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My Heart and Soul, my beloved Husband Shadwyn Drake! Proud To be part of the Family, Coven of Shadows and Light!  photo Light_and_Dark.jpg

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Shadwyn Drake 09/04/14 You were successful in stealing $6.00 from Mystic Rose. Shadow checked the contents of his beloved's clutch purse and finding it low on cash BM and the new credit cards. He quickly filled the walled with cash BM and credit cards. "Mystic Rose where are you...."
Shadwyn Drake 04/06/14 Shadow pulls his beloved Mystic Rose close and wraps his arms around her waist. He feels her nuzzle his ear and then shivers as she nibbles on it. "I love you Milady Mystic Rose and you have my heart always. Shall we keep kissing til either of us is breathless or speechless?"
vamp_goku 03/13/14
Shadwyn Drake 03/10/14 "A Perfect Rose for A Perfect Lady...." Shadow lays one perfect red rose on the pillow near Mystic Rose and he gently kisses her lips. "y only reason for being in this Realm."
Shadwyn Drake 02/19/14 Shadow winked at his beloved Mystic Rose. "You are quite Inddescribeable and lot more beside! You are my best half and my only reason for being in this realm! Have I told you lately that I love you?"
Shadwyn Drake 02/03/14 "My beloved Mystic Rose, I am here with you." Shadow drew his beloved Mystic Rose into his arms. "I know these partings have sorrowed us both. But my heart beats only for you and no one else....COme and let me kiss your tears away."
Shadwyn Drake 01/12/14 Shadow swept Mystic Rose up into his arms and kissed her very gently. Their parting had been a long and hard one. But it was necessary both of them had things they needed to do. Shadow for one closed his old retreat and cast a spell to hide it away until it was needed. Now he was home for good and there was no going ever for him. IF others needed him they knew where they could find him. He would remain with his beloved and his children forever and beyond. "Ilove you my Milady Mystic Rose..."
Shadwyn Drake 10/18/13 "For all the times I have picked your pockets. You deserve this fetching prize, Milday Rose!" *Shadow smiles gently as his arms slide about her shoulder.* "Did I tell you I love you lately?"
Shadwyn Drake 10/18/13 *Shadow held a new clutch purse in his hot hands. He had filled it with cash,BloodMoney and a few new credit cards for his beloved Mystic Rose.* "Where you are my beloved?"
Shadwyn Drake 08/10/13 Mystic Rose just failed at stealing money from you! *Shadow held tightly to Mystic Rose's clutch purse. His icy blue eyes gazed into her eyes.* "I wanted to get you a new clutch purse...but that will have to wait. You have my love plus a BM, cash and all my credit card in that clutch purse! Can I take you shopping?"
Shadwyn Drake 07/16/13 *Shadow shook his head sadly and he sat forlornly on the couch. His special gift to his beloved Mystic Rose was ruined by four overly anxious children whose lips trembled and though Chu stood straight and tall. His stance protective toward his younger sibling was apparent. "No Chu it's okay...we will give her something else for her birthday and welcome home..." He had to smile at his children rascals and imps at times he loved each and everyone of them dearly. "Do you think we could talk your mother to adding one more to this family?"
Shadwyn Drake 05/25/13 *Shadow felt someone's fingers slip into his pockets searching for something and he smiled slightly. As a small white box containing a small gift for Mystic.* "Your skills amaze me, pockets belong and my heart belong to you."
Shadwyn Drake 05/25/13 *Shadow handed the slingshot to Rhiannon and spoke urgently.* "You kids scatter! I will deal with this...." *Shadow hurried to where Mystic Rose lay in the mess made by Rhiannon. Shadow knelt next to his beloved Mystic Rose and pulled her quickly. He cradled her close as his face grew red.* "I am the culprit and You can punish me." *Shadow proceeded to kiss her gently as his hands checked her for any inuries.*
Shadwyn Drake 05/25/13 *Chu, Henry and Gabe stood silently as their sister Rhisnnon complained to Shadow. "That slingshot used by Chu the Henry and Gabe scared my cat! They broke a window with it! and they used your spell vials for target practice." Shadow looked at the slingshot and a small round projectile. He loaded it up and shot off the round pellet. It flew toward Mystic who was bent over cleaning a mess made by Rhiannon.* "Rose watch out! Oh no!"
Shadwyn Drake 05/03/13 *Shadow looked up sheepishly, holding Chu's black skateboard. He smiled at what a sight he made assplanted on the floor. "Oh hell you think Chu cold give me some lessons on his skateboard! Chu get over here right now!" *Shadow looked at his son and with a half sheepish smile.* "How do you manage to stay on that thing? Rose this skateboard looks a bit hardworn...We need skateboards for everyone..."
Shadwyn Drake 05/03/13 *Shadow sneaks up behind his beloved Mystic Rose quietly until his feet make the contact of Chu 's skateboard and try as he may to keep his balance. Somehow he managed to land on his bottom looking at the Chu's skateboard.* "Blasted skateboard, Chu Drake! Where are you!"
Shadwyn Drake 04/21/13 *Shadow arched an eyebrow then he nodded.* "I am a very bad boy and you must punish me in the way you feel appropriate. But that activity is for behind closed doors. Where you can decide a punishment with long range plans to make me a very happy man."
Shadwyn Drake 04/21/13 *Shadow chuckled as Mystic Rose had caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.* "Chu said He Rhiannon, Henry and Gabe wanted chocolate chips cookies....not chocolate mouse traps..."
Shadwyn Drake 04/18/13 *Shadow held his beloved Mystic Rose in his arms tenderly. His voice whispered softly speaking.* "You are my only reason for being in this Realm. You alone have my heart, mind body and soul. I reaffirm my love for you, Beloved One Mystic Rose. My heart beats only for you and is in your hands to do with as you desire."
Shadwyn Drake 04/10/13 Shadow felt his Beloved Mystic's presence. He shuddered as she placed her delicate hands gently over his eyes. He stood still encompassed by her spell bond listening to her words spoken softly against his ears. He chuckled slightly and whispered back to her.* "Thank you, Milady Mystic Rose. But it is you and you alone whose lovely face is my beacon in this Realm. My one true reason for this lifetime and beyond... Now come here and let me kiss you!"
Shadwyn Drake 03/29/13 Mystic Rose just stole $0.00 from you! *Shadow arched an eyebrow when Milady Mystic Rose frisked his backside before dipping those lovely slinky fingers in his back pocket; He felt his empty wallet removed quickly. He turned and smiled mischievously at her.* "I have no cash or BM, Milady Mystic Rose. My credit cards are yours. My body, heart soul and mind belong to you. I am a much better bargain than an empty wallet. I merely want you in my arms and I have such delightful plans..."
Shadwyn Drake 03/28/13
I am Ginger and this is my best friend Barbie! We are a pair of booby birds and we are seeking the great Dr Van Helsing! Can you help us find him? We need to deliver his daily dose of Booby Birds..."
Shadwyn Drake 03/06/13 *Shadow held Mystic Rose's clutch purse in one hand gently and he opened it. He inspected the content and found nothing.* "Milady Mystic Rose you have caught me yet again!"
Shadwyn Drake 02/23/13 *Shadow gave his wallet to Mystic Rose quickly as he gazed into her beautiful eyes. He smiled at her lovingly as he then gathered her into his protective arms.* "Have I ever told how I love those hands in my pockets front pockets and back pocket, coat pockets? I love those fingers everywhere. Now it's my turn and forget that clutch purse too..."
Shadwyn Drake 02/17/13 "Yeouch!!!!! Just my poor luck yet again...." Shadow had tried at the urging of the children Gabe, Henry, Chu and Rhiannon to remove the candy from Mystic Rose's handbag. All Shadow got for his pains was more mini mouse traps. "Gabe, Henry, Chu and Rhiannon you rascals! Let's go raid the cookie jar instead..."
Shadwyn Drake 02/17/13 Shadow picked up Henry gently and followed after Mystic and Rhiannon, Gabe and Chu. "Time for bed for all of us...and a bedtime story on true love wins the day when a Mage meets the Lady who stole his heart and awakened him to love."
Shadwyn Drake 02/17/13 Shadow heard Henry's remark. He was kissing Mystic Rose again when Gabe and Chu piped up. "Double yuckies! We know what that means....time for bed..." Rhiannon giggled and sighed. "It's so romanticle.. I wanna be just like mommy and marry daddy too!"
Shadwyn Drake 02/16/13 Shadow watched excitedly as Mystic opened her present and saw how her dainty fingers took the heartshape necklace from the box and hand it to him. He held it gently as he unclasped it to do as she requested. She swept her hair off of her lovely neck and he placed the necklace on her neck and closed the clasp. His fingers lingered on her neck tenderly. He whispered in her ear. "I love you , Mystic Rose."
Shadwyn Drake 02/16/13 A belated Valentine's Day present appeared on the table near the couch where she and Shadow were sitting watching the children unwrap their Valentine's Day goodies. A fire was in the fire place, the smell of hot cocoa and sugar cookies filled the air. "Aren't you going to unwrap your gift Mystic?"
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/13 Be My Valentine, Milady Mystic Rose! I LOVE you!
Shadwyn Drake 02/02/13 *Shadow scoops Mystic Rose up into his arms and whispers in her tiny eat.* "We'd best continue this behind closed doors. Too many distractions." *Shadow kisses her little ear and nuzzles it gently.*
Shadwyn Drake 02/02/13 "Let's see here. A devilish grin, that certain look in your eyes....Such lovely lips....I know just the perfect punishment for this thief. Guilty as charge!" *Shadows smiles devious as he catches his beloved Mystic Rose in his arms gently and proceeds to kiss her lips. He keeps kissing her lips tenderly and whispers.* "Do I keep kissing you? How else can I pay for my crimes of passion and purse pilfering?"
Shadwyn Drake 02/02/13 *Shadow yelps a little and sticks his fingers in his mouth after taking a few mini mousetraps off of his pinched fingers. His icy blue eyes look in to Mystic Rose's eyes tenderly.* "I need to keep out of your purse.... But I needed to pay for those pizzas. Someone ordered..."
Shadwyn Drake 01/19/13 *Shadow smiles sheepishly as he holds up Mystic's clutch purse in one hand and he looks at a mouse trap on his other hand. He shakes this head puzzled how a big mouse trap was in such a small clutch purse.* "Hmmmm we have a small mystery, Milady Mystic Rose..."
Shadwyn Drake 12/31/12 "A Happy New Year to you, my beloved Mystic Rose!!! NO man in all the Realm has a mate as wonderful as you!"
Shadwyn Drake 12/26/12 *Shadow pondered long and very hard over the belated Christmas gift for his beloved Mystic Rose. The two of them had been parted for awhile. He had been called away to help an old friend out of some difficulties and that had delayed him considerably. He had plucked two red roses from the rosebush that she loved. His hands had fashioned with the help of his friend a present to delight his lady. A diamond bracelet, necklace and an eternal ring. The white diamonds were inset in platimun a metal worthy of her. He places the red roses near her on his pillow and the box next to them. He waits for his lady to wake up.* "Merry Christmas, Mystic Rose.."
Shadwyn Drake 11/22/12 *Shadow found Mytic Rose's mini mouse traps adorning his sticky fingers yet again. He grinned innocently at his beloved mate and spoke softly.* "Happy Thanksgiving and gobble gobble ..."
Shadwyn Drake 10/31/12 "I adore those tiny mouse traps that ensnare my thieving fingers. But I love the lovely Milady Mystic Rose whose beauty and grace ensnare my heart forever. Happy Anniversary, a little late. I AM truly sorry for that...But thank you for forgiving me the best two years of my life!" *Shadow quickly embraces his beloved Mystic Rose and kisses her tenderly and passionately.*
Shadwyn Drake 10/31/12 "OUCH! Not those tiny mouse traps again...I was looking for my wallet. It you know where it went?" *Shadow's icy blue orbs look into Mystic Rose's beautiful eyes.* "You can have my wallet, my soul, my body and my heart forever. Just forgive me for that bad steal attempt.."
Shadwyn Drake 10/17/12 Shadow gazes at his beloved Mystic Rose as her eyes open. His hand gently caresses her cheek and he speaks softly.* "Mystic Rose, you have finally awakened. How I have missed you while you slept, But all is fine now and the Rose gardens await you and there is a surprise for you as well."
Shadwyn Drake 10/15/12 "My beloved Mystic Rose.. My night blooming Rose." *Shadow looks at his Lady Mystic Rose tenderly as she sleeps. He lays one perfect red rose on her pillow and tenderly kisses her cheek.*
Shadwyn Drake 08/06/12 *Shadow had found his mother's old locket hidden amongst his hidden treasures. It was his only remembrance of the woman who gave him life, who lingered only a short time and his father who raised him in a solitary and reclusive retreat had spoken little of her. He drew the broken locket out of it's old velvet bag. It was tarnished and the chain was broken. His hand held the locket tenderly, his ice blue eyes gazed upon a small rose that bravely by a thread to the locket. That little delicate rose reminded him of his beloved Mystic Rose. She like the locket was fragile, delicate and had the rare ability that made him feel complete. It was time for him to repair this rare piece of jewelry to grace her lovely neck. It took so little to repair the broken delicate chain, to make the locket and the little rose appear beautiful despite the locket's great age. *
"This shall grace her neck forever and always."
Shadwyn Drake 05/28/12 Shadow gave himself over to Mystic and her loving kisses were the only thing he wanted. All else was as nothing and an eternity spent in her gentle arms was everything to him. "For eternity and beyond, my sweet Rose."
Shadwyn Drake 05/28/12 Shadow gathers Mystic in his arms and pulls her close to him. "I love it when you take charge of me. Now where were we? OH yes! A very beautiful and desireable woman is kissing me." Shadow whispers against her lips. He proceeds to kiss Mystic very gently as he holds her close in his arms.
Shadwyn Drake 04/07/12 Congrats on PoTD
Shadwyn Drake 04/02/12 "You are my very reason for living and you are my beloved Mystic Rose.. Always and forever."
Shadwyn Drake 04/01/12 *Shadow arched an eyebrow, then he winked and his ice blue eyes softened. He pulled Mystic Rose into the shelter of his arms and proceeded to kiss her lips. He whispered softly.* "Could you kiss my worries away?"
Shadwyn Drake 04/01/12 *Shadow looked at Mystic and a slight smile tugged at his lips.* "Can my beloved Mystic Rose tell me why she is homicidal?"
Shadwyn Drake 03/24/12 *Shadow gathered Mystic Rose into his arms very gently and kissed her tears away. He whispered softly.* "Always and forever, Rose. You are safely home and in my arms. We will make sure you are protected and loved even more."
Shadwyn Drake 03/24/12 "Welcome back Milady Mystic Rose!" *Shadow holds out a single perfect red rose." "Welcome Back!"
Shadwyn Drake 02/28/12 I miss you too....Can some one at the shop fix your laptop? *hugs* You are very much missed!
Shadwyn Drake 02/28/12 *Shadow looks at his beloved Mystic Rose with an odd look in his ice blue eyes." "Why is my Mystic Rose in a tempermental mood? I didn't mean to snatch the last fudge brownie...."
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/12 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! To my beloved Mystic Rose
cao cao 02/14/12
Happy valentines anyway. :P
cao cao 01/01/12
Shadwyn Drake 01/01/12 "Happy New Years My Lady Mystic Rose Drake!!!
Shadwyn Drake 12/30/11 "You are a sweet refuge, a sanctuary in the midst of a hellish world. You drew a lost soul such as me home in so many ways..."

*Shadow looked into Mystic's beautiful eyes and he knew he held the Realm's greatest treasure in his arms. There her would always keep her protected.*
Shadwyn Drake 12/30/11 "For Eternity and Beyond this lifetime. You alone are my reason for being in this Realm...You alone hold my heart. Should you leave, I too shall follow you.."

*As quick as a flash Shadow moves and soon it is Mystic who is held in his arms. Shadow's lips kiss her cheek gently, gliding to her soft lips. He gathers her in a gentle embrace and her passionately.*
Shadwyn Drake 12/30/11 *Shadow shivered as Mystic's hand slid over his eyes. Her soft voice gently teased his ear. He slid his arms behind trying to hold her close.*

"Have I told you today, that I love you,my Night-blooming Rose?"
Shadwyn Drake 12/22/11 "I will not go in your clutch purse again...Merry Christmas!!!!!"

Shadow holds up the necklace. The children had helped him craft the hidden present in secret and Chu had found the diamond amongst Shadow's gem stones.*

"The children did such a beautiful job... for you on this project with me and they have astounded even me."
Shadwyn Drake 12/22/11 "YEOUCH!!!!! Never again shall I disturb the contents of Milady Mystic Rose's clutch purse again!"

*Shadow chuckles a bit before he pulls two mini mouse traps off of his finger.*

"I will be good from now on...I only wanted to slip your Christmas there."
Shadwyn Drake 10/24/11
"Happy Anniversary Mystic Rose! One year together! Time sure flys by! We need to take the time and celebrate.."
Shadwyn Drake 10/16/11 "It is you who deserves every honor. You are my Beloved Mystic Rose, my one reason for being in this Realm alone."
Shadow smiles gently at Mystic Roe sweeping her gently into his arms, protectively embracing her and kissing her softly.*
Shadwyn Drake 10/08/11 *Shadow immediately turns around and flashes a wide smile as he gathers Mystic in his arms protectively. He speaks low and cautiously*
"I felt someone's hand in my pocket... I turn around and it 's you? Very well you may pick my pockets, pick my clothes and pick my brain. Just pick me as the one whose heart you will keep forever."
Shadwyn Drake 09/26/11 "Bring your small cask of gemstones with us then. For the gems you have are singing gems. Perhaps it is time for you to bring me into your world of the night, Mystic.. In those caverns we will find what we are seeking and more." *Shadow now knows he wishes to embrace his hidden side and seeks the completeness with his one and only life mate Mystic Rose.*
Shadwyn Drake 09/26/11 *Shadow pulls her close and kisses her lips gently. He kisses cheek, whispering softly* "I will always keep that mouse trap in remembrance. Now when can we go to the cave of singing gems?"
Shadwyn Drake 09/25/11 *Shadow slipped the small ring on Mystic's tiny finger.* "This is my mouse trap, Mystic to keep entrapped within my embrace forever."
Shadwyn Drake 09/13/11 *Shadow nodded quietly.* "I am home to stay...The one Gem I left will never be left alone again. You will come with me and the children in time. There's a cave where the gems sing and twinkle like the midnight sky."
Shadwyn Drake 09/12/11 *Shadow had spent the better part of several weeks away from home. He had been searching for the perfect stones in which to shape a gift for Mystic Rose. Their first anniversary was fast approaching and he had the gems and the needed golden wire. This was to be his best gift to his beloved. But he had returned home finding Mystic Rose distraught and disappointed over his bad choice. He glanced down at the twin beautiful gold and diamond bracelets. He laid the two bracelets near the red rose close to her hand he went to sit in a chair by the bed. Hoping she would awaken soon.*
Shadwyn Drake 09/12/11 *Shadow laid the perfect red roses on the bed where Mystic Rose lay asleep. He sighed sadly as he noted the shimmer of a tear on her beautiful cheek. He bent over Mystic to kiss her cheek gently.* "Forgive me yet again."
Shadwyn Drake 08/30/11 "Well done on ranking Milady Mystic Rose!" *Shadow gathers Mystic into his arms gently looking into her beautiful and expressive eyes.* "Did you know you inspire me? Now I must work on ranking...But for now it's time to pay some long overdue attention on you"
Shadwyn Drake 08/24/11 *Shadow's ice blue eyes softened as he gazed at Mystic. She had his heart in the palms of her tiny hands. She was a blessing and a precious treasure to him for her he would do as she asked him to do. He would see to her every happiness, desire or whim. He kissed each finger gently and then the diamond and sapphire ring tenderly. * "You alone are my heart's desire and my reason for being in this Realm. Without you, I am nothing."
Shadwyn Drake 08/23/11 "For Mystic Rose the beloved one who is my only reason for being in the realm and more." *Shadow smiles as he slips the blue sapphire and diamond ring on her small finger.*
Shadwyn Drake 08/13/11 "Hey I am looking for you... There you are!" *Shadow smiles finding you in the secret garden among the roses.*
Shadwyn Drake 08/13/11
This is the first day of my life
The first time to really feel alive
The first time to break the chain
The first time to walk away from pain
You are the one I was looking for
YOU are the only one!

Shadow smiled sheepishly as he gently gathered Mystic Rose in his arms. He held her close to his body and leaned near her tiny ear, whispering.
Shadwyn Drake 08/07/11 "Congratulations on Profile of the Day,Mystic Rose!!! Very well deserved and you are indeed a treasure!!!"
Shadwyn Drake 07/24/11 *Shadow deepened the kiss gently and he knew they both had plenty of time before the door of the garden opened. He went about making His Lady Mystic Rose feel treasured like the pearl of great beauty she was. Anything else paled and time stopped as he looked in her eyes. He whispered, his arms holding her close.* "Time stood still and I see my destiny in your eyes foever and a day."
Shadwyn Drake 07/24/11 "You are my one desire Mystic and those sweet lips are worth kissing." Shadow gently placed his lips kissing Mystic gently. His blue eyes gazed into hers as he kept kissing her and as if by magic the door to the secret rose garden closed.
Shadwyn Drake 07/24/11 "The roses here are yours Mystic. They are gorgeous, but you are the Rose in the garden of my heart, my Rose without a thorn." Shadow gathers Mystic into his arms gently, holding her close to him. He whispers softly. "What is your deepest desire and wish? It is yours."
Shadwyn Drake 07/24/11 *Shadow gently led Mystic to the secret place where he had planted many rose bushes for her. The myriad of color, the scent of the multi-colored roses in the sunlight. In the middle of the small rose garden. There was one rose bush with golden roses on it.* "Your Roses Mystic..."
Shadwyn Drake 07/24/11 *Shadow holds out his hand to Mystic Rose.* "I have something to sow you in the garden."
Shadwyn Drake 07/11/11 *Shadow smiled softly at Mystic and nodded. Guiding her carefully to a hidden doorway to the Secret Garden made only for her and him.* "Through this secret doorway, there is a secret garden for you and me. There are many roses, lillies and other flowers. Even a small herb garden and there is another door to the main garden as well... Come and see.."
Shadwyn Drake 07/11/11 *Shadow watched as the golden roses were laid on the table. He felt her body press against his own the sliding of one arm around his shoulder gave him some hope of forgiveness. The feel of her fingers running through his hair made him shiver, the pressing of her nose softly against his neck broke as he breathed in her scent. His ears heard her soft voice and then he speaks softly. "I love Mystic Rose always and forever. Come let us go to the garden and saw each other just how much we have missed each other."
Shadwyn Drake 07/10/11 *Shadow turned around, he knew he had been neglectful of his beloved Mystic Rose. He had been puzzled and deeply distressed with the happenings of the prior week. He had made sure Mystic and their children were safe and protected. He felt her nearness and longed for her loving embrace and he wanted to feel her closenss to him. His blue eyes glowed with a warmth only for Mystic and he spoke softly. In his hands were a few golden roses for his lady.*
"I am here Mystic Rose. I must ask for your forgiveness. .. Can you forgive me?"
Shadwyn Drake 07/02/11 "Well done on POtD! YOU deserve it!"
Shadwyn Drake 06/11/11 *Shadow let lips speak his mind as he deepened the kiss on Mystic 's lips. He always melted in her arms and any rose in the rose garden paled beside her beauty in so many ways. He arched an eyebrow but then he felt he was a rose in Mystic's garden. He was her's for the plucking . But that thought departed as he felt Mystic's tongue on his lips. So he held her close and kept kissing her.*
Shadwyn Drake 06/10/11 *The rose bush forgotten for the moment as Shadow walks toward Mystic Rose and as he gathers her in his arms.* "Tell me who is the fairest rose in this garden?" *Shadow looked into Mystic's eyes as he kissed her very gently.*
Shadwyn Drake 06/10/11 *Shadow smiled gently as he finally found Mystic in the rose garden. He had been working with the roses and he been caring for a new rose brush that needed some extra care.* "Mystic!!! There you are!!!"
Shadwyn Drake 05/31/11 "For you, Milady Mystic Rose...I miss you...I am waiting for you in the Rose Garden."
Shadwyn Drake 05/06/11 Shadow closed his eyes as he kissed Mystic again. "I love you Mystic and only you." He whispered softly against her cheek. Mystic 's fire ignited a flame that burned in him and he could give into her every wish. "What is it you wish, my Night blooming rose?"
Shadwyn Drake 05/04/11 Shadow's eyes widened and an gleam shined in his eyes. He sighed as he felt her tongue glide around his ear lobe and the little nip ignited a flame in Shadow. "Ours to command, Milady. I am very naughty boy and in need of those very vivid thoughts you have. A few kisses more will lead to exquisite thought of my own about you." Shadow winked a bit deviously. "Now where was I? OH yes a few kisses for you!" Shadow's lips kisses along her tiny ear and nibbled on her ear lobe. He then left a trail of soft kisses across her cheek.
Shadwyn Drake 05/04/11 Shadow's ice blue eyes soften gently as he wraps his arms around Mystic. He shivers at her touch as her soft lips caress against his ear. "Dark eve my beloved Mystic Rose, I would wait forever for you and for eternity's sake hold you in my arms forever." Shadow's eyes take a wicked gleam as well. "What have you in mind my lady? I am yours to command."
Shadwyn Drake 04/29/11 Shadow's ice blue eyes took an concerned look and he held Mystic even more protectively against him. "You do not know why you feel this way? A dark feeling and trouble dealing with it? We need to remedy this concern." His voice softly whispered. "If you wish...remember the rose gardens of which you spoke. Behind the house there is a secret garden and here is the key.." Shadow's fingers mover swiftly and a silver key appears in front of them. "It is said the secret garden has a healing magic of it s own. Shall we go there?"
Shadwyn Drake 04/28/11 "Why are you lonely, my love? I have been lonely too. There's no more leaving again...The retreat has been safeguarded...til we all go there to visit soon." *Shadow pulls his Lady Mystic Rose into his arms and holds her close.* "I have a nice surprise for you..."
Shadwyn Drake 04/23/11 For you Milady Mystic Rose Drake, the first blossoms of Spring and a reason to celebrate Easter! *Shadow smiles gently as their children point to the flowers, he is trying to hide behind his back.*
Shadwyn Drake 04/13/11 "It is my desire, Mystic. But one hope, one constant is the heart of your heart against mine. But for now you are safe and out of harm's way. Mayhap there is hope yet for me." Shadow's blue eyes soften as he looks into Mystic's eyes. "Hope is many things my love. You, the children and simple things that bless a day."
Shadwyn Drake 04/13/11 "You are now safe, my beloved Mystic Rose, that is what I wish for you.." Shadow gathers her in his arms and holds her protectively. "You are the one anchor who holds me in this Realm...Always and eternally."
Shadwyn Drake 03/03/11 "A woman of great worth I have found. Yes, far above rubies and pearls." Shadow smiles and gather Mystic Rose in his arms. "You alone have my heart, soul, mind and body. You are my only reason for being here in the realm."
Shadwyn Drake 03/03/11 From fine silver and rare amethyst have I formed this for you. My beloved Night-blooming Rose, the Lady of my Heart, my steady anchor in this realm and any other realm.
Shadwyn Drake 02/24/11 He shivers a bit as her voice whispers in his ear. Her sweet laughter is like music to his ears and her small delicate hands on his eyes feel like the soft petals of a flower. "Is it you, my Mystic Rose?" He smiles waiting for her answer. "My arms and lips await you and I have a few kisses you may like."
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/11 Shadow 's icey blue eyes take on a warmer glow as Mystic Rose slipped the necklace into his hand. He takes and gently places the necklace around her neck. Closing the clasp, his fingers rest tenderly on the back of her neck. "You alone are my shining precious gem in this Realm. The beauty and gentle spirit of you and your beauty outshine this gem, Mystic." Shadow 's arms slide around Mystic's waist as he pulls her into his embrace.
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/11 Shadow slips a small black velvet bag into Mystic Rose's hand. "Happy Valentine's Day Beloved."
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/11 For you Milady Mystic Rose
Shadwyn Drake 02/13/11 "I love you my beloved night blooming Rose. YOU alone are my reason for being in this Realm." Drake holds Mystic Rose gently and protectively in his embrace. "Whatever you want Rose...It is yours."
Shadwyn Drake 02/13/11 "Welcome home My Lady Mystic Rose. I am glad you wwere with me always and forever!!! Drake pulls Mystic Rose gently into his arms and holds her very close. A wide smile flashes across his lips and he then kisses her lip softly and tenderly. "Welcome home, we have a lot to celebrate.."
Shadwyn Drake 02/12/11 "Congratulations on ranking Mystic! Well done!" Drake smiles at his Lady Mystic Rose and gathers her into his arms. "Let's go celebrate this accomplishment."
Shadwyn Drake 01/30/11 Forgive my absens Milady Mystic Rose....I am here now.."
Shadwyn Drake 01/01/11 Shadow looked into her loving eyes and smiled gently. "Indeed it is a wonderful idea, my wife." He watched her close her eyes , then his lips gently and eagerly kissed her lips gently. Shadow's arms gathered her close against him. As he kissed her again and again. All in his world was perfection because he had the most beautiful and loving woman in the Realm and she was in his arms.
Shadwyn Drake 01/01/11 A mischeivous gleam glints in Shadow's ice blue eyes. He speaks softly. "Mistletoe and silver rings to Milady, I bring." Mistletoe appears above them. Shadow smiles, looking up at it and reaches out for Mystic Rose. "What can we can do but ring in the New Year, my love."
Shadwyn Drake 12/31/10 Shadow smiled secretively and spoke softly. "Is it you, my beloved Mystic Rose? None other than you."
Shadwyn Drake 12/18/10 Shadow 's ice blue eyes gazed upon Mystic's lovely smile. "A gift for you, Milady. These two perfect pearls have been in my keeping for many years. They were my mother's only legacy. The silver entwining them together, my father's legacy that he taught me." Shadow meant to say not all Mages or Warlocks used their abilities or gifts to the utmost. Sad are that do not. He had been taught otherwise by the man he called his father..
Shadwyn Drake 12/16/10 Shadow smiled gently as hands opened. In one hand laid a silver ring with one perfect pink pearl. His other hand held a necklace with it's twin pink pearl. "Only you are the most perfect Pearl, Mystic Rose Drake. A woman of beauty and wisdom is a priceless pearl.. I love you, Milady Mystic Rose."
Shadwyn Drake 12/16/10 The doors of Shadow's private study opened wide as of their own accord. He looked up from a book he was studying. On the desk beside his ancient book, lays a beautiful necklace beautifully made with silver wires entwined together each link sensously embracing the other at the end of the necklace a single rare gem sparkles delicately. "Mystic..come quickly here...It's finished..."
Shadwyn Drake 12/08/10 Shadow looks at the golden roses in his hands, then he gazes upon Mystic Rose. He smiles gently, knowing her inner beauty like the beautiful and gracious lady she is, she alone outshines the roses in the gardens at Mystic Manor. "For you from a badly behaved Lifemate.. I found myself in the rose gardens looking at these roses and remembering the roses in my old gardens..."
Shadwyn Drake 11/27/10 Shadow looked at Mystic, his other hand closed over her small delicate hand. He looked at her beautiful face and smiled gently. "Let's call it a night, my night blooming Rose." He then thanked the God(s) for the love of this woman call Mystic Rose silently in his heart.
Shadwyn Drake 11/27/10 *Shadow's arms wrap around Mystic Rose very gently, as he feels her cuddling close as she nibbles on his neck. He shudders slightly, her body molded to his perfectly.* "I love you, Milady Mystic Rose and there will be many holidays at Mystic Manor to celebrate. Trust me in this, I know." *To Shadow, Mystic Rose herself is perfection and she can do no wrong in his adoring eyes.*
Shadwyn Drake 11/22/10 "Milady Mystic Rose, you hold the keys to my heart and to the new home together..." *Shadow hands the keys to Mystic Rose, their new home together at Mystic Manor.*
Shadwyn Drake 11/12/10 *Feeling Mystic Rose's arms wrap around him, he looks at her beautiful eyes. The bold gaze tells him as he hears her words. His own arms wrap his wife, his lips meet hers softly and gently. His voice whispers softly.* "As I desire you also, my night blooming Rose." *Shadow knows his heart is placed only in her hands for now and eternity.*
Shadwyn Drake 11/12/10 *Shadow winks back at Mystic Rose with a glint of mischief in his ice blue eyes then he nods at her words.* "When you decide. It will be as you desire."
Shadwyn Drake 11/12/10 *Shadow turns around and smiles at Mystic Rose. His blue eyes sparkle with a gleam in them.* "Have you decided on what you desire made with the gemstones in your keeping?"
Shadwyn Drake 10/24/10 Shadow gently draws Mystic Rose into a gentle embrace, he smiles in amazement, his lips swiftly caress her lips for the first time. "Rose, sweet Night-blooming Rose, you are my destiny." In that instance Shadow knew there was a future for him and his Lady Mystic Rose.
Shadwyn Drake 10/24/10 "Will you accept my heart and this ring into your keeping, Milady Mystic Rose?" *Shadow looks at Mystic Rose wonder filling his ice blue eyes as he awaits the answer he can only hope for.*
Shadwyn Drake 09/24/10 "Entrusted to your gracious care and wisdom Milady Mystic Rose." Shadow hands the glass box of gemstones to Mystic Rose. "Guard them well for they are healing gems."
Shadwyn Drake 09/23/10 Shadow smiled again. "The treasure is in the box and your words are stored away in my heart." He would believe again in hope and love. His friend had entrusted his most precious treasure to his care. He would see to it that she was protected at all costs. He had opened his heart and given it away. Now he would wait to see what would become of the treasure and her heart's desire.
Shadwyn Drake 09/23/10 Shadow looked at Mystic Rose with his ice blue eyes. He smiled softly and his words gently spoken. "You are my future, Mystic Rose. The gemstones will be in your care as is my heart. When the time is right..The gemstones will be fashioned into whatever your heart desires or wants. One word from you determines everything."
Shadwyn Drake 09/22/10 "You have ranked, Milady Mystic Rose! Well done!" Shadow smiles softly handing Mystic Rose a small box. "For you, some gemstones...for the future..."
Shadwyn Drake 09/08/10 Shadow slips a small box into your hand. He smiles a hopeful look in his steel blue eyes. "For you Milady Mystic Rose.."
Shadwyn Drake 09/05/10 One Perfect Rose~
Shadwyn Drake 09/05/10 Shadow nods somberly, but when he heard her mischievious giggle. A wide grin flashed accross his face and to his surprise. He heard his soft chuckle. "Good things come to those who patiently wait. Patient is a virtue, a well needed virtue indeed. Then it must be cultivated slowly..." He was captivated by her beautiful smile and he knew his heart was given in that moment to her hands to do with as she wished and desired to do.
Shadwyn Drake 09/05/10 "I have an eternity, Milady Mystic Rose. Your loss is very great and greivous. You are still reeling from the shock. I will wait for you." Shadow bows politely, making no other moves. In his hand appears a single night blooming red rose (called the Mystic rose). "This rose is named for you alone and alone for you it will grow. Let this be unfolding and possible future between us."
Shadwyn Drake 09/03/10 "I have too late. But not that late, Milday. His words to me were this. Should she ever be alone heartbroken and full of sorrow Shadow. Go to her and be the one anchor as she was mine." Shadow's steel blue eyes look into yours. "Can you accept a Warlock who has lived in the shadows of darkness. For his sake and mine, make it not too late. The rings were my last gift to him..."
Shadwyn Drake 09/03/10 "Entrusted to my care were the making of these rings...I fear I brought them too late, Lady Rose. I am a Warlock and a maker of rings.."
Shadwyn Drake 09/03/10 "Thank you, Milady, I am called Shadwyn...Shadwyn Drake. Shadow to my good friends...Though I 've few of them.." Shadwyn looks down to the ground, holding a small box. "These are made by me for a friend and his lady."
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