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Free hugs < Free food! ((OCC: Feel free to write me something~))
Born: August 03, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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AdonisOMaera's Biography
If my mood says Working, im very busy in RL and I wont be as active~ "The need to knows about Adonis "Pretty" O'Maera." ((While a new bio is being crafted.))
>Current Theme song: Xzibit ft. Young De- Runway Walk

Age: 24 and 1/2

Star Sign: Libra and PROUD

Personality: Friendly Fun-loving, Optimistic, kind-hearted, hot-tempered, sarcastically inclined to be an a$$. Mischievous as all hell.

Occupation: Thoroughly enjoying working the night clubs. As well as any odd job he happens upon.

Height: 6.5ft

Weight: Easy 220lbs maybe more

Description: Stormy but bright blue eyes, Blonde sometimes Dark blonde hair (depends if he is working or not.) tawny skin and an athletic but slightly bulky form.

Fun facts: Moved to New Orleans rather recently, originally hails from small farming town. His Personality was too big for that town anyhow, there is no love lost when he left.

LOVES food. Adonis will never turn down free food, a chance to eat during any event, and or a date in which he has to make small talk just for a glance at a prime rib.

Like that of a garden fence, he swings whichever way the wind blows him. Definitely more of a heart kind of guy rather sticking to one or the other.

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Marah 01/11/19 +Marah gasped when she saw him hit his head and gave his sore spot on his head a gentle rub with one hand on his shoulder.+

" Oh my god are you alright? Im sorry didnt mean to scare ya. Those cupboard door can be very hurtful."

+ When he asked if she was hungry she took his hand and lead him into the pantry room by the frig. Once inside she turned on the light looking up at him she spoke.+

" If your that hungry you have to know where the good stuff is hidden. This room is munchies heaven sweetie."
Marah 01/11/19 +Marah grins when he mentioned about getting lost in the halls+

" Yeah I know what you mean I got lost a few times to when IO first got here. You know I spent hours trying to find my way out and get to my room. "

+ Another smile came when he mentioned them meeting again.+

" Like you I cant wait till our paths cross again."
Marah 01/05/19 "Hey Adonis how are you doing today?"

Marah 01/03/19 + She watched his eyes lighten up and smiled at him thinking to her self how beautiful his eyes were. When he told her that he might not be of much help to her but he would help her if needed she tilted her head and nodded liking how he said yeah afterwards so replied back with a grin..+

"Yeah..oh yeah. Well you can always find me here somewhere in these halls."
Iva Herrera 01/01/19 Chuckling, she said with some surprise, “Wait, you are called Pretty? But that is what I go by! Well, that presents a problem. I guess I’ll just go by Iva.” Her laughter grew as he took the sandwich with gusto. How did she know, indeed. With a wide, toothsome grin, she tilted her head cheekily. “Lucky guess. Besides, Pretty. You look like a guy who doesn’t like being hungry.” Of course, she’d not seen him until she walked up with the sandwich in hand but perhaps the man wouldn’t put those two together. And if he did? Well, he was coven. There were some secrets they could be privy to.
Eloise Buchanan 12/30/18 -Looks at the somewhat clean hand and puts her hand in his-
I'm Eloise, occasionally known as the Pastry Angel, but please call me Elle.
-She smiles wide enough to show a hint of fangs-
Estelle Kingston 12/30/18 Estelle gives an unsure but game smile in return. "Hello and thank you." She appears just a smidgen overwhelmed.
Marah 12/29/18 +Marah's face slightly blushed when he leaned in and spoke. She couldn't get over how beautiful his eyes were. Smiling she took his hand.+

" Pleasure to meet you Adonis. How do you like it here so far? If you should need anything please look me up I am always here."
WildKat 12/29/18 "Welcome to the nuthouse! I do hope you enjoy your stay."
Eloise Buchanan 12/29/18 Welcome to The Menagerie! It is a wonderful mad house.
-hands him some pastries-
Leftovers, they don't suit my appetite.
-grins and winks-
Parisa Tournier 12/29/18 Parisa blushes deeper, afraid to admit she doesn't have a phone. Instead she just nods and graciously accepts the paper and phone number and tucks it away in her pocket for safe keeping. "Or, I might just come knockin' on your door if you don't mind." She lets out a soft giggle. "I promise I wont knock too early, or at least bring coffee if I do."
Iva Herrera 12/28/18 The Menagerie was taking in more people, which was always good news. Having been holed up in her room at the coven, Iva could hear a steady stream of greeters at the new arrival’s door. While she waited, she pulled three cards quickly. Four of Wands, The Fool, and King of Pentacles Reversed. Curious, indeed. It gave Iva a tiny glimpse as to who she was meeting. And what was required as a welcome gift.

Having made a pit stop at the kitchen, she swung by to say hello, one arm tucked behind her back. “Hello and welcome! I’m Ivelisse and this here…” She presented a plate with a sandwich that was as long as her forearm. “ the best hero you’ll find this side of the Atlantic. Like, it isn’t even a question. If there is one thing I know how to do in the kitchen, it is how to make a mean hero.” Thrusting the plate toward the man, she gave a wide smile. “Again, welcome home. If you need anything, just give a shout. I’m sure someone will help you.” Laughing, she gave a mocking sigh. “Okay, I will help as well.”
Parisa Tournier 12/28/18 She gives him a mischievous smile.
"Soooo when do we start?" She hoped she didn't sound tooo eager.
Dita Morgenstern 12/28/18 "Oh no, running would be bad. They're essentially a large cat and dog." A dusting of crimson finds sallow flesh. Cats loved to toy with their prey and dogs, well, it didn't need saying. But Adonis probably knows this already and is making light of her confusing chatter. Dita offers a quiet laugh. "They're well fed and cared for, there should be no problems."

"You'll probably see them roaming about the halls from time to time ..we also have other animals. You can find the list in the kitchen if you're curious." An awkward smile, unsure if her polite chat has caused the man discomfort, the tall woman shifts nervously. "And speaking of animals, I should probably get back to feeding them. It was nice meeting you Adonis. Give a shout if you need anything."
Parisa Tournier 12/28/18 *Blushes*
"Thank you. It means litle fairy in Persian. I guess mama wanted me to sound exotic or something." She lets out a soft, bell-like giggle. "I LOVE the idea of sharing notes! It's a deal!"
Edward Brollachan 12/28/18 Edward clapped the man on the shoulder, "No need t'worry about that. We are coven mates, and I shall be glad to share w'ye what I know about fightin' w'a sword."

With nod, Edward stepped back away from Adonis, and shifted to mist. A moment later, the mist vanished along with the Scot.
Kyla Brollachan 12/28/18 "There are very good people here," Kyla agreed, her entire demeanor softening with the statement. Despite her short tenure at the manse and in the company of the other coven members, she knew it to be true.

"Probably." Grinning, she took the paper and tucked it into a back pocket. "I will. Ask any one of us if you need any help getting settled in. We all have a room here. Now, there's a book calling my name, if you'll excuse me..."

Kyla turned to go and glanced over her shoulder. "Welcome again. See you soon, mo chara."
Kyla Brollachan 12/28/18 He is precious, Kyla decided as the faint blush appeared on the big man's cheeks. It was all she could do not to bundle him up and tote him off like an overgrown teddy bear.

She gave him a bright smile. "You're too kind, Adonis. I'll not monopolize your time. There will be several others to greet you and it might be overwhelming. Come find me later and we'll sit down for a drink together, aye?"
Edward Brollachan 12/28/18 "Aye, a pugilist," Edward viewed the calloused and scarred hands of Adonis with the eye of an experienced warrior. "Those skills are a good foundation for combat with a sword, especially the footwork."

In addition to the gregarious nature of the man, he also seemed to have a decent sense of humor. Adonis had the easy nature of a warrior, seeming comfortable with another man capable of great violence.

"I ha'e wielded broadsword, the gladius, and e'en the pike o'er the centuries, but ha'e come t'prefer the katana; it suits m'style better. Quick and agile it is."
Parisa Tournier 12/28/18 "Welcome to the Mansion Adonis. My name is Parisa. Fairly new here myself. We're a very friendly lot. Paris is much colder than home though. Let me know if I can help in any way and I'll do what I can."

She didn't want to overwhelm him, as she recalled how confusing her first few days here were. She looked forward to speaking with him at length sometime to get a little dose of home.

Dita Morgenstern 12/28/18 "Y-you're welcome. It's very nice to meet you too, A-Adonis." She reluctantly takes the man's hand and gives a gentle shake. He seems nice enough, with his smile and laugh. Not so very intimidating as his frame might indicate. "If y-you need any help, let me know. And if you come across Bojangles or Mattias, don't run. Though I doubt they'll try to hurt you." A soft smile arrives. Dita's probably confused Adonis with her warning. "Bojangles is a tiger and Mattias is a large wolf. They roam the Manse. I-I take care of the animals here."
Kyla Brollachan 12/28/18 "You'll always have good and bad, and mediocre times," Kyla laughed softly. "Such is life. Let's hope your arrival here will be the beginning of a good stretch."

The hint of mischief on her freckled face said she knew exactly what he was thinking and it amused the tiny Irish woman immensely. But she wouldn't say so.

Instead, Kyla took the hand offered to her and chuckled once as his engulfed hers. She eyed him with feminine appreciation from top to bottom and back. "Pretty does suit you, but I'd prefer Adonis. Call me old fashioned."
Parisa Tournier 12/28/18 Parisa got word of a new member and set out to welcome them. She Extended a hand and a warm smile as she happened upon him. "Where y'at and Welcome!"

She was excited to meet another New Orleanian.

Marah 12/28/18 +smiles sweetly+

"Welcome to our crazy animal house. Im Marah by the way."
Dita Morgenstern 12/28/18 [stops short of the taller man, but is not dwarfed by his size.] H-hello ..I-I'm Dita.
[fiddles nervously with the hem of her shirt.] Welcome to the Menagerie.
Edward Brollachan 12/28/18 He took the man's huge hand in his own, an equally large hand, hardened by battle and the forge, and cold as stone.

"I guess one could say ye are Pretty Fookin' Large, eh? Nice meat hooks. Can ye wield a broad sword?".

He liked this new member, and what was not to like? A cheerful demeanor and beaming smile was difficult to find fault with.

"If it's just the same, I'll call ye by yo'r given name, and save pretty for the lasses, nae?"
Maycee Thomas 12/28/18 Welcome to the fold!
Kyla Brollachan 12/28/18 Had a run of bad luck, have you?
*steps back to keep from hurting her neck looking up*
*mumbles something about tall men in the coven*
I need a box. Or stilts...
Anyhow, I'm Kyla. Pleasure to meet you.
Edward Brollachan 12/28/18 "JAYSUS... ye ha'e been eatin' yo'r Wheaties, nae?"

The Scot stood before the man who was taller and broader then he was, an unusual situation for the ancient vampire.

"Welcome to the Zoo! Feedin' time is... whene'er ye wish. Dessa keeps the larder full. Feel free t'help yo'rself."

"I am Edward..."
Kyla Brollachan 12/28/18 Welcome to The Menagerie!
...good luck.
*sweet smile*
Maeve 12/28/18 Welcome to The Menagerie.
Bree Ravencroft 12/28/18 Welcome to the zoo.
Mackenzie 10/29/18 You got a brother?
Raven D Morningstar 08/17/18 Raven finally came back to the realm to find nothing but new faces. She thought she would greet one. "Hmm well welcome to the realm I suppose. Though it looks like you already made yourself cozy. Hope you do stay." A grin crossed her lips as she hurried off.
Marah 08/08/18 +Walking up to the newcomer Marah bowed her head and spoke.+

"Congrats on making the realms most Popular. I'm Marah by the way."
Samantha Winchester 08/08/18 ~I read the headlines and chuckled. I had to go find him and congratulate him on his success. I finally found him with a crowd around him. I make my way through the crowd and smile at him.~
" Well Pretty looks like you made a hit here and you only been here for a short while at that. Congratulations on making Profile of the day."
Samantha Winchester 08/08/18 ~I watched him take my hand and give it a gentle shake. I gave him a smile when he drew his hand away slowly.~
" Well Adonis as for fun there is a few thing. There are clubs you can go to, beaches, and you can make up your own if you get what I am saying."
Jewel Valari 08/08/18 -approaches while admiring his wanted poster-
Liking the whole useless look about you.

*congrats on potd*

WildKat 08/08/18 Congrats on PotD!
Samantha Winchester 08/06/18 ~I see his kind facial expression so I gently take his hand with a shy like smile.~
"Its a pleasure to meet you Adonis. Please call me Sammie all my friends do."
Samantha Winchester 08/06/18 "Hello my name is Samantha and on behalf of Channel 4 CNFOXBS I would personally like to welcome you to the realm. If you should be in need of anything please by all means ask me."
Esper Valari 08/03/18 If you need weapons or some cash or BM to land your feet just send me a shout.
Esper Valari 08/03/18 Welcome to The Realm.
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