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Viral Undead
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"Everything Dies"

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 I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015

x Nerull x's Biography

Nerull sat on his Throne in his realm Carceri, where he reigned supreme, and spread his deadly influence over many other worlds and realms. He scratched at the stone arm of his throne, bored out of his Skull. The constant bloodbath kept nudging him, reminding him, encouraging him. 'There is a place you've not discovered. There's a place left untouched. There's a place that you must visit,' his conscience bugged him. His guards stood motionless, lifeless, and fruitless. They were his most powerful creations, which lined the walls of his grand hall like dominoes, poised perfectly just to fall violently. They did not breath. They did not eat. They required nothing but command. Their free will was stripped from their very existence. Everything was just the way he liked it. So why did this one place seem to linger like a splinter in his mind?

Nerull slapped a hand over his arm rest and peeled himself from his seat of power. He had already sent out all his envoys to attend to any that called upon him, yet it appeared he had done his job too well, and had no requests to confide in. Nerull himself did not require any sustenance. He had already transcended the living, needing neither food, water, shelter, air, or sleep, which meant boredom had more potential to plague his day in the form of frustration and idleness.

Nerull turned around and grabbed his Scythe Lifecutter, which was mounted behind him overhead. He was dressed in a black robe, black overcloak, a sword on his belt, a metal helm that encased his head, and a bone mask that covered his face to prying eyes. His Scythe quivered with anticipation, desiring desperately to be held by its master once again.

Nerull called his Scythe with a subtle twitch. An aura wickedness encased its deadly body, and drew it to his hand. Nerull then stood his scythe up with the help of dark magic to balance it, and clapped his hands, raising the negative energy in the air, gaining the attention of his guards. Each turned their head at the same time to address him. "I'm taking a Vacation. I must leave this realm for an extended amount of time. Watch the place while I'm gone, and don't make a mess." Nerull picked up his Scythe, and tore a black hole in the air. It swirled and bubbled and stretched violently as it awaited his approach. Nerull walked through it with ease and the portal closed behind him. Another opened, in a place known to be a Realm of Bloodletting. It was the place that had been calling him for some time now. Death lined the fabric of this place's existence, but there was something wrong. Something was missing, and he soon realized that it was truly untouched by a master of death. The place seemed to exist purely out of anomaly, and it had grown admirably in his eyes.

Nerull explored its workings, and did his research. He began to reap souls and dissect his fallen foes curiously. 'Zombies, Vampires, Angels, Viral Undead, partial undead magical hybrids, demons, and ONE GHOST? Is that all this realm has to offer?!' Nerull was stunned. He would never have imagined it being this bad. It was clear now that his presence was needed here, and it needed a personal touch. Nerull began his work, rebuking the Zombies, conferring with the Realm Ghost for information, recruiting any that stood in the right path, and meeting with the Viral Undead.

They thought him to be like them, a Viral Undead. In a way it was true. He was a fully formed undead, who still carried on his soul and personality, and retained his free will. But he was not some manifestation of a virus that constructed physical anomalies of the bodily undead, though he thought the work fascinating. Nevertheless, they thought Nerull so foreign, and the general population so confused, that the classification stuck. 'Whatever fools need to pin me under to help them understand their doom is fine with me,' he thought to himself.

Nerull began his plots and constructed a small base of operations. This realm was strange. Here he was not as strong or fast as he normally was. It was partially expected though. So the first thing on his agenda was to build his manifestation here so his power would restore and bleed through the cracks of the realm and slowly empower him back to his status.

'It is time this realm received what it has strived for. The doors of Death are poised. And I shall be the one that turns the key.'
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