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Not goodbye. Just see you soon.
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Julliet Swan

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Contests2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2016~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Julliet Swan 02/16/18 Julliet let a few of her fingers trail loosely through her blonde locks, separating some of the bunched waves from one another. “Even those graced with light are often bathed in darkness.” She said simply, her words almost carrying through the air like a cloud. Another sip. It was then that her eyes carried up to Lloyd’s face, which she was almost unaware of before that he’d been gazing at her. In that moment, his rigid features curled up into a smile. Julliet couldn’t help but feel her own plump lips curl upward at the sight. It was quite a refreshing sight to see.

Truthfully, the angel didn’t care much for other people either. Perhaps that much the two had in common. Well, that and their unconditional love for his wife. Julliet could nearly feel the humanistic beat of a heart in her chest as Lloyd thanked her. She hadn’t felt this touched in a long while. She tried her best to mask these feelings dwelling inside her, as to maintain her sophisticated outward composure, as she normally did. Just as quickly as these warm feelings washed over her, they began to fall away.

She had no problem speaking of other people’s children usually, but when prodded about her own circumstance, Julliet had an Achilles heel. She felt as if a dagger had dug into her side and twisted its way about her rib cage. Another feeling she hadn’t experienced in a long while. This conversation had already tossed and turned between two extremes in an immaculately short period.

“I understand that very well.” She admitted, her eyes falling to her lap where she held her glass with both hands. “But I can tell you this…” She began, her nails tapping quietly against her beverage. “There’s always a chance they come out pure.”
Julliet Swan 02/16/18 Julliet’s eyes gleamed with hidden excitement as Lloyd passed a glass to her. Macallan. Sounded fine to her. “I’ll have what you’re having.” She replied with a light shrug of her petite shoulders. Once he’d poured himself a helping, Julliet did the same, nearly bouncing with delight. The angel followed him to their sitting grounds, where she plopped herself into the other empty chair, careful not to spill her drink… yet, anyway.

“There’s no such thing as stealing when sharing is in effect.” She assured, though she would only inwardly admit that wasn’t entirely truthful. But then she pictured herself kidnapping his and Caitlyn’s children and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle under her breath. Maybe there was more truth to her statement than she had originally thought. “Well, if you’re ever overwhelmed with the three, you know Caitlyn has me on speed dial.” Julliet licked her lips before she sipped on her drink. It wasn’t disgustingly warm in temperature, but had a pleasant chill to it from sitting in its cool, destitute room.

Then the questioning started. He might as well get it in now before her memory started to cloud from the alcohol. Julliet crossed her legs slowly, a delicate hand smoothing down the length of her black pencil skirt as she did so. She wasn’t even drunk yet and she still couldn’t answer the question. “To be perfectly honest, I’ve known Caitlyn so long, I can’t even remember how long it’s been.” She took another slow sip of her drink, her taste buds becoming enveloped in a pool of whisky. “But if I can remember correctly, I don’t recall having much of a choice either. Once orange juice was shared, that was a wrap.”
Julliet Swan 02/02/18 Julliet headed off in his suggested direction, where she walked beside him toward the unknown destination. Their sanctuary covered more land than she would normally stroll around, but she welcomed further exploration. It was their home, after all. Rather unaware about the existence of the room they had just entered, Julliet glanced behind her shoulder, a lock of golden curls twisting about her with the turn of her neck.

With little filtering going through her mind before the words left her lips, Julliet remarked, "I guess the husband of the boss gets unrestricted access to the gems of this place, hm?" Unable to truly contain herself, not that she tried too desperately, Julliet's fingertips softly ran across the labels of the bottles all lined up neatly beside one another.

"I know exactly how you feel. Drinking alone in the bedroom is starting to get old."

Julliet crouched down to better read some of the labels of the alcoholic beverages. Despite her rather overwhelming knowledge of various liquors, she found herself unfamiliar with some. "Are we going to pop open something real nice?"
Julliet Swan 02/02/18 The angel narrowed her eyes some at the perplexing offer. Go out for a drink... with Lloyd? That would be a first. Julliet pursed her pale pink lips in a moment of deliberation before her piercing blue eyes would flicker up at him.

"Yeah, I could go for a drink."
Julliet Swan 01/16/18 *sneaks in*
*steals babies*
*leaves swiftly and undetectably*
Julliet Swan 12/08/17 Indoctrinate into my culture? You make me sound like a cult leader.
And frankly, I see nothing wrong with teaching your children how to act like angels.
And, oh! I've always wanted a boy! The answer is yes, I will keep him.
Julliet Swan 12/07/17 *shifty eyes*
Should I be offended that you're accusing me of such a thing with no physical proof?
*returns the sniffing action*
I sense there will be more babies for me to steal in the near future.
Sofia Johanneson 12/06/17 Fia accepts the extended hand with a small smile and a incline of her head. "I am sure you are more than "just" Caitlyn's husband. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Darrow."

She knew it would take quite an extraordinary man to wed her strong Leader and he seemed quite up to the task.

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