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It's the angels up above me.
It's the song that they don't sing.
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RealmWithout Fear
Created by Mackenzie
RealmThe Devil's Dance
Created by Jasper
W_Kat 11/01/17 Congrats on PotD!
Mackenzie 09/03/17 He makes this painful. Giving the man the side-eye as he nudges her and gives her one of those looks that demands forgiveness, she stares for just a moment that way before looking away with a quiet scoff. Of course she couldn't stay angry with him. Who actually chooses to die? Even still, Jasper's disappearance had been the part of the beginning of her end. It had hurt right where it counts. Still does.

Luckily, enough people do come back from the dead to make this experience easier to swallow.

In her frustration, her brogue becomes just a little thicker, voice dropping as she speaks. "There is nothing to forgive, pain in my f-cking ass..."

She would hug him, but his self-proclaimed 'fog' is enough to tell her that even she is not the freshest of memories. It doesn't stop her from wanting to go home. That place where everything began, where she met the best people she's ever known, and they conquered the world together. She feels so guilty, like she should have known he'd return and this day would come.

Pressing her lips together, she considers everything. "Aside from myself, and a couple others, there aren't many left that would demand your attention. You might have a couple of awkward encounters, Jasp. Maybe.

"What can I do? Tell me how to help."
Mackenzie 09/01/17 "You f-cking died."

Frowning, she gives him a look that could cut down the largest of men. Mackenzie hates when those she actually likes die. It is quite the concept, considering how much she loves to kill. "You went off, and then one day you were just gone. Again, you really f-cked me up, Jasp."

Sighing, she casts a rueful look to the side. "I'm sorry. It's not like you asked for it." She exhales slowly before looking at him. "Do you honestly not remember anything? What's going on in your head? Did you actually die, or just bump your head?"
Mackenzie 09/01/17 "No. We never slept together. And if you were in love with me, I was never made aware." The amusement in her gaze is evident as she takes a pull from her cigarette, tucking the returned pack back into her bag. A sigh escapes her at his question, and she can't help the once over she gives him. Is he serious?

"You're like boy genius meets Alzheimers patient..." she mumbles.

"Sine Metu is latin. It translates to 'without fear', and it was the name of my coven. You were one of my nearest and dearest. The third in command. And we were f-cking brutal." A wry grin takes over her features as she considers everything and everyone they destroyed in the past. Granted, she'd been led by morals then. Now is an entirely different story, and Mackenzie is definitely feeling the itch to murder and maim.

Another pull is had, and she gives him a look, trying to be understanding. "But seriously, you did mean the world. I was extremely proud of you. I still am. This is weird. You're supposed to be past f-cking tense. You're seriously f-cking me up."
Mackenzie 08/31/17 If she hadn't been staring before, she is now. Mackenzie is listening to him ramble, and he is certainly hearing him talk more than he ever has at one time. Then again, it has been years, and she has made it a point to forget a great many things. "I see. You took a bus. And did Robert Downey Jr. accompany you, as well?"

She is taken back, as she knows she always was, to a different time. Jasper always reminded her of Jasper, even if only due to his name. It tugs at her tightly-wound heart, and Mackenzie finds herself feeling perhaps just a little grateful for his reappearance, no matter how out of place. "Consider yourself bless, Jasper. Sometimes, it is best to not remember. Ignorance is f-cking bliss and all that," she mutters her way through the last part.

She works through the bag slung from her shoulder, fishing out her cigarettes and lighter. Shooting him a look as she makes quick work of lighting up, she offers the pack to him. "What makes me so special, then?"
Mackenzie 08/31/17 It had not been her intention to be seen, but she supposes that one is watched, it changes everything. Mackenzie makes and keeps his gaze when it finds her, standing from her seated perch to slowly approach the man.

Jasper f-cking Thompson.
In the flesh.

Her gaze flickers over him, judging the circumstance carefully and trying to decide if she really wants to talk with him. He is, after all, one of the many that up and disappeared. While Mackenzie is very used to such a thing, she finds herself capable of holding quite the grudge.

A small huff of frustration, at herself mostly, escapes her before her features soften from their previously judgy state. "Jasp. You're back in New York. It's 2017. Who the f-ck are 'they', and do I need to have them killed? How are you here?"
Mackenzie 08/31/17 Mackenzie is looking for a meal, or perhaps even a good time. She has to leave behind the cabin in the woods to do it, constantly lying her way out through gently gritted teeth. Everyone knows what is happening. No one wants to acknowledge it. No matter. Her evening is interrupted. She sees the man, and allows her jaw to slacken. Kenz is not sure how she actually feels about this. Processing the sight is proving to be a challenge, and words are impossible. Instead, cool, blue eyes simply gaze on, taking in the spectacle.
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