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Actively Recruiting.
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Born: May 17, 2008 Forum Topics Started: 25
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Dusty Books and Quiet Dreams, London
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Mackenzie's Biography
The Jack Horton Chronicles
Nothing is lost, it's just frozen in frost..., London
Sorry I'm not Sorry, London
OOC: Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.

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Last five threads posted in:
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MoscowHell is Empty and all the Devils are Here
Created by Mackenzie
LondonDusty Books and Quiet Dreams
Created by Mackenzie
LondonSorry I'm not Sorry
Created by Mackenzie
ContestsRoleplay of the Month
Created by Zeddicus Zorander
LondonNothing is lost, it's just frozen in frost...
Created by Jack Horton
Nickolie La Salle 02/12/16 Nickolie runs but and cast a spell while helping in the dungeons. He cast the Knock spell but being funny he added the Harry Potter Twist.
You managed to break out Mackenzie.
Solomon King 02/11/16 To: Angry Elf
From: Buddy the Elf
SOMEbody needs a hug.
Raphael Erikki 02/11/16 It's only awkward if you make it awkward...PRINCESS

Raphael Erikki 02/11/16 Aww Mackenzie, don't make me blush. I might just go to the hospital and take a whole bunch of blood for you.

*smirks playfully*
Raphael Erikki 02/11/16 I got those tattoo's removed and found some money on a 'dead guy' and got a nice two hundred dollar hair cut, I guess you could say...

Victor Lockheed 02/10/16 Don't you know? Black is the new pink.
Kai Tsuzuki 02/10/16 Leaves a note on her desk.
Dearest Macky Wacky,
If more of your clothes come up missing it wasn't me. I'd blame the lying flying clothes faeries personally!
P.S. Why am I still Rose? We will have to address this at the next coven meeting. Do we have those?
Bennie Norh 02/09/16
Sarah Noire 02/09/16
"I've been training on my bal--OH F*CK!"
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 He waves his index finger at her, a brow risen as curiosity sparked in his voice. Again, he was inducted into the state of comatose and vampirism at 1066, far before London was London. "You uh...Wait! Londinium! LONDON! OH MY! I learned something!" His jaw nearly dropped at the realization, then he composed himself. "Sorry, jaw dropping at the whole...uh..London thing. Not you.." An awkward laugh came from the burly viking.
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 "I dunno if that is a good thing or a bad thing, I will just nod and smile..." Enthusiastic smile and nodding of his head began
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 "Again...death cult!" He smirks playfully, a small bit of laughter coming from him.
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 "Who....?" Had she forgotten already he was from 1066?! Crazy woman...CRAZY
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 "Heh, thanks...princess." He hoped to insult her as much as she had insulted him, biting off more than he could chew was a sort of specialty he possessed. "Raphael Erikki"
Raphael Erikki 02/08/16 "Eh, just a momento of my past being born and raised in a viking death cult." A spurt of relief came from him when she gave him a compliment "Just found out I was asleep for...." he begins to calculate with his fingers, something he saw on one of those 'Televisions' in down town Jerusalem. "1066?" A brow was risen as he tried to get the answer from her.
Kai Tsuzuki 02/08/16 Are we playing a fun game? Are perhaps one I can easily win? Though if it's hide and go seek I'm not playing. No one ever comes looking for me...I don't understand.
Victor Lockheed 02/08/16 Hell yeah! I mean.. if by "dinner" you mean a sorority and by "dessert" you mean that sassy model Rosie Huntington. Yeah, I'm in.
*looks around*
Let me just, uh.. freshen up.
John Doe 02/07/16 John Doe Fact #928: John Doe doesn't get lost, lost gets John Doe.
Daichi Tatsuo 02/07/16 "Cinderella dressed in yella, Went upstairs to see her fella..."

Solomon King 02/06/16 *smells the Jame-oh before he sees her*
Mackeronie and cheese!
*allows beard stroking*
Zeus? Oh, you mean Zheis?
He did WHAT now?!
Pheenyx 02/03/16 #Twinsies
Dylan Knox 02/03/16
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 Confidence. I like it.
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 Has any one told you?

You can sit by me!
Sarah Noire 02/03/16 Damnit! I was going for twinklefudge. You smell like... ..... My nose hair burns, which means lots of alcohol intake. *sniffles* why don't you share?!
Zarek 02/02/16 It was an oversight quickly fixed.
Victor Lockheed 02/02/16
Victor Lockheed 02/02/16 Really?! Why would that make me mad? I mean, besides the fact that I didn’t get to help you put it there.
Kelsey Hawkins 02/02/16 Me-ow.

Now, are you going to make me scratch? Or purr?

Or, hopefully, both.
Kharybdis 02/01/16 I had noticed quite a lot more sneezing and sniffling around the place, but I just assumed people had been inhaling the glitter a bit too deeply.
Victor Lockheed 02/01/16 "This sh*t" being you.
Adara Doe 01/31/16 Psst. *whispers* Blondes rule.
Camille Rameau 01/31/16 *sighs dramatically*
Oh, Mack. There's no need to be salty. You know I have nothing but the utmost respect for you...
*smirks wickedly*

Katherine Murray 01/31/16 Adulting! We are the adultiest, adults, I know. And it is terrifying. *whimpers*
Kelsey Hawkins 01/31/16 Just the butt? That's disappointing. Come on, let's go. I'll show you how it's done.

Lilly Emperium 01/31/16 Lmao....... where ya find him
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 Oh, I know. I might have planned it that way.

Aaron Woodside 01/28/16 Tomorrow night's Brad-fest features the movie Aloha... Prepare to get your Hula on. I got coconut bras and everything... hopefully no one will steal this one from you.
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 -swings a bright red bra by the straps-
-wiggles eyebrows, which are on freaking point today-
I might have found one of those dark corners. It's not like I was out, searching for them.
Not at all.
I mean, why would I do that?
Aaron Woodside 01/28/16 ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 Is that so? You're hot for an old chick. You don't even smell like denture paste and thirty cats!
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 I think you may be a f*cking genius. Are you sure -you're- not his secret love child??
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 Well not that bloody brilliant, seeing as how you figured it out so quickly! I need a new name, it seems. Stephanie Hawkins? Damn it...I -am- bad at this.
Kelsey Hawkins 01/28/16 Oh, hell. You found out my secret! I'm his illigitamite, only slightly above average intelligence, daughter. I'm his shame...I don't even understand basic quantum physics.
John Doe 01/27/16 That depends, do you consider congealed blood as hair gel?
Pandora Brown 01/27/16 Walking through the realm spot's a vampire she noticed from far walking up to you. hello Mackenzie thought you would enjoy some cookies I baked fresh this morning. Pandora smiled as there was a special surprize in the basket for you aswell a fresh bottle of whisky and a pack of your favorite smokes enjoy.
Aaron Woodside 01/26/16 .. We're still on for Brad-fest Friday night, right? I may or may not have gotten t-shirts printed.. and they're cheaper in bulk.
And I used crew funds for them.
Sean Calloway 01/26/16 *Whistles*
Hello there!
*Bites tongue*
*Runs off*
Solomon King 01/26/16 *nursing black eye*
*silently hates on*
*petulant pout*
Aaron Woodside 01/26/16 "Stop leaving me alone in the supermarket!"
Jackson McCarthy 01/25/16 A familiar looking woman approached him, staring down at her phone at first. When she reached him and looked up, he recognized her just a moment after she recognized him.

And called him cheeky.

Jackson grinned, "Well, if it isn't the wee feisty Irish lassie," he exaggerated his long lost Sottish accent.

"'Tis good to see you, even if you did call me insufferable the last time we encountered one another."
Daniel Jackson 01/25/16 Thank you for that welcome, it is very appreciated.
Rosa cross 01/24/16 Blushing she smirked " why thank you "
Rosa cross 01/24/16 Chocolate chip mint cookies for all" laughs has she hands to a ten full of sweets " it seems I made to much "
John Doe 01/24/16 Hearing a voice calling out into the wilderness John stops and turns. Seeing the wayward child lost in the woods he extends his benevolent hand of mercy and takes her outstretched and seeking hands in his.
"Fear not my child, you were lost but now you are found. Come with me through this valley of death and fear no evil for I shall shepherd you to the land of whiskey and steak."
Taking her by the hand he leads her towards the light that is the warmth of the Den with its host of angelic bottles of alcoholic beverages.
Madeleine Sauveterre 01/24/16 Wooo! Congrats!
Solomon King 01/23/16 *yelps*
HEY. Go easy, Mighty Mouse! You've got the strength of a hundred tiny, very angry elves for f*ck's sake..
Solomon King 01/23/16 Psh. I always knew my body hair was destined for greatness. You may touch.
*leans waaaaay down for beard access because she's teeny*
John Doe 01/23/16 But what about that After Dark? Rocking it hard core *****es!!
Lark Harper 01/23/16 "I need a drink.... You buyin?"
Sarah Noire 01/23/16 *gasps*Oh this vill simply not do! Who has a secret stash of Kahlua, ve could Kahlaim?
Sarah Noire 01/23/16
Sarah Noire 01/23/16
Livia Vlcek 01/23/16 She mulled over Mack's words, past events, people, as pale lips pulled on the filter of the cigarette betwixt index and middle fingers. Livia never felt controlled by her previous Leader, to be honest. What she had done in the past had been for family, out of loyalty, guarding the flock so to speak. But there were other things on Livia's mind, things she didn't wish to share. Things that troubled her, things she would take to the grave. Controlled would be the wrong word. Used would be a better one. A smile tugged up the corner of damaged pout, turned the flesh of her cheek in on itself as a half-c*cked grin found scarred visage.

"I've just been busy is all, schedule has me working long hours. I wake, work, sleep." Blue-green pools drifted to fingernails stained with a multitude of colors of paint. It was truth. She hadn't intended to be so quiet but eighteen hour days were starting to wear on her. She hadn't even really seen the male she was involved with. "And can reputations change? I mean, maybe they can but only if others allow it."

Livia reached out, slowly, hesitantly, so that slender fingers could tuck a stray lock of hair behind Mackenzie's ear. The Irish girl was pretty, petite, so unlike the Czech woman. But the Slayer knew the Vampire was strong, had suffered wounds physically...and maybe even mentally. Maybe her scars were just on the inside though. Vampires and their healing abilties, lucky bastids.

"I'll try to be more vocal..." Lopsided grin turned to a Cheshire one, turquoise pools danced with mirth. "Should I scream your name or quietly purr it? Was there a pet name you liked to be referred to as?" A soft chuckle escaped with her playful teasing. "Or will Mack Attack suffice? Maybe gawjuss? Mami? Kenz?"
Pandora Brown 01/22/16 Umm my teeth are perfectly white thank you, as I smile to you with gleem.
Kati 01/20/16 *yells* You can't sit with us
Kati 01/20/16 *nods* You didn't forget did you? *lowers voice* Ause if you did, you can't sit with us.
Kati 01/20/16 Peek-a-Boo
Zheis 01/20/16 *Sneaks in and slides a cd in Mackenzie's tv*

Vote Zheis for best beard, he is pretty awesome after all

*Runs like hell cause he doesn't want to be eaten*
John Doe 01/19/16 John Doe Fact #829: The Elder Wand is actually John Doe's favorite toothpick that he misplaced.
Katherine Murray 01/19/16 *ponders* You might be right. I think we went way past boundaries the minute you and I decided to shut down bars.
Katherine Murray 01/19/16 We really need to discuss personal boundaries, dearie. I do not have pockets... where are you getting my money? *stares*
Victor Lockheed 01/19/16
Hecate Laveau 01/18/16 *Blinks*
*Bursts out in a belly laugh*
Fantistic Laugh and YOU are awesome Mackenzie!"
Solomon King 01/18/16 *answers phone*
*quickly realizes it's a pocket dial*
I'm on your phone, listenin' to all your secretssss...
Hecate Laveau 01/18/16 *Blinks*
*Looks at Mackenzie*
I won't mess with you!"
*Gives Mackenzie her old Police badge*
"Car 54! Where are you! I am not Officer Muldoon or Toody."
"I am Cate Laveau."
Solomon King 01/18/16 *approaches slowly*
*raises hand flat out in front of chest and slowly levels it out toward her head*
...did you get taller?
Aaron Woodside 01/17/16
Madeleine Sauveterre 01/17/16 *giggles* Ooh La La, mwah. *blows kiss at*
Edward Brollachan 01/17/16 "How great a band can they be? There's not a single bagpipe among them."
Edward Brollachan 01/17/16 "Is that some kind o'shooting gallery, like at the Midway at the Fair?"
"I dinna ha'e any firearms, I'm afraid..."
Solomon King 01/17/16 I DON'T HAVE A LADY!
Somebody nominated Maggie and I, and I don't know who.. I think it's some sort of conspiracy. I bet it was the Illuminati.
Dylan Knox 01/17/16 *sees the woman trip*
*finds something oddly funny about it*
*doesn't laugh, because that's rude*
You should probably lay off the booze...
*totally meant to ask if she was alright*
*joking with strangers was not her thing*
Alaina 01/17/16 Well sh!t. *whispers crazy witch charm. Clothes change to panda costume* Well that's embarrassing. Looks like I need to work on my spells and charms
Alaina 01/17/16 *she can't help but smirk in awe at the great leader* thank you
Daichi Tatsuo 01/17/16 Hmmm?
Brenna 01/16/16 I was gonna say that...but there's censorship and all that jazz!
Brenna 01/16/16
"I'll share my wine with you..."
Brenna 01/16/16
Sometimes I worry about you...
Solomon King 01/16/16 *smooshes*
*thunks heads*
We are, this is true. But my beard is the biggest deal.
Madeleine Sauveterre 01/16/16 *blushes a little... ...waves back and winks*
Livia Vlcek 01/14/16 Her face hardened slightly, as if she had been slapped. Livia had always been quiet. Never one to speak too many words. She watched, made observations, it was her M.O. She held her tongue until intel was gathered and only then did she speak. Yes, she used to be warm, friendly, even bubbly...with those that were close friends. But that was before so much had been taken from her. Before those she was friends with had all but turned their backs on her. Silence. It's what she had lived in for so long. She had become acclimated to it. Found comfort in it. Ever since...

"I don't believe silence is the same as indifference. More importantly, I don't think people really care what I have to say." Her tone was thoughtful, reflective. "I think we've both been through much over the years Mack. Some just deal with things differently." It pained her to say. They had been good friends once upon a time. But things, wars, people, broadened that gap until it was awkward. She suddenly felt it impossible to swallow. "I've been called to the soapbox so many times, I've learned that sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything. Because no matter the truth, people will believe what they wish." The young woman attempted a smile but could see in Mackenzie's eyes she was failing. "If I am outspoken, I'm a bully. If I'm quiet, I'm indifferent. There's no winning for me Mack, but that is my 'reputation', no?" She took a long drag from her cigarette in an attempt to breathe, tendrils of smoke drifting lazily from pale lips. "We used to have fun..."
Artorias 01/14/16 *Strikes horribly executed poses. its not weird. Really its not.*
Solomon King 01/14/16 Oh, are you interested? Basically what pond hockey is, is me skating across a frozen pond toward you at the speed and momentum of a freight train in order to mow you down. While holding a long stick.
You don't want nunna me.
Solomon King 01/14/16 *stares at* what, pond hockey?
Kati 01/14/16 "Well hell, looks like I'll need to go shopping then." She grinned.
Adara Doe 01/13/16 *just fvcking sits on*
*because I wanna*
Daichi Tatsuo 01/12/16 Waits for you to fall asleep and then...

Daichi Tatsuo 01/12/16 No! Enough with things on the fridge. Enough!
Livia Vlcek 01/11/16 She can hear the screaming of a woman's voice, the 'Marlon Brando'ing', an accent...a brogue? Mackenzie? The young woman flips the collar of her jacket and tucks her chin. Maybe if she pretends not to notice, no one else will? But it just gets louder and people are starting to stare. With a deep sigh, the Czech woman stops and turns, gaunt face beneath pale eyes devoid of emotion. Livia wants to strangle the petite woman. She would like to believe she's a ghost, a person unnoticed.

"MACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" She yells back as she falls to her knees, blue-green eyes now dancing with mirth as lithe arms raise to the sky. "MAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKKKK!"

The drama...
Brenna 01/11/16 Well, she was back in town but what next ? The answer already came to mind, sitting in the back of her head. This girl on a mission was all it took. And a little bit of vodka. Target in sight, she took off like a bird in flight. She reach down with her dominate arm and offered a firm slap to the woman's ass. "Wonder if you'll even recognize me." She stated with a grin and smirk of satisfaction.
Daichi Tatsuo 01/04/16

... jus' sayin.

Solomon King 12/31/15 The best way. TV and booze. PARTY HARDY.
Aaron Woodside 12/29/15

“Not if you keep acting like a weirdo. Weirdo.”
Solomon King 12/28/15 ...false.
Solomon King 12/28/15 Only because you can't HANDLE the turkey. Grow some hair on your chest and then try again.
Solomon King 12/26/15 To: Catpiss Evernosy
From: Steel Trap
Text: Why, are you volunteering?
Solomon King 12/26/15 To: Hater Tot
From: Master Debater
Text: Do strippers count? Kidding! And the kind you like - I know you hate on the Turkey. Merry Christmas back at you, Betty!
Solomon King 12/26/15 To: Tiny Elf from Hell
From: Good King Wenceslas
Text: Come to Moscow sometime. It's cold and snowy and boring, but I have liquor.
Victor Lockheed 12/24/15 Well maybe if you upped my allowance a bit, you'd be able to steal more than just pocket change? I gotta support my drug habits, you know.
Victor Lockheed 12/23/15 Mackenzie just failed at stealing money from you!

Victor Lockheed 12/13/15 Can't, too busy f*cking sh*t up.
Victor Lockheed 12/11/15
Victor Lockheed 12/11/15 You rang?

Jenna Hex 12/10/15 Thank you kindly for having me Ma'am.
Kharybdis 12/10/15 Who's that casting devious stares?
Kharybdis 12/09/15 Isn't that a song by Marcy Playground?
Victor Lockheed 12/06/15 I'll go ahead and let you think that, Paddy.

Solomon King 11/22/15 Get your fat pants ready!

You're invited to join the crew of The Lycan's Den for a Friendsgiving party beginning Monday, November 23rd. Feel free to bring some friends and your favorite dish (or booze) to share!

Aaron Woodside 11/17/15
"If you find any mice in the Catacombs... It was an accident."
Lenny Shultz 11/13/15 *stops*
*looks around*
I have this overwhelming urge to shower Mackenzie in affection...
*wanders into a liquor store, buys out all the Jameson, probably*
No, no, it's not for me. Besides, my liver quit ages ago.
*heads off to After Dark to deliver booze to my favorite*
Daichi Tatsuo 10/29/15 *swoons*
Daichi Tatsuo 10/29/15 Is there a returns policy on this?
Daichi Tatsuo 10/29/15 MY WIFE?! Oh god, you are! Hnnnng, that's finally hitting home. God... you're... we... well damn.
Daichi Tatsuo 10/29/15 Late? Oh Mack, I'm never late. You just had incorrect expectations.
Aaron Woodside 10/26/15
"Two words. Puppy ranch."
Aaron Woodside 10/24/15 "So what did come first? The chicken, or the egg?"
Daichi Tatsuo 09/26/15 To: Lady Jameson

From: The Gun Show

You broke my f*cking desk WITHOUT ME?!

Solomon King 09/24/15 To: Teensy Weensy

NO F*CKING WAY. Okay. Okay. Now you're getting strippers. Don't argue, they're already on their way.
Solomon King 09/24/15 To: Tiny Lannister
So when are you sending the stripper?
Solomon King 09/24/15 To: Tiny
Text: I bet someone sat on you. Because you're so little. Midget.
Shadwyn Drake 09/18/15 "Congratulations on the Unholy Union! I gave the champagne to Jack. But you got the best guy in the Realm and I gave him some good advice.... I told him that you are the boss now." Drake hand Mackenzie a pair of handcuffs and a pair of leg irons. "The handcuffs are for you and leg irons are for Jack. But you can interchange them or share them as needed. Refer to the instruction manuel and have fun." Drake hands the instruction manual and keys to Mackenzie. "You get the keys cuz you are th Missus."
Camille Rameau 09/17/15 Camille is creeping about. Watching. Waiting in the bushes, nestled safely behind leafy greens that are just large enough to conceal the tiny frame of the flaxen haired angel. As the vampire woman ticks by, Cams can hardly conceal her childish laughter, arms flailing freely as she pops up; Resembling a half-drunken monster, perhaps straight out of an adult version of Monsters, Inc.


...And then she's off. The sounds of cackling echoing freely behind her as she descends upon her next unsuspecting victim.
Solomon King 09/13/15 To: Bettty Bad Booty
From: Whiskers
How about now?
Solomon King 09/13/15 Text: Mackenzie
From: Bearded Wonder

Hey Betty, thanks for the bourbon. Drank it all already. Hope to see you soon.
Lenny Shultz 09/09/15 *tacks photo to door, three yellow, one red*
*nods to self and scurries away*

Solomon King 09/07/15 Solomon was on his way out the door to go for a walk around the Den grounds, tired of being cooped up in his cabin in recovery mode. He opened his front door, but paused when his gaze fell upon the bottle of his favorite bourbon. He stooped down to pick it up and turned it over in his hands, but could find no note, no hint of writing to show who had left it. As a last resort, he lifted it to his nose to see if he could catch a recognizable scent.. and a small smile lifted the corners of his lips.

"..damn Vampires are always trying to get me drunk.."
Daichi Tatsuo 09/07/15
Ransom Porter 09/06/15 You managed to break out Mackenzie.
Daichi Tatsuo 09/05/15 I liked it so, y'know… I sorta...

Daichi Tatsuo 09/04/15 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Mackenzie.


Daichi Tatsuo 09/01/15 OF ALL THE FREAKY SH!T IN THE REALM... that is what you're having issues with?!
Daichi Tatsuo 08/31/15 *blinks* I did a what now?
Kharybdis 08/30/15 ψ Still oblivious to the other woman's discomfort, Khary's smile never wavers. ψ

"Yes, it is a rather delicious rum. And I'm from Greece. Poseidon is my Dad."
Kharybdis 08/30/15 "You know, caverns under the ocean? Where all the best sharks hang out. A kraken or two as well, if that's your thing. Too bad about that map though. I suppose I'll just blunder my way around the place like a beached whale until I figure it out. It'll be an adventure!"

ψ Khary smiles back, letting the black nictitating membranes blink closed for a second before returning to her usual sea blue-green irises. ψ
Kharybdis 08/30/15 ψ Blinking slightly at the greeting, as she was still settling in and a bit confused and lost in the maze of rooms in the place, Khary nods politely and smiles. ψ
"Oh, hi there...Kenz. And my name is pronounced "Cah-rib-diss", but most people just call me Khary or Kari. I'm going to need a map to find my way 'round this place, I fear. It's more convoluted than the sea caverns in the Marianas Trench."
Lenny Shultz 08/14/15 My shoulders droop. Even though I don't pout, the corners of my lips pull down. Down. Down. Down. In a word, my body language is glum. Glum is a great word, and my lanky frame wears it well.

"Mack," I hold up my hand, fingers pressed firmly against thumb. With her supernatural senses, she would surely notice the tiny bit of fluff between my fingers. "As Official Dust Collector™ for the very real Dust Bunny™, we have to talk about your contributions. This is serious stuff!"

I wave my hand about and teeny tiny pieces of the already scant pocket lint scatter into the air.

"I can't arrive with this offering! I'll be laughed out of the office! Labled a shmuck!" My hand falls to my side and I sigh. "I expect better. Dust Bunny™ expects better."

You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Mackenzie.
Edward Brollachan 08/13/15 *Ignores*
Solomon King 08/13/15 He hadn't seen her in weeks! They'd spoken plenty over the phone, but she'd never given him a hint that she was coming back to New York. He was so surprised to see her that he immediately gathered her up in an enormous bear hug and practically squeezed the life out of her.

"Where the hell have you been?!"

Daichi Tatsuo 07/29/15 Jack clears his throat and begins to sing his own rendition of that god-awful song...


Daichi Tatsuo 07/24/15 'You were successful in stealing $358.00 from Mackenzie.'... *spends it on caaaaandy*
Lenny Shultz 07/15/15 I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and we could eat it and be happy.
Lenny Shultz 07/15/15 I just want to say, you got that pink on fleek.

That is how it sounds when you say fetch. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not gonna happen.
Lenny Shultz 07/15/15 PSSST
Do you get to sit with the cool kids?
Daichi Tatsuo 07/15/15 *Pees around the perimeter of your comments box, claiming it for his own.*
John Doe 07/01/15 *Replies* Yes, Yes it is. *Sends*
Livia Vlcek 07/01/15 *disarms alarm*
*jimmies the lock*
*hot wires*
*drives to garage*
*fills tire with air*
*double checks rim*
*returns car to parking lot...but in a different spot*
*cranks volume on stereo*
*wipes down everything she's touched*
*locks door*
*trots off*
Livia Vlcek 06/29/15 *is high as fvck*
*creeps through the Den's parking lot stealthily*
*deflates one of Mackenzie's tires because...hilarious*
*knows there is an air compressor in the garage*
*sneaks back into the Den and up to her room*
*passes the fvck out*
John Doe 06/25/15 *replies again* Oh no, it is not an Irish party, it is a Sanctuary party. No stink at all.
John Doe 06/25/15 House special Moonshine made by our own Tiber. We are having a taste test party. *Replies*
John Doe 06/25/15 *Sends reply text* You should come over and have some of this wonderfully deadly shine.
Solomon King 06/18/15 Someone had lit their roof on fire whilst shooting off fireworks. Typical Thursday afternoon bullsh*t.

They made it back after what felt like a little too long, parked the massive fire engine in the garage, and everyone disembarked to de-uniform. Except Solomon. He saw a friend.

Smiling, he headed toward the table she sat at. "Hey, Kenz! Hope you weren't waiting too long.. some idiots with some roman candles forgot it's not July 4th yet. What's up?"
Solomon King 06/08/15 To: Fangy
I miss your mean mug givin' me the business.
Bennie Norh 06/06/15 "Skirts," Bennie said, placing her hands inside pockets hidden among the folds and creases. "They're not easy to pick because of the swishy swish secrets." She gently swings her arms to create the effect. "Where are my pockets? Only my hands know."
Hero Davenport 06/01/15 Aha... hahahaaa... HAHAHAHAAAAAA... *thunk*
Solomon King 05/27/15 Man, just look at that mean mug all over the front page. Makin' me shake in my boots. Dayum.
Ransom Porter 05/27/15

Ransom's stride was rather simple as she stopped off towards a local place that claimed Mackenzie - or at least someone who fit the description of Mackenzie - lived close. And after some digging and asking around, it didn't take long for the lanky vampiress to find the front door. She whistled casually to herself as she set down two of the shot glasses, filled them to the brim with cinnamon flavored Bird Dog Whiskey. She flicked a little, business-card sized piece of paper down with them after taking a swig from the bottle. The paper was simply signed Bombardier, and with the dynamite stick shot glasses, she figured that Mackenzie would put two-and-two together.

Leaving her little gift, she slipped away from the front door, continuing to whistle as she simply carried the bottle in her left hand and worked on lighting a cigarette between her lips with the other. She wasn't quite sure where she was heading at this point - back to her place, a bar, who knew - but she was content with just walking.
Lenny Shultz 05/27/15 I approach Mackenzie with raised eyebrow. "You don't look missing to me. Don't worry, I've got my team on it. Emergency wanted poster removal is underway." I grin, wiggle my fingers and continue on down the sidewalk.
Camille Rameau 05/27/15 So, there are posters up of you all over the realm.. 'Sup with that?! Not that I'm complaining... *brow waggle* *winkwink*
Solomon King 05/24/15 To: Betty Badass
The couch thinks your bum imprint has been gone for a little too long.
Camille Rameau 05/23/15
Solomon King 05/17/15
And you stanky, so.. it might matter juuuust a bit.
Happy 7th Bloodletting birthday!
Camille Rameau 05/15/15 Who, little ol' me?
/bats lashes/
Solomon King 04/26/15 He laughed victoriously when she relented, her normal brogue returning in a rush. “Come on, that wasn’t even a GOOD American accent.. you almost sounded like the Lucky Charms guy. American trying to sound Irish, but failing terribly.”

At her next statement, he paused, his tone turning horrified.

”Wait.. are you telling me you’re not getting me strippers?!”
Solomon King 04/25/15 Solomon sat up, rubbing at an eye with his free hand. He was awake now.

Strippers? Sorry Lisa, but I didn’t order an-“ He paused. Why would he say no to such a gift? But.. he didn’t order strippers. Who could’ve..


He smirked and leaned back into the couch, crossing an arm over his chest. “Lisa? You wouldn’t also happen to go by ‘Mackenzie’, would you?”
Solomon King 04/25/15 Solomon is napping blissfully on his couch when his phone rings, rousing him. Only slightly grumpily rubbing his face, he picks his phone up and checks the caller ID, only to find that it’s an unknown number. Frowning, he answered.

Camille Rameau 04/16/15 *sniffs*
"Yer smellin' kinda funny these days!"
Solomon King 03/17/15 Solomon had been sitting half-asleep on the couch, watching an old Star Trek episode on TV (Picard, not Kirk) when he was made to stir by the high peal of coins hitting glass. His head jerked up with a muffled snore, and he blinked a few times, trying to clear the sleep away from his eyes. Mackenzie must have heard, for her voice called out cheerily not a moment later.

”Soooooloooomon. Get off yer bloody arse and join m'fer a drink! It's a bloody HOLIDAY! Everyone is a fecking Even Paul Bunyan!”

Oh, right. St. Patrick’s Day.

He hobbled up from the couch and rounded the corner into the dining room, where he saw her sitting at the table with an already empty bottle of Jameson, and a nearly-full one at the ready. Coins were scattered everywhere, and she had a cheery, glazed over expression. Her cheeks were flushed and her aim slightly off, but she was still going for it.

It sure looked like a good bit of fun.

“Got another shot glass around?”
Dannica 03/17/13 *Dannica had barely been paying attention when she opened the door to her office, her mind focused on the competitive word game on her phone. It wasn't until the toe of her black leather boot kicked something that her eyes shifted to the floor, and then slowly up to the ceiling. Her eyes widened in amazement and her mouth dropped open just a bit.* Holy St. Patrick's Day! *She looked around, slightly bewildered, wondering if anybody else in the catacombs would even be able to hear her if she called. How the hell was she supposed to get out of this? With only slight hesitancy, she reached out and pulled a bottle from the neatly stacked row. Jenga anyone? Nothing moved. Then with a shrug, she opened it and took a swig, turning around to retreat into her office. Someone would find her...eventually.*
Mordent 11/20/11 The veteran slayer was no stranger to New York; his first few footsteps on the lifestyle forced upon him had been spent in the Big Apple, learning from the most experienced slayer at the time. How far he had come since those days.

New York was no longer strictly a slayer city, of course, the vampiress Mackenzie had started up some sort of lair for bloodsuckers and those affiliated with them in her home city, and he held a level of respect for what some could view as his most powerful enemy.

Straying near the Sine Metu headquarters, possibly against his better judgement, Mordent could have sworn he heard his name carried on the wind. The voice was familiar, an unlikely occurrence in a city so far from his own interests. Moving at street level towards where his keen ears had caught the musical tone, he felt both uneasy and comfortable at the same time... as if he shouldn't be here, but no harm would come of it. Some would call it arrogance, he called it a sense of adventure.

Now where was that voice coming from?
Dannica 07/24/10 *Dannica stares at her former confidante Mackenzie as she wanders the Realm in her shiny new gold robes. With a tiny glint in her eyes, she runs up behind her pouring purple paint all down the front of the tiny Irish girls outfit. Then, before she can turn and retaliate, she reaches into her bag and pulls out two large handfuls of sparkling purple glitter. With a giggle she tosses it over the paint and runs away.*

I like you better purple!
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