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Death becomes her.
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Born: May 17, 2008 Forum Topics Started: 22
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 374
Affiliation: Death Mail Replies Sent: 19359
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 4425
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Want to die? I need to kill stuff.
Accepting Cavern Challenges.
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Dr Van Helsing's Party Favor
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I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I got fooled on April Fools Day
Official John Doe Fanclub Member
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 2 Year Anniversary
Black Masquerade Silver Mask ~ Best Guesser 2008
Black Masquerade Silver Rose ~ Participant 2008
Bloodletting Awards '09 Figurine - Best Vampire
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
Dracula scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
DemonClaus granted my Holiday Wishes on Bloodletting in 2011
Limited Edition DemonKnight Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
Best RP October 2012
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Santa put me on the Nice list just to piss me off!
Most Missed Crew 2012
Best RP January 2014
Winter Bloodies 2013 - Most Envied
Winter Bloodies 2013 - Best Role Play
Best RP June 2014
Elder Appreciation Award - Pinhead likes your story!
Elder Appreciation Award -Alfred likes your story!
Winter Bloodies 2014 ~ Most Missed Crew
Winter Bloodies 2014 ~ Best Bio
Best RP May 2015
Best RP August 2015
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
I wasn’t a Grinch for Christmas 2015
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Coven
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Overall Crew
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Most Missed Crew
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Vampire
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Overall Character
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Most Terrifying Character
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Writer
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best RPM: August
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Most Adored
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Couple
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Sexiest Woman
Savage Secret Santa - Christmas 2016
A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
2017 Summer Bloodies - Most Missed Crew
2017 Summer Bloodies - Best Writer
2017 Summer Bloodies - Best Roleplay
2017 Summer Bloodies - Most Envied
2017 Summer Bloodies - Saddest Moment
2017 Summer Bloodies - Best Couple
2017 Summer Bloodies - Realm Robin Hood
2017 Summer Bloodies - Most Eligible Bachelorette
Best RP May 2017
Best RP June 2017
Best RP July 2017
Best RP September 2017
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Realm Batman
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Best Overall Crew
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Envied
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Biggest Addict
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Biggest Kahuna
2018 Summer Bloodies - Best Vampire
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Terrifying Character
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Helpful
2018 Summer Bloodies - Saddest Moment
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Shipped Couple
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Dedicated Player
2018 Summer Bloodies - Realm Lush
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Eligible Bachelorette

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Spring Taylor

Katherine Murray
Doom Bringer

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Black Lord

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El Orlav

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Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Wee Irish
Even if the Redcoat is going...
I can be there as quick as a shadow.
If things go badly.Try to not burn anything down without me.
Derek is great.
And different as well.
Did we some how get lucky this time?
Because I plan to keep mine too.
Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Wee Irish
Like I could ever be mad at you.
In Cali for a bit with my Derek.
You, Jasp, and I need to catch up.
Drinks. Soon.
Time and place, I will be there.
PS. Redcoats still stink.
Katherine Murray 08/19/18 Wee Irish
I am terribly upset with you.
No calls, no letters, nothing.
Did not even tell me Jasper was back.
I miss you.
Jasp Thompson 08/19/18 Mack
Fine. She’s safe, then.

All you gotta do is say the word, though.
Jasp Thompson 08/19/18 Mack
...wait...there’s a chance he doesn’t like me?
Jasp Thompson 08/19/18 Mack
I mean, I could just do it...
But fine, we’ll try your way first.
Jasp Thompson 08/19/18 Mack
Bring him. He can be part of BF’s vacation.
Or we can kill her?
Jasp Thompson 08/19/18 Mack
Come with me. BF’s vacation. Your Redcoat will understand.
Besides, I need you to be my wingwoman.
Spring Taylor 08/19/18 My b*tch
A chipper near by? bloody... probably. My jew chav probably uses it to chip his f*cking memos.
Spring Taylor 08/18/18 My B*tch
I'd lock up your good sh*te I gave that other jew a key. Barbeque f*cking thai? That sounds blimey amazing. Let's go rip their throats open. Where the f*ck do we find thai?
Spring Taylor 08/18/18 My B*tch
His probably got f*cked the right off by a bloody closet door. Jasp the jew. What the f*ck, b!tch it even rhymes. I'm f*cking peckish. Let's go get food before I light your cheese d*ck b@stard on fire.
Spring Taylor 08/18/18 My *****
Why didn't you f*cking tell me you had a jew wanker of your own?
Victor Lockheed 08/18/18 Mick
The window wasn't the issue.

Devil woman. I hope it's red.
Atticus Hammond 08/18/18 Mr. Miyagi
Atticus Hammond 08/18/18 Mr. Miyagi
It's my special day.
I want a kite.
Jasp Thompson 08/18/18 An eyebrow and a smile are c0cked, and he tilts his head, watching her with deep curiosity. “Heels?” A click of his tongue initiates a shake of his head. “You really do it up in class, these days.”

Stooping, he pulls on his worn boots, not even bothering to change his clothes. Jasper isn’t inherently dirty; he just rocks the hobo chic look.

Satisfied, he opens the door and bows her out, that smirk ever present.
Jasp Thompson 08/18/18 Memory hadn’t served him through two separate deaths, so when she recounts what really went down, he shakes his head in disbelief. After all they’d been through, everything that happened, and the camaraderie that came with being a family...


Jasper collapses back on the couch, fuming. “More and more, I’m starting to see that.” It’s an absent-minded thought, as he leans his head back and let’s out a huff of annoyance.

Then, suddenly, a wicked grin splits his features.

“It means nothing. All we can do is wish her the best and move on. For now, let’s go hunt. I’m in the mood to kill something, for some reason.”
Jasp Thompson 08/18/18 Startled awake by the sudden summoning, he practically leaps out of his skin when she vaults over the coffee table. Fully coherent now, he stares down at her phone screen, a flurry of emotion clouding his gray gaze as he takes it all in. A new coven, an old face. But...

Not. A. Single. Mention.

“Loyalty remains dead in the Realm.” The words are dark as he hands back the device, meeting her fiery eyes with an irritation of his own. “Tell me what else.”
Jasp Thompson 08/17/18 -eyes widen-
-is a whole new kind of excited-
-sits back and waits-
-highly anticipatory-
Jasp Thompson 08/17/18 Riiiight.
-folds arms over chest-
-looks around ritzy place-
Yet something tells me, grand entrance needed or not, he’s not going to be thrilled...
-mirrors wicked grin-
-is not thrilled by that aspect-
Jasp Thompson 08/16/18 Oh, good! It’s about time we meet.
-arches brow-
-stern look-
You told him it was an accident?
Don’t you know it’s bad voodoo to start off a relationship with a lie?
Jasp Thompson 08/16/18 -clicks tongue-
-shakes head-
It’s like you don’t even know me.
As if that could possibly deflate my ego.
Victor Lockheed 08/16/18 Mick
I'm in the elevator.
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 -pauses-
-frowns and c0cks head-
...should we be?
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 -shakes ass at her-
Told. You.
And don’t tell me I don’t know how to clean myself.
You could eat a three course meal off these pristine cheeks.
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 -sharply inhales-
-practically throws her and her phone off him-
-twists and turns, attempting to check own ass-
If it is, it’s because your bloody Redcoat has poor taste in bath tissue.
Hasn’t he ever heard of f-ckin’ Charmin?
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 -rolls eyes-
I was being facetious.
-grins for the picture-
I’m hairless as a newborn babe.
-takes phone, starts poking around on this Snapchat-
How the f-ck should I know how it works, I was just born, remember?
-proceeds to snap pic of his ass and send to all her contacts-
Victor Lockheed 08/14/18 Mick
You just like making me sweat.
No, but. I wouldn't be mad.
Bad enough to text you back instead of playing with my food.
Victor Lockheed 08/14/18 Mick
Does this mean I have to resort to fisticuffs to retain your affection?
Oh, wait. Jasper, or Jasper?
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 -scoffs, smirks-
I can’t imagine it’s trust...
-is joking-
So I have to assume neglect.
Send him a picture of my hairy ass. That’ll get his attention.
-is totally serious-
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 -scrunches face as cheek is pinched-
Speaking of, when do I get to meet the object of your affection?
-is affronted-
Are you ashamed of me?
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 -blinks innocently-
Why, darling, just your love and support, of course. -wicked grin-
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 Good thing cash isn’t what I was looking for, darling Mackenzie.
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 It’s part of my allure.
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 You didn’t have to, my darling Mackenzie.
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 All due respect, you’re a bit pale. Red ****tail, all the way.
Aleister Carlyle 08/11/18 Aleister watched her as she pulled out her phone. It didn't take a rocket scientists to figure out what she was getting at. When his own phone began to ring it's familiar tone, an instrumental of Lithium by Nirvana, a brow arched in amusement. The phone was pulled from his pocket. he didn't bother looking at it.

"I can't answer it on the first call. Don't want to seem too excited now."

After a few rings, the phone went to voicemail. "Leave me a message. I'll get back to you as soon as I can."
Aleister Carlyle 08/07/18 "You do?" His tone mocked surprise at the woman's statement. "I was beginning to think you had forgotten all about little ole me. I am but only a phone call away, Red."

Gideon Abernathy 08/06/18 This friendship is proving extremely fruitful.
You were successful in stealing $24,700.00 from Mackenzie
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 See? Give and take.
That’s what fuels a friendship.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Condescending Wonka...
I like it.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Right, sorry. It’s the mentality, I can’t past it.
And that just further proves my point.
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 What then, sweet child, fuels friendship, if not the exchange of money and information?
Not drinking the kool-aid?
Gideon Abernathy 08/02/18 Aw, you shouldn’t have.
Our friendship is really starting to blossom.

You were successful in stealing a sh-tton from Mackenzie!
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 That makes two of us.
Maybe one day, I’ll see how mean that punch is.
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 Not hard to convince you to drink the kool-aid, huh?
Gideon Abernathy 08/01/18 Tsk, tsk.
That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, no?
Saito Eiji 08/01/18 Some tart named Quint or something.
Saito Eiji 07/31/18 You're like, the second whitest b!tch I know.
Spring Taylor 07/30/18 My b-tch
Oi. Learn how to f-cking eat.
Who the f-ck taught you? Cheesedong?
..I'm going on a ****ing massacre with all your clothes. Cheers.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Flips the lighter open, and ignites a single flame. His palm covers the cigarette in his well masterpiece of inked hand. He looks down towards the flame it always told stories maybe not maybe he just saw burn victims and death. Whatever he saw it amazed him took him for a ride like a evening high. The man was content, the evening had done him well. Night was peering in little light passed the streets this time. Shops would soon close and with it the nightlife would surround the calling city. Like mice in an empty abandoned home. Scurry quick little mice, the cat longing to play. The f*cks up buttercup. A voice is heard from around the corner in a dimmed lighted view of an alleyway. Daylight may have been breaking but even a blind one could see the man if he really peered into the darkness well enough.
Victor Lockheed 07/15/18 Victor hadn’t fed properly since the serial killings that had taken place uncomfortably close to his home, and now that they had effectively been stopped, he was throwing himself a little bit of a party. Party meaning he and Mackenzie had rented a suite under pseudonyms and ordered some ‘room service’.

When Mackenzie finally did find him in the master bathroom, he presented quite a scene. The Brit was occupying the large jacuzzi tub with three women (two of whom were freshly deceased) all as nude as the day they were born. The water had become entirely red with his violent ministrations, and he only tore himself away from the throat of the blonde who currently had his attention when he finally noticed Mackenzie had been calling him.

Blood sliding down his chin, he offered a macabre smirk. “There you are. Care to join me?”
Jameson Orlav 07/14/18 Matman
No it doesn’t. Don’t patronize me. I’m in Russia. Any requests while I’m around? A red headed virgin? Triplet babies?
Victor Lockheed 07/12/18 Mick
1.) Nice. Save some for me.
2.) I think people call that "God" or something.
3.) It'll get better if you come over.
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 ...I was born way before Tom. Creepy? No, my child creepy was the Earth barren before God gave it life. I don’t need to peep I only witness. I’m the first spirit.
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 -smirks-
"Ah, yes, ladies love the eyes. Even when they shoot lasers."
-gives a nod-
"I await our next interaction, Red."
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 ... I’m the beginning to them all. The first that saw everything God created. I’ve been watching you.
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 -seems unamused-
-mulls it over a moment-
"I suppose that will suffice."
-a business card appears in hand out of seemingly nowhere-
"Call, email, either works. I require details as to when, where and how I am to perform. Details, kinks, etcetera etcetera. The fireman tends to slay. As for payment, half before and, if you are satisfied, half after."
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 Spawn of Satan? Oh no, child. Lucifer was bore after me. I’m the first.
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "How much you willing to pay? I can tell you how close you are. I warn you now, I don't come cheap. There's real magic in these hips."
-does a hip sway to add emphasis-
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 It’s still botanically vegetation my child. Have a little faith.
Aleister Carlyle 07/10/18 "For the right price, maybe. It's been a while but I'm sure I still have some tricks up my sleeve."
G3N3S1S 07/10/18 .. You look the exact same my child. Except you aren’t standing in front of a potato contemplating which brother to kill first.
Victor Lockheed 07/07/18 Yes. It does.
That's why I like it so much.
Victor Lockheed 07/07/18 Didn't you tell me specifically not to do that?
Victor Lockheed 07/07/18 Do you actually want to be? If I recall correctly, the first time I brought it up you were saying no practically before I could finish my thought.
Or are you still playing games with me?
You know I don't like to lose, right?
Camille 07/03/18 New phone, who dis?
Atticus Hammond 06/24/18 Mr. Miyagi
I tried. She found me again.
Atticus Hammond 06/22/18 Mr. Miyagi
Today marks the 34th anniversary of the Karate Kid.
We should do something fun, like kill my wife and hide the body.
Or something.
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 She spoke. He watched. He sniffed the air.

“Do you… do you smell that? Smells like bullsh-t. Am I right?” He wafted the “scent” toward himself theatrically. “I think I’m right.”

Smirking breezily as he dropped the act, he stepped toward her and ducked, catching her lips with his in a brief kiss. “If you’re not ready to be married, that’s fine. I’m not going anywhere. When you are, I think we should honeymoon in Norway. I have reasons.”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 Mackenzie stepped away from him, and his arms lifted to cross over his chest. He watched her, a single skeptical brow raising as she fussed with her phone for a moment. As soon as she turned, he felt his own cellular vibrate in his pocket, and he narrowed his eyes at her before retrieving it.

Dark eyes moved swiftly over the “group” text before lifting to examine her expression. A slow smile overtook Victor’s face only a moment before a quick bout of full blown laughter filled the room. “You’re so full of sh-t. Even the thought of me going down on a knee almost sent you into hysterics, and you think I’m gonna believe a change of heart this quickly?”

No way. She was angling for something else, he was sure of it. He eyed her up with a shrewd gaze. “I think you don’t believe I really meant it when I asked you. You’re thinking I only asked as a bluff to satisfy you.” He chuckled darkly. “Denial is fine, but I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t mean it. You can’t scare me off.”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 The petite powerhouse melted into his touch, and it brought a satisfied tilt to his lips. It was intensely exciting to him that something could be so tiny and so dangerous. The woman could easily rip his head off without breaking a sweat. Maybe that’s why he enjoyed pressing her buttons so much. He just enjoyed courting death.

Likewise, she knew how to press his buttons, and she’d spent plenty of time figuring out just where they were. “Catholic? Sure. I might burst into flames when I set foot inside the church, but I think I can take the heat.”

He was almost certain that she was simply taking the piss, but he would have his fun regardless. Tilting his head, he brought his lips closer to her ear. “Mackenzie Lockheed. It has a little something to it, wouldn’t you say?”
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 Victor relinquished the zippo without a fight, nor did he protest when she lifted one of his cigarettes. They already operated on a ‘what’s mine is yours’ policy, for f-ck’s sake. Not to mention they argued like they’d been married for a few decades already.

“Have you seen how much I drink? I’m essentially a high functioning alcoholic.” She was playing coy just to tease him. He liked it. Moving in behind her smaller form, he drew her in against him with his hands upon her waist. Laying a precisely placed bite upon her neck – enough to leave a tiny mark – he murmured enticingly, “Think about it. I could be your emergency contact.”

She would easily be able to feel the teasing grin against her neck.
Victor Lockheed 06/16/18 “Well,” He began, twirling his zippo around between his fingers, “For one, you get half of my emotional baggage. For keeps.” He smirked at her, white smile stark against his olive skin. “I think there’s also something about legal and monetary ramifications if this Lockheed isn’t behaving himself, which some might find interesting.”

He didn’t really think she was considering it, but he was pretty sure the idea was titillating to her in some way. “Who is this friend we’re talking about? If it’s Spring, I need to be a little more drunk.”
Atticus Hammond 06/16/18 Mr. Miyagi
Atticus Hammond 06/15/18 Mr. Miyagi
Atticus Hammond 06/15/18 Wrong Number
[Voice Recording]
Okay, Google... Find me a divorce lawyer in my area.
Camille 06/11/18
Saito Eiji 05/25/18 Bruv you've got me at ten, so come at me again.
Katherine Murray 05/04/18 Wee Irish
Why do you do this to me?
The one from the Den that I was talking to.
He is magnificent, beautiful, stamina for days, a God. Truly.
You do not see me asking aboout your sex life.
Right now anyway.
SEE! These are the important questions.
Everything else is wild.
Hamsters officially scare me.
Katherine Murray 05/03/18 Wee Irish
Yes, I made a friend. He is pretty.
We need a bar shutdown to catch up.
Tiber is... yes, scruffy is the word.
At least for now.
Where do the wild hamsters live? The ones not in stores.
Katherine Murray 05/03/18 Wee Irish
Pretty sure that is NOT how that goes.
But you are NOT here, here.
and I made a friend.
And Tiber stole him.
I have no one to answer the important questions.
Also, I have an important question.
Katherine Murray 05/02/18 Wee Irish
Everyone keeps leaving me.
Do I smell?
Is it because I am Scottish?
Because I am blonde?
Spring Taylor 05/02/18 My b-tch
Mums the f-cking word.
Victor Lockheed 04/28/18 Mick
Like I said, my hair is naturally runway ready.
But really, I finger comb. I can't use a brush on these curls.
Why, is it missing?
Victor Lockheed 04/28/18 Mick
I don't know, I just don't ask questions at times like this.
Victor Lockheed 04/28/18 Mick
No, I wake up like this.
I think it was Spring.
Elis Griffyn 04/23/18 Maccabee
I care very little for Redcoats, so whether yours appreciates my intentions or not is of little concern to me. I'm currently staying in the Upper East Side for my sins. Meet me at 10pm in Central Park and I promise you you'll have a night far more to your liking than anything your Redcoat can offer.
Elis Griffyn 04/22/18 Maccabee
Filthy? Ms Brooks, you don't know the half of it. When are you next free for dinner so I may better acquaint you?
Jameson Orlav 04/21/18 McBat
Spring Taylor 04/21/18 My b-tch
F*ck you. I meant the f*cking Moscow stench. Is your nose f*cking broken?
Spring Taylor 04/21/18 My b-tch
GO PUT SOME SH*TTY F*CKING CURLS ON CHEESE D*CK. SHABOT SHAF*CKINGLOM. Oi. You mean to tell me there are more f*cking jews here? I thought they got blimey gassed.
Spring Taylor 04/21/18 My B-tch
I will c*nt kick your f*cking @rse to the potato fields. THAT'S MY F*CKING JEW.
Elis Griffyn 04/19/18 Maccabee
I can assure you that Elis never comes first.
Jameson Orlav 04/16/18 I had to pluck some girls eyes out for that cash.
Jameson Orlav 04/06/18 I’m not going to pretend like the ratio of Wolves and Soldiers to Vampires didn’t give me the willies.
Tanvir Buckley 04/06/18 Money transfer received
From: Tanvir Buckley
Reason: I never wanted your money
Jameson Orlav 04/06/18 Mmmmm... Something's different.
vamp_goku 04/05/18 "Hey Mackenzie congrats on POD! Hope all is going well and good for ya. If you need anything ex-leader please let me know. I never mind helping you out."
LillyEmperium 04/05/18 Congrats.... And congrats on Pod
John Preston 04/05/18 "Congratulations on POD! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true."
W_Kat 04/05/18 Congrats on PotD!
Tanvir Buckley 04/05/18 Mackenzie
So what, you just f*ck off back to the shadows? Just CC me into a f*cking email, send me some money and go? Wow. F*ck you too, Mackenzie. F*ck you. You're a f*cking joke, Mackenzie. You realise this, yes? A f*cking mess. "Everyone leaves me", well look who's done the same. Congratulations. Do you understand how f*cking hard it was to actually talk to you after everything? To get the f*cking nerve? I don't know why I f*cking bothered. You have people who f*cking stick by you and care about you to the bitter end, but it's obvious where your priorities lie. Where they always lie. It's you first and f*ck the rest of us. We're here when you need us and just as ****ing disposable when you don't. You didn't even ask, Mackenzie. You haven't even asked me one single f*cking question about how I am, yet you know. You f*cking know F*ck you. F*CK YOU.
Ronan Boru 04/05/18 Congrats on POTD Mac.
Tucker Reid 04/04/18 I'm afraid we don't have a website yet.
If you leave me your e-mail, I'll make sure to get you the link as soon as we're up and running!
Spring Taylor 04/04/18 My b-tch
F*ck if I know. In a blimey closet? Like a f*cking wanker.
Atticus Hammond 04/03/18 You were successful in stealing $57.00 from Mackenzie.

"You know... for the bus fare."
Tanvir Buckley 04/03/18 Cake pop
I dunno. But I eat children, so...
Spring Taylor 04/01/18 My b*tch
Oi. Depends. Are you going to fcking kill my jewcake maker?
Atticus Hammond 04/01/18 Mr. Miyagi
No, I had to make room for all of the Easter bunnies I collected.
Atticus Hammond 04/01/18 Mr. Miyagi
I think that warrants a Drumstick.
Atticus Hammond 04/01/18 Mr. Miyagi
Atticus Hammond 04/01/18 Mr. Miyagi
Do we still get to have play-dates?
And what about our special handshake?
Jameson Orlav 03/30/18 Matman
Nay. I've been knee deep in auburn hair and freckles since I got to Cork. These folks will do anything for a stout. Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'beer battered'.
Victor Lockheed 03/30/18 Mick
Yeah. Definitely mommy issues.
Victor Lockheed 03/30/18 Mick
So your Orlav lackey apparently has a taste for Irish women. Why are you keeping him breathing, again?
Katherine Murray 03/29/18 Katherine had waited days; truthfully, she didn't really know how to give comfort in any kind of way other than offering an ear had Mackenzie needed it. The only thing she could think of doing is quite out of the ordinary for her; she absconded with every libation provided by the Irish. Bless her poor Scottish soul.

Kat would also wait until all was quiet around Sonder to even stack the bottles in front of Kenzie's door, she would not be caught like this. But, she also knew it might be needed and the note she left would offer the ear.

You know how to find me if you need me.

xo, K
Spring Taylor 03/19/18 My b-tch
OI. Ye skivvy slores where be me green ale and coins?! Victor! Manslave take off ye fcking bloomers and get ye sizzling @rse over here. Hear ye, hear ye.Hide ye sistahs and their hoesbands if I see one I’m going to fcking kill them.
Dempsey Kasdeya 03/18/18 -shifty eyes-

Atticus Hammond 03/17/18 Can we go drink right now?
Katherine Murray 03/17/18 Wee Irish
The Blarney Stone, perhaps?
We should steal it...for research.
Camille 03/17/18 Still Macky
Now that you mention it, you are looking a little green.
Tanvir Buckley 03/17/18 Jesus, what's wrong with you? You've changed, Mac. It breaks my heart.
Tanvir Buckley 03/17/18 So you're drunk then?
Gyldi 03/17/18 Walking a different plane than most of the living afforded one with the ability to see life essences. As the foot of this stranger came down on Gyldi’s tail and effectively through it, she wondered at her lack of aura entirely. Curiouser still was the fact that the “contact” - for lack of a better term - didn’t bring the usual warmth that came with passing through the living. Instead, it was icy, like the feeling she usually exchanged for their warmth.

As she would turn to go, the beasty would bound after, catching up until she cast her body through Mackenzie entirely. Just as expected, she was met with that curious ice, and she wondered if the woman felt the same. Turning her head until she looked over her shoulder, she cast Eiji a questioning look, hoping it would explain.
Katherine Murray 03/13/18 You were successful in stealing $11,234.00 from Mackenzie.

*blinks* Hi, honey, I made it home finally. Miss me?

Saito Eiji 03/11/18 That's a funny way of asking for some devil's lettuce.
Saito Eiji 03/11/18 So like, what do you even do?
Jameson Orlav 03/09/18 Batmin
Name? Location?
Spring Taylor 02/27/18 My b*tch
Being a Jew makes my face flawless.
Victor Lockheed 02/24/18 You mean that bus of frat boys wasn't enough?
Tucker Reid 02/23/18 To:
From: Tucker Reid [see more]
Subject: Re: Memorial Service

I'm happy to send you some information about our Dead Stay Dead packages. They range from minimal to full formal, and all of them involve a finality guarantee. I've attached my contact information along with the informational pamphlets. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Best Regards,
Tucker Reid {attachment: one}
Victor Lockheed 02/19/18 Mick
So we're going together, then.
Victor Lockheed 02/19/18 Mick
I'll f*cking kill him.
Spring Taylor 02/18/18 My b-tch
Of course Cheesed-ck can come. Maybe we can play that daft f-cking game again. F-cking wankers always picking truth.
Spring Taylor 02/17/18 My b-tch
I got my f-cking jew cake. You're the fcking sh*tty one. Want to go bloody massacre a blimey pub? I'm peckish.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/12/18 Boss Lady
The fridge broke.
Katherine Murray 02/06/18 MacManus

I texted the bearded one.
I think he can help a little more.
Met Atticus. He still owes me a balloon animal.
What is this about Santa?
Katherine Murray 02/06/18 MacManus

You are enjoying this, I think.
You cannot see it, but I am scowling at you through text.
You need more tutus in your life.
Katherine Murray 02/06/18 Useless Irish
Fine, child.
Can you at least point me toward an adult then?
Dempsey Kasdeya 02/05/18 Mackenzie
Should've stabbed her till her head fell off.
I'll gladly let her sweat.
My lips are sealed
Dempsey Kasdeya 02/05/18 Mackenzie

Someone was looking for you.
Red hair.
Thigh tattoo.
I don’t like her.
She touched me.
I don’t like being touched.
I suggest we dispose of her.

Dempsey’s finger hovered over the send button for a moment as she recalled her meeting with the red headed woman looking for Mackenzie. She had demanded information on the woman and called herself a friend. Dempsey wasn’t aware of Tanvir’s affiliation but Dempsey hadn’t trusted herself to give information away about her leader. The curly haired woman refused to be the middle man, if Tanvir was a friend of Mackenzies and had business with her then so be it, she wasn’t going to be someone’s pawn. Dempsey read over the message for the fifth time before hitting send. She needed another shower to wash away the memories of Red’s hand on her arm.

Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
Yeah, a homicidal brat.
Well, there's a couple of king beds.
Jacuzzi tub.
Room service.
View of the park.
A do not disturb sign.
Katherine Murray 02/03/18 Wee Irish

I need an adult.
Sort of urgent.
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
Have you met Spring? If I don't find her a Jew, I don't know what could happen.
I'm getting a suite at the Four Seasons tonight.
I'll make it worth your while.
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
I don't expect less from you.
Well, I ended up in Manhattan. I'm looking for a Jew for Spring.
Saito Eiji 02/03/18
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
That's different, I made that rule.
And no.
Where the f*ck are you, anyway?
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
Oh, sweet Christ. By Den, you mean that other rustic cabin in the woods?
Where Vampires can't feed?
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
Good to know. I'll compel us up a discreet housekeeper.
Also, very over this whole rustic cabin thing.
I may need to rent out a penthouse in Manhattan if we don't leave NY soon.
Victor Lockheed 02/03/18 Mick
Would you be upset if I brought dinner to the cabin?
Also, where are your cleaning supplies?
Unrelated questions.
Bree Ravencroft 02/03/18 Stops dead in tracks
Tanvir Buckley 02/02/18 My Totino
Flirt? I haven't the foggiest what you're referring to.

My Totino
Now do yourself up pretty and meet me in the city.

My Totino
I'm a poet and I didn't know it.

My Totino
'cept I DO know it because I'm fcking incredible and that's why you married me. Had nothing to do with the copious amount of alcohol and sadism in our systems. CHOP CHOP.
Tanvir Buckley 02/02/18 My Totino
In the city. Starving. Trying to decide what I want to eat. You fancy sharing? I can't remember the last time you took me out on a diner date. A girl could take offence, y'know.
Tanvir Buckley 02/02/18 My Totino
What are your current eating habits?
Victor Lockheed 01/28/18 “Fine, as you asked nicely.”

Victor Lockheed 01/28/18 Mackenzie just stole $842.00 from you!

Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Jon Snow
CAPTAIN KIRK IS STAR TREK! OMFG as if I consider you a friend, a lover and a muse.

Jon Snow
...but yes, please proceed. I will always follow you into long as it's from behind.

Jon Snow
Because of the sight of your :peach_emoji:, not because I'm a coward.
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Bae
We definitely need to talk.

Which one is the Captain? And how shall we proceed? And then can we go and get 'food' because I'm fcking starving and I'm pretty sure the Does have a 'Do not eat the punters' rule going on.
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 New phone, who dis?

New phone, who dis?
I'm so confused.

New phone, who dis?
I might just tip this new shot over and set fire to the bar. See what happens.

New phone, who dis?
But seriously, what the actual fck, Mack. How are you running a Sanctuary?
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 sʞooɹq ǝızuǝʞɔɐW
Do you know none of them at all? Why the hell are you here anyway?

sʞooɹq ǝızuǝʞɔɐW
Wait, no, that can wait.

sʞooɹq ǝızuǝʞɔɐW
The blonde is driving me fcking insane just by looks alone. What is she? A cheerleader? Seriously, I think that face would look a lot better with a broken nose, preferably via contact with the bar. But there's definitely something going on between her and...don't you think that guy looks like the guy out of Star Wars? I've literally only seen one movie in the last god-only-knows how many years and he looks like the guy out of it. What's his name? The one with the attitude and the beeping ball? But anyway. Any of them. Actually any of them. Because obviously the lay low, start again refresh of Tanvir Buckley I was planning on is not going to happen now you're here IN A WEREWOLF BAR WTAF?!
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Return of the Mack
I'm listening...
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Maccy B
Just don't stab m...

She shook her head, deleting the message to start again.

Maccy B
Oh, I've no doubt. I'm all yours. Like, actually, seriously. I know no one!
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Smackwater Mack
Where's the fun in that?
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 She lows the phone, looks across the bar and shakes her head, smirking.

You know what happened last time we got drunk.
Tanvir Buckley 01/28/18 Crapkenzie
We need to catch up, don't you think?
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
I can accept that.
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
True. If you think about it, it's more like grave robbing.
I'm not sure that's better.
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
No, I'm just coming to terms with the new level of evil I've descended to. I'm good.
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
So you ARE a minor!
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
Don't tell me you're a minor.
Victor Lockheed 01/27/18 Mick
Somewhere around 28, I think. F-cking ancient by standards back then, really.
When you say 'a friend', you mean you, right?
Saito Eiji 01/24/18 Member fees are due every third Friday of every other month, excluding March, because March sounds too much like doing things.
Jack Horton 01/23/18 Mortals can melt into the crowd, lose themselves, keep their distance. But for the likes of him, of them, well, could they ever be that lucky? For how long can you hide with an eternity ahead of you? When you’ve used up every dark corner and have nowhere else to go?

When Jack had left, when he’d finally gone and closed the door of the cabin behind him, he knew her goodbye would be the last. Too many broken moments. Too much pain. Whatever state she was now in, all this time later, he had every faith that the emotional scars still lingered from all he’d put her through. But did that mean she didn’t still care? As he’d sat there every night, thinking of her. As he’d time and time again been told to ’give it a fcking rest already!’ by Tanvir as he’d once again found means to bring Mackenzie Brooks into conversation. They’d been something else, he’d tell her. Nothing quite like them had ever existed, and it never would again.

But now his journey was over, his fight for a freedom from the very thing that had clouded their relationship. Was he ‘fixed’? No. But he was in control. That wickedness, the evil that lived within him, he’d found the balance. He was Jack Horton and the monster, perfectly knotted together.

But it was too late now. He knew better. And as he sat at the desk in the suite of The London, NYC, hunched over the same damn piece of paper for hour six or seven, he couldn’t find a single word to write. He’d had such wonderful intentions. A ‘be safe’ here. An ‘it’s all over’ there. A note to let her know that what had taken him away, what had haunted them for years, was finally through. And a wish that she find happiness from whatever wreckage he’d left her in. Yes nothing flowed from the branded pen in his hand. Nothing but her name, Mackenzie, in his cursive script.

Finally, some hours later as the sun rose, spreading its light across him through the wide wall of windows, he sealed the envelope and pulled on his shoes to find the nearest post box.

Maireann lá go ruaig ach maireann an grá go huaigh.
Find you happiness.
Saito Eiji 01/21/18 I have absolutely no impulse control, so I'm in.
Saito Eiji 01/21/18 a timeshare?
Valentin Metzger 01/20/18 "Ah.. there is no need to 'try harder'." It is nonchalant, there is no pressure to say his name correctly. He does not expect someone to speak a language they do not know. "It has been a pleasure meeting you, Mackenzie. I should probably take my leave and let you return to your business. Thank you for your time, for entertaining my strange sense of humour."
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Wee Irish

Not me help you, you help me.
I like tutus. I love the ballet.
Are you at the ballet?
Do our woods have ballet?
I may or may not have agreed to something.
UH. Why do you have tutus>
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Wee Irish

Victor Lockheed 01/20/18 Mick
The Butcher, huh? You should bring him 'round for dinner.
Saito Eiji 01/20/18 A vagabond, indeed.
Jameson Orlav 01/20/18 If you think I’m putting on a Robin costume, you’re wrong.
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 ~tilts head~
I am going to consult mother about this. I do not comprehend what wanking off is either.
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 What is this waxing off?
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 Gerald would be your flesh father. My creator Camille married the flesh man known as Atticus Hammond. Revolting.
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 Your creator. Have you been spending time with my ignorant flesh father?
Matilde Hammond 01/20/18 The only thing uncanny is approaching me with such an unpleasant face, Daughter of Cain.
Jay Lian 01/20/18 Jay stares at the woman he doesn't know spouting profanities at him. It all seems rather rude. ****ing a citrine half smile, he reaches into his jacket pocket, retrieving a frayed handkerchief and dabbing at an invisible spot at the corner of his lips.

Staring at her some more, just enough to be uncomfortable, he then replies with a single, accented word.

Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Merde.

Wee Irish

To check on animals.
Yes. Animals.
Might have broken Livia.
Or the monkies did.


Chicken sh-t.
Shut it.

Wee Irish

PS. If someone comes around mentioning I have to get married.
I have no idea what it is about.
Dempsey Kasdeya 01/20/18 An ambulance? Hmm, sounds like my type of fun. I'd like to hear that story sometime.
Dempsey Kasdeya 01/20/18 So now you're trying to kidnap me? You must be deranged. However, you're strange and bizarre offers have me intrigued.
Dempsey Kasdeya 01/20/18 I'd feel like I'm being set up for something. Are you trying to take me to prison because you don't have enough evidence to convict me of anything?
Dempsey Kasdeya 01/20/18 I'd say then bring on the bodies. I love a good dumping ground.
Valentin Metzger 01/19/18 Turquoise irides dance upon the 'young' woman's face as she rants. She appears a bit put off and so he offers another suggestion. "It means 'Butcher', though, I am not sure you'd like to refer to me as that." Still, he isn't willing to give up his real name to a relative stranger. "Would V be easier, Mack?" His nose wrinkles. He prefers to use given names for women. It just seems more.. proper. Call him old fashioned.
Valentin Metzger 01/19/18 She amuses him. In a positive way, of course. "It is a pleasure, Mackenzie." A firm shake; she's strong for someone so petite and truth be told, he is shocked. He again gives his name, this time slowly. Russian is difficult. "Mees-neek."
Elis Griffyn 01/19/18 Elis took the time to visit Scotland, to hunt down one of the multiple lockups that housed his belongings for years gone by. Trinkets, investments and the occasional keepsake from the many lives he'd led. Dundee - cold, wet and nasty. Yet he persisted, slipping down a narrow alley way between houses that dare to defy gravity, until he found the particular dwelling he required.

A few days more, and back in the slightly better climate of London, he packaged the bottle he'd plucked from a dusty collection, an sent it by courier to Mackenzie.

Upon the surface of the bottle, handwritten, noted: 1506 - the Guild of Barber Surgeons - James IV of Scotland.

A small card, inked in a beautiful script, simply read:


And nothing more.
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 The giant turns slowly, quite aware of the woman's presence. Who couldn't see that lovely gold lame [read la-mey] suit she was wearing, reminiscent of Elvis. A thick brow thrust upwards at her question. "Nein, Fraulein, I've never had the pleasure." Extending a large hand, he introduces himself. Sort of. "I'm known as Myasnik, very nice to make your acquaintance."
Valentin Metzger 01/18/18 -feels like he's being followed-
Mackenzie, Valentin Metzger
Adara Doe 01/18/18 Mass Text: My Livi, The Butcher, The Pretty One, Mrs. Pretty, Irish, The King

We’re home.

And just in case they didn’t know who exactly was home Addie sent an attachment; after all, it had been far too long and numbers do change. Like Adara’s number. Constantly. Paranoid much?

Camille 01/12/18 Mackenzie
Why, are you experiencing symptoms? I'm afraid I can't offer any advice. I'm sure we can find you the number to a clinic.
Jameson Orlav 01/09/18
Dead Girl 01/08/18 Have any comments about making Spring Taylor a recluse jew gorilla? xoxo
Katherine Murray 01/08/18 While ghost like you may be... we can all still smell the inferior whiskey, wee Irish. *cackles*
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 *stomps rather sassily*
Scottish accents and speech to text, DOONA mix, Kenzie. *punts phone*
Katherine Murray 01/07/18 Living together once again. Should be terrifyingly wonderful. B-tch to b-tch, I might haveven missed you. *hearts*
Victor Lockheed 12/27/17 Her warning hiss did nothing to deter Victor's hand from moving across the swell of her backside.

"Calm down. I'm not stealing your pocket change, I'm copping a feel."

Pointedly, just asking for trouble, he laid a well-placed, resounding slap on her rear.
Spring Taylor 11/13/17 B-tch
You killed my ****ing Jew.
Victor Lockheed 11/10/17 Mick
About waist deep in bleeding blondes, and definitely not dead.
I'll save you one.
Spring Taylor 11/10/17 My b-tch
How does it blimey fcking feel, b-tch?
Spring Taylor 10/22/17 My b-tch
London. Let's get f-cked up.
Victor Lockheed 10/14/17 Mick
Did you miss your flight?
Elis Griffyn 08/30/17 Imagine the sexiest situation you can fathom.

No, sexier. Seeeexieeeer.

Sexier than that.

Now answer me I close?
Camille 08/16/17 Camille startles at the angry snip, turning fast on her heel with fists up defensively to face a similarly tiny terror. Such accusations. So angry. So testy. "Yeah?! So?? You can wax right the f-ck off, McDuck." Her fists go down and she tousles her hair with raking fingers. "He's pretty, isn't he? Now I understand the whole Indiana Jones thing!"
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17
Victor Lockheed 07/22/17 She could play hard to get all she wanted. Mackenzie was actively torturing Jameson f*cking Orlav, and he knew the reason. It was for him. Mackenzie couldn't deny that. It put her and her Sanctuary at risk, just like she had proclaimed she would never do. Her actions told a story as plain as day.

Feeling suddenly quite charitable, he obliged Mackenzie's request. Switching his phone to camera mode, he bent down next to his doomed, sobbing companion.

"Give me a scream, pretty girl."

Tell me where you are.
[IMG Rec'd]

The image was a closeup of an attractive young woman with rivers of mascara running down her pink, sobbing face, Victor's fingers clearly snatching her head back by her hair.
Spring Taylor 02/23/17 Twin B-tch
How the f-ck do I get lard out of my hair? I've been fcking washing this bullsh-te out for days. Come over so we can get f-cked up.
Camille 02/07/17 Literally can not ever escape your ugly mug.
Lucius Dalca 01/25/17 Lucius has a hard time getting up but not to rub and flex his jaw. F@ck that hurt! "Not in the face...." He groan then felt a kiss on his cheek. That was strange but okay.. I'll take it. Checks to make sure all teeth are still there. Yes! Nothing broken then. "Next time include dinner!" He said as an after thought.
Spring Taylor 01/24/17 My b-tch
WTF B-tch. Who did you fcking marry?
Camille 01/23/17 Just steer clear of his temple of doom.
Spring Taylor 11/16/16 Oi. Go be chill and set his f-cking loft on fire. That usually f-cking gets their attention. Or kick down his door. Basic f-ckig sh-t like that always works. For real. Why the hell would you get married?
Jameson Orlav 11/07/16 I love it when you murmur such sweet nothings.
Elouise Warrock 11/04/16
Spring Taylor 09/24/16 Do I speak f-cking English? Apparently, keep your fingers from my knickers is f-cking Hieroglyphics. Bloody gits.
Spring Taylor 09/19/16 Do we get an Independence Day from dealing with p!ss poor imbeciles?
Saito Eiji 06/27/16 -Takes on his best possible Spanish accent.- Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare for shenanigans.
-Throws an opened bag of glitter and books it.-
Jack Horton 02/13/16 The revolution is coming. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe just one day... one day more...
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