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"It's me, Frank."
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Elliot Weiss

That Girl

Last five threads posted in:
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Why so homeless?
Matias Alvaro 01/11/18 Matias placed both of his hands gently on the other male's shoulders as if to anchor him in his anxious rantings. "Amigo,amigo,amigo, ssssshhhh. You are not in Hell, or Purgatory. Let's slow down and takes this from the top. You want a beer? We can get a beer. I am curious of the taste, I have never had it before." He gave the man a pat on the shoulder and a reassuring smile. "Lucky for you, I am one of the only monsters here who doesn't have a stick shoved up their culo."
Matias Alvaro 01/09/18 Matias put his hand to his mouth, feeling almost sorry for the poor confused soul. Almost. Matias placed his hand firmly on the other man's shoulder, giving him a large toothy grin. "You are in the Realm of Possibilities, amigo. Where the dead and living walk amongst eachother. Where Heaven and Hell have invaded. Where all that never has been could soon be. Isn't it exciting?!"
Matias Alvaro 01/08/18 "Welcome to the Realm."
Camille Hammond 01/08/18 Cami saunters by, feet shuffling along the ground as she moseyed over a rather familiar looking person. Is this.. Was that..? She squints, closing the distance unapologetically and sniffing around like a mental person.

"Say, you look familiar..."
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