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Mai bine un câine viu decât un leu mort.
"A living dog is better than a dead lion."
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Elena Lupei's Biography
Elena stared into the blazing fire that roared and crackled on the ancient hearthstones in her family home in the heart of Romania, seemingly lost to her own thoughts when in truth she was alert and aware of every sound around her. Her younger brother Alexandru threw a log on the fire sending a swarm of sparks upwards like angry fireflies and when Elena glanced at him he graced her with a cheeky boyish grin. On the farthest point from the full moon, when the nights were the darkest, the Dacians always had their homes ablaze with light as it was when the Moroi and the strigoi roamed and stalked even the smallest shadow and when her kind were at their weakest

She stood, the high metal collar already snug against her neck to protect her from the bite of the Moroi who hunted them, it was her turn to take first watch and she reached for the shotgun that was never far from her side. At full moon it was teeth and claw that kept her safe, in between it was a peppering of shrapnel silver that brought her enemy to their knees and her still breathing.


The soft green hues of her mothers dress were soothingly familiar, the small yellow flowers embroidered with such diligence to detail and care it was as if the delicate cinequefoil blooms had been plucked from a dewy summer meadow and scattered upon the fabric in honor of the woman’s timeless beauty.

Elena stood rooted to the spot and unblinking, a voyeur in the darkness as the scene of unconditional love and affection played out before her as it had done so many times before between the members of her family. Her mother turned to engulf her younger brother Alexandru in a protective and smoothing hug which in the past he would have wriggled and squirmed to be free from, but this time there would be no breaking free from the womans fierce motherly embrace, no laughter as reward for his protests.

In painful slow motion the brave mother, the selfless lioness who had brought three children into the world, wiped their tears & shared their laughter made the ultimate sacrifice. Using her own body as a human shield she encased her youngest child from harm, her own soft flesh and fragile bones taking the full brunt of the broadsword that had been destined for Alex.

Without thought Elena took a step forward that had meant to be the start of a sprint to their aid but a hand stopped her in her tracks planted firmly on her chest. Slowly her mother began to sink to her knees, her eyes glazed as if already focused on a distant shore that beckoned to her but still Elena persisted in her endeavors to help, however futile. Her nails scrapped at Andrei’s flesh, her feet kicking out but her brother remained an unmovable force field, determined to keep at least one member of his family from harm, knowing his role as protector as his mother had done, whatever the cost.

Seconds seemed to pass as hours, every tiny detail of pain and destruction etching itself deeply into Elena’s subconscious, with the promise to be played back in the months and years to come to pick at the healing scab time tried to stretch over what would be a never healing emotional wound. A sob escaped her as her struggles lessened, her body turning numb and only responding with a blink when the beautiful boy alexandru was skewered through and flung aside to lay twisted and broken next to his mother.

"RUN! For the love of the gods, get moving girl!"

Her fathers voice brought the noises of battle and carnage crashing back to her senses and spurred her brother to turn her on the spot and shove her in the opposite direction after brushing one last kiss upon her forehead, his red rimmed eyes glistening with tears. "Run free little wolf, make your family proud. I will be waiting to greet you on the other side"

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