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Ronan Donnallan
Killed: December 10, 2014 at 10:59 pm EST
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"Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war." - Gerry Adams
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Ronan Donnallan's Biography
(( I will not attack on line chars please if I am on line do not attack as I will not attack you. If you wish to attack when I am on line please ask first . Thanks.))

I was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland on 21 march My name ? Thats easy enough and a fair question. It's Ronan Donnallan. My mother is Brigit, a fire goddess and a Tuatha De Dannan. My father, Eldarion was seldom around when I was younger. He was too busy with doing Gods knows what and with who to care he had a family to start with. I wasnt always a vampire. I was killed by some one I thought I cared about. I was saved by a Kindred friend of my mother's named Gabriel McConnell.

I was born in to a war zone so it wasn't like playing solider like other little lads did else where in the world with fake guns. I was trained to kill and to shoot since i was old enough to talk and walk. I got bloody damn good with a gun and in making things as I would later be told go KA-BOOM. So yeah when other lads were playing solider, my mates and I were doing it day in and day out.I am one of the higher ranking members of the P.I.R.A. I would never trade my time with the P.I.R.A (Provisional Irish Republican Army) for anything in the world. They are what made me who I am now and if called again by them would gladly answer Ireland's call.

Through the occupation of Northern Ireland I fought with the P.I.R.A . I lost a daughter, Airmid who was 2 at the time, along with her mother, Marie . I spent 3 years in jail as a political prisoner til I was 21. The image of my daughter Airmid dead in my arms and her mother lying life less in the car was enough for me to go seek revenge on the ones responsible for their death. We were betrayed by one of our own a traitor named Peter O'Rourke. The image of that day is forever burned in my mind. My great great uncle Philip fought with the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) before there was even a hint of what in our modern times is known as the IRA. So me joining the PIRA at 16 as one of their boys was nothing new to my family . The Donnallans have always had a hand in some form or another in the history of Ireland through out the centuries.I am VERY PROUD of being Irish born and bred and of my duty to the PIRA.I Now with the death of the one who betray me and responsible for the deaths of both Marie and Airmid the gods of old have decided to give me the gift of the life of my daughter back now that Peter O'Rouke was dead. He was the reason for losing her in the first place.

With the passing of my sister Cassandra , I am now the leader of Eternal Embrace. One of the only companions I have had is my black Dire wolf familar , Stargazer.I now have 2 solid black panthtigers. Their names are Cae (Male) and Ivor (female).

I also have the gifts of Time manipulation (rarely used), fire starting & manipulation (fire balls), telekinisis and telepathy. Mess with my family and it is me you will have to deal with. I have brown hair and green eyes that go black when I am mad. I stand 5 ft 11 inches and still has my Irish accent and can still speak Gaelic .My blood contains the blood of Witches, Kindred AKA Vampires (Malkavian) and the Celtic gods.

My family is : Maeve Donnallan (wife : Married 12/18/08), Cassandra Carnivale (sister RIP 8/13/10, returned 8/20/10) ,Perstephanie marie (sister),Blood-Rose (sister),Casey Ferenczy Dracul (Niece),Templar (brother), MysticLegon (Brother in law)& My Children
My Weapons
Stargazer, My familiar
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