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Born: May 30, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Nyx_Photine's Biography
Nyx is a Hedge witch practicing in the Cornish tradition. She dabbles in tea magic and fails spectacularly at spells. Exhibit A: Barking Gigi. To best describe the Cornish tradition, think 'spiritual' over 'spells'. Lucid dreaming, astral travel, and healing are a few practices included in this magic.
Age: ...
Height: 51
Married to her beloved Elessar on January 17, 2017 --------
Always open to RP. Send a starter, because I'm sh-t at that!

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Sarah Noire

Last five threads posted in:
Elessar 09/23/18 "It has been a while since we spoke, baby." Elessar replies as he hugs his beloved wife.
Elessar 09/22/18 Hugging his darling wife into his arms, Elessar replies with a kiss and says quietly, "Hey, beautiful."
WildKat 09/16/18 Congrats on PotD!
WildKat 07/27/18 Kat beamed. A smile danced along her facial features. "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I'm so incredibly excited and still can't believe it actually happened! Thank You so much Nyx"
Elessar 07/10/18 "as long as you are happy, I will do my best to keep you there, my love." Elessar says with a smile as he kisses her warmly on the forehead.
Elessar 07/09/18 "That's a good thing, right?" Elessar replies with a warm smile before he wraps her up into his arms.
Elessar 07/07/18 Breaking kiss, Elessar says, "I missed you, baby."
WildKat 07/07/18 Congrats on PotD!!
Elessar 07/05/18 "I am happy to see you too, baby." Elessar replies with a smile as he kisses Nyx on the lips.
Elessar 07/05/18 Turning around in her arms, Elessar replies, "Hey, baby."
Elessar 06/13/18 Squeezing his love gently, Elessar replies "I love you."
Elessar 05/31/18 turning around and hugs Nyx tightly, Elessar kisses her on the lips after he says, "I love you."
Elessar 05/31/18 Welcome back, my love.
Shadwyn Drake 05/30/18 Welcome back!
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