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Solomon King

Last five threads posted in:
Beau Theroux 12/16/19 -stares at from afar-
-gives a big bright smile-
Solomon King 12/06/19 Turning toward the familiar feminine voice that called for his attention, Solomon's expression warmed with a good natured smile when he saw who it was.

James. Front of house, shameless flirt, and very single, if he recalled correctly.

"I'm shit with words, so I figured I'd play to my strengths. This is me slamming my pretty card on your table."
Jasper Thompson 12/05/19 Folding his hands behind his back, he'll bow his head and offer a smirk. "I suppose we will." One way or another.

"Careful what you wish for. My wife likes to return such regards in person." Cocking a genuine smile, he waves and turns on his heel, committing the restaurant and it's front-of-house manager to memory.
Jasper Thompson 12/03/19 A light chuckle follows her observation, accompanied with a look that says he could've guessed as much. It isn't disrespectful; he just knows his game.

Bowing his head in mock gentlemanliness, he smirks deeply. "Jasper Thompson, at your service. Scary chef, huh? I have a pretty scary wife, myself. Maybe we'll stop by, sometime. Get the front of house special treatment, hmm?"
Jasper Thompson 12/02/19 He will give that to her, and laughs heartily. "Caught on, have you?" In the space of single second, his entire demeanor changes, relaxing as he takes a respectful step away from her, though his eye remains trained on her face, taking in the subtle nuances of her stiffening and clutching her purse that much tighter. She may be secure in whatever it is she's playing at, but there is no harm in expecting the unexpected. In this city, it's the only way to survive. "High Times? Can't say that I have, though I've seen the store front. I'm also not much of a foodie, and you should've named it High Thyme." He clicks his tongue in disappointment as his head cocks to the side, telling of his lack of faith in her business practices.
Jasper Thompson 11/25/19 "Mm," he nods, a low, dark hum emanating from his chest as he takes a step closer, "but see, I do get out often, I happen to know this city like the back of my hand. So you're either a terrible liar... Or a terrible salesperson." Both eyebrows rise this time, carrying the ghost of a smirk. "Which is it?"
Jasper Thompson 11/21/19 Cocking his head to the side, he let's out a little tsk, more annoyed with himself than anything else. Still, he grins cheekily, eyebrow quirking with a singular moment of interest. "New York's ganja supply? You've never supplied me, I can assure you, and I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur."
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 "I would hope she would think she was. Nice to meet you James Kelly. How are you doing?" ~Draven continued to smile.~
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 "Hello welcome to the realm. You look like my mother I know she has sisters but I don't think you are my aunts. How funny though. But if you need anything my name is Draven Justicano feel free to ask."
Briahne Christiann 11/04/19 Welcome to the realm, I see you're beginning to settle in nicely. If there's anything you need help with, reach out, there's always someone to guide and assist.
Solomon King 11/03/19 A brow rose over cobalt eyes at her assertion that the dishes were special.


Oh. Well.

He met her hand with his own larger one, "Then James, I think you missed a trick with the pink. Solomon, a paying customer, and I haven't seen anything as pretty as you in years."
Solomon King 11/03/19 A deep rumble of a chuckle was his response as she took his arm and nodded toward the building before them, to which he gave his attention. He had no idea what he'd just stumbled upon, or rather had run into, but he was happy enough to rest his attention upon the building in question.

"Well, I think you could've gone without the neon pink, all things considered. But overall, it's not bad. The cursive is on point... French, right?"

He had no idea what he was talking about.
Solomon King 11/03/19 Solomon hadn't been in the city for a long time, and it couldn't be helped that the throngs of people were somewhat overwhelming to his senses. When he inevitably felt himself collide with a smaller body, he was instantly excusing himself, steadying the woman with a hand, lest she fall.

A half smile rose as she spoke, relieved that he hadn't been told off for his carelessness.

"Cliche? Huh. This might be the first time I've gotten a smile for almost knocking someone down."
Delilah Palmer 11/03/19 Welcome to the Realm! I am Delilah Palmer. I am a recruiter for The Fraternity. If you are interested in a sanctuary let me know! Any questions or need anything just ask. Delilah slipped the woman a card wit her contact info.
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