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Gray Taylor

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Summer 02/26/19 Autumn
Well, after our uplifting text exchange, I realized the winters here in Antwerp are doing a number on me. I'm gonna answer the call of sandy beaches, sunny days and tequila-fueled, tourist-killing nights in Cancun. I will be back in two shakes of a lambs tail though. The job in Antwerp isn't done and I'll be damned if I don't finish something I started. Eventually.
Love you!!!!
Dexter Gein 02/21/19
Summer 02/18/19 Autumn
You mean like every damned day of my life?
The lure of the sunny beaches in Cancun is strong.
The lure of just facing all of it and seeing where I end up has an appeal all its own.
But like, I think about how I'm an angel that ran away from heaven. And am now stuck here in this literal god-forsaken land and it's just like...dude, I don't f-ckin' know.
So I smoke a bowl. Dance. Cut my hair. Find some cute boy and marry him. Sh-t like that.
Oh, I got married, btw. Super low key, just us. You know, the Summers way. No big thing.
Keep your chin up, Sugarpants. Maybe your purpose is to read my book-length texts. Ugh, that is depressing, I'm sorry. Forget I said it.
Gray Taylor 02/06/19 Autumn
He needs his head checked for trusting me with anything.
Gray Taylor 02/06/19 Autumn
That is the most asinine thing Iíve heard all day.
Gray Taylor 02/06/19 Autumn
Do I really want to know?
Livia Vlcek 01/30/19 *sighs with relief*
*chuckles quietly* Always friends.
Livia Vlcek 01/29/19 *accepts the brownies*
*offers a bottle of Liberty School Cabernet as trade*
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
You're welcome.
I'll be by, since you asked so nicely.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
It's not a problem. It's a hobby.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
And will there be cookies and wine?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
I do believe that is a point to me.
I'm back in London. Where are you residing, lately?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Is that what Google Translate said?
You get a point. Game isn't over.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Or you could make my day and say that to my face.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
You really cannot expect it to be that easy.
It's like you've forgotten me, entirely.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Winning is defined as getting my way.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
This is a fun game.
Who will win?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Feel free to tell me how much you miss me.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
I thought you might need space.
Was I right?
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Maybe I am.
I've been downgraded to pulse-checks.
Gray Taylor 01/26/19 Autumn
Don't know. Am I?
Addison 12/13/18 *spies the woman roaming around the Azhi compound. Pops out in front of*
"HAI! I'm Addison. Welcome to Azhi. Stay out of my room, things will be cool. Okay, well, you are welcome in my room. warned there are things in there that bite and may, or may not, be poisonous."
*skips off to torment other new members that arrived while she was gone*
Gray Taylor 12/03/18 Autumn
Iíll see you when you land.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
At the airport?
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
Iíll collect you at the airport.
Send your itinerary.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Gray lets out a breath as he reads the message, weighing his options carefully before making another push. Not alone, his ass.

Please come to Moscow.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
Read 11:20 pm

No. Not until I told her what I told you.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
I'm not following.
What happened?
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
I didn't read the letter. I'm sorry.
But I'm here. And it sounds like you shouldn't be alone.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
I understand.
I'm in Moscow.
Why don't you come?
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
So... no?
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Autumn
I haven't heard from you.
Are you alright?
Malek 12/01/18 Thank you so much! I'm super excited to be back and in the crew!
Gray Taylor 12/01/18 Gray had been placed in a position that left him feeling less than comfortable. Letters. He has sealed letters, and the man knows that each one contains Spring's last words. He knows she has bequeathed items to these people, and the only way to find out what goes where is to read them. But he can't.

Slowly, he would begin to send them out, his own personal notes tucked into the FedEx envelopes with Springs sealed last words. He can only imagine what might be inside, but he makes it clear that each recipient could reach out to him at the number provided to collect whatever was left to them.

No one would be allowed on the property in Moscow again.


Did you ever wonder if I died with you? The brotherís clause you know. Remember when we used to feel every little cut they did? Every little time they tore off a piece of our flesh. Every sadistic nature thing they did. You were forced to be there with me through hell. Do you..Did you feel the baby? The baby that *******Ö You had Gray. You went to the enemy to force this falsified cure on us. What did it all mean? Did you ever once wonder what I felt? You had your happiness and you ruined mine. Instead of being by my side after we defeated out masters you abandoned me. Not only once may I add. How is the married life? The last time you reached out was to ask about the sapling. Why didnít you come to me? I had lost my only friend.

Instead you left me in the dark. I guess in hindsight my death wonít matter. I have admitted to Gray that I ..I really do love him. Donít worry, he chose you before, and now heís chosen someone else that makes him happier than either of us could. Donít interrupt his happiness. Sometimes people arenít meat to be. In these years that Iíve been by Grayís side, Iíve learned that I do love him. Heís my equal and the one person that gets me. He didnít have to endure our torture to understand. He didnít.. be forced. Lifeís a ****ing ***** sister of mine. I, Spring Weed, leave to you the heads of our masters. Itís you turn to take over their ****ty estate you left me in charge of when you betrayed me by befriending the enemy. Youíre my sister, and everyone always chooses you. I donít have to say I ****ing love you, because you hear it enough. I doubt my death will change anything.

Dexter Gein 12/01/18 It's an art...trimming. I trim the hedges at least twice a week. This is to prevent over growth in the wrong areas. Yes, moisture is a really good thing. The roots really need to penetrate deep into the soil in a manner that is pleasing to both the giver and the receiver in that both the soil and the hedge work directly with each other to accommodate the vertical positioning of the hedge and the constant need for the roots to dig deeper. If one care this much for both the soil and hedge, fertilization will come naturally.
Dexter Gein 12/01/18 ~~smiles "My favorite time to trim the hedges and mow the lawn in really early in the morning."
Gray Taylor 11/17/18 Autumn
The usual. Half hour?
Gray Taylor 11/17/18 Autumn
Lucifer Morningstar 11/13/18 Brown orbs fall on the pretty blonde. As she spoke. A slight nod escapes him. "Thank you Miss."
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
Read 1:19pm
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
What about Spring?
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
That so? Sheís back?
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
Is this another ex-boyfriend?
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
Indeed. Iíd call it intuitive.
Itís fine.
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
Just a hunch.
Gray Taylor 11/11/18 Autumn
Ready to tell me whatís actually bothering you?
Dexter Gein 11/08/18 ``Gee, thanks.`` What was that for....
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
No funny business.

Let me know if you need anything.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
You ignore it. You distract. I have no idea how you would go about that. That's all you.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
Depends on how fast you turn it off.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn

I can't tell you how to cope. But it gets better.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
I do know when you are lying, you know.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
Is this about Spring?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
Taking control.
Going to tell me what this is about?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
No such thing. And no. I simply don't deal with the losses.
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
I don't. What has you talking like this?
Gray Taylor 11/03/18 Autumn
Dare I ask what you mean?
Stalker 11/03/18 Thank you very much.
Genesis 10/30/18 ~considered her words for a moment.~ "Well, if you were all the same, things would have tended to be boring. You should come out drinking with me some night. We'll bring Summer. Girls night out." ~gave a cheeky wink~
Genesis 10/30/18 ~grins~ "Yeah, Summer is great, but I am betting each one of you are in your own way. I question her alot about family and siblings since I've never had that."
Livia Vlcek 10/29/18 *grins as Autumn makes it rain* Almost got all of it. Actually, only forty percent. *coughs*
Genesis 10/29/18 ~stepped to her crew mate and offered a small smile.~ "Hello Autumn, Its nice to meet you, I'm Genesis, though I was gone when you came into the crew. I hope you are finding things to your liking. I know your sister, so I thought I would make a proper introduction." ~offered a hand, though it was kind of grubby with dried blood and dirt.~
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 Autumn
I'm sure you'll be plenty angry with me soon enough.
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 Autumn
As if you'd ever turn me out.
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 Autumn

Hope you're dressed. I'll be there in five.
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 Autumn
Well, f-ck.

Where are you? Still in Moscow?
Summer 10/18/18 Autumn
My sweet baby sister. You were her other half, for better or worse. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling.
I know for myself- well, I think she bequeathed me her rage. I cannot seem to get a handle on it. I havenít left my room in the compound for days. Lest I light someone on fire. And honestly, the idea soothes my heart.
It freaks me out.
Mostly I donít want to think about it. I want to avoid it. I thought maybe I could save her. Could negotiate something. But evidently that is not an option. And that sends me into a pit of despair Iíve not previously known.
My point, my love, is that you are not alone. Even if you feel it, you are not an island unto yourself.
Gray Taylor 10/16/18 His phone chimes, and Gray frowns at his phone. Well, f-ck.

I never got them. I must have been in Moscow when they arrived, and I've yet to go back to New York.

Autumn long do they keep?
Dexter Gein 10/15/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Your Finger Ninja skills are impressive.
Livia Vlcek 10/12/18 *high fives* Chosen! You did it!
Nathaniel Tallios 10/10/18 -shrugs his shoulders-
"You have a point there but I have genuinely had a pleasure meeting everyone I've ever met so far. So I definitely love a good challenge."
Nathaniel Tallios 10/10/18 -sighs a bit but then chuckles-
"You know, I've been getting that a lot lately. I think this is the first time I've seen you. Nathaniel Tallios, it's a pleasure to meet you."
Livia Vlcek 10/08/18 *grumps* Hatechu. So much right now.
Livia Vlcek 10/05/18 *eyes widen* OH MY GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
*is so fvcking jealous it isn't even funny*
*grabs at arm* They make these?!
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *eyes glisten* I can't wait...seriously. Bake me things!
*nods* I like fast cars, don't get me wrong. I just like feeling like I'm strapped to a rumbling rocket.
*scrunches nose* That sounded wrong.
*makes the face*
*face brightens* I am a new Harry Potter series fan! My showed me the series on movie nights.
*awkward smile* But I'm a Snape fan. Hands down, best character.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *nods* I do. And sure, I have most things in Paris but some other pieces scattered across a few cities.
*eyes brighten* Baking? I love baked woah. Video games are fun. Oddly, first person shooters give me motion sickness.
*blinks and flails into the dip* I like clubbing. Fast cars are always good...but I'm a sucker for old American muscle.
*laughs* I think we're going to be good friends. But I like dill pickles...not a lot...but sometimes when I need salt.
*thinks about dislikes* Liars...I dislike liars. Especially when I'm invested in a relationship.
*scrunches nose* It just sucks.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *cants head* David Garret? I will have to look him up. Lindsay Stirling is very good.
*has never used Pandora* I'm generally a creature of habit with music but lately, when I am painting, I just let things play.
*dips once more* Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes?
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *laughs* Sometimes I do the same. Generally I let youtube autoplay. I've found some interesting things and some just freaking awful things.
*shudders* Indie folk rock. Fvck that.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *spins and dips Autumn*
*has deflected it seems*
*nods* I love music. Like, maybe too much.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *laughs* Katy Perry song. But agreed. I feel like a Ragdoll sometimes myself.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *dances with*
*looks at seriously* Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *dies*
*can't even*
*is actually really impressed with the strut and dancing*
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *brows raise is surprise*
*looks around nervously*
*takes off jacket, covers Autumn with it* Billie not my lover. She's just a girl who claims that I am the one.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *takes a deep breath*
*refuses to cave*
*spills a bit of coffee on her shirt* Ooh, look what you made me do...
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *grew up in an Orphanage/Lab*
*has no clue what Autumn is singing...but it sounds awful*
*cheeky grin* Have a seat in the foyer, take a number, I was lightning before the thunder.
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *will be hated for this earworm* Just a young gun...with a quick fuse...
Dexter Gein 10/03/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Gray Taylor 10/01/18 Pulling out his phone, he would stare at the screen and begin to type out his sh-tty message, stopping only when he realizes what an actual ******* he is truly being. As if Autumn deserves his wrath. She hadn't been the one to make him angry. Not this time.

Taking a deep breath, he dials, lifting the phone to his ear and listening to it ring. The moment he hears it stop, he starts in.

"It's me. Don't say a word. Just. Let me talk, okay?" He might be coming off a little aggressive, and again, it isn't her fault. "Just.. you need to come to Moscow, alright? I need you to come here. It's Spring."

Gray would glance over his shoulder. "She's gone. And you need to be here. I'll explain when you're here. I can't stay on the phone. I'm sorry."

Hanging up, the man deflates, already berating himself for the way in which he's handled himself.
Jackson McCarthy 09/29/18 *laughs* Dinnae worry love, ye saved me from wasting it at the pub. Aye hope ye ware't weel.
Summer 09/27/18 Autumn
Wait, what? That's pretty rad, a cat talking in your head. F-ck, man. I'm into it!
Also...welcome to Azhi!
Jackson McCarthy 09/27/18 Welcome to Azhi!
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 Autumn
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 Armed with Grayís phone, he types out another text to another Summers, his request prevalent in his wording. Jasper is worried for his partner, and anything that would lighten his load, he would do it. And getting them off his back is certainly a must.

As I told your brother, Iím working on it.
Summer 09/24/18 Autumn
Donít apologize. Youíre going through ten shades of stress, I can imagine.
Actually, I kinda know. But I imagine every situation is different.
I get the prickly mads when I am scared of losing any of you.
Keep your chinup, babe. Love you!
Summer 09/24/18 Autumn died. And are now mortal.
Oi, woman. Tiny details!
Summer 09/24/18 Summer grappled around her unmade bed for her phone, hearing the text tone for her sister. Damn. Feast or famine with her siblings, she thought with a wry chuckle. Chewing on the end of a Red Vine, Summer rolled to her stomach to read and respond. An opened bag of crisps crunched beneath her bare stomach. Reading with one eyebrow up, Summer let out an amused sniff. New body? Welcome to the club, sis.

And here I was thinking I was gonna get bad news! Those five crows mustíve been a fluke. You know, my change was instigated by Old Scratch himself. Having any dalliances with the devil lately? Just a thought.
In any event, I bet you are super cute as a blonde. It works perfectly that you are now a blonde becauseóóbetween you and meó-my hair is actually now very dark brown. Iíve been dying it! My roots are crazy right now so I guess itís no secret.
Anyway, welcome to the Body snatchers club. Itíll get easier. Itís an excuse to go shopping- no way can any normal-height person fit into your old midget clothes.
Beg pardon- Ďfun sizedí clothes.
Jasper Thompson 09/23/18 A simple case of perspective. Iíve learned some of my best tricks in some dingy places.
Summer 09/22/18 Autumn
Thinkin' about you- Happy first day of Autumn! least in the Northern Hemisphere. I'm in California at present though, so I'm right-side-up right now. Globally. Not like, mentally. But you knew that.
Hope alls well. I heard from Winter a few weeks ago, but other than that it's been a quiet summer. Heh. That isn't very normal.
Loving you!
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
Jumping to conclusions, as always.
Be safe.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
Both. I think.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Ugh. Questions. He loathes questions.

There is curiosity, and then there is this guy.
I'm indisposed.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
So seeking me out doesn't make it clear enough?
Autumn, I cannot go to Jerusalem.
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
He's a creep, Autumn. Period.
I told you, that was not a place to meet people.
Where are you?
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
Someone named Idris, if that is even his f-cking name.
What's wrong?
Gray Taylor 09/21/18 Autumn
Are you aware that someone has been watching you?
I've just had a man approach me about everything.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Don't engage.
Are you drunk?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Can't say I know who you're talking about. She high?
Clubs are not where you meet good people.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
She sounds like a con artist.
Catch a name? Where are you that you're attracting this?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
I've never met any, but I'm sure there are others like me.
What was she offering? She didn't try to get you to sign anything, did she?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Youíre a woman. Donít you? Women call the shots.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Iím not so sure.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Suppose Iíll just starve until then.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
What? It is.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Itís an apartment.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Huh. Well.
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
You've been here. Haven't you?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
You already know this.
[Address attached]
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
And you enable me.
Iím in New York.
Maybe express mail?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
Mail them to me?
Gray Taylor 09/20/18 Autumn
What? I never got a message about cookies.
Are they they crispy ones?
Summer 05/15/18 Autumn
The thrill never goes away. It just gets better. I feel empowered and sexy and in control of my life while on stage. And as you know, ďempoweredĒ and ďin control of my lifeĒ are themes that havenít been that prevalent in my/our lives until recently.
I am so glad you liked it! I bet you made a killing!!
Summer 05/11/18 Autumn
Thanks honey. I didn't pick it, but it grew on me pretty fast. Plus, my tips have nearly doubled. I guess they match the cup size. Or something.
Of course I brought PJs. A night in marathoning movies sounds SO needed. See you soon, love.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Iím landing in Heathrow in T minus 30 minutes. Snapped a pic in the galley, looking spiffy for First Class and to see my baby sis. You see this mug at your door, itís a-okay.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I have no doubt you picked up some skills along the way.
Which is why amateur night at the club will be so easy. Iím sure you remember the moves I taught you back in Paris!
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
What, like using it to brain someone during a mugging?
Nah. I just pluck a feather and jam it into their neck, quill side first.
Itís glorious.
Yes please- Iíd love help with it. Iím not a total luddite, but sometimes these things confound me.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Taking promo selfies for the clubs Instagram page. :D
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Iíll get you a pic shortly. I got a new phone and canít figure out the damned apps yet. I dropped the old one off the stage at work- blammo, shattered into several pieces.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
Maddie! Awww I canít wait to see you both!
Oh! I almost forgot- I look a little different. Okay, a lot different. Still blond, same eye color. Still lookin like a snack. Other than that...when a curvy short haired blond walks in, donít freak out, k?
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
You being at your old house has me feeling like everything comes around full circle.
Iíll be there in a few hours with a bottle, some spliffs and a bag of food from the corner chip shop in hand.
Summer 05/10/18 Autumn
I miss you too. Lemme know where youíre at nowadays and Iíll be there on the next flight.
Gray Taylor 02/12/18 Gray knows that look all too well. This is not the first time he has earned it in spades, and he doubts that it will be the last. The world is, after all, a cruel and unusual place. Still, she would earn no recognition.

Not even with that threatening little smile of hers.

"All men lie," His slate gaze narrows, and he leans in only slightly. Voice lower, he holds her stare with his own. "You just have to pay attention."

Straightening up, he flashes a smile that is all business. "Good luck finding your Gray."
Gray Taylor 02/12/18 A hand to his elbow causes him to falter, and Gray instinctively tugs away before turning a cold glare over his shoulder. He is angry, this much is true, and the sight before him does little to dispel the emotion. Still, he remains composed. The world would never see him falter.


This is a particularly painful sight on several different levels, and that stormy gaze that is only his would barely flicker over her features before settling upon her eyes.

Summer 10/30/17 Autumn Gold
I had started to ease back, trying to learn how to control my emotions on my own. Turns out I need more practice. Apparently ďsibling deathĒ is too much for me to manage on my own. Hence smokin the country dry. Iím mostly teasing. I have a few plants of my own in my room.
I worry that while my intentions may be good, wonder if Iím just from bad stock? If we are truly cursed, could it rub off on others? Maybe Iím just looking for excuses. I donít feel like it is me trying to run. It feels like me trying to protect him from the endless sh-t that happens to us.
Summer 10/30/17 Autumn
Iíll certainly take what youíre not going to use off your hands. Waste not, want not.
Iím so sorry to hear of your friend. That is terrible and I cannot imagine dealing with loss that close together.
It is incredibly odd. Itís certainly something I can get used to, but nothing Iím familiar with, something I am sure you understand. The strangest part is that I am a source of stability for him. Me. Being relied upon. It makes me scared but I also want to try. I donít want to disappoint him.
Summer 10/30/17 Autumn Gold
I shouldíve reached out too. I appear to have been sucked down a hole of despair. I think Iíve smoked Australia completely out of the good sh-t. I was aiming for a Blaize level of detached.
I suppose all of that is to be expected when the person I was closest to dies.
Despite being certain the Summers name is cursed, Iím doing better. Kiernan has been a rock, which has been nice. How are you holding up?
Summer 10/04/17 Autumn
Blond??!? Why tho??
Miryam 09/27/17 Congrats on profile of the day lovely!
Summer 08/21/17 Birthday Babe
I hope your day is fantastic. I just know this year is going to be your best yet. Of that I have no doubt. You deserve nothing but the best.
In the box, youíll find some earrings made by an artist here in Australia, made with opals mined here! And some emeralds for added elegance. They nearly called for me to buy them, knowing how amazing theyíd look on you.
Enjoy. I love you dearly!!

Summer 08/02/17 Domestic Goddess
If you're still in a baking mood, Kiernan reports he likes 'samoas'. Didn't know what the fvck those were, so I googled them. Now I know why I didn't: guess they are Girl Scout cookies. I don't recall seeing any girl scouts come to our house growing up, haha. Probably were warned away by their parents.
Anyway. So I guess just some coconuty, caramely, chocolatey goodness would do. You're the kitchen witch, I'm sure you could concoct something amazing of the sort.
Winter stopped by for a visit. It sure was nice seeing his face. Where do you and Lucius live? I still owe you a visit.
Summer 07/24/17 Funny Girl
I laughed way too hard at your text. Maybe I should ask Kiernan if he was dropped on his head too. I don't think I know him well enough for that though.
For real though, we have like, the entire Samsonite set worth of baggage. It's a cute set though. Best believe we pack our crazy stylishly!
I'll ask Kiernan what type of cookie he likes. I meant it when I said we don't know a whole lot about each other. Knowing someone's Top Three Favorite Cookies seems pretty important, so I'll get on that crucial conversation as soon as I can.
Tech stuff, eh? What exactly does Lucius do? Or is that 'proprietary information'?
Summer 07/24/17 Domestic Goddess
My stomach just growled at the thought of your baking. There's one thing for your 'to-do' list. Send your dear, sweet, cooking-challenged sister a care package of noms??
You are smart as a whip, focused, driven, and talented. I have no doubt you'll figure out stuff soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the down time. You deserve it.
Things are good on this end. Winter is here for a visit, which is nice. I haven't spent quality time with him since London I think.
As for Kiernan, well, we went on a date. And I'm just adjusting to this idea that I'm someone who dates. Or is dated. It's weird. A very foreign concept. It is as jarring a thought as when I realized I had wings. Like, so I guess this is me now? He hasn't run, which means he deserves a medal of some sort, haha. At least a participants ribbon. "Survived a date with Summer and didn't lose my goddamned mind".

I look forward to that care package. :D
Summer 07/24/17 Hot Stuff
You still honeymooning? I hope so.
I thought of you when I was shopping today. Check out these shoes I bought. For work, of course. They glow under black lights!
Summer 07/11/17 Baby sis
How did you get so wise, sissy-pants?
After reading your emails, I had a good long sit-n-stare with the wall. Well, me and my bong did.
I think...I think I'm gonna try to take your advise. What's the worst that could happen?
Or rather, what's the best that could happen? I could end up like you, blissed out and happy.
I'm scared though. Anyway. Thank you for your words and wisdom. I still don't get how you got so wise!
Summer 07/09/17 Autumn
I'm glad it makes sense. Things felt different when I returned; my body, myself- I respond differently to things? Like, spiritual places feel almost nourishing so to speak. Hell, maybe they are. I don't get it most of the time.
Anyway, it's comforting to hear it isn't just me though.
Related-unrelated-whatever- when you and Lucius first got together. Like, romantically. How did you get past the barriers? The mental ones?
Sorry if that is too heavy to ask while you're trying to relax and bask in love!! You can respond later, when you're back to real life.
Summer 07/09/17 Autumn
I can practically smell the flowers and spices, practically hear the sounds of the city streets and the languages around me.
That temple though...I need to visit it. The picture alone looks very serene and close to source. If that makes sense. Being in those places makes me feel whole. I'm not even stoned, I mean it.
I'm really glad you're having a sublime time. It looks relaxing and romantic-the exact combination for a perfect honeymoon, imo!
Summer 07/07/17 New Bride
It looks like someone is living the sweet life- deservedly so! You know, I've never been to India. That picture alone has it bumping up the list. The food alone....omg the food. Get in mah belly.
Summer 06/10/17 Autumn
I'm really happy for you!
Summer 06/10/17 Autumn
I wager I will be the last Summers. Guaranteed. Winter will find some fella who will sweep him off his feet, then I'll be the last man standing!
I look forward to the party. I won't get too trashed, swear.
Summer 06/10/17 Mrs.
I had this crazy dream a while back in which I got hitched (??!!) and you and Winter got super pissed at me for not inviting to the big event.
Weird dream, yo.
CONGRATS!!! I'm happy for you! And will 100% not be staying at Chez Honeymoon when I come to London! At least that settles that.
Did you have a proper wedding? Did you wear white? Did you get presents? Are you going on a honeymoon? Those last two things are literally the only reason I can see to get hitched.
And...did you change your name?
Summer 05/31/17 Autumn
I forget that about you, your love and talent in cooking! Homecooked meals sound perfect. I fully understand the feeling of flitting about. Hell, I've only just started unpacking in my room in Sydney. Living out of a suitcase for nearly half leaves much to be desired. Funny, since not too lohg ago, I was stuck and unable to leave. One would think I'd hate to stay in one spot for too long. Which I guess is kinda true.
Summer 05/31/17 Autumn
To answer your questions: I'm not entirely sure!
I'm guessing I'll head back to Sydney after, unless something else catches my attention. I hadn't planned that far ahead.
I have no idea if he eats or drinks. Make no fuss on our account. We'll be in and out anyway.
Summer 05/30/17 Autumn
To be truthful, I hadn't thought that far ahead. I am not sure how long we are staying. It was intended on being a quick trip before knowing a visit was included. To my understanding, he mentioned he doesn't really sleep. So I guess he won't need a room. An empty balcony or quiet rooftop would be sufficient as far as I can tell.
I don't care much for that town, Autumn. I very much treasure our visit in Paris. That was fun!
Summer 05/30/17 Autumn
Of course the friend has a name. It's Kiernan. He's like me, kinda. Showing me the ropes 'n stuff. Maybe I can learn to control things without weed.
Not that I want to. It's just a nice option, not having the monkey on my back.
I'm surprised our idiot parents didn't not name one of us. name. Doesn't that seem like some dumb sh!t they'd pull? Fvck those guys. Hard. And not in the good way.
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
Damn shame. I guess I'll just empty the bottle then, lest it go to waste.
A friend from Azhi.
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
I'll be dragging a friend along for the ride.
Does Blaize or Sky have a grave marker? Maybe I'll pop by and drop a flower or bottle off.
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
There is some loose strings that I need to handle in London, so I suppose a trip is in order regardless of phantom-not-phantom men.
Plus, I think I can hear your plants crying from Sydney! It's just heartbreaking!
Summer 05/29/17 Autumn
Mulțumesc, soră!
Save travels back to the homeland. I was gonna head there myself, but that mysterious dude with messages from the grave stopped texting. Hmm, maybe I was just really fvkcin high and conjured up his existence entirely.
I'm gonna go contemplate that right now.
Summer 05/21/17 Autumn
Good news about Spring.
You stay safe as well. Have fun visiting the in-laws...I mean...Lucius' family! :D
PS If you could pick up a bottle of Țuică while you're there, that'd be fantastic. Believe it or not, it's hard to find.
Summer 05/15/17 She took a while before responding to her sister. The angel was indeed triggered. The invocation of her presumably deceased brother. What she perceived was a brush off. Isolation from her family-a trigger very deeply ingrained and tangled with a host of other issues. The conclusion that Blaize was in hell. All the feelings surrounding that- running the gamut from fear to familiarity.
Lastly, the meta notion of being triggered seemed to be a trigger. This man wanted to meet? She couldn't even read and respond to a text without her feathers getting ruffled. Literally. White wings stretched out, the pink tips brushing against furniture as she paced in her room. Space. She needed more space.
Walking into the main room at the Azhi compound, Summer paced more, treading a path around the room. This man wanted to bequeath an estate here in Australia. The nerve. She'd moved into Blaize's home before, thinking she'd be with her family. Au contraire, the halls empty and cold with all her family enthralled elsewhere. It had been, unbeknownst to Summer, the straw that sent her deep.
And now her brother sent a puppet to talk in his stead. Taking a deep toke, Summer sat back on an oversized chair. Feeling more herself, she replied.

Alright I'm feeling a little better. Nothin a little herb can't fix.
I am fairly certain his interest in talking to me has been rescinded after my last exchange. If I were to meet, my wings would be out. I'm not accustomed to having people see them. Isn't that funny? I take off my clothes for money, but won't let just anyone see that one part of me.
Sure. If Blaize can send a spokesperson, so can I, right? I only want words, something he never gave to me anyway. I have exchanged about three texts with this mystery man and it is nearly a longer convo than any I had with Blaize.
I do not accept the estate. Or any monetary inheritance. I'll send you my short list of charities for those.
I miss him too. And worry for him, especially if he is where I think he is.
I appreciate you, sissypants.
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
I already told him where I am. I'm presently on holiday in Santorini, trying to fvcking relax but there's too many god damned tourists and I these texts from this fvcking grifter....
I need to blow off some steam. So help me god, if a hot cabana boy walks by, I'm gonna play "fvck, marry, kill" on one single person.
I don't think I can meet this person face to face. I can't keep it together. My wings...and...I can't. I'm trying but I can't figure out how to control it. Aside from blessed drugs.
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
Sober. Yes. Again, still. Who fvckin knows.
If I were a good angel, I'd listen. Do unto others and all that horse sh!t.
You're the one he wants to talk to. That has been made abundantly clear..
Apparently there is an estate in Australia. Perhaps you can stay there and regale me with the story someday.
Summer 05/15/17 And just like that, her newfound buzz started to wear off as her wings threatened to make another appearance. Letting out a hiss of steam, Summer tapped out her reply.

I concur with all of what you say.
This supposed "inheritance"? Don't want it.
Information about Blaize? Blaize spoke approximately three sentences to me since I got back (NOT an exaggeration). And now he sends some sulphuric lackey to have a conversation?
Summer 05/15/17 Autumn
I got a text from some bellend talking about Blaize. Never got his name, didn't care to ask.
Just replied, actually. me worked up. Smoking now to settle myself.
Be careful with him.
Mackenzie 05/14/17 You'd think the Realm would realize that Mackenzie Brooks has a low bullsh-t tolerance, but no. Apparently not. There are still some who think the seasoned veteran of mayhem is someone to be trifled with, and it rather amuses her. The girl who chooses to test those boundaries this evening is far from slick, chubby fingers digging right into her pocket and wiggling as if she had all the room in the world.

What is with this millennial generation in the Realm? Tact has gone out the window, obviously. No care to perfect their skills, and it is both sad and unimpressive.

Nevertheless, Mackenzie sighs and allows the girl to think she's doing a great job, even going so far as to slow her pace as she walks. There is a small amount of cash in her pocket, and obviously this girl needs it more than her.

Poor thing.

A icy cold glance is tossed over her shoulder, blue eyes boring into the girl. She'd take the money, and Mackenzie would give her a tip.

"Next time, try to pick a less alert target."

Autumn Summers just stole $87.00 from you!
Summer 05/03/17
Summer 05/01/17 Hellcat
Well, that certainly isn't the news I was expecting.
Be careful. He's been nice to me, but I know that's just one aspect of him.
....Autumn....the Brothers are there. I saw them. I thought they were my punishment. Just...please stick to Lucius' side. Like glue.
Above all-fvcking come back to me. Don't stay down there. I don't care how great it is or if you don't find Blaize or if he doesn't want to return. Come back. I need you to promise.
I can't fvcking lose any more of you.
Summer 05/01/17 Summer stared at her phone and tried to remember if vampires could get pregnant. What else could Autumn be so hush-hush about? Trying to hold down excitement at being an auntie, she sent her reply.

Hot Mama
My lips are sealed. What's up?
Summer 04/29/17 Juggling her purse, two bouquets of flowers, a suitcase, a laptop carrier and a joint delicately grasped between two fingers, Summer was unable to fish her phone out of her purse. Had she known an obituary was needed for yet another of her fiery sister's devices, she'd not even considered it. Ringing the doorbell again, she lifted her chin up and yelled in a sing-song voice, loud enough to wake the dead,
"Elouise! Autumn!!! I'm here! Open the f-cking door, I'm freezing my god damned t!ts off out here!"
Summer 04/29/17 Autumn
Sissypants- I just landed (omg finally). I have a driver- now I just need the address. And any code or whatever to get in. Name on the list, whatever. I guess I could tell security I am there for Elouise's stripper lessons. They'd be like "oh yea, we've been expecting you".
Winter is being curious. Like, more so than normal. If you see him before I arrive, stall his ass. I need to see him.
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn
I don't care how cute a pilot or the flight attendant is, how much complimentary champagne they keep pushing on me, or how much leg room I have on this Dassault Falcon- transcontinental flights are a f-ckin drag. I think we're somewhere over Kazakhstan right now.

I'm just really looking forward to seeing you and Winter. Maybe Blaize's...disappearance? Death? Maybe it's hitting harder than I thought. Could be why I'm spending my time fantasizing putting one of my feathers into whoever shot Elouise's eye. God, that'd be glorious.
Ooo, they're bringing me fresh baked cookies. See ya soon!
Summer 04/28/17 A
Moscow is only 7 hours behind Sydney time. Trippy, yea?
I know Lucius has some business to tend to- making my vials!!! Or, you know, whatever you guys got going on. 😇
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn
Hmm. In Moscow? I suppose I could use some vodka and borscht. Not together though. That is disgusting.
I just texted a pilot I know. Don't ask. Or ask, I am an open book. Anyway. He says if I get my ass to the airport now, it's about an 18 hour flight. So...see you tomorrow?
I'll bring some "medicinals" for El. Wait, she's still pregs. Okay, more for me then.
Summer 04/28/17 Autumn daze
Mushrooms: I like to eat them and apparently I am one- I had not heard any pregnant women had been shot. Who the f-ck is gonna be on the business end of a roasting spit for f-cking with our girl?
Mushrooms, roasting spits...apparently I am hungry!
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
It definitely does hurt.
Hang in there, sweets. If you need anything, let me know.
I love you too.
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
I've heard from Winter. He's the last brother remaining.
I'm doing alright. As I told Winter, I guess maybe since I've been to the other side, I know it isn't that scary. I know maybe we'll see him again? Then again, I've never been the most balanced individual. So who knows.
I'm glad you're hanging in there. And I'm glad for Lucius. I know you and Blaize had a bond. I...have few words of comfort. Other than if we don't see him again, I'm sure he told lucifer to unseat the throne and to gtfo. But I remain hopeful. He's stronger than me, and I made it out. He can too.
Summer 04/25/17 Autumn
I heard the news. How are you holding up, baby sis?
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Summer 04/03/17 Sis
Iím back home. Annnddd it doesnít suck. Not at all.
Summer 03/13/17 Autumn
1. Of course I'll share some tips and tricks to dancing. And "dancing". Two different things. Both very useful!
2. You are glowing, girl! Love looks good on you. And this one? This one I approve of. For whatever that is worth. Not like I have a great track record in judging dudes. Which leads me to:
3. That bartender? Of course I hit that. He's like...packin' down low, if you catch my drift.
4. Here's Winter's poetic words: [message attached]
Summer 03/10/17 Her set had ended just as they did in London, Sydney, New York, or anywhere else. It ended with her fishing various pieces of undergarments and single bills off the stage in a graceful-yet-hurried manner. Beaming a wide grin at the generous Parisans sitting at the rack, Summer trotted to the bar, aiming on sitting her sparkling bare tush on a stool, ordering up a double of whatever it was they drank in volumes in France, and having a grand ole time.
Maxime, the heavily tattooed, willowy bartender gave her a slow grin as he poured a drink. He fished her cell phone from a shelf under the bar. "Incoming text from someone named 'Red Hot'. Figured it was worth a mention."
Giving him a demure smile, she took the phone, her eyes remaining on him. His English was excellent, even tinted with an accent from her home town. She didn't say anything further, simply sipping her drink as she read the text. Let him think whatever he wants about who 'Red Hot' was. He was just a bartender at the club she was being featured at for a month.
Things are never that simple.
Thumbs poised over her phone, she glanced up at him. "How do you say 'My beautiful sister' in French?"
Chuckling, he leaned close, whispering it in her ear. She studied the tattoo that crept across his skull, a filigree crown in lieu of hair.

ma ravissante súur
Welcome! I'd say that in French too, but it is loud in here and I don't want to keep yelling 'how do you say...?' like a god damned idiot. I just finished my last set. You can either pop by the club- I'm the nearly naked one at the bar flirting with Maxime. Woman: Everything you've heard about French dudes is true. Everything.
But you're off the market, so you don't care. MORE FOR ME.
See you soon, ma cocotte
Summer 03/07/17 Smart Sister
You bring up a valid scenario- we don't feature many male dancers (outside Of one specific night of the week- talk about YUM and also talk about "barking up the wrong tree" if you catch my drift. They aren't buying what I'm selling sadly. Hey, a girl can still look!!). Anywhoosies. Let's shove your beau up on stage. I'll sacrifice some single Euros, makin' it rain on him. Hahahah I've never met the poor lad- this sounds like a very good introduction.
Wait, have I met him? Sh-t, I can't even remember if Winter and I crashed Elouise's wedding. Maybe I should ease up on the good sh-t??
Summer 03/07/17 Autumn
Arrested for butt-touching?! If touching butts is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Put that on my headstone when I die.
Normally picture taking in the club is a no-no, but I'll try to have one of the other dancers sneak a few shots. It is something best experienced live and in the flesh. Ahem. Bring your new beau- perhaps I can even drag your cute ass on stage for amateur night?? Omg my little sis, following in my footsteps! It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. Although honestly, I peg Winter as more the 'dancing naked on stage for cash' type than you. Someone has to be classy in this family. It went all to you, Red Hot!
Pro tip- while in Italy, don't try to lick the statue of David. If you thought they frowned on butt-touching....
Summer 03/06/17 Lil Sis
I miss you too!
Sydney is awesome. It is warm, the vibe is relaxed yet energetic, and the people are lovely. I am currently in Paris, however. Doing a month long stint at Thť‚tre Chocotte. It's as amazing as it sounds, minus the French winter weather. How's you? How's London?
Summer 02/14/17 Autumn
A date!! That is exciting. In that case, I hope you have a wonderful time and that the person in question knows just how lucky they are to have you join them.
Summer 02/14/17 The Hottest Ginger
Happy V-day back at ya, hot stuff! I hope you have a fabulous day. I'll be working, shakin dat a$$ for the lonely single dudes, relieving them of their hard earned cash. It's a tough life, someone's gorta do it. 😘
PS I totally almost typed "the hottest finger". Funny how one letter can f-ckin change the whole tone!
Zarek 02/02/17 I will be sure to take you up on that.
Zarek 02/02/17 I do and I am grateful for it.
Zarek 02/02/17 Oh, just stray thoughts, or perhaps I simply enjoy hearing my presence has been missed.
Zarek 02/02/17 I am not sure if that reaction is pleasantly surprised or not.
Summer 02/01/17 Autumn
The shoes are for you, babe. You can find them in the post soon enough. I've sent them to your flat in London. Maybe you can have someone fetch them if you're not in town.
I've found a couple clubs in Sydney- trying them out for a bit before I settle- Dollhouse, Minx, and Porky's are in the main rotation. They have body sushi at Dollhouse and reserved events only a few nights a week at Minx. That means more shoes for mama.
I'll be sure to let the bouncers know that not only will they NOT get tipped out, but a vicious petite red head will be on their ass if they slip up.
Love you! xxxooo
Summer 02/01/17 Autumn
I was shopping for some new work shoes and came across these. For some inexplicable reason, I thought of you! I don't think they'd fetch me a lot of tips, but...some days they just need to be worn, ya know?

Summer 01/24/17 Autumn
I didn't sneak out. I just didn't live with a bunch of people so nobody noticed. That and...everyone seemed a bit preoccupied.
Australia does seem to suit me. It is Summer here (hehe) so I can wander around in shorts and tank tops all the time! When these sunny days get old, I'll come to London. In truth, I had eyeballed a nice long visit to the coast of Mexico, but changed my mind.
Summer 01/23/17 Gorgeous
I'm chillin' in Syndey for a bit. The beaches are fabulous and there is eye candy galore. Here's me taking a picture of one while he takes a picture of me. If you're looking to be on the opposite side of the globe from London for any reason, I have a place for you to crash.

Summer 01/12/17 Hearing her phone buzz, Summer sat up on the couch, shoving bags of crisps and Cheetohs out of her way in search of it. It gave a second reminder buzz a few moments later. "F-ck!" She squealed in frustration, finally fishing her phone out of a now-empty ice cream container. Pinching it between two fingers, she wiped it off on her yoga pants. Clamping a short roach between her lips, she sent a reply.

Dude...I know of what you speak. I only know what day it is when Carl comes a-knockin' to pick me up and take me to work.
It was really great seeing you the other night. We need to do it more often. No need to wait for some bullsh-t reasons.
Summer 01/09/17 Autumn
Here's something I don't miss from the old days: Hangovers.

Christ on rye, I feel f-cking fantastic. Fresh as a god damned daisy, despite tying one on as hard as we did.
Summer 01/07/17 Despite her livelihood, Summer's current existence consisted mainly of going to work, then either having Carl drive her home or taking the tube to her gritty neighborhood. Maybe a stop at a chip shop, probably a stop at a grocery for necessities, then she'd hunker down at home watching some programs and avoiding the world. The peace and quiet was nice, but a little unnerving. She missed her family.

Forcing the corners of her lips up into a smile, she grabbed a hunk of her hair and dangled it over Autumn. Remnants of glitter may or may not rain down on her sister. Laughing, she commented, "You're pretty enough without the glitter."

Watching her sister finish off her last shots, Summer calls to the bartender. "Oi, Mary! Bottle of Penderyn's. To go." She cackles. "Put it on my tab, I'll settle up next week." Tucking the slim bottle of single malt in the crook of her arm, she caught up to her sister. Looping her free arm through Autumn's, the pair sauntered out onto the busy London streets. She waved the bottle at Autumn. "Something to get us from point A to point B."
Summer 01/07/17 Grinning a bit madly, it sure was being out with her sis. It had been far too long. Why? Eh, life. Stupid sh-t. The usual. When you've got forever, priorities shift. Urgency wanes. Nodding her head enthusiastically, her blonde mane swished in the light. Fragments of multicolored glitter glinted in the light. "I'm never danced out. Besides, this dancing is different. I'll eventually need something stronger than whiskey." Her voice was mild, knocking back another shot. Her family knew of her proclivities and made no bones about them, bless their hearts. They knew what she was running from, what she covered up.
Summer 01/07/17 Her younger sister was especially diminutive next to her while still in her work shoes. "Work shoes"=stripper heels, natch. Staring a bit openly at Autumn's doll face for a few blinks, she then clamped her lips shut and nodded. There were things in this world in which to push. Autumn Summers was not one of them. Besides, she'd never been a fan of her sisters beau- an odd grudge since she'd never actually met the guy. There was more to that, but nothing worth thinking about now.

Waving her hand dismissively as she knocked a shot back, she said with some indifference, "Eh, I'm not too sure stumbling drunk into a cathedral after a hot chick only to end up married is worthy of celebration. Being single definitely is, but..." She tossed another one back, not even bringing the shot glass to her lips, instead just tilting her head back and pouring the liquid down. "We can also just clear our minds entirely." Her grin was a bit wolfish, feral.
Summer 01/07/17 Set finished, money collected, peripheral coworkers tipped out accordingly, Summer made her way to the dressing room. Since she was hitting the town with one of her sisters, she decided to just shimmy on some skin tight black pants and not bother with a top. Instead, she slipped on a very fluffy purple faux fur jacket over her neon yellow mesh bra. Yea it was winter. Cold didn't bother her. As such, she could dress completely inappropriately no matter the season. Touching up her eyeliner and smearing on more lipstick, the blond didn't waist any more time.

That red hair could be spotted from a kilometer away. Grinning, she sauntered up, pleased to see her younger sibling had gotten started while waiting. Having not spent much time with her lately, Summer didn't notice the absent necklace, so she didn't comment on it.

"Babe! You look fantastic, as always. What's the occasion? Do we need an occasion?" Summer laughed as she went to embrace Autumn. She beckoned the bartender for another round of shots.
Summer 01/07/17 Figuring she had glitter in her eye, Summer stared at her phone blinking. Empty, eh? Huh. Probably Beige was out on business or some sh-t. ***** Better Have My Money blared on the speakers throughout The Windmill. " ****." Summer muttered. Fingers flying, she quickly texted in response before heading on stage for her last set.

I read that and figured I was high, but then realized I only dance sober. So ahhh, yea. We'll talk once you get here. Or not, talking's for p-ssies anyway. I've seen enough of that all day, knowwhatImean?
I'll tell Carl (the bouncer) to let you in. Meet ya at the bar, then we bounce and f-ck some sh-t up, like the good ole days.
Summer 01/07/17 Autumn
I'm working for another hour. You wanna meet me here, then we can hit the pub down the street? It's low key. I could use some ale. And chips. Mmmm damn, I'm hungry. Actually, I'm gonna cut out after my next set. Twist my arm.
What's up? Usually your dance card is full on a Saturday night!
Summer 01/05/17 Autumn
Thanks. I'm mellowing, thanks to a very nice batch of Purple Haze. I'm happy. I'm always happy. Except when my nearest and know what, never mind. Water under the bridge.
I saw Twig. Lurking near work, if you can believe it. Hope he doesn't come in while I'm on stage. #awkward #betterbringcash I don't think he saw me. I was rolling as Super Stealth Summer.
....he can't hurt me. Not like he thinks he can. Not after my...ummm "change". Stay safe sugar.
Summer 01/04/17 Autumn
They do when one half of the pair is a dumbass like me.
Clearly you are mad as well. I have a pill for that. Gonna go take it now.
Summer 01/04/17 Autumn
Winter is freaking out, so I figured I'd send a text to you to cover my ass. Yes, I stumbled into the cathedral and got hitched. I'm clearly being pranked, as I've never even talked to the chick, she's really pretty and was probably like- look at this b-tch, high as f-ck, let's see what happens. Well jokes on her, as now she's part of this family! An honor, yes, but one not many can handle. I didn't "invite" anyone for the same reason I don't invite people to watch me buy a pack of smokes. It just happened.
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn
I love the overprotectiveness.
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn

I think you answered your own question. Some dude who fancied a shag. Nothin' I can't handle. Retract those fangs, Red Hot, I can see 'em from here.

Why the f-ck are you sober?
Summer 12/20/16 Autumn

Huh? You gettin' in my edibles again? I swear to f-cking christ between you and Winter, I'm gonna be left stone cold sober. JK no chance of that ever happening. Seriously though, wtf you on about?

Checks the mail, fishing out this weeks tabloids. A tiny, dim bell goes off in Summer's brain. She picks up the phone and resumes her text. Ah, I see what it is. I haven't read that rag yet, but maybe I'll just skip it next time I'm dropping the kids off at the pool and use it for some rolling paper. I suppose your reaction is dependent on who submitted the 'hot tip'.

PS This is what I looked like when I read your text.

Summer 12/19/16 Autumn Oh, haha. Sorry for the long text. It's this strain called 'Galactic Jack'. It makes me very chatty.
You do you, babe. I love you no matter what, so...just as long as you're happy. I'm glad your bloke is good. You deserve nothing less.

I'm serious about the Russian lady scarves. Need. Christmas is coming and I'VE BEEN SO GOOD.
Summer 12/16/16 Autumn

Of course Blaize and I are the only ones who think it is a good idea. Blaize is a smartypants and I am the only one who is no longer a vampire. Kinda that whole 'can't see the forest from the trees' thing? Well, I'm outta the trees babe, and have a really good view at that fanged, bloody forest that was forced upon us. F-ck that, and f-ck it.

Besides, what's the worst that can happen? You die. Okay. Sorry to be that person, but- been there, done that. So you go to hell. Make nice with the devil, I'll call in my favor I have with him, you return as a demon. Bing, bang, bong (hehe, 'bong'), all fixed! But if it is Jameson who's searching for the cure, I bet you've got it. He picked a good wife, so he can't be a total mook, right?

Spring will come around, she just has to be angry. If Winter has his panties in a wad, I haven't a clue why. And as for your man? If he has an ounce of smartness, he'll know how good he's got it with you and not be a total dumbsh-t. He'll come around too. If not, you've got your rocks: Us.

Love you babe. Take care out there. And bring home some of those multicolored scarves all the old Russian ladies wear, please.
Summer 12/13/16 Getting on the tube to Brixton, Summer snapped her gum and tugged her fuzzy knit cap down on her head. Golden hair spilled out down her parka. The winter gear was for show. Running around in a tank top and shorts in the dead of an English winter would certainly cause eyebrows to raise. Not that she was opposed to raising eyebrows. She just preferred that attention while on stage and when people had their wallets out. A thread of excitement raced through her body. She was on her way to sign the lease and get the keys to her new flat in Brixton. Finally- finally sheíd truly be on her own. Not beholden to anyone, not in someone elseís home, seeking permission to paint her bedroom walls or go into certain rooms. Hers. Where she controlled the locks and wasnít held as a Nazi vampire patriarchís fetish pet.
Swallowing thickly, her peripheral vision took in the people surrounding her. It was an old habit from her vampire days, always on the prowl for her next catch. Two chavís sat with their legs ridiculously spread wide Ėlike they really needed that much space- talking about the football match from the day prior. They then went on to talk about chicks theyíd bagged, then onto the latest gossip. Giving her gum a loud snap, she watched the underground walls flash by.
ďEy! You hear Ďbout that hot chick in the rags, sheís goan to some quack doc to not be a vamp no more. That ginger one. So fookiní hot.Ē
ďOi! No such thing as that. The only way to do that is a stake right to tha heart!Ē
ďNo, serious. Some fookiní doctor goan fix Ďer right up. Too bad, that. I got somethiní for her to suck.Ē

The chavs laughed ribaldly, moving their intellectual discussion onto something else. But Summerís attention had been piqued. Hot ginger vampire chick in the rags. Math was never her best subject, but she could put two and two together. At her stop, Summer ducked out, holding the collar of her parka up against her face. Again, she wasnít blocking the wind. She was hiding her expression from the throngs of people on the streets. Why was she learning her sister was seeking treatment to cure vampirism from some d-ckweed chavs on the tube? Same reason she learned about her family from those very rags the chavs talked about.
Early for her meeting with the landlord, Summer took a seat at the cafť and ordered a cuppa. She pulled out her phone, her face an emotionless mask.

To: Autumn

Hey baby sis. I heard on the streets you were trying to shake the vampirism . Not sure where you are or how that's gonna work but, I think it's a good choice. I've never want to go back to that. Every time I fed, I felt like I was still in that house...Not that life as a f-cking angel is perfect. At least they didnít make me this way.
Anyway. say hello to your new man! I bet he's happy you are making this change and fully cutting the ties to your abusers.
xxx ~Sum
Summer 12/06/16 To: Red Hot
Sorry for my late reply. My dealer arrived and he had some new sh-t, and, well...anyway. That's an 'in-person' story.
Of course I'm happy for you. Is there a reason I shouldn't be? Why are those silly brothers giving you a hard time? They love you bunches, just like I do. Blaize is probably just being protective and Winter probably just wanted a reason to b-tch someone out while naked.
That actually sounds like a good idea. BRB
Summer 12/05/16 To: Autumn
All is forgiven, cuteness. It looks like you have QUITE the reason to have been distracted! ;D
I'm happy for you, Sweet Chilli! You deserve it.
I saw JFC on the streets, does that count? I probably made a fool of myself, but what's new. I seem to do better with men when they are sitting at the stage, yaknow? :D I'll leave successful dating to you.
Seriously, are you the only one of us that can maintain a relationship? Gold star to you for that one! Teach lessons. Please.
Summer 12/05/16 Text to: Autumn?

Couple things:
Do I have your number in here right? Sh-t, I dunno. If this isn't Autumn- whattup, randos!
My goddamned redheaded f-cking siblings never f-cking text me the f-ck back.....
Sh-t dude, sorry about that. My pipe's empty, my dealer is late getting here, and the benzos clearly haven't kicked in. Sounded like Spring for a second, haha.
I have a bone to pick with you missy. I have to learn from a magazine that my baby sister is a)seeing someone and b)GETTING MARRIED?!?!!?! When do I get to meet this man of mystery?
Anyway. Text me back sometime or I'm wearing white to your f-cking wedding, you gorgeous b-tch! (Don't think I won't. I'm bringing Jesus as my date. Did you read that part? Aww sh-t! DOUBLE WEDDING.)
Summer 11/21/16 Sheíd heard through the tiny grapevine that was her family that her sisters had a blow out fight. Summer flopped onto her bed, shoving pillows out of the way, staring at the ceiling. Fairly sober, she licked her lips out of nervousness and put her hand on her belly. Discord among the very few she actually loved in this world made her feel physically ill. She didnít know what the fight was about and she didnít need to. That was between them. Despite that, Summer felt like she needed to reach out to the two bullheaded women, knowing that they were very likely isolating themselves. With a sigh, she chuckled as she glanced at her tall, antique apothecary chest. Each tiny drawer contained a different means of escape and isolation for the woman. They all had different ways of quieting the storm.

Rolling over, she grabbed her phone and sent out a text to each, just needing to send out that tether to her baby sisters.

Autumn, my sweet little red-hot- I want you to know I love you no matter what. Iím back in London, brought you back a cat head pipe in celebration of your new kitten. While youíre in New York, will you have a black and white cookie for me? Also maybe a cronut. I hear those are super yummy. Xoxo- S
Summer 11/15/16 Squinting at the yell, Summer let out a long exhale. A great plume of smoke followed, surrounding the blond and creating a near accurate depiction of her aura. Coughing a few times, she peered at her sister and remarked, "I didn't know you knew I was dead?" Was she talking in circles? It sounded like it but also made sense in her mind. With another puff-cough, she added wryly, "Death didn't know what to do with me. So...I'm baaaaack!"

Watching Autumn's reaction, Summer marveled at the differences and similarities between her sisters. Spring's prickles could be seen from a mile away. Meanwhile Autumn was a bit more like a porcupine- seemingly soft until you approach or touch her. Then: stabby stabby. Seeing Autumn's cherubic face sadden sobered Summer a little bit. Hugging her tightly, Summer felt a pang of guilt. To have caused her family worry and anguish, it was distressing. Glancing back at the smoldering Pabst can laying on its side, she knew she'd be chasing those feelings away shortly. Summer's smokey brown eyes met Autumn's greens. Smiling sweetly, she touched her sisters pretty face and said, "I'm so sorry you worried and am sorry I didn't come around sooner. I really didn't think anyone knew I was gone." Scrunching up her face, she asked, "I wasn't gone that long, was I? Time is so weird."
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