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Los AngelesThe Retreat (Ezra and Dylan's residence)
Created by DylanJones
NeighborhoodBottom's Up Bar
Created by Murmur
Created by Cassandra Carnivale Jadu
DylanJones 09/10/20 Dylan laid the locket near Ezra's hand. It was a special locket made for her. "I hope you like this, luv." He waited to see her reaction. "Some of my old songs are being remastered. I received a large royality to furnish the cabin the way you wish to."
Kayla Holloway 08/28/20 Well, thanks!
DylanJones 08/24/20 "We can do that, luv. As a matter of fact that pup could use a run! The cabin is bare bones. So you can decorate to your heart's content. The normal items. Great fireplace, two of them. Stable and a nice sized paddock too." He smiled and gave Ezra a kiss. "The price was good as well. One can keep you in reasonable style. I have some royalities from old songs. I still write music as a main source of income." He reached for her hand so they could go and view the new cabin.
DylanJones 08/18/20 Dylan pulled out one last listing that featured a ready'made cabin with basics. It had a stove, refridgator, and microwave. It had a wonderful fireplace. It was set in the middle of about thirty acres in any direction. It held the option to buy more land the person needed it. "Look at this picture and the listing of things under it. Cabin good sized. Has the basics. Thirty acres to start. A few outbuilding ....stables if you like houses.....I am not adverse to this place. But you are the one that should make the choice." Dylan handed her the paper of the listing.
DylanJones 08/16/20 Dylan watched as she held the pup in her arms. She nodded and he felt a kiss on his cheek. "Ezra Ivy Jones, you drive a man to distraction. A house is what we need for this pupper and us." He pulled a few listing from his pocket and laid them next to her. "When you want to start looking?"
DylanJones 08/13/20 "For now my desire is learn about you and tend to whatever needs you want or desire. That puppy is just one of many things this old busker can give you." Dylan give her a gentle kiss on the lips. He enjoyed watching her with her new puppy. "Wolves are an interesting species. They have a lot for us to learn," Dylan was a simple man who had had a moderately successful music career until he 'd been bitten over thirty years ago. "I won't age, Ezra. I don't know if you will age as well... What bit me was more than just a wolf...I spent over thirty years learning to live with it."
DylanJones 08/12/20 Dylan slipped into the small apartment with a small white wolfpup. Her name was Snowflake. She was a wolf/dog mix. He had spent time working with her on the most basic command and discipline during the short time to acclimate her to human contact. He used one of Ezra tshirt and the pup was wearing it He placed the pup next to Ezra as she lay sleeping. He waited for her response.
DylanJones 08/12/20 "I fancy it too. Too damn shaggy." Dylan growls softly as her hand goes through his hair. She nuzzles against his neck as he sees the signed papers. "How ever you wish, my love." Dylan gently kisses her lips and whispers in her ear. "Wherever you wish or desire."
DylanJones 08/10/20 He returned a quick kiss as he dug in his back pocket. "I'd say quicker than you think, hun." He put a marriage license in her hands. "Meet me there and the deed will be done quietly."
DylanJones 08/03/20 Dylan smiled sheepishly as she bopped his nose. "Hey! Careful that snoose is my sniffer! I am a knight on a black charger sans a chainsaw. Big juju going on here... When you choose to make us legal just set the date."
DylanJones 08/03/20 He canted his head and gave her a quick wink. "You mean he couldn't stand his face outside his mask? Serious issues with a chainsaw....Yeah friendly competition." He knew she was teasing him and he nuzzled her back playfully. "For a beautiful lady, only the best!"
DylanJones 08/02/20 Dylan's pale cheeks flushed slightly as her lips took command of his lips. He liked a take-charge woman and he growled slightly under his breath. He gave her a more than friendly kiss in return as he slipped his arms around her. "You know what you want til you say different. You lead and I will bring up the rear." It wasn't the speech he had planned to give her. But he was honest and open to others.
DylanJones 08/02/20 Dylan removed the hat that covered his pale features. He smiled showing a bite of his fang. "I'm a man who prizes a good woman. One who's smarter then she seems. Damn it! I am not that type of wolf..." He had scramble a well rehearsed proposal. "To keep you safe for now.."
DylanJones 08/01/20 DylanJones was a man of very few words and he let his actions speak for himself. He laid the small vintage ring all the women in his mother's family wore when they were asked for their hand. He would let the diamond do his talking and if he was refused the honor. Nothing would come if it because it was his way.
Leatherface 08/01/20 Hello Ezra Hows My Beautiful Lady doing this fine morning? Smiling to her You want to go for a drink with me? I'am really Cute under My scary Mask haha.. My treat :)
DylanJones 07/31/20 Dylan had enough money to pay for some white roses for a certain lady. He had picked her pockets. He had done some buskering on the streets for those roses. The first honest money he had made in a long time. His guitar case held other items for him to make a living. He was a guitar man for now. A hired gun at other times.
DylanJones 07/28/20 Dylan arched a black eyebrow. She slid her hand in his back pocket. He felt sheepish as she appraised his inept skills at a steal attempt. "Damned right and my gentleman friends? My love, I rarely associate with othe males. Truly you have hit me where it hurts! Name's Dylan Jones...Master Inept Thief."
DylanJones 07/27/20 "That was quite an arse to grab. My lovely lady I am a connoisseur of the female attributes. What male is not? I am an on hands guy..." Dylan tipped his black hat and handed the woman her wallet. "I hope this is the right wallet."
Geoffrey Drake 07/13/20 "My sympathies on the loss of your mate."
Nina Parrish 04/21/20 Welcome to The Fraternity.
Cassandra Malinov 04/20/20 Cassie takes her hand after grabbing a pen, then starts to write down the address to where to meet up at.

"Okay here is the address meet me there in Trans I know the owner very well."

She chuckled.
Cassandra Malinov 04/20/20 "Party? Did you mention something about a party? That would be awesome. For the moment it has been quiet but so much has happened I have tons to tell you. Want to go get a coffee or drink? I know a place. And we missed you. I don't think the kids remember you cause it has been so long. And where are you staying?"

Cassie looked at her with a smile.
Cassandra Malinov 04/20/20 Cassie heard on the wind that one of her great friends has returned. It was awesome to see Ez again, they had lost contact a while back but everything had been in such chaos. Walking down the street she saw Ez walking on the opposite sides so she then stopped then whistled.


Cassie then chuckled and ran across the street rolling her eyes as she was honked at. As she got up to her she smiled then gave her that look of her being late as usual.

"I see somethings never change with you Ez. God it is great to see you again."

She leaned in and hugged her old friend.
Murmur 04/18/20 Welcome hon!
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