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Diego Kaspar


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Born: October 17, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 110
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 427
Home City: London Mail Sent: 11
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01/13/18 at 9:17 pm
Diego Kaspar's Biography
Full Name: Diego-Alejandro Garcia Kaspar
Birth date: March 21st, 1818
Age: 199
Gender: Male
Race: Nephilim (Half Crossroads Demon, Half Cherubim)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6ft2
Weight: 185lbs
Back story: My name is Diego Kaspar, I am the Owner, CEO and President, Marchen Global Logistics Incorporated. MGLI is a multinational corporation involved with all facets of the business and entertainment worlds. I was born on March 21st, 1818 to a Crossroads Demon called Rhaq and his Cherubim lover D’Annah. Their union and my birth was seen as an abomination and as such they were assassinated but not before hiding me away from the world and supernatural presence. As time passed I learned as the world evolved and soon found myself garnering a reputation in the business world as MGLI rose through the ranks. Now I find myself in this place called the Realm to seek out my next conquest. The newest acquisition of MGLI that will see its total control of all facets of business, music and world operations.
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Raven Dragoon

Kellie Auber

Taylor Ainsworth

Phantom Wraith

Last five threads posted in:
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LondonKaspar Manor
Created by Diego Kaspar
NeighborhoodMatters of Business - The Nephilim Mogul
Created by Diego Kaspar
RealmArt Extravaganza
Created by Kellie Auber
Kellie Auber 12/16/17 Quietly she entered his office. Setting no one about she places a folder on his desk before writing a quick note.

"Mr. Kaspar, here are the blueprints for the office in New York. If you have any questions you know where to find me. -K-
Kellie Auber 11/14/17 "In that case let us retire home then. There are a few ways I can think of celebrating."
Kellie Auber 11/14/17 "Don't you have work to finish?" She asks lightly, before hauling him closer and kissing him deeply.
Kellie Auber 11/13/17 That was the last thing, she had expected. Faltering with her words all she can do is nod. After a few moments she speaks. "Yes, of course."
Kellie Auber 11/13/17 She grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair and made her way to his office. She kept her voice low as she spoke. "I don't want gifts, Diego. All I've wanted is you." Not waiting for a response she turns and heads out of the building.
Kellie Auber 11/12/17 She had plenty of time to herself these days. Diego always busy at the office and Raven doing whatever Raven did these days. Kellie found when she had plenty of time to herself, baking was therapeutic. She stopped by Diego's office dropping off a basket of cookies and brownies. Along with a check written out to MGLI, a payment of Kellie's first and completed contract for an office space for a smaller company. Not wanting to disturb Diego she dropped it off with his receptionist before returning home again.
Kellie Auber 11/07/17 She couldn't help the grin that crossed her lips. She knew she was in trouble but in the end she g got what she wanted.
Kellie Auber 11/07/17 She sighs. "No you're busy. I'll entertain myself."
Kellie Auber 11/07/17 "If you'd come home sometimes you'd find plenty of trouble. After all that's where you told me to be."
Kellie Auber 11/05/17 "Since the office is where you seem to keep your arse planted theses days, I believe I shall go find some trouble to get into." She turns on her heel in the doorway to his office as she turns to go.
Kellie Auber 10/31/17 "Happy Halloween, Mr. Kaspar. Too bad you missed out in seeing me in my nurses uniform. Maybe next year." She shrugged softly.
Kellie Auber 10/28/17 She would slip into his office quietly and before anyone else arrived. Taking a piece of letter head she wrote a note. 'I have a surprise waiting for you at home. I know we only discussed it but I got over excited. I hope you like it. I will see you at home, My King. Always, Kellie' She would slip back out and wait for him at their home.
Kellie Auber 10/26/17 She quickly jumps from his lap and shakes beer head at home. "You'll just have to wait until you come home before I prove anything of the sort. Just don't make me wait too long." She smirks as she makes her way to the door.
Kellie Auber 10/26/17 Her cheeks turn bright red as she kisses him hard."Not here in your office where anyone can start knocking on your door. Besides it's not like I'm the quietest person, you know."
Kellie Auber 10/26/17 She closes the door, locking it behind her. Moving to where he sits, she slips into his lap and wraps her arms around his neck. "We both know if I were to show you how good that rank looks on you nothing else will get done."
Kellie Auber 10/25/17 She smirks as she crosses her arms over her chest. "The New rank looks good on you Mr. Kaspar. Is there anything else I can do for you today?"
Kellie Auber 10/23/17 Had she just lost yet another battle or had she actually won one? She wasn't even sure at the moment and could only nod in answer to his words. Damn him. She was going to have try harder.
Kellie Auber 10/23/17 There. She smirks at him before turning to leave. "No, Mr. Kaspar..." She emphasized hios name before finishing. "Think I have discovered it on my own. Go about your business now."
Kellie Auber 10/23/17 "Because damn it, there is suppose to be something about you I can't stand. I will find it." She set her jaw in determination while wrinkling her nose. "I assume this amuses you?"
Kellie Auber 10/23/17 She shakes her head. "Do I really have to tell you why? I am sure you know why right at this minute I hate you. But if you must know it's because when I try to find a flaw about you I don't like and come up with nothing, it infuriates me."
Kellie Auber 10/23/17 "Just so we are clear on one thing. I hate you right now. I might not in ten minutes, ten days or even ten years but right I hate you."
Lilim 10/18/17 Blue hues look out through the shadows as a voice no more than a mere whisper sounds upon the breeze. "Welcome to the realm. May all you search for be found."
That Girl 10/18/17 Welcome to the realm. Be weary of the plague known as 'dyslexia'. God speed Godie. xoxo
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