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Born: February 26, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 5 (House only: 3)
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Looking for misses (that is, defense. not a wife). Attack, copy/pasta, mail me, win a prize!
Wanna rp? Shoot me a line. Or two. Or ten. I'll respond.

Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
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Lenny Shultz's Biography

58:There existed a photo of myself in make-up. All evidence of this mishap has been burned to ashes and then scattered over a secret location.
60: Ranked #1 Kazoo Player in the Realm.
61: Once I wore an entire outfit of denim. A line formed to beat me up.
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vamp_goku 03/30/16 *He slightly shakes his head side to side, maybe it was just all in his nutty ass head. Thinking she had another look years back, nah he thought. It was more of hoping he supposed. He gives her a big great smile, along with a chuckle about the hair.*

" My apologizes I did not mean to seem rude, and thank you for the welcome back. I also agree I always loved this coven. Agreed on the hair as well..hehe We could put a band together but, only other good looking blondes of course."
vamp_goku 03/30/16 *As she approaches him, he was not sure what to think of it as she spoke her words. When in his ice blue eyes, was confusion and suspension. He gives her a nod at the same time shaking her hand.*
"What do you mean you and I do? I knew you use to be in After Dark...But I have not been inside these walls for many many years. So uh.."
Mackenzie 03/18/16
Kiernan Tigra 03/18/16 "Congrats on the front page!" The Angel said with a bit of a mischievous grin. He knew little of this person so far, but what he knew had him intrigued. "I'll be seeing you around soon I'm sure." With a wink, he turned on his heel and headed off to deal with some personal business.
Johnny 03/18/16 Congrats brosefina
Kharybdis 02/28/16 ψ Seeing the other woman's frown, Khary's hand drops to her side again and she makes a mental note: no glitter. Darn.ψ

"Vicky? Oh, you mean Victor, right? I may have some green glitter. If I recall, it's lime green. Or, would that be "Limey" green? I think I still have some sparkly 'Hello Kitty' stickers. Might even have a sheet of 'My Little Pony' ones, too."
Kharybdis 02/28/16 ψ Khary turns at the voice, and grins.ψ

"I'm doing fine. Could go for a diver or two though. Or, maybe Surf and Turf - you know, a surfer and a sunbather. You can just call me Khary though. It's easier to say than "Grecian Water Beast". How're you doing? Need any glitter?"

ψ Khary smirks, her hand already inching toward the pocket where she stashes the ever-present glitter pouches.ψ
Zarek 02/14/16 *Strokes his marker mustache.* I think I can pull this off it makes me seem very distinguished. If they call you four-eyes you should simply draw some glasses on them. Then you will be the legion of the glasses."
Zarek 02/14/16 Let me help you with that then. *Draws glasses on your face with permanent marker.* That should make things easier.
Zarek 02/14/16 *Hearing the phone clicking from the bush, he walks around it taking out his own phone to play Rockwell Somebody's watching me.*
Zarek 02/14/16 *Feels like the song spooky scary skeletons was about to play*
Katarina Black 02/14/16 Hello I'm Katarina
Jenna Hex 12/16/15 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Terrie Steller 11/27/15 Worked
Faia Shiria 10/25/15 Faia nodded slowly knowing the feeling all to well. "Yeah. I know. It's been rough"
Faia paused, took a step back and shrugged. "I have no idea but I hope to see some more familiar faces around here. Not that I know that many though"
Terrie Steller 10/18/15 *Looks up at you.* "Why are you laughing at me?"
Faia Shiria 10/17/15 Faia offered a compassionate smile. "Thanks. I hope so." She paused for a moment before hugging Lenny tightly although a little awkwardly. "It's good to see you again Lenny. How have you been?"
Shadwyn Drake 08/09/15 "Welcome to After Dark Lenny Shultz!"
Mackenzie 07/15/15 I'm totally going to just stab Caesar.
Mackenzie 07/15/15 Only on Wednesdays. So fetch.
Faia Shiria 07/14/15 Faia’s jaw dropped slightly watching the woman approach. So Ryo wasn’t joking when he said clothes were optional. Faia smiled sheepishly until she realized the attire was in fact a skin toned bikine. She chuckled to herself and eased up a little giving a small nod at the welcome.

Before Faia could react the woman spun on her heels. ”Thanks..” the words were left hanging as the woman left. Faia was left thinking ‘Was that a fin strapped on her back? – Oh this is gonna be fun!’
Mackenzie 05/27/15 She stares up at Lenny as the girl approaches, speaking of missing persons. Slowly, she smiles, and Mackenzie finds herself calling out as she watches Lenny carries on down the street, "Don't forget the milk cartons!"
Amethyst 05/07/15 "Well I have a few minutes to spare lass want to share it with me. I haven't got drunk since after my son was born last year." She calls back to her.
Amethyst 05/07/15 Ami turned when she heard someone speak to her. She was just looking around to get her feel of things so she would not get lost . Now that would be embarrassing if that should happen. Giving the girl who was holding the bottle of wine a smile and takes it as she spoke.
" Thank you for your kindness and welcome And the wine its my favorite as well. What can I do to repay you?"
EtaineNightBreed 03/09/15 "Welcome back to After Dark Lenny! A bit belatedly!"
Ferrow 10/22/14 I'm not entirely sure what a professional B.A. is. Lol
Ferrow 10/21/14 Curse you and your horribly addictive profile video. I can't stop playing it over and over.
mist 03/17/14
mist 03/06/14
vamp_goku 02/06/14 "Hey truly you seem very cool, and yes you should deserve it. And come on who as not done there best work while drunk..I am sure Albert Einstein also did his best work while he was drunk..hehe So no sweat nor worries..
If you ever want to go on a adventurer, just let me know. With you in the blend I am sure it will be fun..You have a good night and sleep well.."
vamp_goku 02/05/14 *As he gives a slight chuckle with a nod and grin.*
"Yes I did thank you. I hate to sound shallow, which I normally am not. But it is rare to find someone in this realm with good humor and character. It is just nice to know some people can still live up the realm, is all..So thank you.."
vamp_goku 02/05/14 Thanks for making my day, you have one of the best Bio's I have read in a long time. Very funny and simple as well.. *laughing falling on the floor.*
mist 12/20/13 Nope not this witch had no hand in that at all Lenny *Laughs*
mist 12/02/13 *Witchly smile given*Thank ya kindly Lenny
mist 10/28/13 *Congrats on profile of the day Lenny*
mist 09/21/13 *Smiles*Thank ya very much Lenny.
Alice Barbour 08/30/13 *giggles*

Itsa magic spell!
Edward Brollachan 06/26/13 Bloody guards ganged up on me while I was breaking the open the general population cell.

They'll think twice b'fore trying that again.
Lisbeth Salander 05/14/13 [gives a smile that does not reach her eyes] It is nice of you to offer something I did not ask for. Thank you. [turns on heel to vacate the area] I will be back. Until next time. [gives a short wave]
Lisbeth Salander 05/14/13 [Eyes the individual suspiciously] You broke my laptop when you attempted to mug me. I need a new one now but my guardian refuses to give me my money to purchase one. [stares expectantly]

((Thank you for the warm welcome!))
Elena Lupei 05/10/13 Parks, she liked parks. Big open spaces where you could have a little room to breathe and a lot of room to run. Pushing her sunglasses up to hide her flitting gaze, her nose twitched in a manner that could almost be described as cute if one did not know its darker wolven heritage. The wind brought with it a hint of her homeland, the scent of a kind older than time that lifted the hairs on the back of the neck of even a youngster like her and brought an unladylike whispered cuss word to her lips. Had she been outed?
Elena Lupei 05/10/13 *her father had always said, when in a new place, be nice. Not out of politeness or to show good manners, or even to gain friendships. But because its easier to suss people out and to learn who is who on the food chain if the locals thought you were an innocent, gullible fool. So, with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her eye the Romanian stranger set off to 'fit in'*
Edward Brollachan 05/04/13 If ye wish to be fancy, ye could call me 'Carcer Domat' or 'Magister Escaoes'...or ye could just say "A little help, please?" and we could call it good.
mist 05/02/13 *Gives a witchly laugh*Good participate all away around ,we all did a fantasic job and it keeps us on our toes too .*
mist 04/07/13 *Thank ya very much*
Selina Kyle 03/01/13 Welcome to the realm my name is Selens Kyle if you should need anything please feel free to let me know. I am always here to help and lend a helping paw.
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