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Pink ribbon scars
That never forget
I tried so hard
To cleanse these regrets
My angel wings
Were bruised and restrained
My belly stings

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Last five threads posted in:
Jay Lian 01/06/18 Jay flashes a citrine half smile in response. Retrieving a frayed handkerchief from his jacket pocket, he dabs at his lips almost daintily, staring at her mutely all the while.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
Got to love that home grown sh*t.
What you're describing... it's a process. It takes time. A lot of it. And it's so easy to backslide.
Aye, we are from bad stock. Look at our f*cking - I don't even want to call them parents. Anyway, bad stock or not, you can rise about it. I'm certainly trying to.
I understand wanting to protect the one you care about... thing is, he's also made a choice to be there for you. It does work both ways. By trying to protect him, it may eventually do more damage than good.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
Oh, I will use it, but can always get more. ;-)
Thank you for the condolences. I don't know what I'd do without Lucius there.
You won't disappoint him. You have a heart of gold. I think he knows it, too.
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
If that's the case, I can send you a care package from London. I've quit everything else aside from that and alcohol, and far be it from me not to share with a sibling in need.
I've been... detached. Or was, for a while. One of my best friends died days from Winter. I know it made Lucius wary.
He's had to coax me back to 'life', as it were. We're in Italy at the moment. He said we needed to get away.
I'm glad you've had Kiernan. It's odd, isn't it? Having someone you can depend on?
Autumn Summers 10/30/17 Summer Love
I'm sorry for not reaching out until now.
How are you?
Spring Taylor 10/21/17 Summer
They don't bloody get a quick death. Bollocks. He's at those dead nazi d-ck's house. Where they kept us. I'm going to blimey fcking show him what their contract did. This is our fcking birth right. Oi. What the bloody hell? How many bowls have you hit b-tch?? Aye. Our daft rubbish birthers. You'd think with a c-nt the size of Buckingham Palace I could fcking find her. I bet that fcking pleb Joe is helping her. How is he still alive???
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
The b@stard is in the dungeon. I'm not sure where the fcking b-tch is. Going to fcking nail them to the ground. Tie up their... maybe you should come fcking over.
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
F-cking idjit birthers.
Spring Taylor 10/20/17 Summer
B-tch. It feels weird without Winter..
Kiernan Tigra 10/19/17 The Angel had parted ways with Summer for a few minutes, if only for a few minutes so Kiernan could check on his companion. Stepping into his room, Kiernan tossed his phone onto the bed next to his companion, who looked up at Kiernan groggily. Smiling, Kiernan explained the days events to the Dragon. Partway through the retelling though, Kiernan's phone made a musical chime as a notification of a text. Curious, he eyed it for a moment, wondering who'd be texting him at all really. After he opened the message, Kiernan gasped with a murmured "Oh no!"

Without delay, Kiernan made his way to Summer's room across the compound, entering without knocking. Of late the compound was mostly empty, and he doubted anybody else was familiar enough with her to enter unannounced. Approaching her quietly, Kiernan knelt next to her, wrapping a dark wing and arm around her comfortingly. For a few minutes, he simply held her in silence, unsure of what he could really say.

"I can't imagine what you're going through emotionally love. But whatever you need, I'm here for you." Shifting, he wrapped both arms around her, holding her tightly to his chest.
Blaize E Summers 10/15/17 Summer
I have become numb to most emotions, sadness is one of them.
Yet, I still feel regret and guilt. I'm sorry I could not prevent his death.
Be sure to keep in touch if you need anything. I know of all of us, you were closest with Winter so this cannot be easy.
I am not good at helping cope with loss, but I can certainly try.
Blaize E Summers 10/15/17 Summer
How are you coping?
Do you need anything?
Autumn Summers 10/04/17 Summer Love
I don't know! To try something new?
It failed. Horribly.
Autumn Summers 10/04/17 Summer Love
OMFG. Lucius bleached his hair blonde yesterday.
It was horrible. Like, really, really bad.
...I cried.
Blaize E Summers 09/29/17 Sunshine
I was! Winter even joined me for a bit. Then he joined my acquaintance the rest of the time.
Yes, I am in London. I will be settling here for a bit then I will be visiting Spring in Moscow.
I was surprised to find she had her own Coven now.
Blaize E Summers 09/28/17 Sunshine
Summer, how I have missed you!
I have returned form my vacation found this rather colorful bowl I thought you would appreciate.
How is Sydney?
Spring Taylor 08/25/17 Summer
Azhi Dahaka? What the f-ck does that even mean? I f-cking hate them. They're f-cking @rseholes that experiment on our f-cking kind. If I'm going to f-cking Hell I don't need a sodding needle sticking out my f-cking face. I bought some f-cking real estate in Russia.I guess I'll be f-cking here for a long time. I miss you, b-tch.
Autumn Summers 08/22/17 Summer
Those are perfect.
Thank you for the birthday wishes and beautiful gift. I now have the perfect excuse to do more shopping. As if I needed an excuse...
As long as I have you guys and Lucius, it will always be the best year. Love you, too, and thank you again!
Spring Taylor 08/13/17 The small vibration from the ground alerted her to check her cell. Dinner was sprawled out in front of her, and as luck would have it her back was pressed up against the sapling. Spring sucked the blood drops from her fingers, before she lifted the phone up to read the text. Foreign to the walls around her, she found one corner of her lips tug upward into a smirk. Fvcking Summer.

Are you still dancing on poles? Aye the sapling grew into a tree. I'm not f-cking sure what kind it is. I keep telling the b-tch @rse wanker it has to be moved soon. It's going to penetrate the blimey ceiling...Wait. Maybe I can move this cvnt and have it penetrate f-cking d-ckless Casey instead. You f-ckin quite smoking? Oi. What control did smoking have on life? I always thought it was because the taste was something other than moldy @rse bread and sh-te spoiled ham. B-tch. Of course I have motherf-cking patience. Oi where do you stay at Summer? I hope not in the up F-cking Douchlav chav slore creek.
Autumn Summers 08/03/17 Still Bestest Sister
You have such a knack for phrases... Love it.
...I had to google what those were, too, likely for the same reason. Hah.
Anyway, I'll come up with something!
We're still in London, though we do go back and forth between here and Transylvania, and we're getting ready to venture to China. I wanted to go see those tall rock mountain pillar things and Lucy told me to plan it, soo... China, here we come!
How is Winter? It's been a while since I've seen him.
Kiernan Tigra 07/28/17 With a slight start Kiernan felt the familiar but unexpected buzz of his phone alerting him in a pattern for a particular person sending him a message. Scrambling a bit too quickly he nearly dropped the device in the process of taking it out of his pocket. Grinning as he read the message, he gave his pockets an absent-minded pat. Summer seemed to find her way into his pockets one way or another whenever she wanted. As to her question, he gave it a few moments thought before tapping out his response.

You don't have to ask Autumn to make any for me babe; I'm guessing it won't be that easy to get out of though :P Samoas would work. I've had 'em a few times and they're surprisingly delicious. As for owing me lunch.. How bout a proper dinner date sometime then? I think it'd be only fair, given the circumstances.

There was a joke or two he'd wanted to make that'd mean something to her, but he thought the reaction would be much better in person as opposed to over text.
Autumn Summers 07/25/17 Stylishly Crazy
Hah. I like that.
I forgot to ask you to give Winter love for me. So, please do that!
Aye, knowing what a man's favorite noms are is very important. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I mean with food. Not in a literal sense... ahem.
Anyway! Lucius does surveillance and programming, and then some. You catch what I'm throwing? Resistant as I've been about technology, this has been fairly fascinating.

PS - My luggage is amazeballs.
Autumn Summers 07/24/17 Best Sister
Good! I'm glad to hear it.
I'll be honest, I actually asked Lucius at one point if he'd been dropped repeatedly on his head as a baby because to date me, one has to be a few crayons short of a box.
Who in their right mind would want to put up with all that baggage?
Guess they believe it's worth it. Still think he may have a screw or two loose... but he's mine, so it's alright.
Maybe you're right about taking a breather. It just feels odd. Like I need to be investing my energy somewhere, you know? Lucius is (slowly) teaching me his tech stuff. He has the patience of a saint.
I'll be more than happy to put a care package together for you! Maybe a little for Kiernan, too? Is that an acceptable substitute for a medal/ribbon?
Autumn Summers 07/24/17 Best Sister
Those are amazing!!! Love love love.
Unfortunately, no longer honeymooning. Back to reality, though I'm finding myself a bit lost. No longer working and have no idea what to do now. Well, lots of cooking and baking. I'm waiting for Lucius to cry uncle. Oh, and working on the landscaping in the back. But once that's done? I'm not sure.
How are you? What about Kiernan?
Autumn Summers 07/11/17 Best Sis
For what it's worth, I partake every once in a while when I need to take the edge off. Can you believe I'm down to the occasional smoke?
And alcohol, but I don't drink to forget anymore. It's weird.
I'm glad I helped. I want to see you happy. Being scared is normal. I won't lie, I still get scared too.
I guess... well, I've had time to think about all the changes. You asked a genuine question and deserved nothing less then a genuine answer.
Love you so bad.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
I mean, it makes sense for spiritual or religious places to give you sustenance, so to speak. When all is said and done, you are an angel.
I've never put much stock in religion and the like, but I have to admit, there is peace of mine to be found.
Regarding the other stuff... I'll write you an email. It's a bit much for text.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
You make perfect sense.
We've been going to these places and not only visiting, but taking part in some of the customs for prayer and rituals - like me, Lucius also enjoys learning about different cultures.
I feel more grounded and at peace now in longer than I can remember. Part of it has to do with him, I'm sure. He is very grounding for me. But the rest? It's... something.
Autumn Summers 07/09/17 Summer
The food is different, to be sure, but good. All the different fabrics and clothing is wonderful.
It’s so different, but I find it peaceful. Of course, having Lucius with me makes anything perfect.
We’ve done a lot… I have a bunch of picture, but here are a few now:
Sahelion ki Bari

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Ranakpur Temples

Chittor Fort

A festival

Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Summer
He's such a lil ball of squish! Change his diaper, though, and it's a natural f*cking birth control. MY. GOD.
I'm thinking 'Logan', actually.
You're welcome to poke his pudge rolls any time.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Summer

Look at his little booty! 15 pounds of weed, easy!
No name yet. I'm thinking, Rainbow Sunshine Orlav.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Summer
How much weed do you think I could trade this baby for?
Autumn Summers 07/03/17 Summer
You'll never guess where me and Lucius went for a honeymoon...
India! Can you believe it? Talk about a culture shock. Goodness.
We just got here and the hotel we're staying at is, well, I am incredibly spoiled.
Blaize E Summers 06/26/17 Flower Child
Sister, I apologize for not contacting you sooner.
Even in my return I am still...recuperating.
I am alive. I am no ghost. I ma not an acid trip.
How are you?
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Summer Love
Whoever sweeps either of you luck is a very lucky man or woman. I don't judge.
Drink all you like!
I won't lie... it feels strange. He calls me his wife and I get butterflies in my tummy. Same when I look at my hand or his. I'm still me but... more?
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Summer Love
You must've been getting some vibes from me...
Thank you!
And aye, I would be angry at you. That being said, we will be having a proper ceremony when things cool down. It was extreme spur of the moment. He proposed. I cried. Said yes. The rest is history. Which is why we're going to do it properly with a white dress, presents, and honeymoon. Oh, and drinking.
Aye, I did change my last name. It was the least I could do for everything Lucius has done for me.
Autumn Summers 06/10/17 Snowman; Summer Love
Guess what?
Kiernan Tigra 05/31/17 Kiernan fidgeted at his desk as he waited for a possible response from Summer. Maybe it was his overall mood, but he wasn't expecting her to actually answer him, let along so quickly. After what could have been only a minute or two, Kiernan heard his phone buzz which startled Little One partially awake too. With a snicker at his companion's momentary distress, Kiernan grabbed his phone with a bit more eagerness than he probably should have had.

Reading through her text made Kiernan smile, happy that she was still in town for a bit and willing to meet up with him on such short notice. He wasted no time tapping out his response, knowing she wouldn't get it for at least a little while.

"Don't get in trouble over me dork. You're at Dollhouse? I've actually been there once when I was looking for Livia! I'd joke about coming to watch, but you'd be done long before I got there :P I'll grab something comfy and head over to Bondi - People or not I'd love to finally sight-see with you! It's not quite L.A., but it's still something beautiful. I'll wait behind the pavilion for ya. See you soon!"

It took a bit of digging, but the Angel dug up a super old pair of khaki cargo shorts and a new intact red tank top since it easily accommodated his wings. When he finally arrived at the beach, Kiernan did his best to ignore the looks he earned for having his wings out, and moved to the bottom of the steps closer to the life-guard building as he waited for Summer to finish working to meet up.
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
Makes two of us. I remember vividly. Perhaps it's the knowledge we have the freedom to come and go as we please which makes settling to some degree bearable?
Although, the old adage 'home is where the heart is' seems to be true for me. As long as Lucius is near, it doesn't matter where I am.
Listen to me... I've turned into a sap!
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
No fuss! Cooking is my thing, especially when it's for the people I love.
Maybe I'll finally make it down there after we spend a bit of time at home. We've bounced back and forth so much lately, it would be nice to take a break.
Autumn Summers 05/31/17 Summer
I forgot to ask... does Kiernan eat or drink? It isn't safe to assume, since that seems to vary.
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
I have mixed feelings about London, if we're being honest. Since we are, there are only two reasons I'm here. Lucius and Spring.
In any case, you can both stay if you'd like, for one night or a week.
Paris was amazingly fun. And I still owe you a visit to Sydney. Are you heading back when you leave here?
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
I look forward to threatening meeting him.
Options are always a good thing...
Aye, that does seem like something they would do. I'm shocked they didn't. The only reason they're still breathing is I just don't want to see their f*cking faces.
So, do I need to clear a room out for this Kiernan? Or will you be sharing? *ahem* Assuming you're staying with us.
Autumn Summers 05/30/17 Summer
We can drink it together. Nothing could possible go wrong mixing booze and alcohol, right?
Does this friend have a name?
Kiernan Tigra 05/29/17 Kiernan sat at his desk in his room at the Ahzi compound, staring at his old Dell laptop with multiple pages open that contained information he thought was relevant to his seal. Emphasis on thought. 'So hard to find information on a race where the majority don't exist among the living.' He grumbled internally. With a sigh, he scooted back from his desk, grabbing his phone in the process.

It had been a bit of time since Summer stopped by Kiernan's room regarding family matters. He hadn't seen or heard her around, but that was likely due to his research and that he spent most of his time in his room when he wasn't gathering souls of late. Unlocking the device, he tapped through his contacts, which only numbered a few, to Summer's number.

"Hey Summer. Hope I'm not catching you at a bad time. I was wondering if you're still in Sydney. I think I've unintentionally kept myself sequestered away for awhile while I dealt with some personal stuff and.. Frankly I'd like some company. Somewhere outside in the fresh air maybe? I dunno. Let me know if you're free, I'd love to catch up with you. Talk to you soon!"

Hitting send, Kiernan tossed the phone onto his bed next to Little One so he wouldn't stare at the thing while he waited on a reply.
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
...I don't think they do.
What friend?
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
You're probably not far from the truth...
I can't wait to see you. If you need help in tying said loose strings, let me know. Distraction is a good thing.
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
I can confirm he does, in fact, exist.
Please come to London. I miss your face, and could use an extra set of hands to tend the garden I've neglected terribly.
Autumn Summers 05/29/17 Summer
That bottle of Țuică is on its way with airmail hugs and smooches, and we are headed back to London.
Autumn Summers 05/21/17 Summer
In-laws... one day, perhaps. I don't think they much approve of me. They are rather traditional.
This place is a bloody fortress. If I'm not safe here, I'm not safe anywhere.
Will most definitely look for that bottle for you.
Autumn Summers 05/21/17 Winter; Summer
Spring is alive and well. Me and Lucius have gone to Romania to visit his family.
It's been many years since I've seen them...
The library here is a dream come true. I love you both so much. Please, please stay safe.
Soleil Whitaker 05/19/17 "My wife and I are very fond of Winter. He’s a good fella,” she responded, matter-of-factly. She gave the blonde a once-over, her smile broadening to reveal a flash of white teeth. It was true - she and Rhiannon adored Winter, and Soleil was sure that they’d feel the same for Summer, if given the opportunity to get to know her better.

“If you ever find yourself in New York, you’re more than welcome to stay with us. I’m sure you and Rhiannon would get along well.”
Soleil Whitaker 05/18/17 Soleil was amused and intrigued, and she couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of the current situation. She'd met Winter for the first time after attempting to pickpocket him at the Compound. Of course she was meeting another Summers under similar circumstances.

She mirrored the woman's arched brow, her small smile never faltered. "It's a pleasure meeting you, too," she responded, holding out a hand in friendly gesture, "Soleil Whitaker. Although, I'm sure you already know more about me than most."
Soleil Whitaker 05/18/17 Summer S Summers just failed at stealing money from you!

"Is this because I slept with your brother?" Soleil asked, an amused grin tugging at the corner of her mouth, "In my defense, I helped him hit his yearly female quota."
Kiernan Tigra 05/17/17 With an appreciative smile on his features, Kiernan nodded back to his friend, glad that she hadn't made too big a deal of the situation. Such was life at times, was it not? "I'd say a bit of both. Still gotta work on the clarity if I'm honest. It'll get clearer in time I'm sure." He had no reason to think it wouldn't. Maybe a trite notion, but it was one he held to regardless.

A few weaker coughs made their way out of the darker Angel as she named the herb he'd tested. "B-blue dream? It doesn't look blue or dreamy." He chuckled, knowing he was being overly literal as he offered the roach back to Summer. "I'd agree to the smooth bit if I weren't hacking up a lung too!" Shaking his head, still amused with himself.

Quirking an eyebrow, he donned a disbelieving expression. "You - stay out of trouble? I don't believe it. Just don't get into it too deep that you can't claw your way back out." Kiernan joined in laughing with her for a few moments. Once he settled, he sighed, figuring she had things to take care of. "I'm sure you've got stuff to sort out with whatever is going on with your family, I won't keep you held up awkwardly outside my room. My door's always open for you, and you have my cell." Taking a step to close the distance to Summer, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and gave her a tight squeeze of an embrace. "Stay safe and remember where home is." He murmured as he let her go to step back and lean against the doorframe to his room, Opaque orbs meeting her Dark Browns and a warm smile still on his features. He enjoyed her company, and hoped she wouldn't be gone for long.
Kiernan Tigra 05/16/17 At seeing Summer try to hide something behind her back, Kiernan's expression shifted to an amused smile. He knew what she was doing if only from the small traces of smoke that had been in front of his door, likely from her talking after taking a hit or whatever hadn't been blown away. Not that he'd seen that exactly however. "We all have things that make us awkward." Kiernan countered quietly. "I don't think you're too bad. Could always be worse." He himself usually became awkward in crowded places unless he was with somebody he was comfortable with or focused on. "You're very hard on yourself Summer." He commented on his observation. "You're making a life for yourself here, I'd say that's having things in hand, wouldn't you?"

Shaking his head slightly, Kiernan disagreed. "I wouldn't consider that embarrassing personally. Maybe due to spending a lot of time on my own." With a shrug, he continued. "If you can help it, going with back-up is usually best. Ya never know what'll come up where a second set of eyes or thoughts would be helpful." He'd been smiling back at her, but when she turned the conversation towards him his expression darkened a few degrees. "I'll always listen Summer, and more if you need it. Just remember that, as you know how i feel. You didn't interrupt anything either dear. Just.. meditating to calm my nerves and gather my thoughts. I decided to break-off from my wife for a few reasons. You know how it goes." She knew his stance on that situation, but in part he didn't feel he deserved to stay.

Kiernan eyed the roach curiously. He knew what it was, but had surprisingly never taken part in drugs or the like during his life no matter how shady of a place he ventured. "I should honestly say no to that." Gesturing to the smouldering ember nearly at her fingers, "Mostly cause I don't know how I'd take it, but if it calms you maybe it'd do the same for me." Taking the proffered remnants of her joint, Kiernan took a light drag from it, inhaling a bit of smoke in the process. Holding out what was left back to Summer, Kiernan coughed into a clenched fist, smoke pluming out the sides of his mouth. It tingled more than a little; At least it felt like it was taking the edge off his mood though he was entirely happy to see Summer. "That's a bit rougher than I'd imagined." He got out between coughs, thinking the roughness was due to his inexperience. "Phew.. Thank you Summer. How're you holding up aside from the family stuff?" He gave her an appreciative smile, feeling a bit 'fuzzy' at the moment.
Kiernan Tigra 05/15/17 Kiernan had been sitting on his bed, meditating in jeans and a black tank top when he heard a brief knock at his door. With a start, he opened his eyes, looking curiously at the closed entrance of his room. "Who..?" A moment later he heard a light creak as Summer leaned against the door and began talking. "I don't think you're a nightmare Summer. More like.. hmm.. Troubled with a touch of crazy." An unstable laugh came from him as he rocked back and forth on his bed. It had been some time since he'd made a trip to Purgatory, so things were a bit out of place, though he was still majorly 'present' so to say.

A quiet snicker echoed through the oaken door at Summer's choice of words. "Wanker." He repeated with a satisfied nod. She seemed in an okay mood, confirmed by her own admittance of that fact after a few moments. With a grunt, Kiernan climbed off his bed, smoothing his shirt down while he made his way to the door. Having heard the frame creak again ever-so-lightly, Kiernan assumed she'd moved out of the way as he opened his door.

Contrary to his brief instability, Kiernan looked quite fine. As normal as he ever was, though maybe a bit frazzle from having been startled at first. "Well, given how things are with your family, would you like me to tag along to whatever this meeting is? That is if you intend to go?" Pausing for breath, Kiernan stepped out into the hallway, catching traces of what she'd been smoking. "For the record you're not bugging me. I told you that you wouldn't have to face anything on your own if you didn't want to, didn't I?" Fanning a bit of smoke away, the Angel smiled warmly at Summer. "I'd take a guess that if that bit of news worked you up enough you had to smoke, going to whatever this meeting would do just the same if not worse. The offer of me tagging along still stands. I am outside that part of your family after all." Kiernan's wings fidgeted as he put his hands on his hips, standing so his left hip jutted out moreso as he looked her up and down to gauge her reaction.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Weeelll... having your wings out might make the general public all a-twitter. You are beautiful regardless.
I still haven't made peace with Blaize's death. It seems wrong on so many levels. Most days I ignore it..
Anyway, enough gloom and doom. I'll see what the man says and let you know.
Much love!
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
F*ck, marry kill?
Sounds like fun. Let me know how that goes, aye?
On a more serious note... Is there anything I can do to help? Would you like me to see if he is willing to talk to/tell/give me whatever it is for you?
If you're indisposed, the worst he can tell me is 'no'. And if that is the case, perhaps later?
You take care of you. I will always be there if you need me.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
He wants to speak to all of us. I just happen to be meeting with him today. Evidently he's already met with Winter.
I love Winter dearly but he can be... excitable, so I've not asked him about it.
Being an angel doesn't dictate what you say or do. Pah. You're still you.
I miss Blaize so much. I need to go. I'd advise you to do the same.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Still sober, hmm? Your temper is showing.
Blaize wasn't the most social of us... Winter got that particular trait in spades.
I am wary, but I am not willing to deny our brother's last wishes. Do you not at least want to know what he has to say?
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
I didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat, either...
Told him to piss off, actually, but Lucius encouraged me to see what the man had to say.
Cooler heads prevail, I suppose.
To be fair, Blaize wasn't open about anything. To anyone. So, given the information Avery has, I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, though I do promise to be careful.
Autumn Summers 05/15/17 Summer
Is it safe to assume you also received a text message from one Pierson Avery?
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Lucius Dalca 05/01/17 Text: Summer
I understand and I promise you nothing will happen to her. I have been to hell before and have no desire you go back so I have taken precautions just in case. We are prepared.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 The mention of the brothers on Summer's text message made Autumn shiver involuntarily. Even dead, despite herself and Spring killed the two themselves, the thought of seeing them again made her go cold.

However, her sister's insistence on returning helped to chase the cold away.

Angel Eyes
F*ck. If I never saw those b*stards again, it would be too soon. Hopefully we won't run into them at all but thank you for warning me.
I promised to do exactly as I'm told. Now I promise you that I'll stay with Lucius, and both of us will come back. I have too much to live for not to.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 Summer
Me, Lucius and a very handy friend are going into the circles of Hell to look for Blaize. It shouldn't take long, I hope...
You're the only one who won't blow up, and I needed to tell someone. Just in case.
Autumn Summers 05/01/17 Summer
I need to tell you something, but before I do, promise me not to mention it to anyone else. Please?
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 -was eating peanut butter right out of the jar-
-big, 'oh sh*t eyes-
S'muh! Hah!
-big, fanatical waving-
-also covered in peanut butter-
Elouise Warrock 04/30/17 Summer
I've got some painkillers with your name on it!
Let's get trippy and watch Dazed and Confused.
Autumn Summers 04/29/17 Summer
I'm glad you made it safely. Elouise will be happy to see you. Winter has not made an appearance since we arrived. I'm still in bed.
[pertinent information shared]
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: Summer
Awesome! It seems half the clan is staying over at the compound over this shooter. The instructions are simple, you know keep away from eyes, pets, children under ages so and so, etc etc. Blah blah blah, yabadabadoo.. You get the picture :D
Lucius Dalca 04/28/17 Text: Summer
Another season is coming to Moscow?! Holy sh*t. That is perfect... She is currently latch onto Autumn and I need my Fall back. As for the vials, I got 30 prepared and they are very good quality.

Remember with remedies and potions its like tattoos.. You get what you pay for.. More money = better quality. For this job, $2,000 AUD. That is with a discount :P I make good sh*t.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
It makes my head hurt...
Lucius is the best, isn't he?
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
Or would it be today for you? Because you're going backward in timezones... so bizarre.
Don't forget Winter is here, too. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to take Elouise's share. Heheh.
Me and Lucius have a bit of business to take care of, so if we're not here when you arrive, we'll be back before long.
See you soon, sissy-pie. Love you.
Kiernan Tigra 04/28/17 Giving a startled yelp, Kiernan rounded on his Ahzi cohort with a look of surprise as Summer held out a fistful of cash. "Wha--" He gave a floundering look as he patted himself down. He didn't have much cash on him at the moment, and it was easy to tell he was missing more than just a few dollars. "Why Summer, I was thinking over how to give you your tour of L.A. and here you go ruffling through my pockets while I'm lost in thought." Hands on hips, he stuck his tongue out at her for a brief moment. His charade finally breaking, he let out a chortle as he accepted her return payment. Much as his own had been to her, it was much too large in comparison to what she'd taken. "Well congrats on managing to catch me off guard. I'll have to keep an eye on you." Wagging a finger at her, he pocketed the proffered money.

Returning to his thoughts regarding her earlier question, Kiernan gave a nod, more to himself. "If you're looking to play tourist, I'd definitely suggest Santa Monica. They have a lovely pier nearby the beach with like this little fair thing on it. I've never made myself go to either place though unfortunately. Going on my own to crowded places tends to turn... unsavoury for the locals." With a shake of his head and an embarrassed smile, he added. "I don't do to well with tight crowds. The beach might be fine though. I've never been in the ocean water before." The dark Angel seemed to take her questioning in-stride, though he had been on his way home when he caught Summer out and about. "I'm not sure about today, but we could always swing by and explore a bit? I think I'd be comfortable enough having family with me to do so." Giving her a warm smile, Kiernan pulled a pen from his pocket and jotted his cell number down. It was a clunky piece of tech, but it served it's purpose.

Offering the piece of paper out to Summer, he gave a slight nod of his head as a prompt for her to take it. "In case we get separated or you need to find me again okay?" Only a handful of people had a direct line to Kiernan of late, and he was more than willing to let family have another line to him.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Mushroom Head
A former associate of Jameson's, so I've been told. I offered to kill him myself but he claimed the rights to it.
So, we are here to keep our lovely friend company. It occurs to me that she probably wouldn't object to more company.
Just throwing that out there.
Autumn Summers 04/28/17 Summer Love
Here's assuming you haven't been told yet, but Elouise was shot.
Non lethal. Shoulder, to be exact. She and the baby are fine. We just polished off an obscene amount of food and I now have a food baby. Ugh... so full.
Lucius and Winter are in Moscow, too.
I figured you'd like to know.
Lucius Dalca 04/27/17 Lucius looked down to his phone trying to remember who Summer was. He gave Autumn a side glance, "She has an older sister?" He scratched the side of his head before it hit him. "The Stripper! Right!" He started to text her back.

Text: Summer
Ohhhhh right! I remember you! A bit hard to forget now that I can recall *coughs*.. Anywhoser, I can do that. Its actually not as hard as it sounds and I have most of the ingredients anyways. The question is... How much do you want to pay and for how many vials?
PS: Ill give you a family discount.

He gave Autumn a hug from behind out of nowhere, "Its from your sister."
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Summer
I love that! And you!
...please don't put a dog in a mailing crate. Oh my god.
Autumn Summers 04/25/17 Summer
I'm glad Winter is alright, even if he can be a goddamn prick...
Lucius. I don't know what I would do without him.
It's funny you should mention having been on the other side. Maybe that is why I'm not losing my head over this, because not even death is permanent anymore. You are a perfect example. Thank you for reminding me.
Still, it hurts.
I love you.
Autumn Summers 04/25/17 Summer
I am... numb. Having a hard time believing it's real.
Lucius is being so supportive.
How are you? Spring is, well, Spring. I'd know if something happened to her, anyway.
Have you heard from anyone else?
Kiernan Tigra 04/21/17 It definitely had been getting hotter in L.A. as of late. Usually Kiernan would've been indoors himself but even he got stir crazy from time to time. Still smiling, Kiernan have a half bow to his newfound company. "Well let me be the first to welcome you to my hometown. Not sure how I ended up here when i came back but I've made myself a home here. Give me a nudge if you ever want a tour of sorts." As emphasis, Kiernan gave her a gentle nudge of his own and a welcoming smile.

Giving Summer a look with his head slightly tilted. "Come to think of it, with Sydney in fall, wouldn't it be nicer there? That's beach weather if i ever thought of it. This place is too much of a tourist spot to get into the water without being overcrowded unless you went at night. Might be fun though I would think. Food for thought."
Spring Taylor 04/20/17 Summer
Blaze it up, happy f-cking 4/20
Kiernan Tigra 04/20/17 With a smirk Kiernan made his way up to his Ahzi family. "I've been trying to catch you all day since you showed up in LA." Pausing, he frowned and looked downwards slightly at the unintended rhyming. Waving a hand dismissively in the air, his smile returned. "Such empty pockets though. Who could've done such a thing?" With a laugh Kiernan handed her a note, and a small wad of cash.

You were successful in stealing $33.00 from Summer S Summers.
Idris Mowbry 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Aziz al Saqr 04/13/17 "Ms. Summer then, please call me Aziz." The smile resurfaced. "I had thought to sit for a kaffe, perhaps you would like to join me?" He motioned to a rather small stand with small plastic tables and chairs.
Aziz al Saqr 04/13/17 "It is my pleasure Ms. Summers, have you been in Jerusalem long?" His dark eyes make a wide sweep of the area around them before returning to her.
Aziz al Saqr 04/12/17 "Shukran, I think it might take me some time to find my way around this city."
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Summer
Rambo has a great line-up of Aunts and Uncles. You, Autumn and Lucy, my boo-boo Winter...oh. KMS. FML. Jameson's fugly ass wh*re of a sister Noura.
GROSS. Just teach him the opposite of what she does.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 Summer
I need you to be that cool Aunt that shows my kid how to roll a joint and sh*t, because I don't think Jameson will let me.
Autumn Summers 04/03/17 Summer
Beautiful! The beach isn't bad, either.
Thank you for letting me know you made it safely. I still need to come see you but I'm afraid the intense sunshine will make me burst into flames...
Elouise Warrock 03/26/17 Summer
You're my wing-woman. ;)
I also want to do ice luges with Everclear.
Like, a bottle or two.
Elouise Warrock 03/26/17 Summer
Almost 18 weeks, kms. 20 is halfway, so I'm almost halfway to getting absolutely sh*t faced with you.
I want to snort cocaine off of a stripper's ass. Maybe Cinnamon's?
Elouise Warrock 03/26/17 Suumer
Omfg, no, I do not look like that! ...YET.
I'm only kind of showing. KIND OF.
Let's pretend we're getting married and go cake-tasting.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
You are sensational. I need to tell you that more often because it's so true.
1. I'm counting on it... Can't wait! Eee! I want to see his jaw hit the floor.
2. Your approval is worth a great deal. My history with relationships isn't exactly super, either, but this one is different. In a good way. Great way. I admit, I'm rather smitten...
3. Good for you! Way ahead of me, I see. Even better about the news down under. Hope he knows how to use it. Let me know if he turns into a tw*t waffle. I'll come and set him straight.
4. Thank you!
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
Forward me that text message from Winter, aye? He says I need proof.
The condom one, so we're clear. Little b*stard.
Autumn Summers 03/13/17 Summer
It was so good to see you! And I have to say, you are looking amazing, as always. I'm a teeny bit jealous of your dancing. Clearly we're going to have to spend more time together so you can teach me. Lucius may not want me on stage but that doesn't mean I can't do a private show.
Can we talk a minute about that Maxime? He is yummy. I would advise taking a swing at that, assuming he doesn't play for the home team. Does he? Do you know?
Autumn Summers 03/10/17 Summer
We're here! Where are you?
Autumn Summers 03/08/17 Summer
There isn't a thing wrong with eye candy... Not buying what you're selling can be a good thing. No weirdness, aye?
Sadly, I don't think Lucius is the type to shake his stuff for anyone but me, in private. Ah well.
You may have met him but he wasn't exactly sober either. So, here's to first (second) impressions!
Autumn Summers 03/07/17 Summer
I'm making note of that. Hopefully it'll be long enough until then that I'll have forgotten.
In the flesh... hah. I see what you did there. I can also see Winter strutting his stuff and enjoying the hell out of all the attention. As for me, I would have great fun, though Lucius might not be quite so enthusiastic about it. Why are men like that? I, for one, would love to see him on stage. Yum.
And there are better things to lick. Ahem.
Autumn Summers 03/07/17 Summer
Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear you are happy and things are going well.
Paris? You'll have to send me pictures. I've not ventured over that way yet. London is the same.
Remember my Valentine's date? We're actually in Italy together now. We came to rescue Elouise from the Vatican jail. Apparently groping the guards arses is a no-no. But I thought since we're here, why not enjoy it? Maybe we'll come to Paris after. I want to see you!
Autumn Summers 03/06/17 Summer
Sissy! How is Australia treating you? Miss you tons.
Dita Morgenstern 02/23/17 It wasn't that she was trying to hurt the woman, it just happened. Since most selfie sticks are banned at Parisian landmarks, Dita was only trying to help the woman stay out of jail. Leave it to the overly awkward tall girl to even bumble that. A frown toying at her face, tears threatening to spill over her cheeks, a hand was offered to assist the woman as a whispered apology left her lips.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Summer
I'll do my best! Jameson is delivering the kid, so...
Feel to free to acknowledge how weird that is.
The things I do for love! ...and tacos.
Elouise Warrock 02/23/17 Summer
Not soon enough!
I feel the same way.
Mid-August, according to Dr. Husband. I'll need like thirty minutes after birth to get my sh*t together and then we can go turn up.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
You're going to make me blush. Thank you. I think he does. I'm kinda lucky, too.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
Hah! Silly girl.
You're doing a public service, really. Better them be watching you shake your thang than our there causing trouble, aye?
I actually have a date today. First time for everything.
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 Summer
Happy Valentine's Day!
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer
I know Jameson isn't cheating on me! But I don't like b*tches who think they have a shot.
And I haven't kicked anyone's ass in a good long while. Plus, she probably deserves it.
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer
Omfg. No. I'm not crazy. And I don't think Jameson stepped out on me. But I don't trust that hoe the tabloids keep mentioning. And she's made it pretty damn clear she's after my husband.

So Winter and I are going to kill her for Valentine's Day! It's going to be the most romantic date ever!
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer the hell am I supposed to bring sexy back then?
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer
I am permanently disturbed from at least 90% of that last text.
Thanks for the first part, ew to the second part, and EW to everything after. I think the point is for post satan spawn, but either way, my sex life is perfectly fine without Winter and Autumn scheming. But you can teach me how to pole dance any day. I hear it's a great work-out!
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer
You're my idol.
Except I have a husband and don't need to worry about any of that.
And you're my new favorite Summers, because your siblings are trying to buy me lingerie. Wankers.
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Summer
Omfg. Pun intended?
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17 Summer
Lucius Dalca 02/03/17 The biggest tug of war he had ever encountered. Holy sh*t he was getting a headache from all of it. So this was a dungeon party.. Not much different than a regular rave. Hands grabbing, pushing, shoving. People cursing all over the place.

There was a particular person that pulled him out with a similarity to her face that he was wondering if he knew her from school. His group of friends wasn't extensive because he spent most time hanging out with Autumn but she was very familiar. He kept spotting her while coming in and out and attempted to pull her out twice.

You managed to break out Summer S Summers. x2

"Hey!! I think I know you! Thanks for the hand" He grin hoping she heard him before getting shoved back in that place. F*ck sakes..
Livia Vlcek 02/02/17 *sheeps* Thank you.
*blinks* I hope not...I'm not good with tests!
Autumn Summers 02/01/17 Summer
Those are amazing! Where can I find them?
You've found a club in Sydney? I hope it's a good one. I'll come down and smack some bouncers around if they don't do their job well enough.
Elouise Warrock 01/31/17 Not Pregnant Blonde
It's wine o'clock, b*tch.
I've got my PJs on, and I'm watching Gilmore Girls.
Come over! If I sip maybe my body won't tell the difference between it and regular grape juice.
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17 Summer
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
don't know much slang
but you're def a prat
cash me outside
how bow dah
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
you might got nice tiddies
but yo ass is flat
cash me outside
how bow dah
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
Autumn's stank
Spring looks like scat
cash me outside
how bow dat
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
Yo daddy left
yo mama fat
cash me outside
how bow dah
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Winter
You a punk bish,
I'mma shoot up yo Cul de Sac,
cash me outside,
how bow dah
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
Roses are red,
I backed over your cat,
cash me outside,
how bow dat
Elouise Warrock 01/26/17 Summer
cash me outside, how bow dah
Autumn Summers 01/25/17 Still Sneaky
You also didn't say you were leaving, but that's alright. I don't blame you. Enjoy yourself, sissy, and be safe. You absolutely deserve it. I love you so much.
Autumn Summers 01/24/17 Summer
Sneaky. You slipped away without a word!
I don't blame you at all, and it looks like Sydney suits you. I also may take you up on the offer. Getting away for a little while sounds great.
No one is going to try to kill me, aye?
Livia Vlcek 01/22/17 Livia gave a small nod in agreement to all things said. The young woman knew all too well how trouble often found her, so it was understandable that it could find another just as easily. She gave a quiet laugh at the microchipping and reference to the tequila. Livia new tequila well, good days or bad.

"Terribly itchy..." She points to a nodule under skin, near her wrist. "My husband decided to microchip me after my last encounter with...some unsavory people." Unsavory? To say the least. But she was only kidding. The bump was the result of an allergic reaction to something. The snake probably. You can be allergic to snakes right? "Anyways! Welcome home. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to call, text, visit me. I'm generally not busy. Like ever."
Livia Vlcek 01/19/17 Livia stood in line at the woman's door, basket in hand while she listened to the crazy ahead of her. It was nice to see Genesis and Addison out and about. A quiet chuckle at the two females antic, it was now Livia's turn. Handing the gift basket to Summer, Livia attempted to give a stern look as she pointed out the different objects.

"Tequila for the bad days, a few sharp objects for the bad boys and a few bath bombs from Lush...acuz Lush." The Slayer scrutinised the woman for a moment then the basket, whispering the next words softly. "There's also a cell phone with my number and Sprew's...should you find yourself in any trouble. I'd advise you keep that on you, micro-chipping all of you is such a pain in the ass."

Addison 01/19/17 ~strolls along, sniffling wildly before presenting herself to the newcomer of the crew. She gives the blonde a few more sniffs before grinning maniacally.~

"Fresh meat....erm...I mean...Welcome to Azhi! You still have that 'new car' smell, but we'll wear that offa ya!"

~Snickered and did a little twirl before waltzing off to pester someone else in her ever so glorious way.~
Genesis 01/19/17 "Welcome to Azhi. Stay out of my room." :P
Jackson McCarthy 01/18/17 Welcome to Azhi!
King Of Nazareth 01/17/17 "Smile's That is fine my daughter" :)
Spring Taylor 01/13/17 Summer
I need all the notes I can f-cking get. I need my f-cking husband to choke on some hobo c-ck. Know any slag f-cking hobos?
Autumn Summers 01/12/17 Summer
Holy f*ck. I'm losing track of days in an epic way. I could've sworn you sent me this text this morning... Bloody hell.
Despite being slightly worse for wear, I loved spending time with you. More than drinks and painting the town, I needed my big sister. Thank you for being you.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 More than the drinking, more than the drugs, then any of the shenanigans, Autumn has missed this. Summer. Her sweet sister. All of her siblings, really, because of distraction in these past few months has held her attention. She makes a promise then and there to make up for it.

"I was counting on you saying that. Both of them..." Autumn giggles. She and Summer are of one mind, here. "I must say, I'm mildly jealous of all your glitter. It's so shiny. Anyway, the night is ours. Shall we?"

Before exiting, she knocks back another couple shots. It's fair to say her taste buds are destroyed at this point.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 In that moment, Autumn is and forever will be thankful for her older sister's discretion. Truth me told, she has fiercely missed Summer between all the time spent in Moscow or at Mercy, or with Gray.


Nope. F*ck no.

Two more shots. Being a vampire had pros and cons. Pro = being able to drink like a champ. Con = being able to drink like a champ when you really wanted to get toasted. She tended to run up hefty bar tabs.

Autumn's head cants to one side. She mirrors Summer's feral smile. "What did you think I meant by saying reviving old traditions? It's been far too long since we've painted the town together. Fancy a bit of dancing first? Or are you danced out?" Her hips sway back and forth, the movement emphasized by the spiked heels adorning her feet.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Spotting the tall blonde head bobbing her way, Autumn bounces up off of the stool to open her arms for the much needed embrace. Being a very much a scent oriented woman, she buries her face into her sister's blonde mane and inhales deeply. It helps serve as a balm to soothe the rawness Autumn refuses to acknowledge.

She holds on a smidge too long. But that could easily be misconstrued for the long time since they've seen each other, which is also true. Autumn has missed Summer.

"You look fantastic, too. Also as always," she smiles. "No, we absolutely do not need an occasion but there is one. We are celebrating my newfound singleness. And your marriage, while we're at it. Two birds with one stone, aye?" Her fingers find another shot, two, and systematically knock them back.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
Seen one p*ssy, you've seen them all. Kind of like d*cks. I'll be there soon.

And so she is, lighting a cigarette with her favorite Zippo as she steps into the door, the blaring music assaulting her ears. Despite being fully dressed, Autumn feels naked, body and soul. The absence of the necklace's slight weight around her neck nags at her.

We'll take care of that real quick...

While waiting for her sister to make an appearance, the fiery lass heads to the bar and orders herself several shots in succession. The better stuff will come later when she and Summer really get the ball rolling.
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
My card is officially empty, and likely to remain that way. It will serve as a good reminder, anyway. But I thought it overdue to spend time with you and revive some traditions, aye?
Autumn Summers 01/07/17 Summer
Working tonight, or are you free?
Livia Vlcek 01/07/17 *stops and turns* Don't forget a bottle of wine...maybe a nice Chianti?
Livia Vlcek 01/07/17 *dances by in a robe*
*stops to put lip gloss on*
*continues on her way humming 'Goodbye Horses'*
Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Elouise Warrock 12/21/16 Summer
This was breakfast.
...did you know they have donuts for buns now? We need to try that ASAP.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
I'm a little bit over-protective, even though you're my big sister. Sue me.
As for being sober, I made a promise to Gray not to blow anymore. I know, I have it bad.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Summer
Sober as a saint... Minus the alcohol. Which I just wasted, spitting it everywhere when I read that f*cking rumor. Jesus. I now smell like coffee and booze.
So, who is this f*cking j*ckoff?
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Autumn perused through the latest issue of Death and Style. Thank God, it was better than the last. Pah. That issue was hardly worth a glance.

Active leaders... Aye.

Elouise pregnant... Aye. She already knew that.

Jameson's sister... More Summers... Get used to it, people, they're like f*cking rabbits.

Spring and Victor. HAH. Boyo, you have no idea. You've just been tossed into the deep end.

Summer to wed Zheis.

"WHAT!?" Autumn screeched at the top of her lungs, spitting her spiked coffee in a fine mist everywhere. Seriously, chances are they heard her all the way across the city. Even a few dogs begin to howl.

Throwing the tabloid down, she snatched up her phone, thumbs working at a furious rate.

Please f*cking tell me you marrying some d*ckwad d*uchebag named after my goddamn coffee cup is really a rumor. Granted, it's spelled differently, but my point stands. Do I need to have a chat with him? Tear his jugular out with my f*cking teeth? 'SPLAIN PLEASE. I love you, sissy.
Autumn Summers 12/18/16 Summer
Holy Christ. Your text messages are longer than Winter's and that's damn impressive.
I'm glad you are free of it. I thought I wanted to be, too, but now... It's amazing how a little time can change things so drastically.
Gray is a gem. Never though I'd find a man like him. When I get back to London, we'll have to get together.
Have I mentioned how proud of you I am? Because it's true. You're the best big sister in the world and not just because your weed is dank.
Autumn Summers 12/16/16 Summer
Seems like only you and Blaize think it's a good idea. Me and Gray haven't spoken since I left. Spring either. I don't know if Jameson can find a cure but it has to be worth at least trying, right?
Elouise Warrock 12/15/16 Favorite Foodie
Oh. My. Cheese.
...Bring two.
And I have dessert!
[img received]
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 God, you're like... the smartest person I know. And my husband is a doctor.
-pops pills, chases with tequila-
...and that might be a good thing, come tomorrow.
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 ...I'll make Jameson go tomorrow. I can't get rid of this one yet, he tracks me.
-unscrews bottle, chugs-
My bearded lady looked a lot like Camille in the latest tabloid.
Okay. Bar. Reefer. Food.
-squints at-
Can you drink on valium?
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 Summer
No. God no.

-gets escorted out-
-embraces Summer- there a 24-hour phone store?
I can't look at this one the same way.
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 Summer
I wish I was drinking. Jail is scary.
Tried to assault my sister-in-law, ended up not being my sister-in-law.
...She's touching my knee. ETA?
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 Summer
She's trying to play footsies with me.
...bring sanitized wipes.
Elouise Warrock 12/08/16 Summer
Pls. And bring cash. I can pay you back.
Husband not answering phone. There's a woman with a beard in here.
Elouise Warrock 12/07/16 Summer
Have you ever been arrested before?
Hid my phone somewhere I'm not proud to admit.
Bring booze.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 Summer
You seem to be the only person remotely happy about this. Winter decided to terrorize Gray, naked. Blaize is reading me the riot act. Haven't heard Spring screaming, yet. I don't understand why they can't be happy for me. I get protective but it hurts my feelings a little bit.
Sorry, I'm just frustrated.... Summer, you are beautiful inside and out. You'll find someone worth of you. I love you so much.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 Silly Summer
Aye, it's my number. Hasn't changed. Damn, I'm sorry I've been so blood distracted. Okay, here we go:
a) I'm seeing Gray Taylor.
b) I am not getting married. You can come meet him any time. He already deals with the rest of us.
Are you seeing this Jesus guy? The tabloid said something about me and Victor, too, so I didn't think much of it. Spill!
Also, this is Gray:
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 Hot wings?
...ohemgee, food.
Let's go get food.
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 -shifty eyes-
You should definitely join my cult then.
...all brownies and Kool-Aid related products are included free of charge.
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 Right. And what's your take on Moscow?
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 Interesting. And what is your opinion on cults?
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 do you feel about special brownies and spiked Kool-Aid?
Spring Taylor 11/22/16 Spring ripped out a couple strands of her hair when her phone vibrated.That famous temper of hers errupting over lack of peace. That strangely changed after she read the text. Her bent form slouched into the couch, with her legs stretched out across places repaired with industrial tape. An amused laugh echoed from her lips as she read the text fully. Summer had a gift, even though.. that gift seems to now come with f-cking fairy wings.

You're so f-cking savage. That's ace. Want to come over? I get free ciggy and bevvy here at the loft. Though don't think they are.. Noblesse. Love you too sister b-tch. xoxo SS
Autumn Summers 11/18/16 The great acrid plume of smoke made Autumn’s nose wrinkle, eying her sister. “You’re my sister. Of course I knew.” Then she snorted in amusement. “Sounds about right. I’m not sure Death would know what to do with any of us.”

Summer’s touch acted as a balm to Autumn’s somewhat frazzled nerves. She may be younger, yes, but she worried regardless. Couldn’t be helped. Their parents sure as hell weren’t to be depended on, so all they had was each other. Only Twig and Joe resided outside their circle. Twig, being a slayer and Joe? Well, f*ck Joe.

Autumn sighed, smiling, and pressed her cheek into her sister’s hand. “It’s alright. You’re here now. Better late than never, right? Erm… You were gone for a month. Maybe two. Time is weird.”
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 "NO ONE TOLD ME YOU WERE ALIVE! What the f*ck, Summer? You couldn't drop by and give me a, 'Hey, look, I'm not dead'? Did Spring know? I'll hide every goddamn pack of cigarettes I find from her," Autumn snaps and hisses, and then she's suddenly hugging her sister, lower lip wobbling. "I missed you... I thought you were gone from us forever..."
Spring Taylor 11/07/16 Spring clasped her hands together, and brought her fingers to rest on the tip of her nose. She tried to absorb what Summer was telling her, and let out a guttural rage induced grunt. "Right." Someone had to have f-cking slipped her some high ranked sh-t in her drink. She cleared her throat and her eyes reopened almost popping out of their sockets.


Everything was drastically trying to register in her infuriated brain. "What the f-cking **** are those? You died but.. you got those?" She asked her own dialect caught between a shrieking lemur and herself trying to keep a level of cool. Jagged breaths that ended on a note of a hissing baptized cat. "Oi. Which f-cking c-cks did this to you? I'm going to shove my fangs so hard into their f-cking face."
Spring Taylor 11/07/16 Spring squinted in the direction of Summer. Was she on some kind of new sh-t these days? Wait, Summer was dead! "Me?! What the f-ck happened to you! I mean.. blimey did someone knock me the f-ck out? Are you.." Unable to stop she propelled forward in an attempt to bop Summer as gently as Spring did such actions. She just had to know she wasn't the delusional b-tch, this time.
Spring Taylor 11/06/16 -rubs eyes-
-speechless for minutes-
F-cking Summer?!
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