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-Lara-'s Biography
Name: Lara Elizaveta Volkov
Age: Unknown
Race: Lycan/Vampire Hybrid

In the winter of 1916-1917, the Eastern Front stretched for more than a thousand miles from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. During that winter, half-starved Russian wolves converged on both the German and Russian lines in the northern part of the front in the Vilnius-Minsk region. As their desperation increased beyond their fear of humans, the wolves started attacking individuals but were soon attacking groups of soldiers so viciously and often that something had to be done. The soldiers tried poisoning them, shooting them with their rifles and machine guns and even using grenades against them, but the large and powerful Russian wolves were so hungry, fresh wolf packs simply replaced those that were killed.

The situation grew so severe that the Russian and German soldiers convinced their commanders to allow temporary truce negotiations to enable them to deal with the animals more effectively. Once the terms were worked out, the fighting stopped and the two sides discussed how to resolve the situation. Finally, a coordinated effort was made and gradually the packs were rounded up. Hundreds of wolves were killed during the process while the rest scattered, leaving the area once and for all to the humans. The problem was solved, the truce was called off and the soldiers got back to killing each other properly.

What the German and Russian soldiers didn't know about these 'wolves' who attacked them. These 'wolves' were the descendants of a time when Vampires used Werewolves to guard their 'resting places during the day. Lara's ancestors were subjected to unspeakable horrors, brutality and cruelty until one of them led a revolt. Many of the Lycans took with them, their wives and their children. They took with them some survivors of their former masters. In time they took mates annd their children became hybrids. Lethal predators in times of war, famines and revolutions. They fought to survive in that place and time. The 'wolves' fought to keep what resource they had from being taken. Their young men being taken to serve in the Russian military. They fought to keep their homes and their families from reported horrors inflicted on other farms and villages.

But despite their best efforts and re enforced attacks the continued onslaughts took their tolls on the wolf packs. Their resources taken from them. Their homes and villages burned. The very few survivors fled again leaving a few dead and dying littering the blood soaked snow....One of them was a young woman ...

She was the sole survivor of her pack. She lost her mate Dmitri and young son, Sergei. Somehow she survived against the odds, finding refuge in a convent near Minsk. She was cared until her wounds were healed. She left her 'old' name behind her. She took other names and undertook causes that interested her. Lara now awaits to see where next the leg of her journey will take her. Perhaps a new home, a new mission or a new adventure for ageless Huntress.

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