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Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it. -Shakespeare

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Mackenzie 11/16/18 Mackenzie's sights land upon the familiar angel with a certain amount of exhaustion in her gaze and a frown tugging at the corners of her mouth. Barely there, and yet... she is clearly just not amused. "Pigeon, why must you always touch my Jaspers?"

You witnessed Julliet Swan attack Jasper Thompson!
Lloyd R Darrow 02/16/18 "That may be the case for most others." His tone was firm, silence following as he took a sip from his glass. "I wondered if such a thing was possible for anyone with the same blood as mine coursing through their veins. And for the first few years, I watched my niece prove every preconceived notion I held, wrong. But... I was right, in the end. She became, at such a fragile age, just the same as her mother, as me, as every generation that has come before us."

His eyes narrow, not due to any frustration, but rather the thought he concentrates into the conversation. Did he feel guilty for roping Julliet into his own sorrows? Only slightly.

"I worry raising a child like me will break her." Finally, his gaze dropped. "Despite all best efforts. Despite all of that infinite love that exists within her heart, I know it won't be enough." With a swift motion, he finished off his drink. "I'm afraid I'm not as hopeful as you."
Lloyd R Darrow 02/16/18 Lloyd's dull verdant gaze maintained a constant stare in Julliet's direction, in a manner that some might consider unnerving. But someone who has frequented Lloyd's company as much as Julliet has, even limited in contact, would understand he was simply a very rigid man. "It's in Caitlyn's nature, I believe. She only sees goodness in people." He huffed, and another smile that didn't carry to his eyes surfaced.

"She never liked my sister. Jane was always... Difficult." He shrugged to himself, knowing that holding a gun to his wife's head hadn't helped Jane's chances. "I've never liked people, that much I assume is obvious to you, as it is to most others. But Caitlyn... I found no reason to object." This time, however, his smile appeared genuine - as it often does, at least in reference to Caitlyn.

"This is my best attempt, Julliet, at establishing some manner of a friendship with you. I appreciate that you love my wife, perhaps as much as I do. Her, as well as my step-children." He paused. "I hate that terminology, you know. I consider them my own. I've never possessed an urge to have biological offspring. I'm sure you can understand that. Why bring a cursed child into the world?"
Lloyd R Darrow 02/15/18 "I prefer the Macallan." He replied, stepping over and slipping an arm by her to pluck a bottle from the rack not far from her searching hands. He then leans down, pulling out two short glasses from the lower level of the rack. He hands one off, an eyebrow raised. "Have whatever you'd like, though. I'm not particularly attached to any of the bottles. Just know you'll be obligated to finish anything over fifteen years old."

Because of the fact that Lloyd never really smiled, there was no true indication of whether or not he was truly joking, as his tone was often a similar monotone. "Apologies for having stolen your drinking companion. It's difficult to tell her 'no'... Even when it comes to having a third child." He laughed, but the lack of conviction behind the sound begs the legitimacy of his true amusement.

"I suppose I've never asked how long it is you've known Caitlyn. I'm always curious to hear of what her life was before we met." After pouring his drink, Lloyd wandered over and settled into a modern, beige-colored arm-chair. A duplicate one mirrored his position on the other side of a coffee table. "She entered my life similar to how a tornado makes contact with the ground. I don't believe I had a choice in the matter."
Lloyd R Darrow 02/02/18 "Good. You're paying." He grunted, and with a faint nod in her direction, swept past her in the direction, of, well, the bar. Rather, his bar. The rarities and delicacies of fine liqueurs and wines he kept on Arcadia's campus. The remark regarding payment was perhaps just a very sad attempt at a joke.

"Caitlyn can't drink, obviously... Not that she really ever did, anyway. Sometimes it's nice to have company. Makes me less of an alcoholic, as it were."
Lloyd R Darrow 02/01/18 -squints-
Want to go get a drink?
Lloyd R Darrow 01/16/18 -was napping-
Lloyd R Darrow 12/08/17 -grumbles-
My children are perfectly well-mannered...
You're not getting you mitts on this one. I'm keeping it under lock and key, absolutely no visitors. Can't have the baby influenced by you.
Lloyd R Darrow 12/07/17 I just assume if I can't find them, you're trying to indoctrinate them into your culture.
-shifty eyes-
Fine. If it's another boy, you're welcome to keep it.
Lloyd R Darrow 12/07/17 -sniffs-
Are you hiding my children again? And Caitlyn? Did she get lost in your closet?
Caitlyn Darrow 09/12/17

Will that work? I read somewhere about whiskey..
*eyes Rigsby playing with toy, while other arm fetches cups.*
..He'll be fine. Let's Jack.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/12/17 *pensive glint*
Well.. You can start, but I have to wait for Rigsby to fall asleep. *wry grin*
I'll get the cups!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/12/17 "Let's have a Jack night!"
Caitlyn Darrow 08/29/17 *clings onto*
*big eyes, squeals*
yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES!!
Atticus Hammond 08/23/17 "It's not like you didn't ask, either. It's good to know. Can't have your ego getting too out of control."
-hands on hips-
"I'm sure it's customary, but, Scout's Honor, I take good care of the woman. And in return, she tolerates me. So..."
-sh!t-eating grin-
"Correction. You know where I sleep. Where I live, however..."
-shrugs- "You'll have to figure that out at a later date."
Atticus Hammond 08/23/17 "Julliet... Julliet... Hm."
-muses, then shrugs-
"I wouldn't say 'pretty' cool. I'd give you an average, six-out-of-ten cool."
-preens- "We can't all be named Atticus."
Atticus Hammond 08/23/17 -blinks- "Of course it does. At least, Camille tells me it does. And I trust her version of things explicitly."
-cracks a grin-
"Then again, she could be lying to protect my feelings. Do I get to judge your name, now?"
-expectant stare-
Camille 08/17/17 Cami is caught off guard by the congratulatory hug, though after a few moments a lightbulb seems to go off in her head and she's suddenly understanding what's happening. Jules was almost as skeptical as Cami is, though perhaps they were both equally as confused.

"Oh, err, thank you Julliet. I'm still fuzzy on the details. This might even be an irony thing, I'm not sure.." Cami mumbles on, catching herself before she overdoes it. "Good thing he's funny. And pretty. I think I'll keep him around a while."
Caitlyn Darrow 08/08/17 *pounces in Hallway*
Jules! You have to drink your morning Jack with me, like old times sake!
Lloyd R Darrow 07/06/17 Julliet
He's officially up for adoption.
Lloyd R Darrow 07/06/17 Julliet
Noah and I are going to get ice cream.
Rigsby, the child formerly known as my son, is not invited.
Lloyd R Darrow 07/06/17 Julliet
I can be a pretty woman.
I'll be the prettiest woman you've ever seen.
Lloyd R Darrow 07/06/17 Julliet
He's a goddamn traitor.
Lloyd R Darrow 07/06/17 Julliet
Am I mistaken, or was that you I just saw walking down the halls of Solitude with my baby?
Caitlyn Darrow 07/05/17
Caitlyn Darrow 06/24/17 *squeals, bounces happily*
I'll show you the kitchen. The best part. It has Jack and tacos!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/22/17
That's like... 4 orange juices!
Lloyd R Darrow 06/14/17 -grins, idly flicks cigarette-
Neither complex nor complicated.
-reaches over to tickle Rigsby's foot-
Caitlyn has given me a sense of normalcy I was not certain existed. While most often overrated, I cannot say a better feeling exists than coming home to three people who love you unconditionally. And so long as I come home with oranges, she is a happy woman.
Lloyd R Darrow 06/13/17 How long have we been together? Well...
It depends on whose narrative you're taking. Caitlyn would probably offer something far different. We've been together for eight months.
*puffs from the cigarette*
She's a very obtrusive person, our Caitlyn. She decides something, and it just has to happen. Not that I minded, of course. I'm more than content to be on her arm.
Caitlyn Darrow 06/13/17
"I have to let Lloyd know, so the sitter doesn't startle him."
Lloyd R Darrow 06/08/17 -looks between cigarette and baby-
I suppose so, yes.
-offers Rigsby back-
You and Caitlyn have been friends for a long time, I presume?
Lloyd R Darrow 06/07/17 Let me bum a cigarette, and you can have the boys any time you'd like.
-holds palm out expectantly-
Lloyd R Darrow 06/07/17 Not mine, no.
-kisses Rigsby's forehead-
Cait was already pregnant. But I held her hand while she gave birth, so I claim him. I earned it.
-scrutinizing gaze-
We have a pair of very kind lesbians that like to watch them. But, I suppose, once you're vetted, we can add you to the rotation.
Lloyd R Darrow 06/07/17 -snuggles Rigsby-
-totally did not have separation anxiety-
He's only handsome because he isn't mine.
-blinks again-
I may have just insulted myself.
Lloyd R Darrow 06/07/17 -almost protests baby being taken-
-rapid blinking-
Yes. That's Rigsby.
-hands on hips-
Nice to meet you, Julliet. I'm Lloyd. Obviously.
-reaches for child-
For what it's worth, I recommended the name as a joke. But, clearly, you know Caitlyn, so...
Lloyd R Darrow 06/07/17 -wanders by, Rigsby in hand-
I caught wind that I was cute.
-shifty eyes-
I am, in fact, cute. The cutest. And I'm good with kids.
-thorough nodding-
Camille 06/07/17 -eyes dart around suspiciously-
-tackle hugs-
Camille 06/07/17 -gasps-
Do my eyes deceive me?!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *Giggles*
Of course he's cute! He's really nice too.
He sometimes gets sucked into work
*shrugs shoulders*
*grabs arm, leads direction*
Hurry let's go before you go away again!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 It's Lloyd's middle name.
You would get along with him! He's very intelligent, and we have two doggies!
*claps hands together*
You have to meet them all and see Noah before you run away.
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *squees while swaying side to side*
*spins around*
Yes! An auntie to Rigsby. I don't know Julliet. Jack and you have been going hard for quite some time. Is it wise to break things off??
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *scrunches nose*
I suppose it does. We were playing tag being travelers.
I'm married to Lloyd now. I had a baby boy a few months ago, so Noah has a brother Rigsby.
What about you? What have I missed with you?
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *head tilts*
Traveling.. circus?
Does that mean you're going away again?
Oh! You missed so much!
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *squeals*
Did Jack whisk you away??
Caitlyn Darrow 06/07/17 *tackles
*koalas onto*
Caitlyn Darrow 04/16/17
~Miss you Julliet♥
Marah 01/29/16 "Congrats hon on making today's most popular." *smiles*
Pheenyx 01/29/16 Slinks up behind the blonde halo and whispers, "My Darling girl, it's so lovely to see your face on every corner. Congrats on POD.
Camille 10/14/15 *claps her hands together in front of her face*
*wide eyed and amused*
Twins?? Twins. Imagine the fun. Imagine the pranks!
*Is so, sooo evil deep down inside*
Camille 10/14/15 *smiles wide, pearly whites flashing*
*does a little spin*
Well, they have now, m'sweet. It does bring out the color of my eyes, doesnt it?
Camille 10/07/15 Cami tiptoes, light as a feather on her feet as they pad along solid ground beneath her. She's quiet, dainty, and nimble like a sprite making her way through the crowds. She dodges and weaves until she spots a familiar face- Solemn and unsuspecting. Reaching into her basket, her soft fingers wrap around the deep emerald stem of a blooming white carnation; the edges alive with a burst of crimson color, as though someone had dripped blood over the top of her stash.

Without hesitation, the angel is immediate in her invasion of the other girls space. The smirk that spreads easily over her lips is not in distaste, nor does it carry ill intent. She is simply amused as she tucks the flower behind Julliet's ear, and she offers nothing but the wry echo of a giggle before she is off again.
Caitlyn Darrow 07/18/15 You will always be part of my ♥. I thought you needed a reunion with Jack, so here is a box with him inside. ~Cait The note neatly tucked over a large case of Jack Daniels.
Camille 07/16/15 Oh, thank you! I've got these little muscles now. I can kick some serious butt! *winks*
Adara Litvinova 07/01/15 *drags a large bag behind her*
*its human-ish shape is writhing*
*grins at*
*keeps waddling*
Adara Litvinova 06/30/15 *squeals*
*runs and hides from her husband*
*will get sick because she'll eat them all in one sitting*
John Doe 06/25/15 "Last I heard he got a time share in Florida and is becoming exceedingly proficient at wake boarding. Might even compete next year."
John Doe 06/25/15 John Doe Fact #698: After John Doe was born, the Grim Reaper was downsized to part-time.
Pheenyx 05/22/15 A casual, dismissive smile and wave of her hand over her shoulder to the angel's resting comment. "Youcan count on it Darling." A satirical leer over her shoulder as she stepped off and away and disappeared behind a corner.
Pheenyx 05/22/15 It was the surrounding atmosphere, softening, which alerted the vampire to the other's presence. With a turned pout, she caught sight of the well-wisher...well sort of well wisher. If blood had run through her veins, she was sure chills would've enveloped her skin...but as fate would have it, she was dead and carried no mortal ichor. Pheenyx grinned viciously and looked to the other girls feet, eyes slowly raising and hovering over each and every curve of Jules's beautiful silhouette as the other blonde paused then meandered past.

"Oh, but would be so much more, a treat, if it was your blood I was drowning in. Do give a taste, Princess?" Burgundy hues clasped onto the Angel's before dropping and turning back in the direction that had originally held her attention.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/22/14 A soft whimper couldn't help but escape from her lips when the angel mentioned other things needed to be tend to. Almost instantly she noticed it didn't necessarily mean those things would take Julliet away again, did it? Caitlyn hugged Julliet the closest she had hugged anyone in quite some time, almost worrisome. Once the angel pulled herself apart from Caitlyn, she teetered slightly at the mention of a drink. "Hmm..Is it our old pal Jack? Do you want to go to the Sanctuary bar? or home? Somewhere new?" She sighed loudly. "I'm just so happy you are home."
Caitlyn Darrow 12/17/14 It was a rarity to find Caitlyn in her normal humanoid self. She had gone days just as a wolf alone, but today she felt like giving her human legs some exercise. She plucked herself down onto a park bench, and heard the whispered inquiry. Slowly she spun around to face the stealthy intruder only to find her guardian angel. Her hand moved in slow motion to cover her open mouth, letting out a loud muffled squeal of delight. The darkest days had passed at last.
"Julliet! Where have you been?! Oh my god! I've missed you so much!"
She exclaimed as the image of the celestial started to blur from the wall of tears trapped in her eyes.

Caitlyn Darrow 07/17/14 ILU
Caitlyn Darrow 06/06/14 *oomphs*
*hugs tight*
*loves furever*
Caitlyn Darrow 06/04/14
Pheenyx 01/01/14 In the spotlight again, I see. Congratulations. ;)
Briahne Dancescu 01/01/14 Grats on POTD.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/24/13
Caitlyn Darrow 12/08/13 Conograts on POTD!
Caitlyn Darrow 10/31/13
Caitlyn Darrow 10/21/13 Congorats on PoTD!
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