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Elouise Warrock

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Tiber Loche 11/02/18 -laughs-
Don’t worry. No membership required for libations.
Might even let you sing karaoke.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 Well.
I live there.
Naturally, that's where I stash my resources.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 My resources are limited.
Mostly to pizza.
Though it that happens my private stock of moonshine is exquisite.
Tiber Loche 11/02/18 -spooks-
Jesus christ, you're like a cat.
Maybe a little offended. Especially since I ate a lot of pizza and beer and didn't extend an invitation.
... But I can rectify that.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *raises brows*
*clears throat*
No rush. Never any rush.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *nods along*
To be fair, innocence is a matter of opinion, isn't it?
Yes. But don't tell her I told you that.
She'll have my @ss.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *hmmmm's*
The Den proper exists separately from the cabins themselves. It's a pretty easy set up once you find the place. We've got every kind of brew you could want for a good wind down at the end of the day. Just steer clear of the kitchen unless you fancy some exercising of your reflexes.
Oh, and given the chance, you'll want to meet Adara. She's the HBIC. Don't let her innocent face fool you. She's one tough cookie.
Truthfully, I think you'll enjoy the place.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *takes the hand, gives a solid shake*
I enjoy noticing things. Life gets kind of boring when you don't pay attention, doesn't it?
*stuffs his hands in to his front pockets*
Maybe check out The Den next time you're in our neck of the woods. We're always looking for new.. Friends.
The cabins are quite spacious.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *waves a hand*
You must know what I mean. Certain people omit a sort of je ne sais quoi.
*raises a brow, releases a suppressed breath*
Your posture suggests discipline. The small indentations on the outside heel of your shoes might indicate that you walk with your thighs instead of your calves. Ready to evacuate at a moments notice. Interesting.
*points briefly at the mans torso*
You're not dressed as though you've just rolled out of a trashcan. I assume there's a watch around your wrist, tucked just beneath the cuff of your shirt. Which, from the looks of it, breathes quite well. We all know how important that boy band appearance is.
Maybe I just think my boss would like your face.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *eye roll*
Are flannel and t-shirts the international uniform for boy bands?
*shakes head*
Never mind all that. The Den, it's- Well I guess you could call it..
It's like a reserve. Could very loosely be described as a commune. Without any of that religious or cultish bullsh-t.
*apparently very salty about cults*
You've got an aura about you. Auras are important.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *clears throat*
Oh! Hey. I didn't see you there.
*slight shifty eye*
Okay, you caught me. I'm kind of, er. Scouting?
*shakes head*
That sounds way more strange than it actually is.
*pulls a small card from his pocket and offers it over*
I'm Tiber. I guess you could say I'm a representative.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *skulks by*
*looking kind of bigfoot-esque*
*trying not to look suspicious*
*is totally suspicious*
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Jameson Orlav 10/05/18
Elouise Warrock 07/26/18 “Oh, I don’t know.” She shrugs again. “You remind me of someone, I guess.” Like a dog with a bone, Elouise would slowly piece together why she knew him - if she did. Still, something bags at her as she looks up at him, the pinch of his eyebrows so similar, his complexion, the way he carries himself. If she was actually trying any harder, she might be able to form rudimentary guesses. But she’s simply not.

“Is it customary for you to take strangers to lunch? Or are we back on track to serial killer territory?”
Elouise Warrock 07/25/18 “Figure it out for yourself.” She shrugged idly, easily keeping stride with him as they strolled along. It’d been some time since she’d attempted to act like anything resembling a human being, months since the appearance of humanity had shown in her day-to-day efforts. She hadn’t decided yet whether or not she would kill this stranger. But rest assured in her own abilities, she had no fear of any possibilities of retribution. While she no longer required human food, it wasn’t difficult to fabricate cravings. And it was equally as easy to pretend to be interested in Lennox.

“Have we met before?” Elouise forgot faces easily before, but so much in the present. There was a familiarity to Lennox she couldn’t place, perhaps because she was so far removed from Jameson and Noura now. Still, that undefinable something kept her attached to their encounter at hand.
Elouise Warrock 07/25/18 “Lennox. How bourgeois.” She smirks, stuffing her hands into her pockets as they meandered onward. “So say he did shave the unibrow. He’d be a pretty handsome serial killer. Maybe if you shaved yours, you would be too.” She laughs quietly to herself, having already noted how manicured every inch of the man seemed to be.

In fact, she could’ve sworn he was gay.
Elouise Warrock 07/21/18 “You’re damn right.” She hoists a triumphant fist in the air, falling back to her side thereafter. “Well, why should I give you my name first? What’s to say you’re not a serial killer?” She squints. “I mean, there have been hot serial killers before. Ted Bundy was pretty attractive.” She finally gives in with a shrug. “Okay, fine. I’m Elouise.”
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 “I’m not saying I won’t eat half of your meal. I’m just suggesting you prepare yourself for the inevitably.” Crooked grin. “And dessert. I’ll absolutely eat your dessert. Just don’t come between me and food, okay?”
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Grumbles. "This date sounds awful already. Now, wait. Hold on." Holds up a finger. "I'll share an appetizer. But if you even try and don't my entrée, I'll kill you." Maybe only half-joking.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Clears throat. "A lunch date? As in, I eat, and you pay?" Scoffs. "You're on. Where's the nearest buffet?"
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 Clears throat. "Then I guess..." Looks around. "Yeah. Alright. You're pretty good looking. Let's do it."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 "I don't know... You have plans for the afternoon?"
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 "Shut the f-..." She tilts her head. "You look familiar. Have I given you a lap dance before?"
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 "Oh. Thank god. We can be friends. But... more like close-proximity acquaintances. Because, you know. I don't... care."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 “Mm. I don’t know. Sticky wicket, this is.” Taps chin, chews candy. “Depends. Pepsi or Coca-cola?”
Elouise Warrock 07/20/18 She pauses. Breaks the second Snickers in half, and only then allows him to palm the rest. “Don’t accuse me of caring. I’m a millennial. I don’t have to care.”
Jameson Orlav 07/20/18
Camille 07/20/18 She grabbed a blue tipped, ball-point pen from her back pocket (because you never know when you're going to need to scribble down some info... or stab someone in the eye) and subsequently, his hand. Her touch may have been a bit rougher than one might have imagine, what with her petite stature and her soft expressions. But this Camille was far from delicate. With a calculated bit of pressure, she began to write down the number to her cell phone, with a small scrawling of her name underneath. Cam.

"Don't holler. Not until I get there."

She winked.
Camille 07/20/18 Hmm. Can't argue with logic, I suppose. You know, maybe you just missed a spot. Give me a holler if you need help next time.
-waggles brows-
Elouise Warrock 07/19/18 Squints. “I don’t share food.” Procures another snickers. “But I’ll let you have my extra.”
Camille 07/19/18 Hmmm. You seem... Familiar. Not sure about the smell though. A shower, perhaps.
Elouise Warrock 07/19/18 Blinks. Holds up a snickers bar. “Sorry, just having a snack. You are?”
Elouise Warrock 07/19/18 Snack.
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