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Born: May 22, 2007 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 5 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 17248
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 1564
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06/07/16 at 3:10 pm
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The Girl Who Lived.
Special Items:
 Diamond Encrusted Skull commemorating the Bloodletting 1 Year Anniversary
Official John Doe Fanclub Member
Bloodletting Awards '07 Figurine - Sexiest Woman
Bloodletting Awards '07 Figurine - Best Slayer
Figurine Commemorating Ringing in 2008 with
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 2 Year Anniversary
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Best RP May 2015
Best RP November 2015

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Lang Ren

Ro TavVin
Sue Wanda Prescott
John Doe

Marah Whitmoore

Dark Vagor

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Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
InterviewsInterview with Johnette Napolitano
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mackenzie 04/10/16 I thought you'd never ask.
*Takes hand and nibbles fingers*
Mackenzie 04/10/16 You're so breakable. Like a KitKat. Mmm.
Mackenzie 04/02/16 Dear Bennie,

April Fools? That's far too American for my taste. See attached picture.

I mean it,

Mackenzie 04/01/16 Dear Bennie,

I'm not quite sure if you've heard yet, but there's a Jack in my room. His room. In his room. Which is my room. Very exciting stuff.

Disney was right. Dreams do come true.
Ariadne 02/28/16 "Thank you.:"
Doctor Horrible 02/26/16 Everyone is a little crazy

*Doctor Horrible sets the tea on the ground*

Just a little

*Squints his fingers together closely*
Doctor Horrible 02/26/16 *Takes the tea and sips*

I sleep in small doses, I ache to help. The world is a mess...and I just need to..rule it.

*Polite smile*
Doctor Horrible 02/23/16 Thank you very much!
Dark Vagor 02/12/16 Thanks for the warm welcome.
John Doe 02/04/16
Mackenzie 02/03/16
Ro TavVin 01/24/16 *Grips the edges of the quilt tightly*

NUH UH! Can't see meeee!
Ro TavVin 01/24/16 *Throws my quilt over my head*

No you don't.
John Doe 07/20/15 "Yeahh...don't drink that Goldschläger moonshine Tiber made. It does weird things to you."
John Doe 06/11/15 John Doe Fact #245: John Doe can fall up a flight of stairs.
Mackenzie 06/03/15 Seriously woman... make those pockets a little more accessible. Geesh. *Mumbles and grumbles*
vamp_goku 02/17/15 *He looks around as if he was nervous, and prying eyes along with ears might be watching or listening. He speaks in a very low voice.*
"You might want to speak a little lower these days. WHAT! Did you see that behind the trees back there!!? There are spying! I swear!!! Or maybe I am just paranoid who ever knows around this place." *chuckles.*
vamp_goku 02/17/15 *Chuckles slightly.* "I suppose I have been away from the realm as well. So thank you for the welcome back. For you being gone for so long it seems you know allot of what is going on in the realm."
*He gives a devious grin along with a suspicious looks to her, but then chuckles.*
vamp_goku 02/17/15 "Welcome back!! I know we never said much to one another, but it is always good to see others return to the realm. Just wanted to say hello and welcome back was all.
*smiles wide with a low bow of respect.*
Sue Wanda Prescott 11/04/14 .... Am I seeing things?!

Welcome back home, dear!
Ro TavVin 04/12/11 Okiedokies then. Blue, it is. And, I dun has fur...

*It was a sore subject with me, that because of the circumstances surrounding my Turning, I was neither a true Werewolf, but no longer truly human. While not bound to the moon cycles, I was either fully Dire wolf, or fully human...well, as human as a person could be with electricity running through them like a power switching station could be considered still "human". That, and there was the small matter of being the host to a crazy demoness, too. Shoving that all back in my mind, I grin and point down the hall, toward where the gym and sauna and jacuzzi were, across the hall from my own living quarters.*

Down the hall, to the left. Big gym and, dojo. If ya open the right hand door, Dogzilla...I mean, Gabriel, my wolf-mack truck hybrid might lick you to death. Death by drowning in drool is not a dignified death...Plus, he may just try to engage you in a game of "fetch"...with the 18 wheeler bumper he dragged home last week.
Ro TavVin 04/12/11 *Seeing that you'd finally found the front gate of the Keep, I grin as you walk in.*

'Bout time, Slayer. Was almost thinkin' I was gonna hafta staple another Invite to yer forehead. Now, ya want racin' stripes on yer scooter, or flames? Oh...word to the wise: No touchy the green Jello...The Old Man gets kinda cranky when he dun get his Jello.
Ro TavVin 04/11/11 Ayup. No time like the present...Mor get yer magick "Lemme In" Pass, or did he ferget that like he did his teeth this mornin' when he was eatin' his oatmeal?
Ro TavVin 04/11/11 *I had a sudden image flash in my head, and burst out laughing.*

Oh gods, I just had this mental picture of you an' Mor racin' each other on yer scooters, runnin' people over out on the streets. I'll get a call some day to come pick the both'a ya up from the local gulag, I jus' know it.

*Studying you, watching the way your 'Tracers floated across your form, I get serious.*

When ya comin' home? Ya can't stay out in the cold ferever. And, we have a jacuzzi up at the Keep...
Ro TavVin 04/09/11 *Accepting the half-hug without stiffening up, even patting Bennie on the upper arm a little as I endured the breach of Personal Space, I take a small step back as soon as I could without seeming to be rude. I was learning, albeit slowly, to allow others their tokens of affection, and far, no one had exploded or melted into a puddle of smoking goo, so maybe it was ok.*

It's been a long time since ya been seen hauntin' the Realm, an' well...there's fewer and fewer of us Oldtimers left. Heck, I'm even eyeballin' The Old Mans Lil Rascal scooter m'self lately...
Ro TavVin 04/01/11 *I'd noticed a certain face had been haunting the Realm more frequently lately, and so with a grin, I leave the trophy shop with my purchase in a bag. Approaching you, I pull out first a gold gilt Cup O Noodles, and then a similarly gold gilt flat square box, with the words "Top Ramen" engraved on it. Handing them to you, I grin again*

Hey, Miss's been awhile. I couldn't remember which ya liked better...the noodely cups, or the plain ramen packets, so I got ya one'a both.
Bastet 10/26/08
Mordent 08/11/08 And there's something seriously wrong with your name in gold rather than purple. Only difference is that I've got plans of going back to what I was eventually, you're stuck with all of the responsibilities of being a leader for a while yet. ;)
Allesondra Dylan 04/18/08 Congrats on the Gold.
Mordent 04/18/08 Congrats on the gold.
Dannica 12/24/07 *A silver envelope arrives with a black wax seal on the back in the shape of a bat. When you open it, it reads* Happy Holidays! Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season and may your New Year bring replenishment, strength, and love. Love Always, Dannica and Jack.
Stalker 12/06/07 Congrats on ranking! I knew you could do it!
Dannica 09/06/07 *Looks around innocently and whistles as she shrugs and then smiles* You know I love ya're family!!
Stalker 08/14/07 Thanks for the welcome!
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