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Summer 04/09/19 Winter
I'm alive. Naturally. In all my suntanned glory down here in Cancun.
Did I miss something? Is Blaize gone again after he promised he was back, and for good this time? (Seriously, that man is his fathers son, I swear to the devil).
I'm in and out of Mexico, babe. The lure is pretty great to just beach myself.
Summer 02/26/19 Winter
Hey boobee- this cold season is making me grumpy. I am gonna head to the sunny shores of Cancun and work on my tan. I'll be back after not too long, I promise. The job I took in Antwerp isn't finished, after all.
Love you!!
Beau Theroux 02/14/19 Winter
Just leave them with Gio.
He kept me out of trouble during Mardi Gras of 2013. I think he can handle our horde of fluff balls.
Snorlax is already a fan.
Beau Theroux 02/13/19 Winter
I am already there.
Back corridor, past the door that says "Do Not Open."
Renovations are almost done.
Beau Theroux 02/07/19 Winter
Wanna be the first to see the new bar?
Drinks on me.
Beau Theroux 02/05/19 Winter
You busy?
Beau Theroux 01/26/19 Winter
It is quite a sight.
Now all the pups are named!
good, now I can stop referring to them all as 'you' and 'furball.'
Beau Theroux 01/24/19 Winter
And I stare at your butt. Don't forget that part.
A very symbiotic friendship.
Pleasantly plump it is then!
Maybe she should be Paris. A lovely city, but the name of a ditzy human being: Paris Hilton?
Don't ask how I know who that is.
Beau Theroux 01/24/19 Winter
If you hadn't delivered I would question our friendship.
Which one is left?
We got the fat one, the sleepy one and the hyper one.
Beau Theroux 01/21/19 Winter
On behalf of ass lovers everywhere, I thank you.
And I can respect what you did there.
You saw an opportunity and you took it.
Should name a pup Jambalaya. Jamba for short.
Beau Theroux 01/21/19 Winter
You do have a nice ass... I might have ass envy.
Oh, so it's gonna be like that?
Fine. This means war.
next snowfall, you and me.
Gonna get wrecked by a bayou boy.
Noodle is a good name.
Beau Theroux 01/21/19 Winter
Boo, no fun.
I'm always up for a snowball fight. It doesn't really snow back at home so don't make fun of me if my snowballs aren't wonderful.
I'm alright with food dogs.
Beau Theroux 01/21/19 Winter
You can always join me. The cold doesn't bother me and I'm like a giant heater. Stay close enough and you won't get cold.
Snorlax is a cute name. I like Snorlax.
Summer 01/20/19 Winter
I think the fact that we both still like men is proof that sexuality is not a choice!!
Summer 01/20/19 Biting her lip, she just really, really did not want him to feel hurt for her late admission. The truth was, the relationship was a whirlwind. And she'd never been one for sitting on the fence anyway.

You're scarier because I actually care what you think!
He won't hurt me. I'd never be with anyone who would. But I love that you have my back. Just as I always have yours!
Summer 01/20/19 There was something she had to do. Like, before coffee. That level of important. Pulling out her phone, she tapped out a text.

I met someone. It was a fluke, as they always tend to be. He's pretty rad and I'm diving in head first.
I love you.
Dita Morgenstern 01/18/19 Dita watched and listened curiously as the man ate and spoke about killing people. She wasn't really well versed in the art of murder but she made due; especially with a tiger and large wolf to clean up the mess and dispose of bodies. She boldly nodded as she listened to his objection to her lint stealing and shook her head 'no' when he suggested that she tell him where the safe was. There was no safe really ..but the young girl wasn't about to tell him that.

"I certainly can and did." A warm smile touched sallow face and soft soprano. "And you can try're always welcome to try." It didn't mean that she wouldn't keep trying for more of his special pocket lint. "But I won't tell you where my ultra secret special lint safe is."

Brows raised as she took a sip of her coffee. He was excited about coffee and beignets? And spending time with her? A smile arrived behind her cup. No one really wanted to 'hang out' with Dita. There might be reason to that. "You can order whatever you'd like. I've plenty of money in my trust." The girl extended her hand to accept his gently. "I'm Dita. It's nice to meet you Winter."
Dita Morgenstern 01/15/19 His favorite pocket lint. Now she did not want to give it up. A sly smile crosses sugared lips and she nudges a plate of beignets to the man. "Eat."

Buttering him up? A touch. But what good is coffee without light and fluffy doughnut like pastries? Dita takes a sip of coffee to wash down the masticated dough. "I didn't kill anyone really." Which was a lie. Though, she never killed children. "But yes, I suppose you are right."

Laurel eyes study the man. He's basically telling her that he will be trying to steal from her. She supposes that is fair since she has attempted a few times to get into his pockets. "Fair.. but I'm keeping this lint locked away in my lint safe. I have a wonderful idea for it all. And you're welcome! It's not often that I get to sit and speak with someone over coffee."
Dita Morgenstern 01/15/19 Dita is gorging herself on beignets and coffee when a strange man approaches. Lips dusted in powdered sugar, fingers too, brows raise in shock as he calls her out for stealing his pocket lint. Was it magical? She motions to the other chair and slides a cup of coffee in the man's direction. There is enough food and drink on the table for four adults. We'll just say, Dita is hungry.

"Menace to society? For stealing lint?" A bright smile pulls at sallow face. "And what would I be called if I were to have killed someone?"

She's curious of course since she was once locked away for allegedly killing children.
Grace McKenna 01/14/19 Grace had been minding her own business, shuffling through the hallway, going from point a to point b. She wasn't one to stop and chit chat with, well, anyone, but she had promised Eden to try and be a little gentler with those in the sanctuary. Her brow arched high when the male with super high energy stopped her to ask about her hair. Instinctually, she wanted to feed on him, drain him down a bit, maybe take him down a notch, or ten, but without her fangs, she found herself at a loss.

A grin spread across her lips, tugging the corners upward, and her tongue toyed lightly with her now normal canines. He did look awful tasty though. Grace would keep her lips to herself, for now.
"Aye, it is.. an odd thing to say to a stranger. Good thing we're not strangers anymore, huh Winter? I'm Grace." She looked down at her locks, again looking back to him. "Very natural, one hundred percent all me. Would you like to touch it?" There was mischief in her eyes, a little in her smirk, but she promised to behave. Sometimes being good was just no fun at all.
Beau Theroux 01/13/19 Winter
I've been slacking! Besides, it's my favorite time of the year so my workouts will be taking place outdoors.
Can't overheat if it's freezing out!
It's fine. The admiration boosts my confidence.
He will be Snorlax, then.
Beau Theroux 01/13/19 Winter
It will definitely not be sugar cookies.
I'm Cajun. We don't make anything boring.
And he is not blah! He is a cute, chocolate dunked pig.
It was either that or Snorlax.
Beau Theroux 01/13/19 Winter
Alright. Cookies it is.
Some people like bite sized cakes, I guess? I'm not sure.
I only named the one who sleeps all the time.
His name is Drowzee.
Like after the Pokemon.
Beau Theroux 01/13/19 Winter
What's better?
Cookies or cupcakes?
Asking for a friend.
Eden Kennedy 01/13/19 Winter:
Why? Work has never let me down, people on the other hand constantly do. Anyways...
I can probably schedule you in next week from 6 - 8 on Thursday.
Let's skip the booze, coffee will be fine. Let me know the time and place.
Summer 01/09/19 She’d never kept anything from her brother before. But the rules for the treasure hunt included not telling the giver of an item what it was for. Figuring she’d fess up after it was over, she felt a little better about the white lie.

Shush you. Your feathers are gorgeous. Mine are ridiculous.
It’s just for a thing. I can’t say, but I will tell you later. I promise. Do you want one of mine in return?
Send it FedEx with the attached prepaid label. I love you!!!!!!!
Summer 01/09/19 Winter
Hey boo. Can I have one of your feathers? It's for a thing. I'll even trade you.
Kyla 01/02/19 "You called me tiny. You had that coming, and I do believe you were the one who said I owed you a drink, so I wasn't the one who asked for a date. Keep your facts straight, mo chara," Kyla chuckled, giving him a pointed look.

"The money was attached to the string. Convenient, I know." Her smile was placid as Winter took her arm. "There are worse things to be named. I've heard them all. Well, of we go." Then she allowed him to lead her to his choice of location for a meal.
Kyla 01/01/19 Kyla placidly returned the look, apparently unfazed, still wearing that small smile. "I do my best. If you wanted to ask me on a date, Sasquatch, you only needed to say so, but if that's what the 'rules' say, then I owe you a drink. I've picked your pocket at least once.

"What'll it be? Gentleman's choice. Oh, and my name is Kyla. Nice to finally meet you," she grinned.
Kyla 12/29/18 Kyla allowed her wrist to be caught by the man whom she had been harrying over the last several days. She flashed him a unapologetic smile. "Guilty."

Then she lifted her shoulders in that Gallic shrug. "None of the above. You have a stubborn thread clinging to your pants, all of them if you can imagine. It must be a factory defect... and I've been trying to pluck it off for you. I suppose I could've told you but where's the fun in that?"
Beau Theroux 12/16/18 One one of them an's hands was a large bag of flower with other baking supplied all around his feet in bags. Obviously he had just returned home from grocery shopping as he had yet to even remove the beanie from his head. Wide eyes stared at Winter like a deer in headlights. "I didn't mean to! I just followed the pups and then I saw the snacks and...I have no self control. It's a real problem."

Arms reached upwards in jubilation. "Welcome home!" A large, radiant grin spread across his face until he realized the question he had asked Winter. Mossy greens looked about at the assorted items around him. "Well, it seemed like we needed some festive confections around this place so I was gonna try my hand at it. I have never been too good at baking, so I'm not sure how it will turn out. Better at stove top where I can see it cooking as I go." He glanced to the bag of flour in hand. "I got like 3 different kinds of sugars, 5 different flours and something called a marzipan. I thought marzipan was a fancy word for cake, but I guess not."
Beau Theroux 12/16/18 Charmer
You good at baking?
Like, cakes and sh!t?
Beau Theroux 12/13/18 Charmer
Already raided the snacks.
I will pay you back, I swear.
The pups are doing great, by the way.
They may have tore up your pillow, though.
Definitely wasn't me. Nope.
Summer 12/03/18 Winter
Goodness no, I'll come to LA. Any reason to not be in London is alright by me. I need some god damned sunshine anyway.
I can only imagine what she wrote to you. Please don't let her well of misery consume you.
Beau Theroux 12/03/18 Charmer
And I missed yours!
Where did you run off to, hm?
I thought you had gone and disappeared on me!
Summer 12/02/18 Winter
I have a secret to tell you.
I am glad she is dead.
Summer 12/01/18 Winter
I was in Paris, taking the train to Antwerp. Are you in London? I'll get out at the next stop and head to you.
Beau Theroux 11/10/18 From the mound of puppies the man's head popped up to look at Winter. Everytime he tried to speak he was met with a puppy tongue to the face. It was a struggle to return to his feet but he managed to after a few tries.

"What can I say? I love animals. For most of my childhood my only companionship was that of a stray pup!"

The male cooed and poked in in what one would assume to be his attempt at puppy language. "Who said you can't have a bunch of animals?" Beau's eyes glanced upwards to Winter while he squatted to give the dogs more attention. "You can keep them all! Hell, I'll help take care of them!"
Summer 11/05/18 Darling brother bear
I went to Moscow. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. All I feel is anger and a deep pity for the little shell of a girl we called sister. So easily manipulated by that demon. Pity. And anger.
And then, a final sense of some relief. Her well of pain is gone and I for one am okay with it.
I got her plant. Sapling, isn’t that what she called it? If It gets cold, at least I’ll have kindling.
I’m in Antwerp on a job. But maybe I’ll see you soon after I’m done here.
Love you.
Beau Theroux 10/18/18 Charmer
You want my balls.
My balls are delicious.

After sending the message he chuckled to himself and replaced the phone in his pocket. As he finished taking out the last of the boudin balls from the oil the war call pulled his attention away from the fried snacks.

Suddenly an army of little fluffy balls of energy came barreling towards him. And what does beau do? Lay right down so he may be mauled by cuteness, the whole time giggling like a little kid. His head popped out of the fluffy onslaught. "Where the hell did you get all these pups?!"
Beau Theroux 10/16/18 Charmer
I am making some boudin balls.
I will trade you my balls for puppy pets.
Sofia Johanneson 10/16/18 Fia let out a sigh of relief while she held out her hand. "Hi nice to meet you Winter. I'm Fia. I read your notice on the main board in the hall offering advice and help on matters of dress." She could feel her cheeks flush bright pink as she took a pause not quite sure how to go on. It was an impromptu idea and she had not really thought it through, instead opting to rush forward. She supposed she was too far in to tun back now.

"I wanted to help out a friend in the Crew. I'm working on a surprise for her but um... it requires I look... goth. Seriously, I have jeans and t-shirts and my boots. How on earth does one look..... goth? Can you help?"

Sofia Johanneson 10/15/18 Fia approached her crew mate hesitantly. She was bad at introductions, and even worse with asking for help. Still – she could accomplish both in one attempt, so she took a deep breath and decided to try. She could hear noise from within, and knew he was there when she knocked tentatively on the door. “ Hi I’m so sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to introduce myself, and I was wondering if I might get a little bit of…. assistance?”
Beau Theroux 10/11/18 -nudges-
"Enjoy those macarons?
"The bakery down the street makes some interesting desserts."
Nathaniel Tallios 10/11/18 "Hey, don't threaten me with a good time unless it's a promise. But I'll make sure to keep that in mind though." He says with a wink.
Eden Kennedy 10/11/18 Eden feels her phone buzz. What the Hell? It was a text, scrolling through she looked bit confused, until the last sentence. Also this is Winter. Quickly she saves the number in her phone before she responds:


I'm great. Glad to hear you're doing good. Pets are fine, if they make a mess you better clean it up. I'm not sure crazy cat lady status is something want to reach with the sanctuary though. One or two? That seems like a safe number, you're pushing it after that.

Also, it's preferable if you don't walk around nude. Do whatever you'd like in the comfort of your own room, but I think you should probably be fully clothed. It really doesn't help your case at all.
Nathaniel Tallios 10/10/18 Nathaniel smiled at the compliment and shook the man's hand. "Well, I don't complain at being called pretty. Means I'm doing something right to make sure I still look good. Nathaniel Tallios. Pleasure to meet ya, Winter!"
Beau Theroux 10/07/18 "When you come to New Orleans, I will show you the pictures. My Mamaw will probably talk your ear off 'bout it."
"Well, I think we will go to one of these here fancy French restaurants. I was raised with French frequently spoken in my household so I can help translate for ya. As for the eating, I haven't a single issue with it. Man's gotta eat."
Summer 10/06/18 Clucking her tongue, she gives him a mock-scolding look. "Tsk! Hanging out with you IS part of stuff I have going on. I'd love to hit up New Orleans with you. It'll be so fun." Brows furrowing, she plucks her phone out of her purse, feeling it vibrate the entire bag. "Hmm. It's Blaize. He never calls."
Biting her lip, she glances at Winter as she answers.
Beau Theroux 10/06/18 "We will see about that. I'll have you know I was the county champion five years running!"
-gives a smug grin-
"Hmmm... in exchange for my services as a guide you will owe me dinner. After a day of showing off the greatest city in the world, I tend to get rather hungry."
-finds a room-
-tosses his stuff in-
"Here we are!"
Summer 10/05/18 Perking, she enthused, "Oh, I love New Orleans! They have some fabulous bars. One Eyed Jacks has some great burlesque shows. Also, Napoleons Itch is a place you simply must visit. One of my favorite gay bars in the South!" Making sure no lipstick stuck to her teeth, she looked at her brother carefully. "Why? Fancy a trip to the Big Easy?"
Summer 10/05/18 Hitting send on her message to her other brother, she slipped her cellphone into her giant ouija board purse and stepped out of the bathroom. Lifting her lips into a grin, she twirled for Winter. “She’s looking gorg, I think.” Laughing, she tugged his arm. “Movies. Carnival. Whatever. I just can’t sit in here like inmates.” Smearing a last bit of lipstick onto her lips, Summer continued. “Just as you said- everything will be fine.”
Beau Theroux 10/05/18 "I'm letting you know now, I am great at putting balls in holes."
-wouldn't mention he lived in a circus most his life-
-moves towards the room with his bags-
"It gets hot in the bayou so I tend to stick with the 'less is more' mentality."
Beau Theroux 10/04/18 -actually is excited-
-won't admit to it, though-
"Well, seems we are both on team 'Sad Childhood.' We can talk it over when we get drunk enough."
"We both know I'm going to do all the lifting, you are gonna stare at my butt and then I will take my shirt of and say it was getting hot when really I just like the attention."
-moves towards the rooms-
"Come on, then."
Summer 10/04/18 "Oh honey..." Summer stood, head tilted to the side. She clucked her tongue and gave Winter a mocking sad look. "Dollface, I have the kiss of death." She turned and held up a red vintage wiggle dress. "Best only give my number to those you truly detest." Her smile was feral, but it was softened by her playful wink. "This dress right here shows off my chichis SO magnificently. Seriously, it causes traffic accidents. Just watch."
Beau Theroux 10/04/18 -grins-
"Then I await my new nickname! No pressure, but if it doesn't blow me away, this relationship won't work."
-gives a serious look-
-returns to a grin-
"Then across it is! And we can definitely get walkie talkies! I have never actually used one."
Summer 10/04/18 She looks up at him, hands balled into fists, clutching onto a tube top. Clenching her jaw, she nodded. Yes. Everything would be fine. Everything always worked out just right. If she hadn't been with her brother, she'd have laughed hysterically at the thought. There was a stabbing pain in her temple from her incessant negative mood lately. Nothing would ever be okay. Not for anyone with their cursed lineage.

She gave her brother a bright smile, toothy and cheeky. Eyes widening, she gushed in a tone far more trademark. "A hottie?! I didn't know they made them anymore!!!" She begins to rifle through clothes in earnest. "If there are hotties meandering about, I need to look FIRE, Winter."
Beau Theroux 10/04/18 "Might be a bit much. However, I wouldn't expect less from you."
-gives a shrug-
"Well, there are pros and cons to both. Next door neighbors, we could use Morse code through the walls. However, I snore rather loudly. Across the way, we can see if the other is home or not.
-stroke beard-
"What do you think?"
Beau Theroux 10/04/18 -releases the bear hug-
-leaves an arm draped around his shoulders-
"I'm sure ya could, lover boy."
"I will be dividing time between here and New Orleans so I will be on the move. I still got a business to run."
-thinks for a moment-
"I don't even think I've claimed a room yet."
Summer 10/04/18 *Pokes her head out of the bathroom, cropped platinum hair sticking out in all directions. Pink fluffy robe tied tight at her middle, freshly painted toes bright blue*
You wanna go to the movies or something? I'm feeling a little stir crazy sitting around. I think the danger is cleared, yea? No news is good news. Texted Spring, haven't heard from her. Haven't heard from anyone else, so like...all clear? All clear.
*riffles through her suitcase, clothes strewn about all around it.*
Beau Theroux 10/04/18 -turns around at the whistle-
"What can I say? You make me feel pretty!"
-brings him into a bear hug-
"Good to see ya, Winter."
"I think I'll stick to my own room fo' now. I appreciate the off'uh, though."
Summer 09/28/18 Winter
Yes. I leave the sweets to you. I need some chicken strips. A bunch. And extra hot sauce packets.
If they have any wings, I'll take those too. You are going to just a corner bodega, yea? They'll have all that greasy sh-t. I needs.
Are these your nail polishes under the sink? I'm gonna do my toes.
Summer 09/25/18 Stepping out of the now-lukewarm tub, Summer slipped on her fuzzy robe and came out of the bathroom. "I have no idea why I had to text that to you from the bath. It could've waited I suppose." Grabbing a slice of pizza, she flopped down on the couch. "I mean, she's not dead anymore. She died. Maybe like us? I don't know." Glancing around, she said with pizza stuffed in her cheeks, "Don't worry though. I'm sure everything is fine now. We got anymore wine or do we need to call in a delivery?"
Summer 09/24/18 Winter
Did you know Autumn died?? I’m feelin some type of way about that.
Summer 09/23/18 Winter
A pillow! That is genius.
Also, I'm right outside your building. Buzz me up. I have pizza, grocery store sushi, and a box of wine. We're about to get classy!
Summer 09/23/18 Winter
Dude. Don't pluck your feathers. You'll look like a chicken ready for slaughter. I know they grow back but like...don't be that literal with nudism, mmkay??
Unlesssssss you are using them to decorate a dressing gown? Omg how luxurious! We could sell those for a dime.
Nevermind, the feathers look better on your wings. Trust me.
Summer 09/23/18 Winter
London is indeed a sh-thole. I'll come to you. We should go somewhere sunny as the weather turns. We can have all the crap whiskey you can drink.
Summer 09/23/18 Winter
You are right, the realm is a blighted land. I thought humanity was a pox on the face of existence but it seems there is always something worse.
Speaking of humanity, that is who I catch in my snares for one nighters. Mortals. Creatures nobody will miss when they vanish. You know the kind.
I fully recommend it.
I'm in California right now but am thinking it is time for a change again. Where are you?
Summer 09/22/18 Winter
Okay fine I'm not f-cking adopted. Wouldn't it be so cool to know I'd been left in a basket at the door though?
Also, apparently I smoked a joint with acid on the paper. So like...blame insanity on that?
Still feel a little hollow inside? I think maybe I'm just behind on one night stands. Gonna go fix that. Hope you're well mah lurve!
Beau Theroux 09/10/18 His reply was simple. "I don't mind the talking.I'm a good listener." Beau wasn't one to be annoyed easily. Years of bullying in high school and constant harassment as an adult toughened his hide more. So far he hadn't found a problem with Winter's talking; he was a man of few words anyways so it helped fill the silence. "And I ain't sayin' that out of kindness. It's the truth."

Mossy green eyes watched the male as he explained himself. His features didn't show displeasure or any negative emotions towards his words. The amused grin on his bearded visage stayed strong. "Wine and dine, huh? I didn't take you for old fashioned." As the conversation seemed to wind down, Beau jumped into his truck with several loud groans and creaks coming from the vehicle. "As for the drinks, we will see. Maybe I will be in a good mood when ya swing by." He gave a friendly wink before starting up his truck.

"Be seein' ya, Winter. I'm sure I won't be forgettin' yah anytime soon."
Beau Theroux 09/10/18 The two had only just met and already Beau was learning more about the man than he had intended. Drug addiction was a topic he knew all too well. Would he release that aspect of himself to the public? Hell no. This man seemed nice enough but trust was something Beau didn't come by too often, especially with random men on the streets.

Broad shoulders gave a soft shrug. "I hardly think you would be a distraction but, hey, suit yourself." Then the card was offered to him. Beau looked to the card then back to the man with an amused chuckle. "So you just carry cards to hand out to men you find aesthetically pleasing? That is definitely new. However, if your intentions are that of physical pleasure I will have to decline."

A hand reached into the chest pocket of his flannel shirt to pull out a card of his own that was then handed to Winter. "I do appreciate the compliments and would like to take you up on that drink. Come by my bar sometime. Have one on me."
Beau Theroux 09/10/18 Finally, the weather was becoming for favorable. Beau had grown used to the arid weather in New Orleans but that didn't mean he wanted to live in it all the time. However, as Fall crept towards them so did the storms. It was prime storm season so that meant precautions had to be made.

The man walked out of an apartment complex with a toolkit in hand and a woman following close behind. "Now, Lydia, I will be back later this week to check on that leak. If you see any change or something else goes wrong, don't hesitate to call me." A handful of cash was shoved in his direction, a tired smile on the woman's face. The man gently pushed the hand back to the woman giving her a warm look. "No payment needed. Just happy to help." After farewells he had made his way to the old, clunky truck he called his own. Before he could reach the vehicle, however, he was intercepted by a man. Green eyes blinked in confusion at the whirlwind of flirtation that seemed to fly from the other male's mouth.

there was silence between them for a moment. "Uh. What about a boat? I'm sorry, my mind is still trying to comprehend what's going on here." A hearty laugh rumbled from the man's chest. This was definitely not your average flirtation. Not many people were as up front as the person before him. "Winter, huh? Great season, interestin' name. Beaudoin Theroux. Call me Beau. And while it would be nice to take a break and go rougarouin' around with ya, I'm booked." With a chuckle he moved around Winter so he may complete his journey to the his truck. The door was pulled open with a loud creak and the toolbox was placed in the passenger seat. Beau then turned to look at the man with arms crossed. Unless you wanna help."
Summer 08/14/18 Summer laughed heartily at her brother. Damn it was good to see him. Clapping her hands with glee, she nearly shrieked. "Cinnamon! I can't believe you remembered her name! I haven't seen that b-tch in ages." Giggling, she shakes her head and gives a little shrug. "No reason, just burnt out I think. I've been doing it non stop for a few years. Literally. No time to recover from jet lag, just hopping from city to city, getting naked for cash. I isn't a bad living, don't get me wrong. You should see my investment portfolio."

Lifting her brows, she nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! To your hotel! And I can't believe it has taken me this long to ask- do you need some cash, boo? I can float you, no problem. Winter Summers deserves only the finest. We slummed it for far too long." Hooking her arm through his, she examined his tanned skin and grinned. "Isn't it amazing? I will literally lay on the beach for the entire day. All day. Of course, I feel...stronger and stuff, when I do that. It's like it charges me up or some sh-t. Eh, whatever." The blond shook it off, not bothering with supernatural nonsense.
Summer 08/11/18 Twisting her lips, she thought. "I mean, it's kind of private I guess. I don't like mine out. It feels like that little part of me that not everyone gets to see, you know? Oh, that reminds me, I'm not feeling dancing lately. Been bartending instead. Anywhosies! I know some are "out and proud"." She used air quotes around the phrase. "Letting their wings flapping out for everyone to see them. I suppose it is just something you will decide for yourself. Perhaps for the first time, you should show me in private." She gave him a warm, reassuring smile.
Summer 08/10/18 Giving a little shrug, the blonde waved her hand dismissively. “It’s nothing remarkable. Just meh, not happy or sad.” Her expression turned theatrically curious, one dark eyebrow arching high as she peered at him. “Did you….just come out to me as an angel?” Her voice went up several octaves at the end of the sentence.

Grabbing his arm, she bounced on her toes. “Ohmigod you must show me!” Summer breezed right past any part about how he might have become an angel. She knew he died. She had died too. Perhaps he made the same circuitous route she had. For his soul, she sincerely wished otherwise. With an internal eye roll, she corrected herself. The Summers clan were damned from the minute they were born it seemed.
Summer 08/04/18 His goofy smile is infectious. It really is Winter, back in all his wonderful glory. She returns a beaming grin at him. “I’m really glad to hear it. So glad.” Giving a short blonde lock of hair a tug, she raised her brows. “Thank you!” Running her hands down her figure, she added, “Everything pretty much changed. Not my choice but I can’t say I hate it. These curves get me mad tips, you know what I’m saying?” Laughing hard, she shook her head. “Any fashion sense I have is learned from you, big brother. That is a fact. Some of my favorite memories are playing dress up. Not with moms stuff, god knows that strung out b-tch never had anything good. We made our own fun.” She laughed, then sighed. “I’m really happy to see you. And even more happy that you’re doing well. That is all I want for you.”
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 Slated, stormy eyes land upon the young man, and nothing needs to be said. Gray Taylor is not a fan. He is, as it happens, the farthest thing from it. So, despite the blank expression written across his features, he is blatantly unwelcoming. It is etched in his glare.

But, just to be safe, Gray spells it out verbally, as well. In his experience, social queues never really did the trick. "It is in the best interest of everyone, if you keep your distance."

Winter Summers just failed at stealing money from you!
Summer 08/02/18 Furrowing her brow as she saw her brother struggle with saying something, she simply opened her arms and pulled him into a tight bear hug. The tallest of the sisters, she was still towered by Winter. He smelled the same, she noticed as she burrowed her face against his chest, still squeezing him for dear life. Shaking her head, she looked up at him. “No apologies are needed.” Realizing she was squeezing the stuffing right out of him, she let go and took a step back, looking him over. “You look good. Healthy. You’re okay?” Her voice was small, filled with worry.
Summer 08/02/18 *gasps and very nearly starts weeping with joy*
Is it really you? My sweet brother???
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