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Always open for RP dark or normal. No one liners....All moods are IC unless stated....Wild, cold hearted and untameable... Keep your drama and BS away...
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Born: February 14, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 11 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Pirates Cove Mail Replies Sent: 2385
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 171
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Ice Queen's Biography
The name is Ice Queen, I stopped ageing many moons ago and my life is eternally 21 like my fraternal twin Imashe. I became the Queen of the mamba's and also a seer of death and the past.
Imashe and I were to become Queen of our tribe but then on the night of our coronation, she was captured by a warrior from the north. A male they called a Jarl, who turned her into a beast of the night.. On this night our father, The Amakhosi sent out his best mamba warriors in search of my missing twin.. While i tried to seek her out through my abilities and found a strange feeling she wasn't in Gor any longer . ...Now I have come to this god forsaken place in search of my sister. I was hunting only to find a strange sensation through her heart as she felt her mates death. Bounding to his graveside in her leopard form she vowed never to leave his side. Finding herself alone once more and carrying her first mates unborn twins, ice felt more alone. That was until she met a man who said he would stand by her and her babies but as the day grew near for her to deliver. Waking to find him cold and with claw marks over his skin. This scared her as she didn't know what had happen during the night.

Mated to Abigor Kravenoff

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Wyatt Cain 11/10/20 Wyatt grimaced as the arrow grazed his left buttock. It was the first time he had been shot in the arse.
""Blast it! Wrong pocket!"
He broke the shaft of the arrow off and he quickly retraced his steps. He had the upper advantage as he pulled his new gun. It was a transqualizer gun with one dart in it. He point it point blank range into her right cheek. "Favor returned, Hellcat! So glad you turned the other cheek,"
Wyatt Cain 10/21/20 Wyatt Cain smirked as he shook his stinging hand, he burst out in laughter. He wasn't proud of himself for giving her bottom a few whacks.

"Blasted hellcat....stay away from my pockets. Next time it will be someone else's buckshot peppering your bloody butt." He walked off shaking as he wondered if all females in this place were major nutcases.
Wyatt Cain 10/20/20 The woman called Ice Queen raised her hand and swung hitting his face hard. "Keep ye filthy hands off mah ass" Her irat words assaulted his eyes. He saw her raised hand and he knew what was coming from her hand. He let her do her thing as if it would assauge her anger.

The crack of her back handed slap on his face caused him to curse under his breath. He brought up his hand to grasp the hand that delivered a stinging blow to his face. He would not hit a woman, but a wildcat was another matter.

He wrestled her hand behind her back as he hustled her up against a brick wall. Her face was toward the wall. He gave her bottom one hard crack followed by another one. He left her go as he backed away from her.

"You need to keep your hand off of my face, ma'am. If you need another shot on that bottom. Don't apply to me." Wyatt walked off, cursing under his breath, wondering what kind of women were in this realm
Wyatt Cain 10/18/20 Ice Queen just failed at stealing money from you! Wyatt Cain felt a pair of claws ripping at the pockets of his long coat. The feral catlike beast had ripped his pockets. He was smart enough to use a hidden waist wallet on his person. He turned and draw his pistol on the big cat. He shot off two or three rounds. One to warn the big cat. Two were meant for her hind quarters and he heard what was a scamper and hopefully a yowl of pain or anger. "Serves you right, you bloody beast!"
Calico 09/23/20 Cali walked into her daughters home with arm full of gifts for her granddaughters and smiled. Looking down into the cribs and gently touched each cheek "they are beautiful my daughter. Your papa would have been so proud of ye if he was here" She gave her daughter a hug as she cried tears of joy.
Murmur 08/06/20 She smiled and give her a boop on the nose “ But you are not allow you have us and the others here. We may not all be bound by blood but I consider everyone family including you.”
Murmur 08/06/20 She nods “ I know but remember best way tones thing to do Is to celebrate one life. Surrend yourself with family and friends who love you.” Give her an ear scratch.
Murmur 08/06/20 She gives her pet on the head with a warm smile “ Aww and iam very sure he will love the blanket. You also know you don’t have to keep to yourself the others don’t bit heh.”
Murmur 08/06/20 Mur blinked hearing the sounds and open the door “ Oh it you staying out of trouble I hope.” With a smile and lets her in.
Raoul Silverblade 07/26/20 *applauds* well done my friend, congratulations on Profile of the day
Daxx- 07/26/20 Congrats on Realms most wanted.
Asger Thorbergsson 07/26/20 "Congratulations on making profile of the day, my sister in law. Seems the family is getting their place in the spotlights." Asger says with a smile on his face
-Savannah- 07/26/20 Congratulations on making POTD
imashe 07/26/20 Well done my twinny. You been giving them people a run around again *she chuckled and hugs her twin*
Calico 07/26/20 Cali smiled as she hugged her daughter "what ye been up to mah girl. Congratulations on making profile of dah day"
Calico 07/24/20 Cali pulled her daughter close "I nay did anything mah ice." Feeling her pain
LillyEmperium 06/10/20 Congrats on pod
imashe 06/10/20 Imashe stood in the darkness after hearing her twin had come to find. "Two minutes being ere sis and ye are wanted by dah guards." She smiled and hugged her twin
Raoul Silverblade 06/10/20 congratulations on profile of the day *claps and cheers*
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