is real Raoul."
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She smiled at him and that smile held all the love for him she had even as it radiated out of her eyes as well. "Yes we are in full and utter agreement there"
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 Her eyes close as she kisses him back to be in stasis for so long without the touch of her love had done its toll on her. Stepping in closer her arms go around her. "I promised I would return if the forces that be let me. I am bound to you that was the agreement made with the demonic forces for my return. I accepted gladly their terms as it would mean me in your embrace again." She said once their kiss broke
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 "There are demonic forces at work here but not to play with you. The demonic forces sent me back to you. I am no longer who I used to be either. I have no ties to the Carpathian world anymore this is a new start for me for us I hope?"
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She nodded "Yes I know not the body you were once used to but it was so rotted there was no saving it so I had to choose a new one." She said to him. She hesitantly reached out to him not sure if he would accept her touch after so long
Julia Silverblade 06/12/20 She seen a familiar face and went to him would he remember her she didn't know "Raoul?" The question came from her
Faia Shiria 08/02/18 Thank you dear *hugs back* I'm not sure what I did to deserve it though *laughs*
vamp_goku 12/25/17 Marry X-Mas and happy holidays!
vamp_goku 12/21/17 This is how you prepare a Turkey. Yes!
Faia Shiria 06/21/17 Thank you so mUchida *smiles wide*
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
MysticRose 01/01/17 Newyears picture from
Happy New Year my Friend!!
MysticRose 12/25/16


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