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Raven D Morningstar

Crimson Belladonna Jones


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Port-au-Prince[RD]Planes trains and puke
Created by Mystic-husky
_Aurora_ 05/08/19 *she laughed* Riight! I was able to find you cause I am good like that! *grins and wiggles brow*
_Aurora_ 05/08/19 And here I thought you was the one needing the gps.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Father in heaven! Are you talking about stalking me!? Now I feel special! Hahaha!
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 HA! And do think I will miss this opportunity? I think not! Waited to long for this.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 I will remember to add a bell to it to hear you coming.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Well then this is something we are going to have to figure out for sure! Hehe!
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 True! But..who will come? Sad to say most of my friends are demons. will that work?
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Maybe..!? she chuckles looking at her ring as she nestled in his arms.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Just means I like to torment you. *she winks*
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Isn't that the truth. But we have over come all of them together. And that proves to be much more.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Finally! Thought I was going to have to ask you! *she laughed lightly*
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 A bright smile grew as he asked his question. Jumping to kiss his lips all she could say was YES!
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Tucks her hair behind her ear as she takes the neatly wrapped box and listens to he speak. "We have been through things together that is a definite statement." swiftly she opens the box as a wide smile grew on her lips.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Well I have to admit I already knew. But I fell to just was to scared to admit it
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Oh?! And just how did you?
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 *drops her head as she giggled then nods* I do! I can"t believe you still remember.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Of course! We went and chopped our tree for the human holiday Christmas. *she smiled taking a seat on the blanket*
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 She looked around and blushed "It looks amazing! Better then any restaurant anytime."
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 *She followed close taking his lead she could feel the ground change under her feet and the smell of flowers in her nose*
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 I will trust you *gets blindfolded* just remember any silliness you will get socked for it.
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Then I say after you *She smiled letting out a soft giggles as he kissed her nose*
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 Well that sounds perfect! Should I need the change?
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 I actually do not! What do you have in mind handsome?
_Aurora_ 05/07/19 *she smirked planting a kiss on his lips* Good cause I don't think you and him would enjoy me and Lyl ganging up on you both
_Aurora_ 05/06/19 Sooo Are you and Azazel a thing should I be jealous? *Taps foot with her arms crossed*
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 ...
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 Cause until proven other wise that is the way it goes. I had only seen the man once my whole life.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 Aaaagain not my problem. I just don't want to hear it when he leaves again. I won't be the one getting attached. I myself am close to being divorced. I learn that lesson with dad.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 I won't get attached he will only be aroubd for about a month or so then leave. It's whatever. *she shrugs and goes to sleep again.*
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 Why you nervous uncle?
Lucifer Morningstar 04/16/19 [RD] Central air located to the left of the doorway. Panel is white, half way up the wall.
Raven D Morningstar 04/16/19 I will send Bells to pick you up. Better yet take a cab
[Directions Attached]
Raven D Morningstar 04/16/19 Let me know when you land will send to get you.
Raven D Morningstar 04/16/19 Lyl is busy. I promise no plucking! See you when you get here
Raven D Morningstar 04/16/19 I need you to come to Port. I need your help. We make an exception for you at the coven.
Raven D Morningstar 04/16/19 Samil

When you get this message call me! I need your help!
Anyssa 03/01/19 ~Nessa walks up to the newcomer with a bright toothy smile extending her hand.~" Hello my name is Nessa and welcome to the realm. If you have any questions or need anything please by all mean look for me. I am here to help those who are new."
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Ahh! I don't know who to feel for. Bells, Lyl or the best friend.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/22/19 Uncle Sammy

Wait what?! Does she know this?! Ohh she is going to be even more pissed!
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 You sure it is not the fact that the woman she once called mom is now the same age as her. Pretty hard to call another teenager mom.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/22/19 Uncle Sammy

She still mad at you for putting her in that meat suit 😂
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Right!! I mean she is in a young body. She is bound to get noticed by someone young.
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 *spots her coffee* Wait what?! Well um.. Hmm.. That is quite the question.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/22/19 Uncle Sammy

Well that is true. She is learning to be less broody and moody and more free. It is taking some work but baby steps.
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 What happened? You almost choked on the read of your text. Sweet I say a lunch date or dinner maybe?
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/22/19 Text:Uncle Sammy
No she hasn't but she is dating my best friend. Does that make her a cougar?
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Haven't thought of any buttercup. What do you have planned?
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 That would be good. Make sure she hasn't killed any of Bella friends yet.
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Oh dear god I do feel for them. She a brooding Nancy for sure.
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 She must have been thrilled about? How is Bella taking it?
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Omg!! You stuck here in a teenager?! I have to see this! She might kill me but I am definitely going to laugh at her. That realm school is looking like a good idea now.
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 Burst out in laughter "Wait Lyl is back! I do have to see her. But being stuck with you is always a pleasure."
_Aurora_ 02/22/19 She snuggled into his arms and smiled "I bet they weren't to happy with that."
_Aurora_ 02/15/19 Well look at that handsome face! Good to have you back. Thought we lost you for a minute there.
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 "Leaving so soon? I don't look that bad in the morning."
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 Looking at sam over his shoulder while making his coffee. "Okay, so why do you look like the cat who ate the canary?" And then Bells. Do I even want to know what happened to the cute kid who drew pictures over my office wall?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 Her eyes widen a bit as he spoke almost a slip of the tongue. "You don't have to go! Have some coffee!"
Lucifer Morningstar 02/14/19 Heading for the coffee pot, it was straight run with the lay out. A big yawn and stretch and bare feet shuffled across the floor. Half way through the kitchen the feeling if being watched sent prickles up his neck. Glancing back he jumps. "Jesus Christ almighty." An eye brow raises. "Bells?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 "Ah! Well that I can understand." Bells giggled at the thought.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 "What I could do? I wouldn't do anything to her. Not unless she does something first."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 "Lloth I can handle sweet cheeks might make me go to school or something."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 Bells shook her head "No I wouldn't let that happen. Then I would have to rescue you."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 She bounced around. That was one thing that never changed. "Do I dare ask that that was?"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/14/19 Bells chuckled looking up at him her silver hues danced at what who he was speaking of "she made it before you did!"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 02/13/19 Bells saw Samil return. She ran up to him and gave him a hug. "It's me Paz! I've grown up some."
Paige Morrows 02/13/19 "Hi and welcome to the realm. I'm Paige if you need anything please let me know."
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