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Challenge me in the Caverns. C'mon. I dare you.
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Black Lord
Born: May 17, 2008 Forum Topics Started: 21
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 329
Affiliation: After Dark Mail Replies Sent: 18181
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 4251
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05/28/16 at 11:29 pm
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My Weathered Soul, London

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I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I got fooled on April Fools Day
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Dracula scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
DemonClaus granted my Holiday Wishes on Bloodletting in 2011
Limited Edition DemonKnight Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
Best RP October 2012
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Santa put me on the Nice list just to piss me off!
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Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
I wasn’t a Grinch for Christmas 2015
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Coven
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2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Most Missed Crew
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Mackenzie's Biography
The Jack Horton Chronicles

Nothing is lost, it's just frozen in frost...
Sorry I'm not Sorry
When you try your best (But you don't succeed) say and do as I please
No grave can hold my body down
OOC: Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.

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Jack Horton

Bennie Norh

Lang Ren

Solomon King

Victor Lockheed

Katherine Murray

John Doe

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Camille Rameau


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Black Lord


Shadwyn Drake

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
Game IdeasWhere have all the zombies gone?
Created by Mackenzie
LondonMy Weathered Soul
Created by Mackenzie
Game IdeasDuration on Elphaba's 3 day DPs
Created by Jackson McCarthy
Game IdeasSide-specific leaders forums?
Created by Camille Rameau
Game IdeasRealm History Index? Timeline?
Created by Genesis
Victor Lockheed 05/20/16 Who said the heels and thigh-highs weren't yours?
Victor Lockheed 05/20/16 What a coincidence, I've got heels and thigh-highs in my wardrobe. They weren't mine ORIGINALLY, but they are now.
Victor Lockheed 05/12/16 Well you, madam, are toe cheese.
Victor Lockheed 05/12/16 Shíteface.
The Revenant 04/29/16 ...Boo
Lydia-Rayne 04/22/16
Sarah Noire 04/21/16
Sarah Noire 04/21/16
Sarah Noire 04/21/16
Sarah Noire 04/21/16
perstephanie_lynn 04/19/16 " Excuse me Mama, but um do you got any killer tame clown lions I can kill for ya?? I thought I saw one slink past here a few minutes ago."
Morana 04/17/16 You managed to break out Mackenzie.

"Show me your jazz hands, doll. I'm here to bust you out." Morana sauntered over to the cell and grinned through the bars, sliding a long taloned nail into the lock and twisting until the mechanism snapped. "Be free, little bird. There is more chaos to be had."
Caitlyn Noire 04/11/16
Deuce Cavallero 04/10/16 Mackenzie just failed at stealing money from you!

The slayer flung the last of her cigarette off into a near by puddle as she approached such a bold lass. With a smirk upon full red lips Vanessa spoke calmly.

"If you wanted money for booze and or male strippers all ya had to do was ask doll. I would have freely given it to you."
Bennie Norh 04/10/16 Aw. Kenz! I maybe small but I got a lot of love to give. If you want a piece, you just have to ask.
Aaron Woodside 04/10/16
Jack Horton 04/08/16
vamp_goku 04/06/16
Jack Horton 04/06/16

We'll be needed these...

Jack Horton 04/06/16 Totally worth it. You look sexy in red.
Jack Horton 04/06/16 Actually... hold on. I think it's in my back.
Bennie Norh 04/04/16 *drops letter and attached photo*
*kermit flails*
vamp_goku 04/02/16
Bennie Norh 04/02/16 Dear Kenz,

April Fool's jokes are meant to be funny. Not cruel.

Jack Horton 04/01/16 Mayhaps
Tamy Lynn Emperium 03/31/16 *Yay throws glitter at your feet *Congrats to our Coven Mom Mackenzie for getting hitched with your special guy Mr. Jack Horton !
Lydia-Rayne 03/30/16 "Grounded!? How Rude!"
Camille Rameau 03/29/16 Oi, missing my beautiful face, weren't you?
Callidora 03/27/16 She grinned broadly and offered the woman a container with a pale pink bow on top. "Hello. I'm Callidora. I was wondering if you would like some finger snacks. I hunted them fresh today." She giggled and shook the container a little, the fingers smacking the sides a little.
Jack Horton 03/23/16 It's alright...

... I'm coming home.

Sarah Noire 03/22/16
"I'm knitting you a ..."
".... booze? ..booze holder!"
Lenny Shultz 03/18/16 Keeping the members in line ever get you like...
Pheenyx 03/17/16 Pheenyx looked down and read the delivery notification on the shipment she had ordered two weeks before, for one certain Vampire Leader; someone she admired and respected and used to be her own esteemed Leader. It would be no good to miss the Irish woman's holiday, whether it was her favorite or not. Whose wasn't when it came to a day of getting toasted on good Irish spirits? She hoped Mackenzie would be happy with the casket-shaped crate(a little Vampire humour never hurt) separated into 7 compartments. With appropriate embellishement surrounding each, when the woman would dig in she would find a full-size bottle of each of the following:

(1)Jameson Gold Reserve
(1)Jameson 12 Year
(1)Jameson 18 Year Limited Reserve
(1)Jameson Caskmates
(1)Jameson Original - Limited Edition 2016 Bottle
(1)Jameson Black Barrel
(1)Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve.

An accompanying note would read:

To the one who inspired it all. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Victor Lockheed 03/13/16 Ohhh, I see. You know, there's apparently a special place in hell for people who impersonate members of the clergy. I'd like to think of it as the VIP section.
Victor Lockheed 03/13/16 Church? Why on Earth would you want to do that? Don't you know that thing about crosses and Vampires?
Lilly Emperium 03/13/16 *Laughs* sure.. just don't tell anyone I'm an angel
Lilly Emperium 03/13/16 *Tosses a package of lighters at Mackenzie* I'm sure you could use a few goes things?
Dane Emerson 03/11/16 He watches this scene with a mixture of fear and confusion. His fear of clown and confusion as to why someone was hunting him on a tricycle. Ouch. That looked like it hurt. He attempts to regain some composure on the situation as he looks down on the scene "So what game do you want to play? Once you've untangled yourself from the wreckage?"
Victor Lockheed 03/10/16 *walks into office eating pizza*
*doesn’t even like pizza*
*In fact, hates pizza*
I’m f*cking ravenous, PLEASE tell me you have someone stashed away somewhere.
Jack Horton 03/10/16 You're right. Who am I trying to fool? This face deserves to be witnessed in all its glory. Beards are just for hiding the ugly and I'm a hundred percent ugly-free.

Jack Horton 03/10/16 Is your love for me so bi-polar due (in part) to my inability to grow facial hair? Because look... I found some glue and shaved one for your wolves and now...

Fck you, Solomon King. Am I right?

Pheenyx 03/10/16 Snapchat received
Snapchat Sent:

*Clears throat*
I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope I'll be your love
Be everything that you need...
Pheenyx 03/10/16 Snapchat Sent:

Victor Lockheed 03/08/16 I didn't know you liked the smell of aftershave and taco meat.
Damian Veron 03/07/16 Oh, how could I forget? COMPLETELY ruined my buzz and with it my evening. Pfft. Thank you, for the reminder, it's lovely to see you too as well. I see you've aged well.
Kai Tsuzuki 03/03/16 *struts around the coven...*
Adara Doe 03/01/16

Sneaky bish.
Solomon King 02/29/16 Standards have definitely slipped, I have to say.
Aaron Woodside 02/28/16 You look, and smell, homeless.
Felicia 02/25/16 *Felicia decided to leave her coven leader a thank you present as she went into her office setting a carton of cigarettes on her desk with a zippo lighter custom made with the after dark logo on the side with a note that read* Thanks for everything you rock girl! Don't ever change!
Victor Lockheed 02/16/16 Leprechaun.
*middle finger*
Victor Lockheed 02/16/16 Well.. I am a lobster. Or, was.
*clears throat*
It's a bit of a blur.
Zarek 02/15/16
A little late but I had to use this on somebody
Shadwyn Drake 02/14/16 There is this strange man who is trying to me give him my red bra! Help me! I am innocent and he's trying to bleed me dry claiming I am hiding his red bra! I found that bra and it's mine! My name is Tory please rescue me! I scratched him real good too! But I have the red bra!"
Brenna 02/14/16
Solomon King 02/14/16 To: Tiny winged, armed creature
From: Flower Power
Sounds good, but you won't be laughing when I puke up chocolate and booze. I know you've got booze.
Zarek 02/14/16 I get the feeling that if any pudgy winged child shot you in the chest he would end up on a rotisserie.
Sarah Noire 02/14/16
Jack Horton 02/13/16 The revolution is coming. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe just one day... one day more...
Solomon King 02/11/16 To: Angry Elf
From: Buddy the Elf
SOMEbody needs a hug.
Bennie Norh 02/09/16
Victor Lockheed 02/08/16 Hell yeah! I mean.. if by "dinner" you mean a sorority and by "dessert" you mean that sassy model Rosie Huntington. Yeah, I'm in.
*looks around*
Let me just, uh.. freshen up.
John Doe 02/07/16 John Doe Fact #928: John Doe doesn't get lost, lost gets John Doe.
Jack Horton 02/07/16 "Cinderella dressed in yella, Went upstairs to see her fella..."

Solomon King 02/06/16 *smells the Jame-oh before he sees her*
Mackeronie and cheese!
*allows beard stroking*
Zeus? Oh, you mean Zheis?
He did WHAT now?!
Dylan Knox 02/03/16
Bennie Norh 02/03/16 Confidence. I like it.
Sarah Noire 02/03/16 Damnit! I was going for twinklefudge. You smell like... ..... My nose hair burns, which means lots of alcohol intake. *sniffles* why don't you share?!
Zarek 02/02/16 It was an oversight quickly fixed.
Victor Lockheed 02/01/16 "This sh*t" being you.
Camille Rameau 01/31/16 *sighs dramatically*
Oh, Mack. There's no need to be salty. You know I have nothing but the utmost respect for you...
*smirks wickedly*

Aaron Woodside 01/28/16 ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
Solomon King 01/26/16 *nursing black eye*
*silently hates on*
*petulant pout*
Solomon King 01/23/16 *yelps*
HEY. Go easy, Mighty Mouse! You've got the strength of a hundred tiny, very angry elves for f*ck's sake..
Solomon King 01/23/16 Psh. I always knew my body hair was destined for greatness. You may touch.
*leans waaaaay down for beard access because she's teeny*
Sarah Noire 01/23/16
Kati 01/20/16 *yells* You can't sit with us
John Doe 01/19/16 John Doe Fact #829: The Elder Wand is actually John Doe's favorite toothpick that he misplaced.
Katherine Murray 01/19/16 *ponders* You might be right. I think we went way past boundaries the minute you and I decided to shut down bars.
Katherine Murray 01/19/16 We really need to discuss personal boundaries, dearie. I do not have pockets... where are you getting my money? *stares*
Victor Lockheed 01/19/16
Solomon King 01/18/16 *answers phone*
*quickly realizes it's a pocket dial*
I'm on your phone, listenin' to all your secretssss...
Aaron Woodside 01/17/16
Solomon King 01/17/16 I DON'T HAVE A LADY!
Somebody nominated Maggie and I, and I don't know who.. I think it's some sort of conspiracy. I bet it was the Illuminati.
Brenna 01/16/16
"I'll share my wine with you..."
Solomon King 01/14/16 Oh, are you interested? Basically what pond hockey is, is me skating across a frozen pond toward you at the speed and momentum of a freight train in order to mow you down. While holding a long stick.
You don't want nunna me.
Solomon King 01/14/16 *stares at* what, pond hockey?
Jack Horton 01/12/16 Waits for you to fall asleep and then...

Jack Horton 01/12/16 No! Enough with things on the fridge. Enough!
Brenna 01/11/16 Well, she was back in town but what next ? The answer already came to mind, sitting in the back of her head. This girl on a mission was all it took. And a little bit of vodka. Target in sight, she took off like a bird in flight. She reach down with her dominate arm and offered a firm slap to the woman's ass. "Wonder if you'll even recognize me." She stated with a grin and smirk of satisfaction.
Jack Horton 01/04/16

... jus' sayin.

Solomon King 12/28/15 ...false.
Solomon King 12/28/15 Only because you can't HANDLE the turkey. Grow some hair on your chest and then try again.
Solomon King 12/26/15 To: Tiny Elf from Hell
From: Good King Wenceslas
Text: Come to Moscow sometime. It's cold and snowy and boring, but I have liquor.
Victor Lockheed 12/24/15 Well maybe if you upped my allowance a bit, you'd be able to steal more than just pocket change? I gotta support my drug habits, you know.
Victor Lockheed 12/23/15 Mackenzie just failed at stealing money from you!

Victor Lockheed 12/11/15 You rang?

Kharybdis 12/10/15 Who's that casting devious stares?
Kharybdis 12/09/15 Isn't that a song by Marcy Playground?
Victor Lockheed 12/06/15 I'll go ahead and let you think that, Paddy.

Jack Horton 10/29/15 *swoons*
Jack Horton 10/29/15 Is there a returns policy on this?
Jack Horton 10/29/15 MY WIFE?! Oh god, you are! Hnnnng, that's finally hitting home. God... you're... we... well damn.
Jack Horton 10/29/15 Late? Oh Mack, I'm never late. You just had incorrect expectations.
Jack Horton 09/26/15 To: Lady Jameson

From: The Gun Show

You broke my f*cking desk WITHOUT ME?!

Solomon King 09/24/15 To: Tiny
Text: I bet someone sat on you. Because you're so little. Midget.
Shadwyn Drake 09/18/15 "Congratulations on the Unholy Union! I gave the champagne to Jack. But you got the best guy in the Realm and I gave him some good advice.... I told him that you are the boss now." Drake hand Mackenzie a pair of handcuffs and a pair of leg irons. "The handcuffs are for you and leg irons are for Jack. But you can interchange them or share them as needed. Refer to the instruction manuel and have fun." Drake hands the instruction manual and keys to Mackenzie. "You get the keys cuz you are th Missus."
Lenny Shultz 09/09/15 *tacks photo to door, three yellow, one red*
*nods to self and scurries away*

Jack Horton 09/05/15 I liked it so, y'know… I sorta...

Jack Horton 09/01/15 OF ALL THE FREAKY SH!T IN THE REALM... that is what you're having issues with?!
Kharybdis 08/30/15 ψ Still oblivious to the other woman's discomfort, Khary's smile never wavers. ψ

"Yes, it is a rather delicious rum. And I'm from Greece. Poseidon is my Dad."
Kharybdis 08/30/15 "You know, caverns under the ocean? Where all the best sharks hang out. A kraken or two as well, if that's your thing. Too bad about that map though. I suppose I'll just blunder my way around the place like a beached whale until I figure it out. It'll be an adventure!"

ψ Khary smiles back, letting the black nictitating membranes blink closed for a second before returning to her usual sea blue-green irises. ψ
Kharybdis 08/30/15 ψ Blinking slightly at the greeting, as she was still settling in and a bit confused and lost in the maze of rooms in the place, Khary nods politely and smiles. ψ
"Oh, hi there...Kenz. And my name is pronounced "Cah-rib-diss", but most people just call me Khary or Kari. I'm going to need a map to find my way 'round this place, I fear. It's more convoluted than the sea caverns in the Marianas Trench."
Jack Horton 07/29/15 Jack clears his throat and begins to sing his own rendition of that god-awful song...


Jack Horton 07/24/15 'You were successful in stealing $358.00 from Mackenzie.'... *spends it on caaaaandy*
Jack Horton 07/15/15 *Pees around the perimeter of your comments box, claiming it for his own.*
Solomon King 05/27/15 Man, just look at that mean mug all over the front page. Makin' me shake in my boots. Dayum.
Solomon King 05/24/15 To: Betty Badass
The couch thinks your bum imprint has been gone for a little too long.
Solomon King 03/17/15 Solomon had been sitting half-asleep on the couch, watching an old Star Trek episode on TV (Picard, not Kirk) when he was made to stir by the high peal of coins hitting glass. His head jerked up with a muffled snore, and he blinked a few times, trying to clear the sleep away from his eyes. Mackenzie must have heard, for her voice called out cheerily not a moment later.

”Soooooloooomon. Get off yer bloody arse and join m'fer a drink! It's a bloody HOLIDAY! Everyone is a fecking Even Paul Bunyan!”

Oh, right. St. Patrick’s Day.

He hobbled up from the couch and rounded the corner into the dining room, where he saw her sitting at the table with an already empty bottle of Jameson, and a nearly-full one at the ready. Coins were scattered everywhere, and she had a cheery, glazed over expression. Her cheeks were flushed and her aim slightly off, but she was still going for it.

It sure looked like a good bit of fun.

“Got another shot glass around?”
Dessa Chambers 10/29/13 Lookit that sexeh person on the front page!
Dessa Chambers 06/20/13 Dessa quirked an eyebrow at Mackenzie, doing her best to look bemused, like she couldn't understand why she was being spoken to. It barely lasted five seconds before she let out a bubble of laughter, "I kinda like the sound of that...Might have to demand everyone start calling me Master now.

I'm glad you're here though, I can put you to work!" Dessa winked, clearly teasing back. She was glad Mack was there though, despite the circumstances. She hadn't realized how much she had missed being in the presence of the Irish woman who played a huge part in getting her where she was today.
Dessa Chambers 04/20/13 Lookit you sneakin on up in ranks!

*tosses sparkly confetti you*

Now you look like a real Vampire!

*cackles and runs away*
Dessa Chambers 01/07/13 Ew...That sounds gross. Weirdo.
Dessa Chambers 01/07/13 Gosh. Why are you following me??
Mordent 11/20/11 The veteran slayer was no stranger to New York; his first few footsteps on the lifestyle forced upon him had been spent in the Big Apple, learning from the most experienced slayer at the time. How far he had come since those days.

New York was no longer strictly a slayer city, of course, the vampiress Mackenzie had started up some sort of lair for bloodsuckers and those affiliated with them in her home city, and he held a level of respect for what some could view as his most powerful enemy.

Straying near the Sine Metu headquarters, possibly against his better judgement, Mordent could have sworn he heard his name carried on the wind. The voice was familiar, an unlikely occurrence in a city so far from his own interests. Moving at street level towards where his keen ears had caught the musical tone, he felt both uneasy and comfortable at the same time... as if he shouldn't be here, but no harm would come of it. Some would call it arrogance, he called it a sense of adventure.

Now where was that voice coming from?
Dannica 07/24/10 *Dannica stares at her former confidante Mackenzie as she wanders the Realm in her shiny new gold robes. With a tiny glint in her eyes, she runs up behind her pouring purple paint all down the front of the tiny Irish girls outfit. Then, before she can turn and retaliate, she reaches into her bag and pulls out two large handfuls of sparkling purple glitter. With a giggle she tosses it over the paint and runs away.*

I like you better purple!
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