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"You want sympathy? You'll find it between " sh*t " and "syphilis" in the dictionary."
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Limited Edition tiggy Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Azrael's Biography

Azrael sat in a large black leather chair, whiskey glass in his hand which moved to swirl the contents as he stared at the reporter seated across from him. They were in the study of his home, the fireplace was lit and the glow that was cast from the flame gave an eerie golden glow to his pale skin. The shadows played along the profile of his face bringing attention to his unnatural beauty. His hair was white, not the white of a platinum blonde, no, his hair was pure white and it framed his face perfectly as it fell loosely and draped over his shoulders. He smiled at the reporter, the glow of the firelight catching on his fangs and reflecting in his ice blue colored eyes. Something about his appearance made it clear that he had not always been the angelic form seen this night.

His eyes fixed on the reporter, whom he did not like. This other man was asking him questions, too many questions, and some of a very personal nature that he would rather discuss with someone that he knew personally rather than this stranger. He thought to himself that if the people were so curious about him as to send this poor fellow, then perhaps he should give them a bit of a story. “So, you want to know where this all started, my life story, eh?”

The reporter nodded eagerly and made himself a little more comfortable. He positioned himself in the chair so that the light from the fireplace would allow him to better see his notebook as he began writing the introduction and opening notes for his article.

Azrael took a long drink from his glass and cleared his throat before speaking. “You and the others of the realm know me now as Azrael, but, I was someone else when I first came to this place. We shall get to my true name in a moment, for now let me tell you why I came here to begin with.” He paused for a moment and watched the reporter as he scribbled in his notebook. With a slight smirk he continued on. “I was sent here at a young age, to escape the butchers that killed my family. Our home realm was attacked by the demon hordes, my parents sacrificed themselves so that I could flee. I barely managed to survive, if it had not been for them, I most likely would not have made it. That scythe on the wall behind you is all that I have left of my family.”

“I wandered around the realm for the longest time lost, not knowing what to do with myself. I had no purpose, nothing to strive for really. Everyone I encountered had some sort of objective, moral, vendetta, or personal goal, either set by them or some higher power. So I continued to wander, slowly I began to gather strength and I liked it, but I also became lonely. That’s when I met my first love. We were to have our first child when she was attacked. She lost the child and the relationship fell apart from there. I went back to wandering and looking for revenge, not just on the creature that attacked her but everyone who stood in my way. It felt natural, like something I had done before. And when I encountered the vampire named Lorelei, everything changed.”

He took another drink from his glass and growled slightly as he emptied the glass. He poured himself another glass and offered the reporter some, which was promptly refused. He shrugged and sat back in his seat as he continued. “My conversations with her sparked off something; I recognized her even though I though I had never met her before. She recognized me though, must have been these good looks.” He laughed. “Seriously though, she uttered just one name, “Verdoro”. Then it struck me, all the memories of my past, how I really came here, who the hell I really was. It all made sense now. I wasn’t sent here, I was here from the beginning, and I was just brought back; still not sure why though.”

He trailed off as if in deep thought. The reported coughed nervously to try to get his attention; it worked. He snapped out of it and took a drink. He smiled wickedly as he saw the worried look on the man’s face. “Oh don’t look so damn worried. What makes you think that just because Shenanoska and I are back in the realm we are going to start up the old wars? I am very comfortable in the life I have now. He and I do keep in contact though, we are brothers after all. Though things have become a little complicated between us since we are on opposite sides. But enough of that, right now in the life of “Az”, I have recently married a wonderful woman named Shayden. We are quite happy. I do apologize that she couldn’t be here for your little interview but she had some business to attend to.”

He finished up the rest of his glass as the clock chimed on the wall. It was getting late, and he had enough of the reporter’s questions. He set the glass down and stared coldly at the reporter sitting across from him. “Well I think that wraps up this interview. Don’t bother objecting or trying to get in any last questions; for you see you have used up enough of my time and patience with the questions you have already asked. And trying to ask another may end with you writing the answer in the last drops of your own blood. The exit is behind you, I suggest you take your leave.”

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Shayden Rayne

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Gaelle Rose 04/09/13 Walking up slowly to you, I stopped as I tried to get a better look at your face. A smile flew on my face as I recognized the man. I took a few steps closer as I spoke your name softly.
Everyone I once knew had died or was asleep in Cancun still I slightly wished I stayed asleep, this place had changed so much..
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Shayden Rayne 08/19/10 *Shay sneaks up with a bucket full of silver confetti, she quickly tips it upside-down over his head showering him in the shiny bits. With a smirk on her lips she tosses the bucket aside and slips away with a giggle.*

Congrats on the new rank!
Shayden Rayne 04/20/10 *Shay approached Az with a smirk on her dark crimson lips, a sparkle of mischief danced in her eyes as she gazed into his and slid a finger along the neat folds of the new robe. A soft chuckle escaped her as she raised up on her toes to lay her lips to his cheek.*

I always wondered what you would look like in this shade...
Shayden Rayne 11/02/09 *Sneaks up and covers Az in silver and gold glitter then runs off giggling while calling out over her shoulder.*

Congratulations on getting POD Az
Shayden Rayne 05/25/09 *Shay was in a rather weird mood as of late and it led her to take up her old prankster habits. She rummaged through her desk drawers until she found what she was looking for and quickly headed off to prepare. She snuck into the kitchen and filled several water balloons with lime jello powder then added enough hot water to them to dissolve the powder then filled them the rest of the way with cold water before tying them off. She waited until they were completely set and went about finding random targets. Her eyes picked up on Az and with a wicked grin she chucked a few of the jello filled balloons at him before dashing off down the hallway to find her next target.*
Gaelle Rose 05/06/09 She stood in the shadows wondering to herself what the hell was so special about this angel. He seemed to be like all the other ones. She rolled her eyes at the though that any angel really was special. They all had fallen right? So they must not be that special
Gaelle Rose 05/02/09 She appeared in the wind current as it landed hr infront of Azarel. She crossed his name off the list as she read of what to say "The Viral has affected Tetra you are to report to Sydney (or just the Tet forum in Sydney) Their you will stay and wait for Sir Damon Varek unless he has given you other orders. Do you understand what I have just told you?"
Bastet 10/26/08
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