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Matilde Hammond
Killed: September 22, 2018 at 12:33 am EDT
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Atticus Hammond

Last five threads posted in:
Kat Steel 08/27/18 Congrats on PotD!
Kat Steel 04/04/18 Congrats on PotD!
Atticus Hammond 04/04/18 Matilde
Stay out of trouble!
Adara Litvinova 01/22/18 Huh?

"What? I don't need a daughter of God, not quite who would be a daughter of God. Is this a Jewish thing? I have to admit I'm not really Kosher. But you're blonde and I tend to like blondes, so if you do change your mind and would like to yell at others or just have a drink. Find me. Upstate New York."

*blinks* "If this is a Jewish thing, I think I might need to do better." *runs*
Adara Litvinova 01/22/18 "HEY! You're female! You should come save me." She would pout, whine, and even cry. Addie was also not above begging. She was surrounded by men. She needed backup.
Atticus Hammond 01/20/18 "Fine. You can have a pony... But I'm NOT taking care of it. It's all on you. And don't expect Camille to help."
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Waxing off is... well... you know what, for the daughter of Camille - I gift UrbanDictionary.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 I see. Well. I know Camille. And Daniel-san. That's what I call Atticus. He's still mastering the art of waxing off.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 That depends on who your father is.
And my Da's name was Gerald.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Who the f-ck is Cain?
Mackenzie 01/20/18 You look very familiar... huh. How uncammy.
Atticus Hammond 01/20/18 "So... You want a mammoth?"
Atticus Hammond 10/24/17 "Your mother, for one."
Atticus Hammond 10/23/17 "Kiss my ass."
Camille 09/30/17 "My loyalties are none of your business, though they transcends species and are not exclusive to mouth breathers. Why don't you try a bar or something? Maybe some MDMA?"
Atticus Hammond 09/10/17 "I like murdering necromancers and stealing their possessions. But we can go laugh at ugly people and set small fires. ... Just don't tell Camille. She'll get jealous."
Atticus Hammond 09/09/17 "You're just as unlikeable, trust me."
-rolls eyes-
"You're a long way from normal, but so am I. I suppose we can spend some time together. What do you like to do?"
Atticus Hammond 09/09/17 "Have you ever considered that YOU are the one that smells?"
"Are you asking if it's dangerous to bond with me? Quite possibly. I'm not a likable person."
Atticus Hammond 09/06/17 Atticus blanches, then gingerly reaches out to pluck the paper from her hands. "What did you... Good God, gracious, merciful Christ...." He's too proud to blush, but the man is EMBARRASSED. "You're not my... You know what? Never mind." He lifts an arm, taking a whiff. "Soiled what, now? I smell?!"
Camille 08/19/17 Yes you are. Far superior, actually, and not just because you were created from my own blood and bone. However,
failure to blend to a degree puts you in danger. Are you ready to face said dangers on your own? I don't think you are.
If you're not going to blend, at least try to pick up on some less abrasive mannerisms. It would do you good.

Camille 08/19/17 You will not put yourself or any part of humanity in immediate danger for the sake of your livelihood. You know that's against the rules. Did we ever talk about this?

And for goodness sake. Will you please stop harassing my husband. We need to have a serious discussion about your people skills. If you're going to frequent, you need to learn to blend in better.
Atticus Hammond 08/19/17

God bless, it seems as though he's cracked through her dense skull. Atticus gives a dismissive wave. "Good, then. Go... Um... Clean your room." Because he's never actually been around children, he doesn't know what the fvck to say. 'Father'? That's something he never needs to hear again. "And call me Atticus, please? I don't need more therapy."
Atticus Hammond 08/19/17

So, his step-daughter wants to play ball. Normally, he's always in the mood to toy with people. Especially this girl. But, she doesn't seem to get any of his retorts. Like dialing Camille back by a 1000 percent. It's mind-boggling. "Listen, kid. And for God's sake, that's a generalization, so don't fcking correct me, 'kay? You need to back the fvck up before I'm unspooling your brain and feeding it to my bearded dragon. I'm not emotional." Oh, but he so is. She's pushed on his pressure point, and Atticus is angry. "I'm not going to let you fvck with my head. Camille's my wife. That's it. I don't need your approval or commentary. Savvy? So run along, now."
Atticus Hammond 08/19/17

"That was a goodbye, assh0le. Best of luck being a piece of sh!t." A good exit line, because he's just SO charming.
Atticus Hammond 08/19/17

Safe to say he's a little wounded at that. It's not as if he should feel life-affirmed knowing that about his wife. So, he retreats, humor virtually snuffed out. "Right, well, seems you won't have much to worry about. Sure I'll be out of the picture soon enough. Has anyone ever told you you can be a real b!tch?"
Atticus Hammond 08/19/17

"Sounds like someone's got some serious mommy issues. 'Fraid I can't let you near her. So are we going to fight? Sounds like a plan. Let's do it. As for my penis... I think that's Camille's territory. She'll likely rip off your head and sh!t down your neck for touching it. She's possessive, y'know."
Camille 08/18/17 How do you expect to do that? You can't recreate the Garden, Matilde. What's left of that haven was preserved inside of the gates of purgatory. Trust me, there is nothing on this earth that compares.

Just what are you up to?
Atticus Hammond 08/18/17

Atticus is baffled. Truly, absolutely thrown. Because this chick is fvcking WEIRD. He taps away a quick message to Camille (because he's a good husband), before he takes a rather defensive step back. "Right, right. That's all well and good... But if you touch a hair on her head, I'll have no choice but to cut off your hands and use donkeys to drag you through the village by your arm nubs."
Camille 08/18/17
I told you not to call me that. It causes too much confusion.
Where have you been? Why would I shroud myself from you? You've been gone too long.
Camille 08/18/17 I see you found your way back.
Good girl.
Atticus Hammond 08/18/17

Now, Atticus has seen some sh!t. But an angel, wings exposed, asking for his wife, referring to her as 'mother'? That's some next level sh!t. His brow knits together, arms folding across his broad chest. He doesn't know this woman, and, Camille hasn't mentioned her. So, he isn't about to tell the truth. Because she doesn't LOOK friendly.

"She's in bed, where I left her. And who are you, exactly?" He holds on a finger, as he's not quite done. "My father's name is Big Forrest, thaaaank you. And Cam doesn't have any children, soooo..."
Camille 01/16/17 B-tch it might be.
Elouise Warrock 01/03/17 Ohmygod. Yes. Another blonde!
-goes for high-five-
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