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Born: May 25, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Aubry Daniels

Last five threads posted in:
Thora Carlson 06/26/20 Thank you!
Aubry Daniels 06/26/20 "Yeah tomorrow. See you then."
Aubry Daniels 06/26/20 A small smile formed on her lips and she replied quickly. "In New York, still. But uh you may want to brace yourself."
Aubry Daniels 01/11/20 Now that things had slowly started to settle down, Aubry sent a message to her brother. She hoped it reached him where ever he currently was. "We need to talk when you are in town next."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "That doesn't help the fact that I would still be sleeping alone."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "I honestly have no idea. Ask him."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Next time I will leave him in a damn boat."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Join the club. I got a bear of a husband passed out on the couch while I cuddle his pillow."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Uh family pack? You got a wife and cubs somewhere I don't know about?"
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "No. It was to get rid of you like they did me in their own way."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "She is the one who was groomed to be Alpha. The golden child."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "I will come up with something. None of us should have to be stuck as alpha if we aren't happy."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Didn't they have a younger brother? It would let you and Grace be free and be with who want."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Give it to Anya then. That has always been her place."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Hell no I don't want it. I want nothing to do with those who refused to help me when I needed them."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Then who would you give it to? Hmmm?"
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "Then I won't go back. You deserve to be alpha."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "And I am not about to let the pack turn on you because of my actions. I am a big girl Arik. As hard as it may seem I can take care of myself. Jay taught me that."
Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 "I know. And when we do you are not to shoulder any of the blame. This was my doing and I will face the consequences."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "He's in the shower actually, I think."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "You can go to the bar or come back to my cabin. Always have somw type of alcohol there."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "No you didn't mess up. You did what was expected of you. Everyone did but me."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "You act like that is a bad thing big brother. Would you rather I just run away?  Just keep running until I can't run anymore? Or would you rather I stay and stand my ground?"
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "Currently me until he shows me otherwise. I'm not going to be that scared, lost woman I once was. He taught me that."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "Next time it won't be a dead fish I hit him with. Next time it will be a damn shovel. The same shovel I use to bury him with."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "Save his ass, really? I am the one that was in the wrong? Should have known you'd take his side too."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "Those noises as you so politely pointed out was my husband being hit with a dead fish and thrown to the couch. He came back from the dead apparently and instead of coming home went to find the nearest bottle. Perhaps I should tell him you have a bunk he can crash in."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "When the hell did you join the den? And am I the last to know? I swear to all that is holy I will beat you too."
Aubry Daniels 08/29/19 "Arik!" Aubry yells as she places her hands on her hips and looks at him. What was with her being the last to know anything these days.
Aubry Daniels 07/23/19 Aubry laughs softly. "Sorry about that. We weren't sticking around to claim the body. That was the last thing on my mind to be honest."
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 "You will have to go to the NYPD for that. They were there right after it happened."
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 She shakes her head softly. "Maybe. Who knows. The thing I have learned here is nothing is for sure."
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 "Or worse. He hasn't always been a good person so what if he is off doing something wrong?"
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 "Jay is a friend and the one who killed Axel. Plus he convinced me to quit running. I just haven't heard nor seen him in a month or so."
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 She chuckles. "Sure. Come to my cabin. I keep it stocked for if and when Jay returns." She sighs lightly.
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 "I'm here because I am done running. Here is where I will begin a new. Whether on my own or with others. I have ran far too long."
Aubry Daniels 07/13/19 "It's a sanctuary. Lycanthropes, slayers and angels stay here." She sighs softly. "Not that I have seen anyone else around for at least a month."
Aubry Daniels 07/10/19 "I...I didn't kill him. An 1100 lb kodiak did. Jay, was just trying to protect me and keep me safe. He was giving me a present as he put it." She smiled gently. "As to where we are, this is the Lycan's den."
Aubry Daniels 07/09/19 "Yes, Axel was out. He was actually out hunting. Hunting me to be exact. Grace unfortunately will have to take the role of alpha on permanently." She looks down as she chews on her lip. "Axel is dead."
Aubry Daniels 07/03/19 She waited a few minutes before speaking looking to the ground. "How much of what happened with Axel do you actually know? I only ask because what I tell you next may make it impossible to keep peace between the two packs."
Aubry Daniels 07/02/19 "That is the lesser of the two evils but there is something you need and should know." She chews on her bottom lip as she looks down at the ground.
Aubry Daniels 06/27/19 She grimaces and coughs as he wraps her up tight in a hug. Her features furrowing in confusion. "I thought you were away at school. What are you doing here?"
Aubry Daniels 06/21/19 She blinked several times in confusion as the male in front of her called her name. After several moments it finally registered and she moved to hug her big brother. "Arik?"
Aubry Daniels 06/21/19 She had heard the buzz and it took several moments before it sank in as to what it was. Moving inside she went and washed the fish from her hands placing it inside the fridge. Once finished she made her way to the gate and opened it slightly.
Aubry Daniels 06/13/19 For once, in her 24 years of life, Aubry had gone of her own free will. Gone willingly, with no hesitation, no need to run. For once she had made a choice. A choice to start fresh. A choice to be her own person allowed to make her own decisions. A choice to follow someone who in just a short amount of time had already done far more for her then anyone ever had. That choice led her out of the city to a semi secluded sanctuary known as The Lycan's Den.
Aubry Daniels 06/12/19 Her scent trailed faintly through the the big apple and grew stronger just outside of town. Of course her scent was not the only one. Due to close proximity with Jay, his scent, lingered with hers and it trailed through the city and out.
Aubry Daniels 06/02/19 She had made a promise to Jay, no more running and she intended to keep that promise. However that promise did not include leaving herself in the open and easily attainable. She had followed Jay with no hesitation to a quiet, cozy cabin, tucked into the solitude of the woods. So far she had no complaints about where he had brought her.
Aubry Daniels 05/29/19 She had smelt him the moment he stepped in New York. A familiar and yet distant smell. A scent she had not been around for 12 years. But that wasn't possible. Arik had been away at school when she ran away. There was no way he would be able to find her, unless. Was it possible he had been helping Axel this whole time? Her own brother. Not that she expected more. After all her father was helping Axel too so why wouldn't her brother?
Jewel 05/26/19 Most have that same goal. Good luck.
Jewel 05/25/19 Welcome to the Realm. Stay awhile.
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